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Tsuna buried his head in his hands. He can't believe that he actually saw that. What should he do? This is going to be so awkward in the morning. He couldn't face any of the First Generation. What if he just prevented G's family line from continuing? What if he screwed up time and that the future was altered? With those thoughts in mind, he considered banging his head with a broomstick.


Sitting in the dark inside a broom closet with Mare probably wasn't the worst idea that he came up with as they hid from G. Tsuna sighed. The best way to deal with this was to act like nothing happened. He will wake up in the morning, a bright smile on his face and will talk about the party with enthusiasm that would rival Ryohei's.

Just thinking about it made Tsuna doubt himself. Can he really pull it off? Last time he acted like that it ended with a huge drama bomb.

Despite dreading what tomorrow would bring, Tsuna's thoughts drifted over to the mysterious woman that was with G. She was certainly nice and very familiar. It was at the tip of his tongue. He felt like he knew this person but couldn't name them. It was certainly frustrating.

Still, who would have thought that the nice lady was together with G? Wasn't she with that man at the party? What was her relationship with G? Tsuna's head spun as he thought about it.

"He's gone now." Tsuna jumped when he heard Mare's voice.

They cautiously opened the door. Tsuna let out a sigh of relief. No G around.

"Coast is clear. Let's go." They slinked off towards the gardens. Tsuna wouldn't dare go through the front doors. He'd rather come inside the party via window than go through those doors and have all those women flock around him. Besides, a little bit of fresh air would help him. A person needs to have his space.

As they passed through the garden, Tsuna suddenly had the urge to look around him. He stopped in his tracks as a slight breeze blew their way.

He narrowed his eyes as he saw a figure standing in the shadows under a tree. The mysterious person stepped out and Tsuna's eyes widened.

"You're – "

The moonlight shifted as clouds passed, bringing the stranger into full view. Dayne smiled at him briefly before darkness claimed him again. Tsuna couldn't speak. He jumped when somebody touched his shoulder.

"Easy," Mare said. "What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Tsuna looked at him then back to where he saw Dayne. Did he just imagine it? He hadn't thought of Dayne in a long time. He dismissed it because it was a dream but was it real? It wasn't an illusion. He was sure of that.

Mare waved a hand across his face which Tsuna replied by batting it away.

"Let's just go already." Tsuna spun on his heel, anxiety slowly gnawing from within.

Mare followed him, his hands buried in his pockets. His lips turned down. Then he suddenly thought of something, he smirked.

Did you see something? The thought rang in his head. Tsuna jumped at the same time emanating a shriek. He glanced at Mare. Did he - ?

Talk in your head? Yes. Yes, I did. Tsuna could see clearly that Mare hadn't even opened his mouth. He scowled at him.

"Well, don't do that. It creeps me out," he said agitatedly. They started walking again. Mare started to hum in his mind. It wasn't just any kind of hum. It was the type that could get stuck in your head like a broken player. Tsuna clenched his fists. Never, in his whole life has he met someone who can make him tick like this in a short amount of time. Even Lambo couldn't make him want to punch a wall with his full strength yet Mare had the gift to shorten his saintly patience to Gokudera level.

When they entered once more to the party (through the window as Tsuna wanted), Tsuna had an expression that was close to irritation.

Gokudera had rarely seen that expression grace his boss' face so seeing it now made him sweat. When Tsuna's annoyed, he tends to be snappy… and sassy; another thing that he got from Reborn. So as his boss joined them, Gokudera did his best to not irritate him any further. He didn't know if anybody else noticed it or not but they didn't do their usual banter- even if it was light hearted.

Everybody was weary after the spectacle that just happened.

When the party ended, they all went to bed. Everybody was asleep now but Tsuna remained awake. His thoughts solely focused on Dayne. Now that he thought about it – who is he really? A figment of imagination or a ghost? Tsuna ducked under his covers, trying to block that unpleasant thought. He heard before that if you keep thinking about ghosts, one would most likely show itself. He did not want that.

Horror and dread filled him as he heard someone chuckle. He went completely still, pulling the covers tightly around himself.

"Tsuna," someone whispered closely to his ear.

With a shriek, Tsuna jumped out of bed and immediately flattened himself against the wall. On his bed, laughing his insides out, was Dayne. He jumped off and slowly walked towards Tsuna with his hands in his pockets.

Petrified and unable to move, Tsuna just stood there like a trapped animal. Dayne didn't act like a predator though, he was acting more like a prankster as he had that smirk on his face. Tsuna's face morphed quickly to anger.

"Ha ha, the jokes on me then," Tsuna said dryly. Dayne pretended to wipe a tear away.

"You should have seen your face! I never knew that your eyes can pop out of their sockets."

Tsuna clamped his mouth shut. Great, another person that can make his blood boil in a matter of seconds.

"But now that you're awake, I have something to show you." Dayne grabbed his wrist. He pulled Tsuna out of the room.

The moment they stepped out the door, Tsuna's whole world suddenly shifted. Where he should be feeling the cold wood beneath his feet he felt instead grass. Around him, what he thought was supposed to be walls were replaced by trees and grass. The air around them was cold and it made Tsuna shiver. He stumbled once over a fallen branch because he couldn't see. It was misty all around.

Dayne let go off his hand and Tsuna stood to the side, rubbing his wrist tenderly.

Was this all just a dream? He wondered to himself. He didn't think on it too much as Dayne waved him over.

"Come here," he said, patting the ground next to him. Tsuna slowly sat down as Dayne turned to look ahead of him, a smile on his face.

"I really love this place you know," Dayne said softly.

"What? The fog?"

Dayne slapped his arm none-to-gently and Tsuna yelped, rubbing his shoulder. Dayne sighed, and turned back to what Tsuna assumed, would be the horizon.

"Shut it you wise-crack… honestly, and I thought you were nice."

"I wouldn't be a wise-crack if you didn't scare me to death earlier," Tsuna muttered. True, he wasn't usually sassy. Not that he ever was, if he did, he was sure life would have been a lot worse if he had a big mouth. Reborn would shoot him with every time if that were true.

"I hope, one day, that I might come back here." Dayne leaned back on his hands.

Tsuna wasn't so sure about what Dayne meant and it only confused him more when the fog started to lift and the sun's rays began to heat his cold skin. He had to cover his eyes for a moment and when he let his arm fall, he was greeted with a beautiful sight.

Despite the place that Dayne led him through wasn't exactly a mountain, but was close enough to be a hill, Tsuna was presented with a lush of green that Wales had to offer for miles around. Tsuna had no artist's eye but he can certainly appreciate beauty.

While he was enjoying the view, Dayne began to talk.

"My father and I would usually climb up here whenever we had a chance to visit Wales. I don't remember much since I was really young but I remember him telling me stories."

Tsuna turned to him, the expression on the other boy's face unreadable.

He didn't realize he was staring until Dayne pulled him to his feet. "Come on," Dayne said, his eyes shining mischievously. "I got one last thing to show you."

"Eh?" Dayne led him down the hill through a cluster of rocks. Wherever he was leading him, the path was steep and Tsuna had to hold on to branches, roots and rocks while Dayne effortlessly hopped from one boulder to the next. They dropped down into a narrow gap between the two lands.

"Eh? Is this a river?" Tsuna asked as he wriggled his toes. Dead leaves crackled under his feet.

"It used to be one but since it got cut off, it's been dry ever since."

Dayne gestured at him to follow him. Tsuna approached a huge and probably old tree. It was teetering over the edge, the only thing keeping it from falling were the roots the buried themselves all over the place. Tsuna ignored the thought of a huge tree falling on top of him as he got closer to what Dayne was pointing him at.

Beyond the roots was a hole big enough for a grown man to hide in. Tsuna peered in and gulped at the endless darkness inside.

"W-What's inside there?" Tsuna asked.

"Hmmnn… dunno, but take a good look for me will you?"

"Eh? Wait, what did you just sa – "

Dayne suddenly pushed him in the hole and Tsuna flailed his arms in an attempt to stop himself from falling. Unfortunately, it didn't work and he ended up falling anyway.

He woke up, gasping. He felt himself all over to make sure if he really was awake. He sighed, relieved. He then yawned loudly.

"It was just a dream," he murmured.

Tsuna couldn't remember what happened after he woke up but the next thing he knew he was walking towards the dining room. Any recollection of dressing himself and going to the bathroom completely skipped his mind. For a moment, he had no idea how he had gotten himself where he was but shrugged it off.

Pushing the doors open, he was greeted all around except for a very sullen G, who looked like he was ready to go bury himself in a hole and a couple of missing Cloud Guardians. Tsuna noticed that most of the first generation had knowing smirks on their faces, as if they shared some inner joke. His father was fuming at the head of the table.

"Good morning Uncle G," Tsuna greeted him nervously. Tugging on his Uncle's sleeve, G lowered his head as Tsuna whispered something in his ear.

Immediately, G's mood brightened.

"I knew you would understand!" G said as he uncharacteristically picked Tsuna up.


G ruffled Tsuna's brown locks before he set them down, a grin on his face. Tsuna sighed in relief. At least that went well. As awkward the events were last night, Tsuna decided that saving whatever dignity the storm guardian has was worth it. He didn't notice Giotto spluttering behind his tea.

Tsuna could feel the questionable stares being pointed at him and ignored it. Thankfully, Elena came in. She smiled at all of them before taking a seat at the other end of the table.

"Any plans in mind everyone? I was thinking of a trip to town and –"

"Ano…" Tsuna interrupted, raising his hand timidly.

"Yes Tsunayoshi?"

"C-could we go to Dinas Emrys? I've always wanted to go there."

Between the most adorable doe eyes in history and cute bed hair that Tsuna had forgotten to take care of, who can refuse? It was instant shot to the heart for every adult in the room. The tenth generation however, gave Giotto accusing glares as if the brunette being cute was his fault. Tsuna doesn't realize how dangerous he is sometimes. They shuddered at the thought of Tsuna turning to them with that face of his.

Giotto was taken back at their glares. He accidentally tipped his steaming coffee into G's pants.



"You all saw what he did to me!"

Tsuna giggled behind his hand.

~ Time Skip ~

While the day started out pleasantly, the day dragged on to get worse. Finding Hibari and convincing him to come along took a good beating out of Tsuna. The ride towards the nearest town near Dinas Emrys was a bumpy one and Tsuna winced at every jostle. He held his side where a lovely bruise was most likely forming, courtesy of his lovable cloud.

Conversations were also dull. Tsuna was stuck in a carriage with Hibari and Chrome, his two unsociable Guardians, Lampo, Giotto and G, who were all asleep since they didn't get much sleep last night. For reasons unknown since Tsuna hardly saw any of the First Generation during the party. Mare, Mitchel and Lia weren't there as well since their adoptive parents were accompanying them.

He was so happy when they finally arrived. They left the carriage at town since they were going on a hike. The trek was slow since they were a large group and Tsuna was getting impatient. He wasn't lying when he said he wanted to come here. Finding the Storm Arcobaleno wasn't the only reason, Dinas Emrys brought out a feeling of familiarity.

"Jyuddaime? Are you alright?" Gokudera asked beside him.

"Hmmn? Uh, yeah." Tsuna scratched his head.

"You seem out of it somehow."

"Eh? I was just thinking… how are supposed to find the Storm Arcobaleno here?" He lowered his voice as he looked behind him. The adults were far behind them.

"WE EXTREMELY SEARCH!" they cringed. Ryohei had heard them.

"Stupid turf-top!" Gokudera hissed.

"Let's extremely find him Sawada!"

"Onii-san, it's a woman!"

"My bad!" Gokudera smacked himself. Yamamoto joined them and laughed.

"I think it's too late for that already," Yamamoto grinned.

"Too late for what stupid baseball nut?"

Lambo suddenly joined in as well. "Hibari, Chrome and Mukuro already left," he said.

Tsuna stopped walking and turned around. "Eh? Where did they go?" He looked around. No pineapple or tonfa in sight. Tsuna resisted the urge to pull his hair out.

"That decides it then Sawada!" Ryohei suddenly grabbed hold of his arm.

"Onii-san, wait!" Ryohei didn't let him protest and proceeded to drag him away, running at full speed leaving the rest of his fellow guardians – literally – in the dust. They coughed until it faded.

"Turf top!" Gokudera screeched when it cleared. "Stealing Jyuddaime… I'll blast whatever brain cell you have left into nothing!" He then chased after them.

"Come on Lambo, let's win this!"

Lambo suddenly looked anywhere but at Yamamoto. "Ano… Takeshi-nii… there's really no need for that and besides, I'm a bit tired - "

"Really? I'll carry you then!" In a blink of an eye, Yamamoto had Lambo on his back piggy back style.

"Wait, I'm not ready!"

"Three, two, one… Let's go!" Lambo desperately clung as Yamamoto ran. He could feel his breakfast was making a comeback. Yamamoto was nowhere near in terms of extremeness like Ryohei was but that didn't mean Yamamoto was absurdly strong as well. He should be thankful at least that he wasn't being thrown around like a rag doll like Young Vongola was.

Speaking of his younger version boss, look at how green he was turning. Lambo expected something to happen. Wait for it… and there it is!



Tsuna had unceremoniously thrown up, spilling his breakfast like a hose. All of them stopped. Tsuna was propped up against a tree while Gokudera fretted over him. Yamamoto went to gather some water and Ryohei went with him to clean off. Lambo looked around.

They were ways away from the First Generation, he couldn't see them anywhere. He briefly wondered if they were freaking out.

"Yare, yare, this is going to end up in a hassle later." He sighed. "But this sure is a wonderful view," he commented softly.


"Where the hell did those brats went off to?" G stomped around.

"How can we lose all eight of them? I can understand Kyouya and Mukuro but the others?" Knuckle said exasperatedly.

"Comes to show how much we suck as parental figures," Lampo said. Everyone turned to glare at him. Asari frowned.

"Kyouya can take care of himself. I think Chrome is with Mukuro, considering how close they are," Asari said.

"Che, if Alaude came with us then finding them would be easier," G growled.

"Maa, maa, I'm sure we'll find them soon."

"Chrome! Mukuro! Tsuna!" Elena called out but none answered her. Her arms fell to her sides as worry overcame her. "Where could they be?"

Daemon patted her shoulders comfortingly. "Everything will be alright, you'll see."

She rounded up on him with similar expression of a tiger snarling. "There are children who are missing as of this moment! How can anything be alright?"

Surprisingly, Daemon glared. He actually glared at her. It was something he hadn't done ever since they were in a relationship. Taken aback, Elena faltered.

"I know that but it seems you don't know them as well as I do," he said coolly. "They're quite strong for their age. They can hold out until we find them."

"But they're just normal children!"

"Nufufufu. Elena, this is where I draw the line about them. They are anything but normal and take it from a man who is far from that as well."

The other guardians watched as Elena bowed her head. For all the arguments that those two had, it was their first time seeing Daemon actually get annoyed with Elena or even remotely annoyed.

Lampo coughed into his hand. "Did Daemon just compliment the brats?"

"How rare," Asari laughed. Knuckle nodded. "I'm extremely proud of him," he said.

"Shut those holes you call mouths before I make them." Daemon glared at them.

"Tch. Idiots," G muttered. He turned away from them. "Hey Giotto –WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" There was a relative amount of shock on his face as he said so. Everyone turned their attention to their boss, all of them having the same expression as G had. Giotto had entered Hyper Dying Will Mode. His eyes held grim determination.

"I'm going to blast these trees away," Giotto said.

"How can you say that so calmly!" They all said.

"This is a historical sight dumbass! Don't try to burn it down!" G shook his fist around angrily.

"I will find them. I won't die in peace if I don't." Giotto held his fisted hand in his other, clutching it tightly.

As if you're going to die young Giotto! Giotto entered a familiar stance that they all knew too well. He pulled his right arm back. His glove had turned into a gauntlet. He's fucking serious!

They sprang at him, five against one. Giotto ended on the bottom of the pile, squashed by his very own guardians.

"Calm the fuck down you stupid blonde!" G snarled.

"Maa, maa Giotto. Tsuna and the others won't get kidnapped," Asari sweat dropped.

"Lampo-sama agrees with baka-G, you worry too much."

"Pray to the Lord and He will answer your prayers Giotto! Don't be rash!"

"How unsightly of you Giotto. A mafia boss to end up in such an undignified pose…"

A little way from the pile of men, Elena pressed her hands together over her chest. "I hope they're alright…" she said worriedly.

~ Vongola Famiglia ~

Tsuna drank the water that Yamamoto offered him. How embarrassing… to have puked all over Onii-san like that. Tsuna stole a glance at his sun guardian. Ryohei was shirtless at the moment, his wet shirt hanging on a branch to dry off. He didn't look angry about it, but Tsuna apologized anyway to the point where Ryohei had challenged him to a boxing match. That shut the brunette up nicely.

Still, Tsuna felt guilty. Beside him, Lambo snored softly. Tsuna smiled as he watched the other sleep. Truth be told, while Tsuna liked the idea that a more dependent Lambo was with them in their mission, he can't help but miss his own Lambo. Annoying as he is, Tsuna missed him. He hoped though, that his Lambo wouldn't be causing too much trouble to his future self.

"Jyuddaime." Gokudera sat down next to him.

"Hai Gokudera-kun?"

"How do you suppose we find the Storm Arcobaleno? Dinas Emry's isn't exactly a mountain so searching the whole place would take a whole day or so."

"I wonder about that too…" Tsuna looked around, realizing that the scene was awfully familiar. He blinked and an image overlapped his vision. The scene before him… it would have looked beautiful if they had arrived here before sunrise. It suddenly clicked in his mind that he had been here in person. He stood up, feeling a rush of excitement inside him.

"Jyuddaime?" Gokudera wondered. Yamamoto and Ryohei stopped talking and Lambo cracked one eye open. Tsuna's bangs covered his eyes. When he raised his head, his eyes were wide and glassy.

Without a word, Tsuna walked ahead. They followed him quietly. The brunette started to mutter under his breath, words that they couldn't make out of.

"Could it be that Jyuddaime is possessed?" Gokudera whispered to himself, feeling shivers run up and down his spine. They all shuddered. Tsuna led them down the hill, through some huge rocks. They slipped every now and then but Tsuna went through it all as if he had been there before. When they approached of what seemed to be a dried river, their boss gasped softly.

"I can't believe it," he said.


"Everyone, let's go down there." Tsuna jumped down and they all followed.

It was scary. How Tsuna seemed like he knew just where to go. He showed them to one huge tree, its gnarled roots hanging over the side. They stopped when Tsuna stopped.

"I think… it's around here," Tsuna murmured. "Ah!"

They crowded around. Through the roots that seemed to have gotten thicker than in Tsuna's dream, was the hole. They all came closer to inspect it. As they edged closer, Ryohei suddenly lurched forward.


Tsuna was pushed, head-first. Gokudera grabbed on to his hand followed by Lambo, Yamamoto and Ryohei. They tumbled inside. Tsuna covered his face as roots hit them. Gokudera was unfortunate enough to be slapped across the face by one. They landed in a heap of a mess. Tsuna groaned, his bruises aching painfully.

"Minna…" he croaked. "Everyone alright?" He sat up.

Gokudera was clutching his face. Ryohei gave him a thumbs up, Yamamoto grinned and Lambo sighed. Tsuna crawled over to his friend's side. "You okay Gokudera-kun?" he asked. Gokudera removed his hands.

"I'm alright Jyuddaime!" His left cheek was bright red. Tsuna sweat dropped. "I see."

"Where are we?" Yamamoto asked. Tsuna stood up. They were in some sort of an underground dome, dimly lit by an oil lamp standing over to the side. The hole they fell into was ways above their heads, unreachable. The only way out other from where they came out was a tunnel.

"I don't know," Tsuna admitted. By the looks of things, they were deep underground. How deep, he didn't know. Suddenly, he was reminded of the incident at the mines. He shuddered. Hopefully, the Arcobaleno that they will meet next wouldn't kill them on sight.

"Guys… I think this is where she's hiding."

"But how did you know about this Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked.

"I'm not quite sure…" Tsuna fumbled with his boot laces. He wasn't so sure about answering Yamamoto.

"Baseball freak! Isn't obvious that it's because of Jyuddaime's Hyper Intuition?"

"That extremely explains it!"

Tsuna laughed nervously. He was glad that Gokudera was so quick to answer. Lambo tugged on his sleeve and Tsuna had to double take at the look of alarm on his Lightning Guardian's face. He can hear footsteps closing in on them. He cursed his stupidity. They were too noisy! They all stiffened as a shadow loomed over them.

"Ah." Tsuna felt sweat roll down the side of his face.

He stared at the person in front of them. She looked nineteen, twenty at most. Short brown hair framed her face, large forest green eyes boring into their very beings. She wore a top similar to a tank top made out of leather, black breeches and a black apron. Wrapped around her arms were bandages that began from the wrist all the way to the elbow. Tsuna could faintly smell smoke from her.

"Children?" she grunted. She narrowed her eyes.

"We were sent here!" Tsuna said at once. "Please don't kill us!" He eyed the war hammer that she held in her hand. It looked heavier than the person wielding it, he doubted that he can carry it.

She didn't answer right away. "Hey!" Gokudera said. "You're the Storm Arcobaleno Rhan right?"

This time, the answer was instantaneous. The hammer went flying before any of them could react. Luckily, Gokudera jumped out of the way just in time. It collided with the other side of the dome. The impact caused the whole room to shake at the force, like an earth quake. They dived to the ground as the earth shook heavily. Tsuna was sure that the tremors could be felt outside. Rhan was the only one standing.

"I am. To whom may I owe this pleasure of meeting?" Rhan curtly said.

They stared at her then back at the hammer then back at her, mouths agape.

Tsuna shut his first. At least she didn't try and kill them straight away, that was a start.

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