Tony couldn't even remember getting in the car and driving to the hospital, it was so quick and quite frankly he couldn't care less, all he cared about was getting to Ziva. Once Tony entered the hospital he dint bother to identify himself he just ran down the corridors to get to the room Ziva was lying still in. Tony's heart was beating fast, matching the stomps of his feet against the floor as he was running. A part of him wanted to stop and turn back, what if she was dead? He dint want to see her laying there lifeless knowing she was never coming back, but the bigger part of him wanted to scoop her up in his arms no matter dead or alive to let her know that he is there for her and loves her. As Tony approached Ziva's room he slowly walked to the window that showed the inside of the dark room. Tony's heart was beating faster and faster, he could hear it, his eyes slowly got a glimpse of Abby and McGee hovering over a bed, all he could make out was that the bed had someone in it, Ziva. He stood there for a while not knowing whether to go in and check for himself if she was dead or alive, he couldn't handle the pain so he just stood there looking, hoping. He was trying to study the body language of McGee and Abby but he dint have a clue what was going on. Soon enough Abby sensed his presents at the window and turned her head to him, her face was wet from her tears, all she did was stare into his eyes.

Tony started to feel faint, the worst had happened he lost her forever, he felt like he was about to pass out until Abby's face lit up, she produced a smile while still staring at Tony. She slowly moved away from the bed, still with a huge grin on her face. Tony's eyes stayed locked on Abby trying to figure out what was going on but once she had moved from the bed his eyes fixed on something else, someone else. There she was, sitting up, smile plastered on her face as if nothing had happened. Her face was beautiful and glowing, she was just perfect like an angel. Tony felt butterflies flutter around is belly, this made his heart melt and make his eyes fill up, this time it was tears of joy not sorrow. He had never felt these feelings before in his life, she was the one, she had always been the one, it took a painful bow to his heart for him to notice. Tony dint know whether to just run in there and kiss every inch of her body or just to stare at her. He was scared that if he took his eyes off her she would disappear like in his dream...maybe this was another dream. Tony could only think of one thing to do, he lightly pinched himself to check, he wasn't dreaming, what he was feeling was real, she was alive.

Ziva dint notice Tony standing there, she still felt a little funny, after all she had been in a comer for two days. Ziva had always been a fighter that's why the doctors were amazed that she had not been brain damaged from this, it was a miracle. Ziva suddenly noticed the figure standing outside looking in, watching her. A smile was on her face when she realised who it was, her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. Abby knew that she had to leave them alone, together. She lightly coughed to hint to McGee that it was time to go, McGee got the hint quite quickly and lightly placed his hand on Ziva's and gave it a slight squeeze before he got up and left. Abby and McGee walked passed Tony, they knew that he wasn't going to respond to them if they said something, he was too busy admiring the beauty he almost lost. McGee lightly taped him on the shoulder and was gone. Tony walked slowly to the door to the empty door frame and stood there, they had kept eye contact the whole time, each with hot liquid filling up in their eyes ready to over flow and spill out. Once Tony had snapped out of the trance he managed to open his mouth and say something.

"Morning sleeping beauty"

Ziva blushed and smiled, she also had butterflies flying around in her belly trying to get out. There was a long pause both just looking at each other with noting but love in their eyes. Tony was the first to crack, a tear slowly ran down his face, he bit his lip to stop himself from braking down and sobbing on the floor.

"I... thought I would ... never see you again."

Ziva dint know what to say, she never felt that anyone would actually care that much for her. She patted her hand lightly on the side of the bed and moved over a little to allow room for Tony to lie next to her, she needed to feel his touch on her skin, she needed a hug she had had a pretty bad couple of days and just needed Tony. He smiled at her and slowly walked towards the empty space that was made for him. Ziva reach over and pulled the covers up and Tony slid under them grabbing Ziva lightly by the hips and pulling her as close to him as he could get her. She wrapped her arms around him and tangled her legs in his, this is the way she wanted to be forever. They lay in the bed tangled up in each other and their foreheads touching, their eyes were connected, no one needed to talk. Tony lightly brushed the back of his hand across Ziva's cheek bone and held her head to his. His mouth moved to hers in a sweet kiss, it was not at all rushed, it was a kiss full of love. Their lips fitted perfectly together and moved to the same beat. Ziva pulled away and placed her head on his chest and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath to take in the scent of him, this made her sink deep into him, relaxing against him, a sigh left her lips. Tony did the same.

"It's a good job I went home and got a shower"

"hmmm... Abby told me you never moved from my bed side the whole time."

"I dint want to leave you all alone Ziva."

"Thank you Tony."

Tony wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head, leaving his face in her hair and closed his eyes.

"I love you Ziva."

"I love you too."

They both slowly drifted off into a deep sleep wrapped in each other's arms, their legs still tangled together and every part of their body touching. After all that had happened they were finally able to just be together in peace and happiness, this showed by the little smiles they had on their faces. They finally filled the vacancy that had left their hearts empty, they were meant to be. The heart vacancy was no longer there.


Gibbs slowly appeared in the door frame and gently switched the light off in the room, leaving the dim light that was the bed side lamp. He left the room and slowly walked down the corridor, his faced held a smile that meant that everything was finally okay.