Frank-N-Furter held out his hand. Riff Raff eyed it suspiciously. "What?" he growled.

"Shake for truce?"

Riff Raff's upper lip twitched into one of his infuriating sneers. He pushed Frank-N-Furter's hand away and stormed back into the Majors' house. Frank-N-Furter heard the front door slam and felt the garage shake with the force of it. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes. He smoked the cigarette in silence. Soon it was down to the filter. Frank-N-Furter crushed it out beneath the heel of his shoe. He leaned on Brad's workbench and blew out a breath.


Inside the house, Riff Raff was red faced from anger. He brushed past Brad, stopping him in mid-question. Janet held baby Frankie close to her and watched with the same dread that hadn't abated from earlier as Riff Raff disappeared into the kitchen. Magenta chewed her bottom lip, her dark eyes full of concern. She murmured, "I'll go check on him," and left the living room.

Brad and Janet glanced at each other. In Janet's arms, baby Frankie began to fuss.

Riff Raff could hear the baby's small voice from the kitchen. He immediately turned to retrieve him but Magenta stopped him by gently putting her hand on his chest. "They can handle it. He isn't your baby, brother."

At her words, Riff Raff visibly slumped. He wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face into the crook of her neck. Magenta returned the embrace and held her brother tightly. "I'm so tired," Riff Raff moaned, "I cannot handle Frank-N-Furter. Every time I see him, he plays mind games. He says he wants a truce now."



"Did you ever think that it might be true?"

Riff Raff's grip on Magenta tightened. "No. It can't be."

"I think he's trying, Riff. He has changed." Magenta kissed the side of Riff Raff's head tenderly.

Riff Raff jumped as they heard the front door open and close. Frank-N-Furter had come inside. Magenta was suddenly alarmed. She could feel her brother start to shake. "I can't see him right now," Riff Raff hissed.


In the living room, Frank-N-Furter stood sheepishly in front of Brad and Janet. He could see how conflicted they were. Their little images of him had been smashed to pieces by Riff Raff, no doubt. Frank-N-Furter was not surprised. He nodded at Brad nonchalantly, hoping to cover up his previous moment of shamefacedness. "Can I hold the baby again?" he asked Janet.

"I guess so," Janet murmured. She passed little Frankie over to the scientist. Frank-N-Furter was awash with awe as he held the baby. He lightly touched the tiny black curls with his fingers. Frankie looked so much like him that it was almost frightening. He couldn't believe he had helped make this tiny person.

Frankie was indeed a little person. He goggled up at the alien with big, clueless eyes. Frank-N-Furter was beginning to realize the gravity of the situation. Riff Raff had a point. Neither of them had rights to this child. It belonged solely to Brad and Janet. Despite this realization, Frank-N-Furter wanted to be involved even if the involvement had to be watching from planets away.

"Brad, Janet," Frank-N-Furter paused and looked each of them in the eye for a few moments, "I know that you two love this child very much. I don't want to take him from you. All I ask is that you let me be a part of his life."