Alright, I had to ask for this TYPE of plot, since, HEY it is based kind of off the same story I got inspired to do it off of. (do NOT be telling me how every time I do a new story, another doesn't get updated for a week or two... cause you're wrong. The only stories of mine I am currently doing other then this is Naruto fights the gods, and Ichigo's shared destiny. And trust me, those will be done and updated by proxy normally. The others I am unsure of)

So, without further ado, I bring you a Teen Titan/DC entire universe (even though I don't even KNOW the fudge monkey universe fully) and Naruto.

Enjoy. START!


A man was running down the crowded streets, huffing as he tried to run from whatever it was that was making him run. He was wearing a jacket that had red flames and a golden sheen, a big scroll on his back.

The man turned into an alley and panted, looking back at the street. His whisker marks on his cheeks wet from sweat, his piercing blue eyes looking dangerously, his unruly golden locks dampened from whatever lake he seemed to have jumped in.

He was Naruto Uzumaki, and he was in a city, not a village, and it was metal, not wood or brick. It had dozens of weird clothed people and so many lights despite the dark skies, unlike the lowly lighted nights with the Shinobi of his own village.

He sighed heavily, sitting down and thinking. "Alright, situation? Unknown, WHEREABOUTS! UNKNOWN! What the hell happened back there?" he was referring to his battle with several of his friends at the Valley of the End.

Truth be told, all he did was go all out... using not only his ever abundant Chakra, but also the Natural Chakra of the valley, and even Kyuubi's chakra form. He used both Sennin mode and Kyuubi mode fully, all Nine tails.

The fox, although now free of his cage, and happy, was pissed the fuck off at what happened. "Kit, you HAD to be a moron didn't you? Natural Chakra and Energy cannot combine with me and my demonic aura and infinite Yokai energy. Doing so even I knew the results were tearing at the fabric of space and time."

Naruto growled in his mind. "Well maybe if you had WARNED ME BEFORE HAND! It's not like I KNEW This was going to fucking happen, nor did I know that your energy wasn't natural on the human plane! COULDA FOOLED ME!"

Kyuubi had to admit it was true, he didn't give the kid squat when it came to something never done before, even if he knew it might have results that could tear open a dimensional portal. He did know one thing... Dimensional portals like that only appear when the power source was so strong in that realm it was not supposed to be there, and zoomed him to a Dimension able to contain such power.

Kyuubi sighed, calming down. "Alright Kit, listen up. I know dimensional portals. Usually when one appears on a person it's to send them to a void dimension, something to entrap them for not supposed to being there in the first place. WE got trapped in another realm altogether, it's not a void, but another human plane. Get my drift?"

Naruto nodded, pulling the scroll from his back and taking odd his jacket. "I think so... If a power source like... God's own power made real from heaven accidentally manifested, and caused something Destiny didn't like... It would be sent to a place where it could no longer do damage, or a place to torture them for their crimes, like a prison that is their worst nightmare. We, are lucky that didn't happen to us, and are in another place, somewhere that either needs me to be who I am, or needs my powers."

Kyuubi smiled, his fox grin spreading. "Exactly, this world either has too many good and evil forces, and needs balance with your line on neutrality, Or more then likely, this plane has weak power, and we were sent because it was the only one that could contain your vast amount of power."

Naruto nodded, taking odd his headband and under jacket, leaving him in his pants white shirt and sandals. He got a scroll from his pouch and sealed them all in a seal each, in the ones they were named, Clothes, and Scrolls.

He sighed and unrolled it a little more, seeing the Red Cloud seals. He smiled, thinking he could go undercover in that... no one, not even Konoha knew what he had done. He unsealed everything, one seal opened to reveal ten rings, which he slide on each finger accordingly as they were on the original Akatsuki members.

He grabbed the red cloak, flinging it on, zipping it up before grabbing a head mask, wrapping it on his head to cover up his hair so no one could identify him by looks alone, and then grabbed an orange swirl mask. He smiled. "You asshole. I guess I have to dress up like you to survive. Who knew the irony."

He put it on and covered his face before rolling up the sealing scroll, putting it in his sleeve. "Alright, no one will be able to figure out who I am, no matter what I do." Sadly, his moments of peace were stopped... as he turned at a boy yelling at him.

He was green from head to toe, wearing a purple jumpsuit with black limbs for the sleeves and legs. He had fangs and pointy ears. Naruto looked at him through the hole in the mask. "And you might be?" The green boy grinned, pointing a thumb at himself. "Your worst Nightmare, criminal!"

Naruto looked dull at him a second before smiling behind his mask. He shrugged, shaking his head. "I got no clue what you're talking about. All I am doing making sure no one recognizes me."

The boy nodded, getting into fighting stance. "Exactly, just like a thief. So just give up! I know your kind, just give up, there's no way you can win."

Naruto looked a little curious as to why the kid was being so serious about this and sighed, turning, his body standing straight but his hands at his sides, hidden in the sleeves. "What are you supposed to be then? Police? Hero? What?"

The boy grinned. "I'm a Hero, The name is Beast Boy and you are going down!" The boy slumped to all fours before suddenly growing in size, his clothes vanishing as if fazing into his body as he turned into a Rhino.

Naruto looked surprised. "Ok, THAT'S something I didn't expect." The Rhino sounded out before charging down the alley at him. Naruto cursed, jumping into the air with chakra enhanced legs and making it to the top easy, landing on the roof. "Damn, these buildings are high. Never had anything higher then the Hokage mountain before."

He looked down and seen the boy change back. He sighed, but then looked once again SHOCKED as the boy turned into a big bird he knew from history books, a Pterodactyl, a winged bird dino. It flew up and almost hit him as it did.

Naruto growled as it zipped into the air and then down at him, dive bombing. He didn't want to but he had no choice. He ran, fast, jumping from building to building as he tried to outrun the thing. When it reached him he side-stepped and jumped back, letting it pass.

He sighed when the boy landed and turned back. He stood straight again. "What are you? How the hell can you change into different animals!" Beast Boy grinned. "Duh, I'm BEAST BOY."

Naruto grumbled before looking at the boy. "Never heard of you, but I do know this, why the hell are you attacking me?" The boy scowled. "Come on, that's easy. You're a criminal, and I put criminals like you behind bars."

Just as Naruto was about to retort, he seen a flash of light and looked as a green ball of energy flew at him. He cursed, jumping back and dodging it. "Ok, what was THAT!"

He seen a girl, dressed in a tube top and a skirt, with boots and gloves, all of which were purple. "I do not wish to do you the harm, please won't you come peacefully?" Naruto looked blankly before shaking his head. "Ugh, major headache. What kind of Jutsu are you two using? Really, those jutsu look real useful."

The girl and boy looked at each other before back at him. Beast Boy was confused. "What Jutsu? We were born with the ability to do this, what the hell is Jutsu?" Naruto looked blankly again... before he seen three more come up, one looked weird with Metal and stuff on him, another boy that looked like he was a clown with green pants red shirt and he even had a cape and mask. Lastly a girl came through the flo- PORTAL in the floor!"

Naruto looked at them shocked. He was about to go rant but then the masked boy looked sternly. "Like Starfire said, give up peacefully."

Naruto shook his head to clear it, grabbing his head. "Ugh, if it wasn't enough these two came, I have even more weirdo's... Seriously how did you come through the Kami forsaken floor!"

The blue girl said in a lowly voice, emotionless. "You don't need to know..." Naruto groaned, looking into the sky. "Seriously why me? Kami, do you hate me this much?" Everyone looked at him and he sighed.

He was just about to speak again when the man in metal raised a hand, and made it transform. The light shone from in the hole in the arm now and then it blasted. Naruto gasped before jumping into the air, dodging it.

He used his chakra and attached it to the air particles and was standing on the very air. "Seriously can I NOT GET A FUCKING WORD IN!" Starfire, as she was named, flew up fast and threw a barrage of the green balls at him.

He cursed and dodged left and right, jumping on the air itself to escape them. As he was dodging though he failed to see Beast boy fly up, and in his talons as the winged dino, the metal man was firing on him.

He roared and dodged double time to not be hit by any of it. He was sure fighting them would just make things worse, but the hell he was gonna let them hurt HIM.

The girl in blue was behind him, and he looked at what she was going to do, as black energy covered her hands. She chanted something unknown to him and suddenly wires and poles from the rooftops came to life and tried to catch him.

He groaned out as he was captured, having to dodge balls of green energy, beams of light, and sentient objects? He chose to be captured rather then hurt! He was brought down and Robin came up to him. "What did you steal?"

Naruto sighed. "Excuse me, but how do you know I am a thief, or stole anything? Green beans words? All he seen was me in an alley getting dressed." Robin looked confused and looked as Beast Boy changed back and looked confused too.

"You're kidding right? You were in that alley and had puffs of smoke come from nowhere, and then you dress up and THEN say 'No one will recognize me no matter what I do.' So you tell me." he roared out and Naruto groaned.

Naruto sighed before continuing. "Listen, maybe I wanted to be hidden from some bad people, and thought they would look for me so I dressed up. I don't want to be recognized by anyone because I don't know what the fuck is going on."

Robin sighed, rubbing his face. "Fine. We'll let you go, but pull anything and we'll be back..." Naruto nodded and was let go. As the five started to go away he said his last word. "Like you could stop me. I only let you catch me because I didn't want to make any trouble."

Robin turned, grinning. "Really? I find that hard to believe, we catch so many bad guys it's not funny. You are no different." Naruto shrugged. "If I wanted to? I could do this. Even when I was trapped, I could have just thought happy thoughts and went poof."

He suddenly vanished from sight and after a few seconds Raven sighed. "He's gone, his energy disappeared." Cyborg looked surprised. "You mean to tell me, he walked on thin air like it was solid, dodged me and star and was able to do that all along? Who is he?"

Robin was confused as well, and then looked to BB. "Beast Boy, you really need to think before you act. While your intentions to stop criminals is good, we have no proof."

BB Sighed, nodding. "Sorry, just tired you know? You have me out on patrol five days in a row. I need a rest..."

Robin nodded. "I guess you got that right... I do push it a little huh? Tell you what, we divide the night patrol between us and take the weekends off?"

After everyone agreed they went off.

XxX With Naruto, on the other side and edge of the city. XxX

Naruto sighed, standing on a post overlooking some of the city. He could tell it was just a normal town, but the five people he met were not normal. He tried to think what world he found himself in...

Kyuubi decided to make itself known. "There are so many human planes it's unbelievable how Kami allows so many of you to survive despite such a range of good and evil. It will take some time and information before I can tell you anything, Kit, but I will say this, it's best to keep changing appearances... Gather information from both sides, the sooner the better... Only have your NORMAL you in the day."

Naruto hummed. He tried to think how. The best way to do it all at once and quick was Kage Bunshin, but then again... They only lasted so long, a week tops, and if he needed them to go more, he was in SERIOUS trouble. He sighed, resigning himself to let his Rai Bunshin take the Night in case things went sour, and he knew they might with those kids trying to take him down if he managed to accidentally break a law...

He dropped and ran through the city at lightning fast speed, wanting no one to see him or know of him before hand. He had to find a hide out... He smiled as he seen an abandoned house complex and jumped in there. He sighed seeing the state but hey, nothing a few Kage Bunshin could clean!

He got a few up and running and helped them out, getting at least one room (CoughthebiggestCough!) into VERY good shape! Spotless, and neat. He undressed, sealing his Akatsuki gear and unsealing a pair of, lack for a better sword, CIVIL clothing, as civil as can be given which dimension he is in now.

He put them off and just slept for the night, thinking of his next move... What now? Should he seek both Hero and Villain alike? Or just wait for them to view him as a potential for their team? Either way he looked at it, it would take some kind of miracle...

Truthfully? He hated being the hero... hell being the hero saved millions.. Land of Waves, Land of Lightning, Land of Wind, Land of Fire... hell he even saved the many other villages like the Rain, Waterfall, and Grass.

He saved so many lives.. how was he repaid? Stolen property, Stolen Money, stolen INHERITANCE, stolen KNOWLEDGE, and more. His mind was sealed so many times the only things he knew to be real now were with visual representations.

Ohhhh that was NOT all, the fifth, so kind of his GODMOTHER! To SEAL his memories when Sakura decided to cheat on him for Lee... who she cheated on him with Sasuke, and then Ino who he was engaged with, he found she was cheating on him with Sasuke the entire relationship!

Now, those two? He could possibly understand... and the fact if all three had their memories sealed of those times, then fine, hell he'd even still be part of the village if those were the only two... but then... the one he couldn't have sealed away, Tsunade didn't even know he was dating Temari...

Temari... the last one... the last straw... He not only caught, had her admit, and have her tell him off about her fucking Shikamaru behind his back... but she then proceeds to, after a week of her breaking his heart, come back to him, only for the next day him FIND HER DOING IT AGAIN!

That was the last straw... He sighed, thinking since he was here? Might as well enjoy life, enjoy things going on around him. Forget the past and those idiots, just let everything happen now...

No more hero, but to hell if he was going to do, or allow to be done, things of the unspeakable like Pein did before he got to him, Madara after him, and more so... He would not be a villain because of his past, but he was not going to be a Hero by any means.

He sighed, resting his eyes for the next day...

Kyuubi was in his mind, fumming at the thoughts passing in the young mans head. "To think, you could go through so much, still willing to give your life for a place, and they didn't think of the consequences... I am so glad you burned that place, but... I am also glad you spared everyone... Your resolve is admirable...But if we are going to make this place home... the least we can do is find out where we are."

He hummed in thought once more. "The green one changed shape, but I did not feel chakra, nor did I see any hand seals... The orange woman was frighteningly similar to those warriors I met in space once, power bolts? The metal one is definitely a half human half robot, and the weapon is so timely. Then there was that one girl... Why do I get a demonic smell to her form? Her powers seem... familiar... and that boy... who is he..."

While Naruto slumbered, he heard every word, knowing Kyuubi was just worried about him. He just didn't realize, thought or not, he was moving on... finally, he was going to just have fun, and be him for him, no one else...

In the morning he smiled, stretching as he finally had a good night's sleep for once. HEY, a few weeks either in a tree on hard ground or running for your life for days without it, you'd be tired too!

He changed quick, seeing as he was going to go into town and see how he was going to get things going in his life. Sure, he could go out, do anything he liked, but seeing as how he didn't KNOW THIS WORLD it was dangerous...

So he decided to go out and get some info... Yeah, his Ninja training was going to pay off a lot right now, which he grimaced at... Ninja were stealthy, all he did when he was a Ninja was battle out in the open like a maniac. Well until he joined ANBU... eh, why dwell on the past...

He found himself walking to crazy places, and kept thinking maybe he should not have tried going out today. He seen one shop that was full of Shinobi gear, which made him think of home, then he seen an old food stand, reminding him of Ichiraku, and then he came upon a school which looked a lot like the Academy.

But thankfully those were passed, and he found himself sitting in a place called Piano Pizza... seriously, this place looked like a giant Piano! No wonder they got that name.

After awhile, ordering some free tea, thankfully as today was free drinks Friday, he used his good ears to overhear people talking...

Yadda Yadda, how work was today, Yadda Yadda, what kind of flowers did a girl like, Yadda yadda, how the Teen Titans caught yet another criminal. That caught his attention... Teen Titans... was that the name of those guys?

Before he could turn he saw a few people starting a ruckus. A big fellow, he could have sworn could have been descendant of giants, a small brat, as if he needed to see a kid following a big guys example, and then a girl with pink hair... who besides the eyes and skin, looked pretty much like his, in another world, Ex...

He grimaced at the memories. "If that girl just had the right skin and eyes... Man, why did a girl have to look like my BITCH of an Ex today? With all these memories, it's hard enough to enjoy the day...I mean come on, to finish all these pained past events, I have to stare at an almost twin sister of the two timing bitch who cheated on me multiple times, breaking up and getting back with me five fucking times and still being a bitch... I digress... no more Sakura Bitch, just focus on the present."

The Present was getting heated, as the Little guy was bossing around the big guy, which was strange, but then again, so was the day he was having... Just as the guy was about to land a swinging punch on a lady, he threw the plate under his tea cup at the guy.

Said giant seen it coming and instead of punching the girl, punched the plate from mid air. "Alright, who did that!" He looked around before seeing a strange man, drinking tea with what seemed to be a missing saucer nowhere to be found...

He let the girl down and went over to the boy. "Alright, you think it's funny huh punk? Let's see you smirk after this!" he raised a fist and was about to slam it down, but Naruto kicked his foot, knocking the table from it's hinges, and then bending forward with his elbow and making the table slam the man and move him over to the side.

The giant growled. "YOU ASKED FOR IT!" He raised another fist, but this time, Naruto blocked it, humming as it seemed he was only slightly struggling. "I say, you're stronger then you look. But I dealt with heavier blows from my ex girlfriend."

The Giant looked incredulous at the boy before raising it again, only for Naruto to grab the guys hair, standing up now. "Tell you what, let me show you never to hit a woman..." and faster then anyone could even see, of even the giant could either, he raised his knee, pulling the giants head down and slamming it, before raising the giants head back up and lowing his leg, as if it never happened.

The Giant was silent for a moment before grunting an ouch and holding his head. Naruto waited till it was moved and did it again, and again, and again, each time waiting for the ouch and clear shot. Since he noticed everyone looking at them weirdly, as if they didn't see it, he shrugged. "Here, let me put it in slow motion."

He then slammed his knee against the Giant's head again, this time holding it for people to see before pulling the head back up and lowing his leg back again. Everyone then looked shocked. The Giant growled, holding his head. "That's it... ALPHA FORMATION!"

Naruto then seen the other two come after him, the boy's backpack gaining wings and flying at him, and the girl flipping like a gymnast to get over to him.

He sighed, thinking why not, he felt like getting a fight or two in today. The girl suddenly had a pink ball form in her hand and then the static hit the tables, which suddenly came flying at him. He thought, why not test his new technique?

He yawned as the tabled inclosed, and when they got close, they shattered into dust and fell to the floor. The girl was shocked. He looked at her curiously. "What, do I got something on my face?" She looked incredulous too, before growling, sending a few shocks at HIM DIERECTLY!

He smiled as they hit and nothing happened. He grinned. "That all ya got?" She grinned. "I bet you can't even walk right." He took it as a challenge and suddenly appeared before her and knocked on her head. "Sorry, you were saying?"

She screamed at the closeness and fell back, instinctively flipping back on her feet like a cat. The little dude flying around suddenly activated four spider legs, one trying to slam Naruto.

Naruto just took the hit to the head, but instead of flying off, he stayed put, freaking everyone out. He looked around away from the leg and seen them shocked. "Again, do I have something on my face?"
The other leg came swinging around and tried to hit his face, only to be shattered by his head.

The flier groaned and backed off, getting his pack going. Naruto yawned. "Seriously, you're not so tough. I fought GENIN tougher then you." He waved it off as if nothing.

The giant rushed in again, trying for a surprise attack. Naruto kicked behind him, making the giant fall forwards before he grabbed the fist and turned the behemoth onto his back, swinging him around his waist before finally slamming him to the ground in front of him.

The girl decided to use her own skills, flipping forward again, jumping like before but this time slamming a hell into Naruto's head, only to be caught, swung around a little, him grabbing her arm, their waists touching as he swung her before letting her feet touch the ground and him holding her up by her arm.

She looked up as if she was being in a romantic fling off your feet kisses, but him standing as if nothing happened, holding her hand to keep her from falling butt first against the Giants chest. Naruto yawned again. "Seriously... last night I had a better fight. I actually tried to dodge people."

The flier tried to ram him, thinking the force of his suit and the balance issue of the guy was going to give him an edge. MISTAKE! ERROR! DOES NOT COMPUTE! He slammed into the ground as Naruto grabbed his head and pointed him to the ground, making him slam head first to the concrete.

Naruto shrugged, letting the girl go and stepping back to his broken table and getting the tea he left on the floor intact and drank the rest.

As he got done, the three stood back up and were about to go when a voice called. "Gizmo, Mammoth, Jinx, I thought I'd find you here." They suddenly looked scared to shit. Naruto looked at the origin walking to them, a man with pointed blonde hair and a white robe.

They bowed, asking forgiveness. He smiled. "I will this time, seeing as, even though you skipped class, you found an interesting potential..." They chuckled and smiled nervously, hoping they wouldn't get their asses kicked soon...

He walked to Naruto and bowed humbly. "My name is Brother Blood, and I would be honored if you would join me for a cup of coffee later? Maybe we can speak of you joining a school I created, maybe you'd enjoy being a thief and Villain."

Naruto felt a tug on his mind, and smirked, seeing that the man was trying to go all psychic on his brain pattern. He felt this many times fighting Ino, who just wanted him to shut up and die a few times. Thankfully, Kyuubi had helped create a VERY powerful mental block.

He thought what the hell, a Thief sounded good, watching only his back, getting what he wanted, seeing as he was mostly unable to have anything... He would want to finally have something. He nodded. "Sure why not, a Thief sounds up my alley... But forget a Villain, I don't do that crap."

Blood smiled back. "Excellent. To tell the trough, I am a Thief myself, but I do get myself into more trouble then normal.. So I help people find their way now."

Naruto nodded, seeing the logic. Can't be the thief you want to be? Help others do so. Sounded good. He shrugged, starting to walk off. "Let me get my stuff. Oh, and before I forget, I am... new... so to speak... I would like to figure things out I don't know about..."

After getting a yes from the man he walked off, smiling more. A thief, veteran, who was from this world? Should be able to give him some good information. Naruto got his stuff from the old building.

He walked out and seen Blood had followed and they went off, Naruto following into an underground facility. He had to admit, this place felt like it could be fun, especially if he decided to go for being a Thief, might as well know the rules...

He entered the door to see some students running along and Blood smiling. "Welcome to the H.I.V.E."

XxX One Week Later XxX

Naruto was in his normal garb for being a student now, also known as Kitsune. He wore a red cloak with Nine black streaks over his body. It covered near everything, and his mask made him look mysterious enough, a Fox with the Kanji for Nine.

He was to report to the Entrance exams, and participate...

As he entered he found himself at a disadvantage, as most of these kids were known for being great thieves or villains. He groaned... If he was going to beat these guys, he'd need to be his NORMAL self... if NORMAL is even the right word.

Blood rose from the pillar and smiled down at them. "Welcome all. I have to say, we have a promising batch this time around. I wonder how well you all do. Those who have not done this exam I am going to give you the run down. During the day you and fellow examinees will go against each other in one on one matches. The challenger decided the rules and the conditions of the match, and the challenged will follow them, and try to win."

Naruto thought it might not be so bad. Maybe he could pick Jinx in a one on one... seeing as how she had no affect on him whatsoever...

Blood continued though. "The range of the matches can go anywhere between fighting one another to kick some can as you'd put it, a gauntlet of traps and corridors to see if you can steal, or pillage better and/or faster, or even to see who can cheat in anything, hacking or even simple things like arm wrestling. Pick your challenge and hope it comes true. Oh, and, if your challenged, you cannot escape it, so hope you challenge first."

As soon as the speech was over everyone left. There was a limit in which you could ask and could not. They currently had to wait half an hour.

He was going to his room when Jinx and her two team mated stopped him. "So, you think just because you beat us in the parlor, you can beat anyone huh? I seen some moves like that, Ninjutsu right?" Naruto looked at the pink haired girl like she had a second head, how the HELL did she know anything about ninja?

She grinned. "Tell you what, let's see who's the better ninja. I have a friend who's taking this exam again, her name is Cheshire, she's a Kunoichi... Fight her fair and square in a fight, and I will not only accept you beat us, but also you can do whatever you want to me."

She may try to hide it, but she was secretly crushing on him. Sure, he beat the snot out of her team like it was nothing... but something else picked at her. He didn't hurt her, he didn't try to hurt her, and yet he took her down so easy... not only that but her powers didn't even seem to faze him at all. She hit him directly with a hex bolt and not a damn thing bad happened to him.

She was mostly alone because of her powers... the only ones she could allow near were those who didn't care and even those who she cared for, she'd hold back her power to keep from hurting them. But sometimes it seemed... as if love was beyond her reach, because one false move and her powers could accidentally stop the guys heart.

She wanted to know if he truly was immune, and if so, she would put the moves on him. Until then, she needed to know his strength... and what better way then to have him beat her friend?

Naruto sighed, seeing he was going to have a hard time. Sure, he wouldn't mind a fight, and Ninja or not, he was in a different world, he just wanted to cut loose, not be stealthy unless he needed to be. He'd be stealth like on a heist, but otherwise, be himself.

He nodded. "Fine. And what I want you to do is stop spying on me for a week... you know it's creepy for a girl to be following me so much they are almost willing to go into the boys bathroom just to see who I am."

Jinx blushed before growling out. "As if, how do you know it's me? Besides, maybe you just can't stop checking me out huh? You're the one following me ninja boy." before she could retort any further, he just chuckled and vanished...

Gizmo chuckled. "He may have snot for brains, but he's a ninja, no doubt. Though that does suggest whom is following whom... huh Jinx?" He turned to see her blushing in frustration over the boy that left.

Mammoth smiled. "Come on Jinx, let's go. You have to study for your favorite class, and I know how much you want a sparring partner." He knew she loved acrobatics, and to her, fighting WAS her acrobatics.

She nodded, sighing and smiling. "Fine, but you know... he's not a bad guy considering he peeked on me once..." She blushed at the memory... He accidentally knocked her down, and it was his room but still, he knocked her down when she tripped coming in. He chuckled when she left a few minutes later. About how she should stop wearing skirts, and he saw the color of her panties...

During Lunch he stepped up to Cheshire. "Hey, got a challenge yet? I challenge you." Cheshire, although grinning with the mask, was also grinning behind it as she turned, standing. "You got to me first. I was hoping to fight another Ninja... name your terms."

Naruto nodded. "After Lunch, battle till one yields and no killing." Cheshire chuckled darkly. "You are on Shinobi bastard." She got her lunch and walked off. He sighed and ate his before going to the arena.

He stood before her a few minutes later, both ready as Blood called their fight. "Fight till you surrender! GO!" Cheshire disappeared from view, slowly, and the only thing remaining was the grinning mask.

Naruto sighed seeing the resemblance to the famous cat. He waited, pushing his chakra out and waiting. He felt something behind him and activated a jutsu, the same as when the tables smashed, smacking her back and into a wall.

She growled. "What did you do?" Naruto waved a finger. "Ninja are supposed to keep secrets... Come on, I thought you were better then this." He made a motion with his hand, saying 'come on' and smirked, waiting for her to move.

She disappeared once more and he thought, hell, why not allow something to hit him for the fun of it? He seen a mask suddenly appear in front of him, smirking and then a punch slammed into his face... he just stood there.

Everyone gaped and he smiled. "Seriously, if this is it, I better just sit down and stare at the ceiling... better yet, I'll kick your ass." Naruto kicked her away, but before she could disappear, he raised a hand, and she was suddenly being pulled by an invisible force. He reeled the hand he raised up at her back and then punched her in the gut hard, sending her away.

She didn't get far however as the other hand raised and made her come at him once more. He grabbed her face mask, pulling her down so her feet were planted, then slammed the girl down to the floor, making her lift off a little more from the force.

He stepped away, his back to her as she suddenly got hit by another invisible force and hit the wall YET AGAIN! He sighed, but then, seeing her panting and get up finally, he smiled. "You have stamina and Endurance, a fine trait I don't often see in Kunoichi. Kudos, but I have something in my bag of tricks... Let's see you top this."

Naruto snapped his fingers and suddenly a tornado of wind picked up around him, a literal Tornado as the win was blowing some people back a little. He smirked behind his mask seeing Cheshire get her claws out and stick to the floor to stay still.

As the wind picked up he could have sworn the curtains raised and he saw someone he didn't think was possibly there... But meh, why fret? He could let things play out... Anyway, he had a fight to win, and then snapped his fingers yet again, the wind didn't pick up, but it swirled with lightning, thus creating a tornado made out of Wind and Lightning so bad that some systems blew up and fried the arena to hell.

Cheshire was shaking in her boots, the hell was this Ninja! CONTROLING THE WIND AND LIGHTNING AS IF IT WERE NOTHING! WHO WAS HE!

Naruto chuckled darkly. "Does Kitsune have to slap a bitch? Because you can run, you can hide, but I will always find you, I will always have the powers to kill you and you be at my mercy. Surrender?" Sadly she was too shocked to answer... so he decided to 'shock' her into reality.

He pointed two fingers at her, his hand making the image of a gun and then jerking it, as if firing and fire it did, as when it 'fired' a link of lightning powered wind blasted forward at Cheshire. She yelped and used her speed to run, forgetting her powers as trying to would make things worse!

She jumped away and he followed her, 'firing' again and making her jump again and again. After five times he chuckled, remembering a movie he seen. "I know what your thinking, did I shoot five bullets or six? But your forgetting to ask yourself the real question... 'Do I feel lucky?' Well? Do ya? Punkette!"

He fired again and she jumped out of the way again and he grinned. "Last chance! FORFEIT OR I KICK YOUR ASS!" She was being snuffed out as her voice was betraying her, unable to speak and stop the fight.

He shook his head. "Oh... So unwise..." He lifted a leg behind him, spinning on the other a full 360 turn, halfway his leg hit the ground and skidded before his legs were wide apart and he crouched, slamming his hands together. "Get ready!"

he raised his hands and then ripped them from eachother's grip, and when he did, the Tornado did too, two HUGE arms sparking with lightning and spinning with wind coming at the sides. Then a face appeared, roaring with the sounds of lightning cries.

Cheshire was unable to speak, so her YELLING AT SUCH A SIGHT WAS UNTHINKABLE! She couldn't raise her hands as she was stuck to the floor so she wouldn't fly off or into the tornado. Hey, if you had to fight something with only the power to go invisible which was useless to someone like this? You'd want to just put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!

Naruto slammed a hand down in front of him, and the Tornado followed it to slam it's own sparking hand ontop of Cheshire, who knew it was a good idea to !

She did, barely dodging the hand and then Naruto spun his arms wide to the side, both arms of the Tornado doing the same as she jumped high in the air to dodge, succeeding but then the hands twirled and made a big twister under her.

Naruto thought of a good way to end this... but sadly it would cost him... The tornado dissipated and was gone now. Cheshire panted, mask still grinning, but her real face as if she saw her life flash between her eyes... and she did, and was hoping she would NEVER relive it again!

She seen Naruto heaved over, not moving. She thought this was her chance and went invisible, going for the finishing punch.

Sadly, was not meant to be as he punched her stomach again, making her turn visible and look at him. "Gotcha. Let's see you continue when humiliated." He threw her back and she growled, getting up.

He chuckled, holding her sash. "Might want to cover up." She blushed and 'eep'ed as she was forced to close her dressings... She growled. "Fine, Yield... I was trying to but your stupid tornado got me so scared I couldn't talk right..."

Blood came down as Naruto gave her the sash back. "Brilliant! You pass and are a member of our group now! That is a good thing. So, let us go make your classes shall we?" Naruto smiled, nodding his head. "Fine, but tell me what I need to know before I change my mind..."

He wanted to know more about this world... everything, but sadly, things were going to be hard for him... He knew it..

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THERE WE GO! Sadly, I am sorry to 26-Lord-Pein for stealing the sash gimmick... but hey, it;s always funny, and it will build my Naruto in this story... you never know how useful a slightly perverted Naruto with god like powers can do do you?

Anyway thanks for reading, and I hope to give you all a great story later on!

Next stop, a TIME SKIP! A year later in the HIVE! Naruto learns everything he wants to know, the HIVE Five are not to be, and the TT's are going to get bum rushed by this shtick