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"It's a skin infection," Donatello said twenty minutes after Mikey had come running at him with Klunk in his arms. The cat had been rather calm when compared to his owner, though he was reluctant to have anyone handling his paw.

"But..." Mikey objected, "we cleaned his foot, and I've been keeping my eye on it and stopping him from licking it whenever I could."

Donny shrugged a shoulder. "Sometimes these things just happen. It's not your fault. He'll need to take some antibiotics once a day for a few days until the infection clears up. It's no big deal."

"Says you. You're not the one who has to track him down, then pin him down, and force the stuff down his throat. Do you know how hard it is to keep him from spitting it all out?"

"I'm aware," Donny said with a wry smile. "I'll help."

"And once the infection's all cleared up...?"

Donatello nodded. "There won't be any more problems. The fur will grow back nice and pretty just like it was before and it will be like he never broke his foot in the first place."

"For real this time?" Mikey replied, scratching the space between Klunk's shoulder blades. The feline's spine arched, his eyes half closed in pleasure.

Donny nodded again. "For real this time. The bone has mended, there are no open sores or cuts, and the infection will clear up in a matter of days. Trust me."

And Michelangelo did, as always, because Don was rarely wrong and this time was no exception.

While tracking Klunk down for his daily doses was a huge pain in the shell, Mikey didn't mind all that much. Especially since Donatello had scratches on his arms to match the ones he sported on his own. What could he say? Klunk reeeeaaaally didn't appreciate having medicine forced down his throat. Not that either of the two turtles were angry about the scratches, as they were purely from Klunk's attempted escapes and were not intentionally inflicted.

"He's a seven pound animal," Raph scoffed when he'd first noticed the red lines marking his brothers' arms. "How hard can it be?"

"Yeah Raph," Mikey said, snickering the next day, eyeing the marks lining Raph's forearms. "How hard can it be?"

It had been the first and last time Raphael had attempted in giving Klunk his medication.

Leonardo was somehow always unavailable whenever it was time to give the feline his daily doses...

"The fur grew back a lot faster than I thought it would," Mikey said with a grin as he wove a piece of string in the air. Klunk batted at it with a paw. Occasionally he sat back on his haunches and used two, like a boxer.

"It's a family trait I suppose," Don replied as he flipped through a textbook of some kind. Mike wasn't all that interested in its title or subject.

"We don't have any fur..." Mikey noted, his hand pausing in its string-waving. Klunk took the opportunity to hook his claws around it and give it a tug. It slipped easily through Mikey's fingers. "Well, Master Splinter does and I guess his fur does grow back kinda fast..."

"I was talking about being fast healers." Donny said, glancing up long enough to give his younger brother a funny look.

"Who's a fast healer?" Leonardo said, coming up to join his brothers in the living room. He knelt next to Mikey and gently rolled Klunk onto his back to give him a playful belly rub.

"Klunk is!" Mikey declared happily, sounding very much like a proud parent while watching as the cat continued to play with the string hooked between his claws despite the fingers dancing across his belly.

"Looks that way," Leo agreed as he left the cat to his makeshift toy and stood. "The infection's all cleared up?"

"And his fur has grown back...how did you phrase it again?" Mikey said to Don. "'Nice and pretty'?"

Leo hummed his approval. "It's felt kind of empty at home without him darting around the place."

"Not to me," Raph disagreed when he joined them. "Mikey's been runnin' around enough for the both of 'em."

Michelangelo stuck out his tongue, smacking his brother's shin. "You're just upset cuz you got out maneuvered by a 'seven pound animal'."

Raphael swatted at Mikey's head in retaliation until he ducked out of reach and rolled up onto his feet. "Not just an animal, a cat. He only had an advantage because he's so frickin' flexible."

"And you are so not." Mikey countered before using Raph's shoulders as a boost to vault himself up over his head. When he landed, he gave the back of his head a flick and immediately ducked to avoid the elbow that swung his way. "Not very fast either," he taunted with a laugh.

"You want fast?" Raph growled.

"Um, Raph?" Leo tried, pointing to something next to his foot. What Raphael hadn't noticed when Mikey had been smacking his leg, was that he'd tucked the end of the string into his knee pad.

Raph either ignored or didn't hear him. "I'll show you fast!"

With a mischievous smile, Mikey bolted and Raph took off after, trailing the string behind.

Don and Leo exchanged a look, knowing what was coming next.

Klunk perked up immediately, his tail lashing, and launched himself after the thread. Unfortunately, when he caught it, he also caught Raph's ankle.

Yelping, Raph dislodged the string and looped it around the feline. "You Knucklehead!" He shouted at his younger brother. "You did that on purpose!"

Sliding to a stop Mikey grinned cheekily. "Duh."

Raph growled, Mikey shrieked, and Leo and Don looked on.

"Well," Leo said eventually, "we should probably step in before things get nasty." He moved to intercept, but Don's hand on his elbow stopped him.

"In a minute."

On the floor tangled in string, Klunk ignored them all.