Colourless Rainbow

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(Kaoru's POV) (DEFFO ;D)

It had been a few weeks since Hikaru's outburst which I was glad about, we had all seemed to have moved on and there was no longer and atmosphere. Mom and Hyoko were already planning their wedding and talking about their honeymoon. But yet we carried on and tried to make the best we could out of a bad situation. It was the first of June, and you know what that meant! Our birthdays were approaching quick and fast! Mum and Hyoko were so excited for their sons' seventeenths, as were we.

It was a rather chilly Monday morning as I stepped out of the shower. My head had been playing on something heavy lately, but I didn't dare say anything about it to anyone, not even my brother.

"Morning Kao." Hikaru walked in looking at himself in the large wall of mirrors that lined the east end of the bathroom. I wrapped a towel round my waist as he examined his teeth in the mirror.

"Morning…" I mumbled, still my mind heavy with thinking. He picked up a toothbrush and started to brush his teeth roughly. He turned around and looked at me after he had finished. He laughed.

"Why you stood there looking all sheepish bro?" he walked up to me, my heart racing.

"No reason…" I mumbled trying to get a grip of myself. I ruffled my hair and tried to smile. Hikaru just simply looked at me and frowned.

"Who is it?" he asked placing both hands on his bare hips. "C'mon, spill the beans. Who is it in your mind?" he tapped my head before walking closer to me.

He had no idea whatsoever.

My heart thudded louder and my knees started to feel weak. He was there, right there, all I had to do was reach out to him, to tell him how I felt, to explain that… that..!

"Boys, breakfast is ready!" our mum shouted up the stairs. Hikaru kept his gaze locked on me, like he was trying to read my mind, like he has always done in the past, we shared a connection, he was one half and I was the other… I shuffled away sheepishly and tried to break the awkward silence by turning off the tap, which just made things worse.

"We should go" I mumbled. Hikaru just looked at me and sighed.

"Yep." He nodded, looked down as his hands dropped down to his waist and walked to his wardrobe and pulled out the Ouran uniform.

We walked into the warm classroom of Biological Science, where we were to spend the next two hours in. We sat down next to each other and separated ourselves from the whole classroom. People would try to talk to us, but we weren't the sociable type, and they should have learnt that by now. We belonged in our own world, and they belonged in their own world, whatever they wanted to call it, we didn't care…

The classroom filled as the teacher started to look through all of her paperwork. The unusual always-smiling blonde and dark haired man with glasses was in our Biology class also. They still scrutinized our every move and watched like hawks, the dark haired man constantly taking notes. At the end of the lesson we went out into the crisp morning and stood near the fountain, our favourite place to spend the cold winter days such as today, as most people stayed inside and the chances of bumping into annoyingly cute girls were very slim.

"What do you think of this school already then?" Hikaru asked sat close to me. I smiled and put my arm around his shoulders and rustled his hair…

"I don't really know yet to be honest. Like any other school I suppose, we've been to that many…" I looked up at the white sky, heavy with snow. Hikaru's hair stood out like a fire amongst all the white and frost. So did mine, we were meant for each other. He couldn't live without me, and I certainly couldn't live without him.

"Excuse me, gentlemen" a kind voice sounded from behind us. We both turned round with our ever harsh sneers; an immediate guard up that we did with all strangers who dared interrupt out world... Our eyes narrowed, and our mouths, a straight line. We immediately locked eyes with tall blonde, who had bright violet eyes and a warm smile, but whatever he looked like, he wasn't going to be let in. Hikaru smirked.

"What?" he snapped harshly. The blonde looked a little worried for a moment but soon corrected his ways and kept on smiling.

"Well, me and my college were wondering, see, we run the schools host club and, its only for the finest, most beautiful young men, who like to… entertain the young ladies who have too much time on their hands, and we think that you two would be perfect for the job, as a package?" he concluded with warm eyes and a warm smile. Hikaru looked at me and sniggered, I knew he was thinking 'what a complete and utter t-w-a-t. I laughed as he stood up form the fountain's bench and walked around the blonde, eyeing him up and down. I joined in and followed him around, our actions in unison.

"Your name?" I asked directly.

"T-Tamaki" he stuttered with a nervous laugh. Hikaru laughed silently behind his back at me.

"Why are you nervous?" he asked, still walking round this, Tamaki guy in unison with me. I smiled and looked down.

"I'm not, and can I just ask why you're walking round me, assessing my well-being?" he laughed. We laughed a dry, sarcastic laugh which made him stop pretty quickly.

"Just in case" I pondered. He just stood still, still smiling. Was this guy ever going to give up?

"So, you want us…" Hikaru started.

" a package" I mumbled.

" host…" Hikru laughed.

"…In a high school host club?" I finished, chuckling with my brother. Tamaki laughed and simply nodded.

"That's exactly it! I think you'd both prove very popular with the ladies" he chuckled. Hikaru came to an abrupt stop with the laughing, so did I.

"No thanks, Tamaki" Hikaru shook his head and started to walk away.

"We don't have the time or patience for your lame host club" I finished simply following my brother laughing silently at the rejected blonde.

"Wait!" he shouted from behind us. We looked back and saw the blonde looking extremely worried, not smiling. "What can I give you, what can I do for you, to make you join?" he pleaded. Hikaru shook his head.

"Nothing…" he mused

"Will change our mind." I finished. The blonde simply looked at us, and just fell to pieces.

"Please" he whispered. Hikaru smiled.

"I tell you what, if you can say which one of us is Hikaru, and which one is Kaoru, the we'll join your silly little club." Hikaru chuckled.

I laughed because I knew that was never going to happen, and so did Hikaru. The blonde stared at us for a moment or two, then marched forwards and held his hand out.

"Fine, if I can tell the difference between you two before the end of this week, you'll join the host club?" he stated.

We both nodded in unison.

"Then shake on it. Both of you." He asked, his eyes still warm, yet firm. Hikaru looked at me as I looked at him. Without another second of hesitation, Hikaru leant forward and shook his hand.

"We'll give you three tries, if you haven't guessed us apart after three times, then don't bother us again, ever."

"And if I do, then you join the host club for at least a year?" Tamaki smiled as we both nodded, as he shook my hand.

"Great! So, you're Hikaru and you're Kaoru?" he pointed to the wrong ones.

"Turn one, FAILED" Hikaru laughed as we walked away and left the blonde to analyse us throughout the week, and left him trying to complete a task, NO-ONE had ever completed before…

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