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Taylors pov

5 months later

I am now eight months pregnant and couldn't be happier, life has settled down in the aftermath of the whole Marissa, Kaitlin and Summer thing, and I suppose one good thing came of the revelation and that is that people were no longer talking about me, now their topic of conversation was Marissa, especially as she had sported a black eye, graciously given by rose, for around ten days.

And even now rumours' about Marissa and myself, (Marissa more so than me) went around the school everyday or at least they had been up until prom was announced.

Last year I would have been just as excited as everyone else about prom, but the thought of wearing a prom dress now, with my bump the size of a hog roast, made me sick. Yes I am looking forward to meeting our daughter but whilst all the other girls with their nice flat and toned bodies will be prancing around in skin clutching dresses and looking good for their prom dates, there would be me a balloon, looking like a meringue, the only good thing is that Ryan would be on my arm. Do not get me wrong my post pregnant figure was a few fries and butterscotch ice creams from a size zero but at least I could look elegant in my normal size eight to ten figure.

Tonight is the night of prom, Kirsten happily helped me pick a dress, Ryan and Seth had gone together to get their tuxes and now I was sat here staring at my dress hanging on the back of the bathroom door, taunting me. I sighed a frustrated breath, I really do not fancy going out tonight, prom or no prom.

My knight in shining armours voice pulled me out of my depression that would see me eating at least one butterscotch ice cream and two phish food tubs.

"hey Taylor, can you sort this out for me" Ryan said as he walked over to me to sort out his bow tie, he smiled that usual smile that made me go weak at the knees, and I couldn't help but smile back,

"you know, if you don't get ready soon you're going to miss prom, right?" he said

I sighed "I know but look at me Ryan" I blew out a breath and flounced my arm out.

He stepped back and looked my up and down, "penguin pj's look great on you, but I know you have a prom dress right there that will make you look like a million bucks" he said as he gestured to the bathroom door, and I know that Summer will be in here in about fifteen min-"

"fourteen, and counting down Houston" came my best friends voice all the way from Sandy and Kirsten's kitchen. How can a person that small make so much noise?

"I stand corrected fourteen minutes, so come on, get that cute behind in their and put on your dress, and Taylor do not role your eyes at me" I opened my mouth to speak but Ryan covered my mouth with his,

"come on Taylor, we wont stay long, just show up, smile and then we'll come straight home" he mumbled in my mouth, I pulled away and grinned, "so that's what your going to pull on me, kissing me like that to get your own way?"

Ryan looked over his shoulder towards the open pool house door, "actually Summer said she'd go Chino on your ass, pregnant or not pregnant, if you didn't move it"

"fine" I said, flinging my hands in the air as I slouched off to get changed, knowing full well Summer would definitely carry out her threat.

Eventually I was in my dress and looking in the mirror and I couldn't help but smile now I was completely ready, must be my hormones I thought. And then I saw Ryan's reflection behind me,

"see what'd I tell you" he said smiling

"are we ready yet? Or do I have to kick some seriously mummy butt?" came a familiar whine from the door. "kaitlin just text me and her and Luke are already there"

I smiled at summer, and nodded and a loud squeal echoed throughout the pool house.

After arriving at prom we finally located Luke and kaitlin, as much as Marissa hated the fact that they were together they sure did make such a cute couple. In the beginning Ryan did have his reservations on their relationship after it had been publicly announced, I could see in his eyes tonight that he had finally come to terms with it, and it also meant that I didn't need to hear the comment "but she is like a sister to me" every ten minutes.

We spent most of the evening dancing, and when I say we I really mean summer and kaitlin while I graciously watched from my chair, but as the night rolled on I became tired and restless.

"you wanna go?" Ryan whispered in my ear as he crept up beside me.

I turned towards him, knowing that summer and kaitlin would never forgive me for this "oh god yes!"

Ryan smiled and I could tell he was pleased that I'd called time on tonight, especially as he had spent a large part of the evening making sure that people were giving me enough room, "I'll go get the limo to come around front" and with those words Ryan disappeared into the crowd.

A few minutes later and Ryan was helping me to the very same white limo that we had arrived in, "oh shoot! I forgot my purse, its got the pool house keys in" I said, stupid pregnant brain I thought.

"wait here, I'll be right back" Ryan replied, and as he shut the door I put my head back and closed my eyes.

I felt myself jolt and opened my eyes, looking around me, oh god I must have fell asleep, but then something made me uneasy, we weren't in the school parking lot and Ryan was no where to be seen.

I reached over and picked up the passenger to driver phone, "hello?" came an unfamiliar voice,

"hi, where are we?" I asked nervously.

"I was told to bring you here, got an extra hundred bucks too"

"who told you to bring me here?" I could feel myself starting to panic.

"Richard? Ryan? Something like that"

I breathed a sigh of relief, "and where is here?" I asked

"the Harbour club on the pier, and here we are"

I could feel myself blush, obviously Ryan had arranged this whole thing, I can remember him bringing me here just after we first got together.

As the driver opened my door I squeaked, "thank you" climbed out of the car, the cool air hit my face making me shudder involuntary. I straightened my dress as best as I could and ran my fingers through my hair, and just as the limo started to pull away, I made my way to the restaurant.

Looking through the glass door I could see candles flickering and wine glasses on the table and excitement bubbled, so I pushed open the door, "Ryan" I called but no answer. I stepped in and walked up to the table smiling. No one else was around, and this place was supposed to be closed for the night, how had Ryan managed to do this. He was so romantic.

"Ryan" I called again grinning like the cat got the cream.

"sadly no!" came a voice from behind me and I spun startled, my smile quickly melting.

"Marissa? What's going on? Where's Ryan?" I rushed out.

"oh he's probably still at prom, wondering where his limo's gone…. That reminds me, How was prom by the way?" Marissa spat.

I didn't want to get into this, not now and definitely not ever, so I tried to pass her but she grabbed my arm.

"are you happy now Taylor?"

"excuse me?" I replied.

Marissa let go of my arm, "you know, before you came here, I was somebody, I had everything. The popular boyfriend, I was captain of the cheer leading squad, the celibacy club, I was popular…..and then you, you come along and my life disappears" oh god this is just what I didn't want to happen.

"Marissa….I'm sorry, but…."

"don't okay, just don't give me that crap!" Marissa said as she backed away and that's when I saw it.

My eyes went wide as she looked back at me and adjusted her top, "how far gone are you?" I asked in a straight voice.

Marissa's eyes went wide, "I'm…not…I'm not …. I mean….pregnant at my age….what kind of slut do you think I am?"

I smirked at this comment, seeing as though near enough the whole school are talking about just how many people she has slept with, "well I don't know, I just can't decide, I would place you at moderate to big" I squeaked wondering just where the hell those words had come from.

Marissa's eyes flew to me, rage in her eyes "yeah, well its not like your perfect"

"I never said I was!"

"you don't need to say it, people already believe it from you, little miss perfect, but me….do you know what people say about me?" I shook my head even though I did.

"they say I'm just like my mom, but I'm not…. I am nothing like her…. But people don't believe me because of past mistakes. This wasn't my fault…." Marissa sank to the floor, and started crying and on instinct I went to her, to comfort her, "it wasn't supposed to be like this" she cried and I pulled her to me and held her.

We sat for about ten minutes and then Marissa sat up and wiped her eyes, "Taylor, I'm sorry, I should never have bought you here, I just thought….. Hell I don't know what I thought"

I looked at Marissa and I mean really looked at her, for what seemed like the first time, and I didn't see some bitch that had everything and was going to make my life hell, I saw a scared little girl.

"Marissa, who….?"

"its Adrian,"

My head started scanning names but I couldn't find anyone by that name, " who's Adrian?"

"it's Rose's dad"

Shock registered on my face, the affair?

"see its that look, that's what everyone gives me, that's why no one will believe me, no matter what I say"

I sucked in a breath not really sure where this was going but feeling uncomfortable anyway, " what do you mean believe you? Marissa what is it?"

Marissa turned away, and I could hear here crying but trying to hold it in, I don't know what came over me, maybe my motherly instincts kicking in early, but I walked slowly to Marissa's side and took her hand, "talk to me" I urged

Marissa sank into a chair and pulled me clumsily into a chair next to her, "it wasn't an affair like everyone thinks"

I nodded not sure where this is going, "me and rose we've been friends since the cradle, I used to play at hers everyday, she would sleepover at mine, BFF's to the core, but…"

"but what?"

"nearly a year ago rose asked me to stay over with her, I'd never really stayed the night at hers, it was always like a rule that we stayed at mine," Marissa took a deep breath, and I squeezed her hand reassuringly.

She nodded, "I thought nothing of it and stayed over, but that night no matter how hard I tried I couldn't sleep, it felt like some one was watching me, so I got up and went to the kitchen for some water, I know rose's house better than my own so didn't see the need to put on any lights…. Why didn't I put on any lights?"

"so then what happened?" I urged her, she looked at me like a scared child again.

"he was there with his computer sitting in the dark"

"who was sitting in the dark? Rose's dad?" I asked and Marissa nodded

"I don't think he'd heard me, so I crept up behind him to look over his shoulder, and he was….. He was…" Marissa choked out,

I squeezed her hand again, and she nodded to herself, "there was pictures of us, me and rose, as kids, sort of like a slide show, he was….. He was…." her voice wobbled again, and I knew what she meant.

"its okay, then what happened?"

"he must of sensed I was there cos he turned around and he looked at me grinning, and he said 'who needs pictures when I can have the real thing' those words have haunted me ever since, he lunged for me, and I didn't make a sound, he was perfect in Rose's eyes how could I ruin that for her, and then he…."

"he raped you?" I asked shocked, and she nodded, I gasped and hugged her whilst her tears flowed,

"so how did we get to now?" I asked

"he didn't just do it once, he'd show up at my house when everyone was out, its like he was staking it out or something, sometimes after cheer practice he'd show after everyone left, I didn't know who to tell, I thought if I threw myself into my relationship with Ryan that it would be okay, that he would protect me, but the truth was I was losing him long before you came along, and then we broke up and I needed someone so I started seeing Johnny, he's nice and I like him but Adrian still came around, and then I found out I was pregnant, and then Summer said that I was having an affair with him and I just couldn't tell anyone"

"well you've told me, that's a start" I said and we smiled at each other.

"have you told your mom?" I asked,

"oh god don't, she would throw a complete fit"

"are you sure? I mean didn't she fall pregnant with you by Dr Roberts, at just seventeen?"

Marissa rolled her eyes "I wondered when you'd throw that up…."

I interrupted her "I didn't mean it like that, I just meant that she has been through this herself"

"she did have me at seventeen, but the difference was she didn't know if the father was a rapist or a really lovely guy"

"we need to tell someone, your mom, the police, Rose, Johnny!" I stated as Marissa shook her head,

"weren't you listening, no one will believe me, not with my track record"

"yes they would, you said something about his computer, the police would find evidence on that, and I'm sure it would help if you had a friend with you"

"incase you haven't noticed I don't have any friends anymore and kaitlin like totally hates my guts right now"

"I'll go with you!" I stated, and Marissa looked at me with shock, to be honest I think I was shocked myself, I never thought I would ever feel anything for Marissa but nobody deserved this.

"you will, even after everything I have done to you and to Ryan"

I nodded, "but you'll have to help me up off this chair first", Marissa handed me her hand and helped me up.

"what you mean go and do it now?" Marissa asked clearly nervous.

"well its not going to stay in that small bump forever" I giggled as I pointed at her bump trying to lighten the mood, "and we need to make sure that Rose's father doesn't do this to anyone else"

Marissa nodded "thank you Taylor, and…..i'm sorry"

"apology accepted for your behaviour towards me and Ryan but Marissa you have nothing to be sorry about any of this, now can we get out of here?" I asked and Marissa nodded, but as we walked to the door, Marissa turned to me, "did you feel that?"

I looked confused, "feel what?" but before Marissa could answer the building started to shake, we tried to keep a grip on each others hand but the force of the shaking was moving us apart.

"what is that?" I shouted over the roaring noise that seemed to come out of no-where.

"I think its an earthquake, take my hand" Marissa yelled back.

But it was too late…..

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