"I got this, mom!"

"No, Tsuna – !"


The resounding shatter led to a frigid silence.

Tsuna clutched his burned hands together, face pale and caramel eyes wide as he stared at the demolished glassware scattered across the floor. Slowly, his eyes trekked up to his mother's expression; the disappointment and cold disregard there cut his heart. "I-I'm sorry; the water, it was… it was really hot…" He hated how demure his voice sounded, but he couldn't bring himself to speak confidently.

His mother held up a hand, signaling for him to stop with his sputtered reasons. Without a word, she pointed out of the kitchen, demanding he leave her be.

At the door, he heard her tired mutter, "If only my baby was here instead of that good-for-nothing boy…" The clink and clatter of the shards being collected followed.

Tsuna clenched his tingling hands at his sides and ran up the stairs to his room. He slammed the door shut behind him, feeling no relief with the resulting crash.

"The water was hot…" He muttered to himself, seeking comfort from that. "It's not like I meant to drop the dishes…" No, all he had been doing was checking to see if the water in the sink had been the right temperature.

He should have taken note of the steam…

He slid down the length of the door and wrapped his arms around his legs, burying his head between his knees.

"If only my baby was here instead of that good-for-nothing boy…"

His shoulders shook.

Three years ago, his baby brother, Lambo, had gone to Italy to see their grandpa, Timoteo; Tsuna had stayed in Japan because he had promised his best friend he would work with him at his father's sushi shop during summer break. A drive-by shooting had assured his brother's arrival back home… in a coffin.

Lambo had only been 5 years old; a small kid with an obsession for cows, food, and the babysitter – who had doubled as Tsuna's tutor – their grandpa had, for some reason, thought necessary to hire for them despite the man's complete hatred for children.

His dad hadn't come home since then and his mom had come to the point of blaming him; after all, if he had gone with his baby brother, maybe he would be dead instead of Lambo.

He snorted; he didn't doubt that his mother would be happier had that been the truth.

He stood shakily to his feet and went to his bed, flopping down face-first.

What he would give for it to stop… If he could, he would have died for Lambo! Even though his baby brother had been annoying and selfish, he had been endearing somehow. He had always been their parent's favorite.

If he could turn back time and take that bullet for Lambo, he wouldn't ask questions; he would just do it. And then it would all be over… He wouldn't have to feel like a leper every time he came home and he wouldn't have to face the pitying/accusing gazes given to him outside of his room.

He looked out the window next to his mattress; the sky was clear and the town was dark. The stars were bright and the moon was close and full.

He remembered the silly little words Lambo had uttered from time to time when he had been too drowsy to jump off the walls or act ignorant.

"Starlight, star bright…" He paused, wondering at his own ludicrous act. He could remember his little brother's grating laughter in the back of his head, strangely comforting as if there was nothing wrong with the world. "First star I see tonight… I wish I may, I wish I might… have this wish I wish tonight…"

He stopped and stared at the sky; now that he had said it, was he to wish for something, knowing it wouldn't come true? His brother had liked to wish for foolish things in a drowsy voice, things like grapes, octopus balls, or for their babysitter to take him certain places.

Sometimes, he had liked to wish that he and Tsuna would always be together.

His heart choked in his chest. He couldn't think of anything to wish for.

He turned onto his side away from the window and shut his eyes, not bothering to change as he pushed his head into his pillow and let himself fall into a troubled sleep.

Outside of his window in the distant sky, a spark of indigo flashed. The spark became a dot and the dot became a bulge, the bulge was quick to become a flaring mass… heading straight for Tsuna's front door.

There was not a sound made as the indigo flames died, nothing of its travel left behind for evidence… except a single package sitting innocently at the front entrance.

Author's Note: And this begins my next multi-chapter work! Please bear with me and point out any mistakes you see (though I beg you to be kind about it), including if any of the characters appear OOC. I already have this story written to a certain point, so updates will appear regularly for awhile.