Chapter 1

Ryan's pov.

My name is Ryan, and I live in orange county, Newport beach, and I have lived here my whole life with my twin brother Seth, and my parents, sandy and Kirsten Cohen. We are a regular family, that lives on takeaways as my mom can't cook to save her life. My father is a lawyer for the district, mainly as a children's aid, for young offenders, and my mother runs the Newport group, which is a high end building and architecture company, something I look forward to following in. my brother Seth and I, are high school students at the oc high school, Seth is totally the opposite of me, I am the school jock, lettering in football, and water polo, I am also class president, whereas Seth, well he's more of a geek, he is president of the comic book society, and spends most of his time reading, but I think this is why we get on so well, total opposites that attract, we are more best friends than brothers.

"are you listening to me, god sometimes I swear you just ignore me on purpose" a female voice said to me,

This particular female voice belonged to my girlfriend, Marissa, she was the type of girlfriend I should have, she was a cheer leader, and she was president of the events committee, so we pretty much look the part, but sometimes I wonder if that's enough,

I turn my attention to her, knowing that this is what she is after, this is what she's always after, my undivided attention,

"I heard you, and I think it's a great idea"

Marissa squealed and threw her arms around my shoulders "yay! I'll go let Mrs parsins know, this is going to be awesome, no parental supervision" she said in a seducing voice in my ear,

I smiled back and pecked her lips, once upon a time I had been head over heels in love with this girl in front of me, but lately it felt as though I was growing up and she was still acting like a kid,

Marissa pulled herself off me and kissed my cheek, before she walked off with her entourage of cheerleaders to find mrs parsins.

"ergh! Are you still dating her?" another female voice asked, I turned and there was my brother Seth and his girlfriend, summer, they had been together since we were kids, they had grown up together, and eventually summer and Seth had fallen in love, and they had been inseparable ever since,

I rolled my eyes at summer, as they both sat down at my table, I know that her and Marissa had never really got on, but I never knew why, and I still don't, they are chalk and cheese, but then again so are me and Seth but we get on like a house on fire, "summer…" I started

She stuck her fork into her pasta, "fine, but don't say I didn't warn you" she said, and I chuckled, she was always warning me, but the majority of the time I never listen.

After lunch period, I made my way to psychology, where I knew Marissa would be waiting,

I walked into the classroom, and as normal I could feel all the girls staring and swooning, I'm not big headed but it is common knowledge that all the girls want me, and all the guys want to be me, I looked around and saw Marissa sat at 'our' desk and saw that one of the guys from the basketball team was sat on the table chatting with her, his name was luke something.. of course she was giggling at whatever this guy was saying, but part of me felt pleased that her attention was on someone else other than me.

I started to make my way over to my desk, just as Mrs Parsins entered the room, and as soon as Marissa saw me, she straightened up and waved me over, I put on my best smile and headed to my seat, as the basket ball guy left to find his own.

"alright class, quiet please" mrs parsins requested, and everyone immediately went to whispers, she only ever asked for silence, if someone knew was starting or if there had been some kind of incident on school premises.

"students, I would like to introduce you all to Taylor Townsend, she has just moved here from LA, so lets make her welcome"

I looked towards the door with the rest of the class, waiting to see our newest recruit, and then she entered, she flowed into the class room with such elegance and grace, I thought she could have been an angel, the more I looked at her, the more I noticed, she had long blonde wavy hair, that fell mid way down her back, she had pale skin, that was slightly tanned but not too much, and she was so beautiful, I couldn't look away from her, all I wanted to do was approach her, and protect her from the entourage of abuse every new kid at oc high endures.

"Ryan, what are you doing?" came a whisper at my side, it was only when I looked to my right, that I realised it was Marissa, but she was sat down and somehow I was standing, I coughed, and blushed a little as people started to turn in their seats to look at me, "erm.. I need a hall pass, I forgot my books" I said, thinking quickly,

Mrs parsins smiled, it helped that I was so popular, and likeable, "very well mr Cohen," she said as she nodded at the door, I quickly walked to the front of the class to get to the door, I passed Taylor and couldn't help but smile, my best dazzling smile, and I am pretty sure, I saw her blush, I got to the door and looked back behind me, and saw a very confused Marissa staring at me, as I bolted out the door.

I slowly walked to my locker and by the time I had retrieved my books, and had popped to the bathroom, the bell was ringing. I started to make my way outside, as I had free periods this afternoon, when someone walked straight into me, books went sprawling over the floor,

"hey, watch it" I said, as I started to pick up my books from the floor, and that's when I heard it, the softest voice you will ever hear, "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going, and….." it was the new girl, Taylor Townsend, "no worries, I'm not hurt, you're not hurt are you?" I said interrupting her,

She blushed and looked down at me, as I looked up at her, "no I'm fine, thank you, erm… I'm Taylor, but I guess you already knew that from psychology, right, well I'm looking for the library, could you…?" she rambled out, obviously nervous, I picked up her books and smiled as I handed the back to her, "I happen to be going to the library, walk you?"

She smiled again, and I found myself smiling back, as she nodded, I pointed the direction and we set off, walking side by side, "I'm Ryan" I said, offering my hand,

"hi Ryan" she replied, as she put her head down nervously, and we walked the rest of the way to the library quietly.

We arrived at the library, and Taylor immediately started getting books out and opening them, she looked at me, and of course I was stood there, sticking out like a sore thumb,

"I thought you were on your way to the library" she said, noting my stature,

"I was, I mean I am" I replied, and fished around in my bag for the first book that came to hand, I felt the cool spine and pulled, "see" I stated,

Taylor looked at the book I was holding and then started laughing, I couldn't understand what she was laughing at, until I looked down at the book, the title read 'my pregnancy, a step by step guide' I couldn't help but chuckle either,

"its not mine, honestly" I said still chuckling,

Taylor raised her eyebrows at me, I looked back and became serious, "its my mom's, she's pregnant, about thirty weeks now, and to be honest the hormones are going to her head." I said.

She giggled again, before sitting down at a desk, I sat down opposite, and we both just sat looking at one another,

"so…" she said after a silence that went on way too long,

"so.." I said back, "you got any brothers or sisters,?"

She shook her head, "no I'm an only child"

"oh, that's too bad, I don't know what it would be like without my brother Seth"

"Seth? As in Seth Cohen?" she asked,

"you met him already?" I asked,

She shook her head and smiled, "no, I sat next to summer Roberts in English lit this morning and she said her boyfriend was called Seth, and because its such a less common name, I just presumed it was the same one, especially since you both have the same surname"

"that's him, and geez summer doesn't normally talk to girls, she normally hates them" I said, surprised that summer had spoken to Taylor, this was something she almost never done.

Taylor's eyes widened, "really, coz she's invited me to her house tomorrow night, should I go prepared for a bitch fight?"

I looked shocked, and Taylor could probably see it written all over my face,

"only joking, she told me you say that, so she said to be prepared for a comeback that would shut you up, and tah-dah done" she giggled,

I felt a little relieved and chuckled, we sat in the library for another couple of hours, before we both left together, it had been so comfortable, so easy with Taylor, and I didn't want it to end, this girl, who I had just met, has already changed my entire life.

We reached the parking lot and I located my jeep at the far end, I noticed Taylor looking around uneasy, it had already turned to twilight, and pretty soon it would be dark, "you need a lift?" I asked,

"that would be great Ryan, you sure you don't mind?"

"I wouldn't have offered, jump in" I said as we reached my car, Taylor climbed in, and I couldn't help but think how natural she looked sat there in my car, she looked like she belonged there, she wasn't superficial like Marissa, she didn't pull the mirror down to check her skin or make up, she didn't grab her hairbrush from her hair, and she didn't moan as the wind blew her hair across her face as they left the parking lot, in fact, I am sure I saw her smiling into the wind.

I cruised down 7th avenue until taylor told me to pull onto Majestic, I pulled into her street and it already made me uncomfortable to think that she would be leaving me at any minute,

"just there, with the blue door" she said, as her finger pointed across the street,

I pulled on to her drive, and turned the engine off, releasing my seat belt as I opened my door,

Taylor looked at me with wide eyes, "what are you doing?" she asked, suddenly nervous, though I couldn't think for the life of me why?

I came around to her side of the car, "walking you to the door of course" I stated, as I offered her my arm, she smiled at me, and took my out stretched arm, and the moment she did, I felt tingles flow right through me, I even shuddered a little bit, and I am sure she felt it too, by the change in her smile, but if she did, she didn't say anything.

We reached her door, and stood staring at each other, I have never cheated in my life, but right at this moment, I wanted to kiss taylor Townsend, I wanted to kiss her so badly it hurt,

"so.." I said lamely,

She smiled, "so.." she replied, she seemed to lean in, but at that exact moment, the door flew open and me and taylor jumped about a metre apart, both staring at the intruder that had so rudely interrupted us, he was a medium built guy, with dark black hair, and his face was almost scarlet red, I guessed with anger,

"taylor, get in here!" the guy yelled at her, as he grabbed her arm and pulled her inside the door,

I stepped close to him, he was hurting her, it was clear in her face, and my protective side kicked in, "excuse me sir?" I said politely,

He turned and looked at me, with a fiery red expression, "what, the fuck do you want, you little shit" he yelled, and as he did, I caught the distinct whiff of alcohol on his breath,

I was stumped for words, I had never been spoken to this way in my life, "I…. erm…." I stammered, as I looked at taylor the whole time, she seemed to mouth the words ' im sorry' to me, but as I focused on her, I didn't notice the door swinging closed in my face.

I stood their, completely dazed for a few minutes, and I could hear him yelling, I pressed my ear against the door and listened,

"you are just like your mother, and look what became of her, you need to focus on your work taylor, not boys, do you want to be like her, kids hanging round you, sponging off you, bleeding you dry, because that is exactly what you are doing to me, its what you have been doing since your mother died, well no more, you want money, you are going to work for it young lady, and if I so much as see you around a boy, any boy, you will be out of this house, do you understand me" he yelled, and Ryan couldn't believe what he was hearing, this was no way for a father to speak to his daughter.

After a few minutes the shouting died down, and I headed for my car, I sat on taylors drive for a while, not bearing the thought of leaving her here with that monster that yelled at her the way he did, it was crazy, I barely knew this girl but I was drawn to her in a way that I've never been drawn to anyone, not even marissa.

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