Heart Vacancy

"Tony shut up!"

"Well Ziva I can't help it, I panic and I talk, that's me"

"Well stop panicking, we will be fine"

"Oh I'm sorry Zee-vah! Am I making you panic?"

Tony voice had a sarcastic tone to it. Ziva hates this Tony, always making jokes in difficult situations, well she never "hated" him, it just annoyed her that he could make jokes when they were facing death.

"No I am not the one panicking! Do I look panicked?"

There was a long pause. Tony just looked at her, she did look panicked but he did not tell her that.

"No, no you don't."

Tony turned to face the other way.

"You are right. I am starting to... what is the word? Freak out!"

"Hey! At least your American words are getting better!"

Tony giggled. Who was he kidding he knew that they only have a few hours left. Ziva started to kick the wood box they were in.

"Stupid thing break! Why won't you break!"

If anyone could break this box they were in it was Ziva, but this time she couldn't. It was too strong for her and she wasn't given much space to do a run up. Ziva and Tony were stuck in this wooden box and there was no way to get out, they were put there this time, all they could remember was the pain of the impact on the back of their heads. Ziva was starting to breathe heavily, it was very unusual for her to suffer from panic attacks, she can only remember one time ever having one and it was in worse conditions than this.

"Ziva stop it! You need to calm down now!"

She kept kicking and kicking and then stopped. It was clearer to Tony now that she was suffering from a panic attack.

"Come on Ziva stop, try and breathe a little deeper and slower."

Tony turned around and cupped her legs with one hand, he lifted them up so that they made a arc. With his other hand he pushed the back of her head lightly towards the middle of her legs.

"Just breathe slowly...good...a little slower. In... and out."

Ziva had her eyes closed tightly and her head between her legs. Her chest was starting to slow as she could feel the attack fade away. She felt stupid and silly, she has been though worse than this, why was this happening now.

"You ok?"

It had been a couple of minutes since she had started to breathe a bit better. Ziva kept her head between her legs, one because she didn't feel like she was completely ok, two because she did not want to look Tony in the eye. Ziva had always been a strong woman, nothing could break her and she liked that Tony knew this. Her having this panic attack made her feel slightly open for all to see, she did not want him to know that the way she is normally is a complete act, she was a hurting women with a broken heart, more the broken, broken, beaten, stabbed and ripped. She had feelings and panicked just like anyone else.

"Ziva are you ok?"

"Yeah I am fine now Tony. Thank you"

"Well you had me worried then Zee"

"There is no need to worry about me Tony. I am not a little girl, I do not need to be looked after."

"Ziva when are you gonna stop this act huh? It's getting really boring. Trust me I know boring, I've seen AI."

Tony got really excited talking about movies even if they were so boring. Tony's eyes got wide when he started to explain the plot of the movie.

"Okay so it's about a boy, well he's not a boy he's a robot kid but he wants to be a boy and he wants to find the blue fairy, another great film btw, Pinocchio, classic Disney movie about a little boy who is made out of wood... no pun intended..."

"Tony what did you mean by stop acting?"

"Well let's face it Ziva you're not as strong as you make out to be. You can't be a perfect ninja women all the time yeno. It's not human and unless you have something you haven't told me I am going to take a wild guess and say that you are human."

Ziva was in shock, was it that obvious that she wasn't this person with no heart or feelings? She always thought that she had this perfect routine, she would get hurt but then would completely cover her wounds up. It wasn't that, Tony could see right through her, he always could. He just played along with the act because even though she wasn't as emotionally strong as she makes out, she is still indubitably a super strong woman who could kick his ass any day.

"Am I that easy to read?"

"No. You're not at all easy! It took me a while to figure you out but I got there in the end."

Ziva thought that these were her last few hours she was probably going to have so what's the point holding back now.

"Listen Ziva, you don't have to pretend any more, well not with me. I get you. I get that you're all NINJA chick and...you have feelings just like me."

There was a moment of silence.


"Yeah Ziva?"

"May I ask you something?"

"No... I'm just kidding go ahead"

"You know when you saved me last year and I asked you why you came? Well did you mean it when you said you could not live without me?"

Tony did not know what to say, yes he did mean it, and he truly meant it! Tony's feelings for Ziva have always been mixed. One minute he loved her as a friend, they got on perfectly, they were able to bounce off each other and still have banter. They were a great team and that's why Gibbs always sent them out together. But then the next minute he felt more for her, every time she looked at him he felt more. She was beautiful and sexy but he knew that there was more to her. He was the only person who knew that she was a deep deep person. Tony never really gave that day much thought, all he cared about was that she was back, safe, alive.

Ziva flinched at the hesitation. She was also confused, why was she so bothered if he did not mean it? Ziva also knew she had a love hate relationship with Tony but she dint know how she loved him, was it friendly love or more? This was not the place to be discussing this but they had no idea if they were going to even get out of this mess so when would be the right time? She did not want to die not knowing how he felt about her, without him knowing how she felt about him and the same with Tony.

"Yeah I did. Do you really think that if I could live without you I would have nearly got killed for you? Of course I couldn't live without you, you're part of my life Zee and I really don't want that to change any time soon."

Ziva moved her hand slowly towards his which was on the floor in-between them, it hoved over his for a second then her skin grazed his and landed softly on the top of his hand. Her hand was warm on his and it took him a second to react but with no hesitation as to what he was going to do. Tony turned his hand slowly so that her hand was in his, he spread his finger apart and hers mimicked this. Their fingers slotted perfectly in-between each others, just like a jigsaw piece, made for each other.

Both of them wondered why they had waited till now to do this, it felt right, there touch felt right, but were they too late?