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What happened? That was the only thing that kept racing through Inuyasha's mind. The innocent and sweet girl he had known as a child was gone. What stood before him was a twisted version of what the girl should have become.

It had started out as a normal enough night for Inuyasha. Until his best friend Miroku insisted that they visit a new strip club that had just opened across town. Inuyasha had been dragged along as Miroku's unofficial babysitter. He was a great guy but to everyones dismay couldn't control his perverted side. Inuyasha felt sorry for most of the girls that had come in contact with an unsupervised Miroku. At the same time he couldn't help but wonder how many concussions Miroku had suffered from due to the girls he had groped.

"Hey! We're almost there." Miroku said gazing out his window as the building streaked by. "Did I mention that this place is really famous already for its two top girls?" Miroku was almost bouncing off his seat like a child going to the toy store. Inuyasha let out a sigh this was going to be a long night.

"Yes you mentioned them once or twice. That and your continuous whining to go are the only reasons we're here right now." Inuyasha said stopping at a red light.

"Really? Because I thought the reason why you were here was because I had threatened to go by myself." Miroku said with a mischievous smirk. Inuyasha grunted in response but otherwise didn't acknowledge the truth of that statement. After an hour of whining for Inuyasha to go with him he had stated that he'd go alone. Once Inuyasha had let Miroku go by himself and the next morning Inuyasha had needed to bail Miroku out of jail.

Inuyasha pulled into a parking space and locked the car. Miroku spotted the place and Inuyasha slowly fallowed Miroku over to the entrance. As far as buildings went the outside was bland just a sign that stated the name in neon colors. Entice. Inuyasha scoffed at the name. He stopped for a moment because he had just noticed that Miroku had completely disappeared. "Crap." He whispered as hurried through the crowd until he heard the unmistakable sound of a slap. Inuyasha made a quick beeline in the direction that the sound had come from. Before him stood a familiar site. A fuming girl and Miroku holding a red cheek trying to calm the girl. Inuyasha walked quickly into the middle of the display.

"I apologize for my friend he doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself." Inuyasha said to the fuming girl. "He got out of my sight for a moment I swear it wont happen again tonight." He gave the now blushing girl a small bow. He had that effect on most girls. It came in handy when he was dragging Miroku's ass out of the fire.

"Is there a problem here?" A bulky man demanded. Inuyasha looked up. A large muscular man had appeared while he was speaking to the girl.

"No there isn't a problem. It was just a horrible misunderstanding. Right?" The girl said giving Inuyasha a sexy smile.

"Correct." Inuyasha said smiling back. "I'm just going to take my friend here and go. It was nice meeting you and I'm sorry for the misunderstanding" He said backing away from the girl and the bulky man.

After dragging Miroku to the opposite side of the club Inuyasha turned to his friend with a glare. "What were you thinking groping a stripper?" He paused. "Right same thing as always. Just remember if you get kicked out you wont be coming back here." With that said Inuyasha grabbed a seat in the corner and watched.

About forty five minutes went by when the lights and music suddenly cut out. Inuyaha sat up in his seat surprised. Music started to play softly. It sounded almost sweet and innocent. "This is it." Miroku said next to him. "The top girls." Inuyasha looked back in the direction of the still dark stage as he got comfortable in his seat again. Then a loud pulse pounding and almost dark music started to play. After a moment the two wound together to create a truly enchanting melody that didn't sound like anything Inuyasha had ever heard before. Two spotlights turned on illuminating two figures on either side of the stage. One was dressed in a glittery white outfit and the other a glittery black outfit. The spotlights fallowed them as they strode towards each other only to stop inches away from each other. Both the girls faces held heated looks almost as if they were going into battle. The crowd was strangely silent as this happened. The music stopped completely and both girls whipped their heads at the same instant to face the crowd. A split second later the music resumed louder than before. It was the same music but with a distinct change. Instead of sounding like they were going into battle the music sounded like a battle of epic proportions was being held. In that instant the two girls started dancing. Their movements were as hypnotic as the music itself. A second pair of spotlights lit up and started fallowing the girls as the music sped up.

Soon the girls stripped off their shirts revealing more sparkling clothing. Inuyasha's brain stopped in that second. He was to stunned to think. How could it be possible? He looked the girl up and down again. Kagome. Inuyasha looked at the girl's waist and sighed there was no mistaking it. A small tattoo stood there it was of a small white dog with a collar that had alternating beads and teeth sitting on a heart. Inuyasha reached up and touched his necklace and felt the sharp ends of one of the teeth.


"Inuyasha!" A raven haired girl huffed as Inuyasha's attention got distracted from her for the hundredth time. "I was trying to tell you about a tattoo I just got." Inuyasha looked over at her again apologizing. "Seriously if you're not interested you should just say so."

"Sorry. I'm interested really." Inuyasha said looking down at the tattoo. "Isn't it a little low? Who will see it? …. And is that a dog?" Inuyasha said kneeling down to get a better look. The tattoo was bellow her navel and to the left falling just bellow the waistband to her pants.

"Yes it's a little low but its special. So I didn't want everyone seeing it." The girl said blushing bright red as she looked away from Inuyasha. "I only wanted someone special to me to be able to see it."

Inuyasha continued to look at the tattoo. He was silent for a moment and then looked up catching her brown eyes. "Kagome. Is this suppose to be me?" he asked softly.

Kagome reddened even more. "In a way." she took a breath to calm herself. "You've always had my heart and you know that. It just seemed right. I've also always thought of you as a puppy so …." she stopped talking as she realized just how stupid it all sounded. Inuyasha looked down at the tattoo again and couldn't help but smile. 'Oh Kagome.' he sighed to himself as he nuzzled the tattoo receiving him only a yelp of pain from Kagome. "Sorry." he said standing up again. "It's still new so be careful." Kagome said holding a hand over the tattoo. Inuyasha pulled Kagome into a hug.

End flashback

At that time Kagome had been Inuyasha's girlfriend. She had also been his friend since they were toddlers. The music stopped and the girls gave smiles as they started to leave the stage. "Kagome..." Inuyasha whispered as he stood. Miroku looked over at him then his head spun to look at the retreating girls again. There was no way ….

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