Kaitlin's pov

"MARISSA" Came my mum screeching from the front door, what has my sister been up to now I thought as I put my book down and went to see what the commotion was about,

"oh honey, where's your sister" my mom asked as she saw me,

"I don't know, probably on the sun bed or out with some guy" I said off the top of my head, but truth be told that was where she usually was,

My mom glared at me, "do you know you are just like your father honey, and that pains me it really does, would it hurt you to act a little bit like your sister for once"

I sighed and smiled "would you really want two air head Barbie's walking around, the house would be burnt down within a day"

"I heard that skank" came Marissa's voice from the doorway,

Before I could retort my mom jumped in, "Marissa I have been looking all over for you" I rolled my eyes, she hadn't looked all over, the reason I knew this was because her lips look like they have just been filled and because she just walked in the door,

"what is soooo important mom?" Marissa asked as she took a grape juice from the fridge, my mom's eyes went wide,

"do you know how many calories are in that, are you trying to get fat before prom, what did I say? Water only" my mom said as she took the grape juice from her and replaced it with a bottle water instead,

"is that what you wanted to talk to me about?" Marissa asked, obviously getting bored,

My mom turned to me, "kaitlin I need to talk to your sister privately do you mind?" but before I could say 'yeah I do' she was pushing me out of the kitchen and closing the door, I shimmied up and put my ear to it but couldn't hear much,

"hey kiddo, you still eavesdropping the old fashioned way?" I jumped and turned at my dads voice and blushed, "I told you go in the den, you can hear everything in there" he chuckled and moved aside to let me pass, sometimes I am sure he wants out of this family as much as I do.

"thanks dad" I said and smiled as I passed him, he just nodded and walked off.

Once in the den I had to admit that my dad was right, I could hear their whole conversation word for word.

"she's pregnant" I heard Marissa screech and I didn't have to make two guesses to know they were talking about Taylor.

"saw it with my own eyes"

"I don't believe this, how could he do this to me?"

"honey, its not you he got pregnant, but I think we could make good of this"

"what? How?" Marissa asked, and to be honest I wanted to know that too.

I listened to the whole plan, and was shocked. I mean I know my mom and sister are cruel but I really didn't know just how bad that cruelty could be, I wanted to call Taylor but knew that she would be worrying and that wasn't good for her or the baby, and I couldn't call Ryan because the last I heard the bus with the water polo team had broken down, there was only one other person to call and I hoped he'd help with the plan I wanted to set in motion.

I tip toed to my room and grabbed my cell, texting the only male I had ever been involved with, "need to meet, come to pier fifteen mins K x"

I didn't need to wait for a reply, I knew he would be there. We had been meeting in secret since I had come back to Newport beach, and I got to admit he was the last person I thought I would fall for.

"K? what's up?" came a familiar voice, I turned and kissed him, we broke apart smiling.

"so you didn't just get me down here for that did you?" he asked,

"how did you know?" I blushed

"well first I can read you better than you read yourself and second because I have not long dropped you off at your house" he pulled me down onto the sand and sat behind me, wrapping his arms around me.

"I need your help with something"

He kissed my cheek, " what is it?"

"Marissa knows Taylor is pregnant and she is going to announce tomorrow at school" I squeaked now unsure of my plan

"so how do I come into this?" he asked

"when she announces it, I want to announce us" I blushed again, unsure of how he'd react, he squeezed me tightly, "you don't know how good that sounds, I am so sick of sneaking around"

"you're sure you don't mind?" I asked

"of course I don't, you're my girl and I want everyone to know"

I kissed him deeply and we sat talking of our plan until the sun came up, and then I realised today was the day that Marissa would meet her match and her world would come crashing down around her.