Ever since learning of Janet's pregnancy, Brad knew there was a two-in-three possibility that it wasn't his. The odds didn't look good for the child being his. Surprisingly, Brad wasn't as bothered by this as he thought he would be, if the occasion ever arose. He had come to accept that the child might have been fathered by Frank or Rocky, rather than himself. Frankly (Pardon the pun, he thought with a smile) it didn't matter who had fathered the child. In the end, it was going to be him that raised it.

Janet was more upset over it than he was. Some days she burst into tears over it, sobbing over how guilty she felt about cheating on him. On those days Brad would simply hold her, stroke her hair and tell it was alright.

But now, looking at the tiny creature Janet had given birth to, Brad felt his heart swell. It was a little boy, pink and miniscule with a tuft of curly black hair. Janet offered the baby for him to hold. Brad took the little boy and cradled him close to his chest. Definitely not his biologically, but that didn't stop him from falling in love with the infant in his arms. "What will we name him?" Brad asked, throat choked with emotion.

"I thought we could call him 'Frankie'," Janet said softly, turning her eyes to her husband. She looked exhausted and beautiful.

"That's perfect," Brad told her, leaning to kiss her forehead.