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~At Namimori Middle's rooftop~

"Oi, this isn't getting better kora." Collonelo said as he looked at his hands and closed it tightly into fists.

"Everyday this unsettling feeling is growing." Fon said as he placed his hand on his pacifier.

Verde remained silent. Mammon merely complained why he didn't get to be paid for just being here.

"Why are you guys worrying? It's probably just-" Skull cut off as two guns were pointed at him. One was Collonelo's rifle, and the other belonging to the sadist hitman, Reborn.

The rest already knew it was pointless to listen to Skull anyway. Reborn frowned, it's been three weeks since this feeling was crawling up their spine and into their hearts.

At first, Reborn thought something was going to happen to Tsuna and was tense but for the first time ever, he was wrong.

He asked the ninth various questions, Iemitsu, checked other mafia families and whatever else that Tsuna can be concerned in but nothing came up. He even had TYL I-pin to report to him about the future. Nothing has happened, all was peaceful. But why? Why is it that there's something that feels wrong?

It was only a few days ago that he discovered that the other Arcobaleno were feeling anxious. Collonelo came to visit and seeing the rain Arcobaleno troubled, Reborn instantly knew this was about the trinisette. He called up a meeting with the others, sadly Aria cannot be there personally due to some matters. However Verde had her connected with them on his laptop.

"How's it going?" Reborn asked since Aria had been silent for some time. Her eyes closed and a bead of sweat trailing down her forehead, she opened them and appeared wearier than she should be.

"It isn't the future we should be worrying about…" she said as she rubbed her temples.

"What? Then it's in the present kora?" Collonelo asked, alaramed.

"No," she replied.


"In the past then?" Verde said.

Aria slowly nodded her head, using her power sure gave her a bad case of a headache. Usually her power was to see the future, not the past.

"Take a break for a while." Reborn said to her. She smiled weakly and nodded.

"How far in the past though?" Skull muttered.

Although the rest considered Skull as the weakest among them all, they had to admit he did have his moments.

They pondered over it for a long time, until Aria spoke once again, "Four hundred years." She said.

"Four hundred…" Skull started.

"YEARS?" Collonelo suddenly said.

"How is it that its four hundred years?" Mammon asked in a still bored tone.

Aria rubbed her temples and concentrated.

Reborn thought it silence. Four hundred years? That was during Primo's time, when the second set of bearers came. (Note: "second bearers" I assume that the Arcobaleno had existed at time and became the first to bear the set of pacifiers, and then Vongola came afterwards. Mare had no owner until 424 years later XD)

"When the sky elements of the trinisette had resonated with one another… When the Vongola ring has returned to its original form… I'm sorry," Aria groaned out while holding her head. "but I can't look into it anymore."

"Don't force yourself now." Fon said to her, but the martial artist was troubled indeed. All of them were.

After a moment of silence Skull spoke up, "But when was the last time that those three came close?"

Reborn was about to hit him for saying something stupid, how could he not know when was the last time that…the… it felt like something slammed into his heart as he realized he didn't know when. It's as if the knowledge that was passed to them by their predecessors were slowly slipping away.

"This isn't good." Reborn said.

"What's not good?" Mammon asked.

"Tell me if any of you can remember?"

"Remember what? Kora."

"Can you search through your memories, back to the last protectors?" Reborn said, tensing. He already knew the answer but he just needed to know.

"Why would you ask that kora? I still-" Collonelo suddenly turned silent, which confirmed Reborn's suspicion.

"This shouldn't be happening." Mammon said. All of them were starting to feel panicky. It shouldn't be like this, the memories that they inherited where disappearing. Not good at all.

"It could be possible that the Arcobaleno around that time had… disappeared." Verde said. They weren't sure if they've been killed or not and the possibilities of having another Byakuran was only for this time. Not four hundred years back!

It could be possible that there was a person trying to assemble it. But there was just one flaw… the Mare ring had not chosen an owner until Byakuran showed up. It was impossible, perhaps an outsider? The possibilities were many but not all can fit the description.

They were losing some parts of their memories, the ones that had been passed down, which could mean that the Arcobaleno had possibly "disappeared".

The Mare ring had no owner, so no one can have the same retarded idea as Byakuran did.

In contradiction to no.2 there might be a possibility of an outsider, however the thought of defeating the most strongest babies in the mafia world was absurd but not completely impossible. If it did, then it would either mean that they were defeated, or it was unlikely to happen.

The only living bearers besides from the missing Arcobaleno was the Vongola Family.

So there was only one conclusion… that there is something wrong with the trinisette itself.

This thought was doubted highly but there was no other. It just had to be it. The longer they looked into it, the more they realized that there was something wrong besides the fact that the past Arcobaleno are missing. There was a feeling of unbalance. Without the Arcobaleno, the world would be hanging dangerously with the threat of it collapsing. And the other… the Mare set had disappeared first. Which means that the Vongola set was the only thing keeping the world together. Since it was in the past, the present had undoubtedly had become dangerous. It could change anytime.

No wonder Tsuna was feeling edgy by the minute.

Reborn covered his eyes with his fedora.

"We have no choice. We have to move, andsoon." He said.

"But what can we do? If we try and leave this time this would become unbalanced." Mammon said.

This was the part where Verde was waiting for.

"We could send someone in our place instead." He proposed.

"Don't take it lightly kora!" Collonelo snapped at him.

Reborn raised an eyebrow. "What do you have in mind Verde?" he asked, ignoring Collonelo's glare.

Verde smirked.

"You do know that this is a task most suitable to be dealt personally." Reborn reminded him but his smirk just grew larger.

"Hmnn, it would seem that way but we can always send Vongola Decimo and his guardians."

~ Vongola Famiglia ~

The seventeen-year old Sawada Tsunayoshi looked down on his burger, losing somehow his appetite.

"What's wrong tenth?" Gokudera asked worriedly as he saw how silent his boss was. Actually, Tsuna has been silent the whole day. This worried his two friends and that's how it led to this: Yamamoto suggested maybe food can cheer him up so they went out to a fast food restaurant. At first Tsuna was enthusiastic about it but later on… he…well…became like this again.

"Cmmf ow Tsua wu ka-"

"SWALLOW BEFORE TALKING BASEBALL HEAD!" Gokudera screamed at Yamamoto who had fries stuffed in his mouth. Yamamoto swallowed, he forgot about his food.

"Sorry Gokudera," He apologized with a sheepish grin on his face.

Gokudera clinched his fists. Oh how he wanted to bash that grin off that moron's face…

Tsuna let out a small laugh. Gokudera looked back at his boss, a bit relieved.

Tsuna picked up his burger and bit into it, like it was the most delicious thing he ever tasted. He swallowed and said, "Sorry guys, I didn't mean to worry you but it's just… I'm feeling something wrong lately."

Gokudera scooted a bit closer to Tsuna, Yamamoto narrowed his eyes. Both were suddenly alert.

Tsuna saw their reaction and waved his hands in front of him.

"No, no, no! It's not like someone is going to attack us!" he said. The two relaxed slightly but that didn't mean it was over. They believe in Tsuna's "Hyper Inuition" and not once had it been wrong about something.

Tsuna sighed.

"Then what is it Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked, his hand around his Vongola Gear necklace.

Tsuna sighed once more and began to tell them, "You guys noticed that Reborn hasn't been around lately?"

They nodded.

"I thought the ninth was making him do something but I was wrong. Don't ask but I just know. Anyway, I noticed ever since Collonelo came Reborn just got… edgy. Then there's this feeling," he placed his hand on his heart.

"It feels like something is wrong. Not here but somewhere else." He let took his burger and bit on it again.

Yamamoto smiled and clapped him on the back. Tsuna looked up, surprised. Yamamoto grinned and gave a thumbs up. "Don't worry, when it comes we'll be there." He said.


Gokudera was almost grinding his teeth to dust but he composed himself and said, "That's right tenth. When that time comes your right-hand man," he thumped himself on the chest proudly. "will be there to support you."

Tsuna looked at Gokudera, "Gokudera-kun…" he smiled. "Yeah, you guys are right."

Only hours later did Tsuna's prediction happened.

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