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Diana was n the kitchen cooking pasta, the windows steaming up from the heat of the cooker made it almost impossible to see out of them.

"How was your day at school?" She asked Gabe.

"Pretty good" He casually replied smiling at his mother. "Are you cooking my favourite?"

Diana smiled, not replying. The phone rang and she picked up to hear the voice of Dan. Lately he has been thrilled at her progress. She had been more lively, she smiled…She was youthful again. Dan felt like the years of pain and agony were a distant memory. Things could only get better.

Diana spoke to him about her day, listing the tedious house chores she had been doing with such excitement and passion, Dan wasn't even listening to her…All he could hear was the tone of her voice and he couldn't wait to come home to the women he fell in love with.

The bus driver opened his doors for her. She stood still, blankly looking inside the bus.

"In or out?" The driver asked. Natalie shook her head and put her headphones in as she watched the bus pull away. She began walking home, taking every path that would make her journey home a little bit longer. Natalie had been walking for about 5 minutes. She passed the alley her dad had always told her not to go down when she was younger , walked backed and stopped in front of it. No flicker on emotion went through her apart from curiosity, as she started making her way through the long, shaded alley. She passed a homeless man with his hood up who seemed to be faceless, all she could see was grey stringy hair growing out of the dark green, dirty coat he was wearing. This made her up her pace a bit realising that maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. She slowly took out her head phones, listening for anyone getting closer. She could hear slow foot steps, slowly getting faster. She began walking faster, then realising that the steps were getting nearer, running. The person was getting closer behind her, she picked up her pace, so fast she thought she was going to fall over. The person was looming over her now, she could see the person reach out and grab her arm. She screamed and turned to face the stranger who had grabbed her and the shadowy figure backed away, startled.

"It's me!" The figure yelled, leaning against the wall out of breath. "Natalie…"

"Oh my god." She breathed. "What the hell are you doing…?"

"I saw you missed the bus, i was gonna run to you, but i forgot…Some stuff. I went to catch up with you and saw you come down here from down the street. What are you thinking coming down here"

"I do it all the time…." She lied, blushing.

"Sure.." Henry giggled, still catching his breath. "People get mugged, raped, and god knows what down here Nat."

"Yeah well, i won't be going this way again." She snapped, slightly irritated.

"Come on," Henry said, grabbing her hand. This took Natalie by surprise. He never usually just grabbed her hand. Her anger was non existent, however her blush brightened up the alley. She could feel herself going red as she timidly held his hand. Natalie and Henry slowly walked back, having their usual argument about music and talking about silly innocent things that made them happy. They got to Natalie's and Henry looked at her. He stepped closer going to kiss her but Natalie looked down, paranoid that someone was watching from inside. They hadn't kissed since Diana caught them. This hadn't bothered either of them, Natalie liked taking things slow, she had too much on her mind as it was and Henry just loved to be around Natalie. She was his best friend.

Henry looked at her with hopeful eyes, waiting for any response. Natalie looked down and back up at him.

"I'd let you in…But…It's too soon."

"We've been going out for 9 weeks ands 2 days" Henry announced, "Don't i get to meet your family?"

Natalie giggled and blushed. "You're so….The girl?" She laughed. Henry blushed, smirking too. …

A car pulled up on the drive, Natalie panicked and turned to Henry. "…No." She said panicking, desperately trying to think of a way to get him to go. It was too late. Dan was strolling over to them, a proud fatherly smile across his face. He stoke out his hand to shake Henrys and Natalie cringed. She froze as if he wouldn't see her.

"You must be Harry?"

"It's Henry" He smiled, not embarrassed at all, unlike Natalie.

"Well Natalie, it would be rude to not ask Henry to join is for dinner.." Dan patted Henry on back and Natalie followed, dreading what was about to happen.

Diana set the dinner plates down, smiling widely at Henry, whilst Natalie cringed at her mothers fondness of her boyfriend.

Dan quizzed Henry about his grades, how many siblings he had and what he wanted to do at college. Natalie could see by her fathers face what he was impressed and unimpressed by. Henry's grin didn't fade though, he was over the moon that he had met the people who created his favourite person in the world.

"I'm so glad you could join us tonight Henry, this is such a special night and we're glad you're here" Henry smiled widely, as Natalie cringed. Her mother could be over the top sometimes.

Diana disappeared from the room as Dan and Henry carried on chatting, Natalie sitting in the middle quietly, occasionally rolling her eyes at her dads questions. Suddenly, the room went dark and everything silent.

"IT'S SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY!" Diana shouted, slowly entering the room with a giant cake. Natalie Froze, Henry smiled and whispered, "Who's birthday is it?."

Dan stood up, his eyes full of emotion, looking at Diana as if she was the only one in the room. Diana saw his face and kept smiling, forcing herself to smile….This is real, she kept telling herself.

Henry was still looking at Natalie, examining the pain across her face. She was still staring at her mother…She felt like she was in agony…"My brothers" She said loudly.

Henry raised his eyebrows…"I didn't know you had a brother."

"I don't!" Dan was still starring at Diana, who was focusing on the cake still smiling so hard it looked painful.

"He died before i was born…" Henry examined the family. He was confused, but some how everything with Natalie seemed to make sense now. This wasn't an ordinary family.

Natalie stood up, hating the silence. "This fucked!" She yelled.

"Language" Dan snapped, now looking at his daughter.

"Fuck this!" Natalie ran to her bedroom, leaving Henry sat there. He slowly got up and nervously went after her, before running back in the kitchen…

"It was lovely to meet you both…." and ran off towards Natalie, following the sound of stomps and crash of the door.