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To say the Magic Police HQ was in chaos, was to understate the matter. Naruto had a THOUSAND clones enter the station, and every clone that died, two more came to life, making any magical defensive spell or glyph overload with magic and burn out from too much power to try and overtake any of the army of KitsuneX clones rushing through the halls. Fire, Water, Lighting, all of these were taking barriers down from Naruto's Jutsu's, he even broke open a wall to rid himself of any truly insane power, breaking the glyphs when needed and any barriers flying up would be crushed due to earth style Jutsu shaping the building, and crumbling non-inhabited sections of the place to shut power off to critical systems in his area.

It wasn't easy, or very hard for that matter, for Naruto to finally reach his destination. It was a supreme lock guarded magic portal in a vault. He had to use the Kyuubi's power to break through. In a single moment when half the clones went through, several yellow flashes took over before finally exploding the Vault in a big boom. Thankfully, all guards were out of there, and it caused a great amount of destruction to the side and middle of the HQ. Under it all was rubble, no casualties or any real injury.

Rising from the roof of the HQ was KitsuneX, a single tail of Kyuubi's power cloaking him. He looked up into the sky as a sonic boom was created over the city, and a blur of red and blue dashed for him. "So it begins..."

XxX With Nightwing XxX

Dick was in a hurry. A Clone of KitsuneX just appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the Kunai he had, and gave Dick a relic of the Magical Dr. Fate. It was one of his greatest weapons, only used in emergencies, his Ankh of power. He rushed through the alley's and over roofs to get it to safety.

He was stunned, but also curious. Why would someone strictly human condition want to steal a relic of supreme magic from another realm? It didn't make sense! And the only ones capable of pulling this stunt off against the Magic Police were a handful. The portal that it was hidden in was purely for those of magical talent. He knew KitsuneX had special abilities, as if it were magic, but Superman had many talents of his own that were more biology enhanced by science to cause his own powers.

Nightwing flew up to the apartment of Superman's secret identity, and put it under a flowerpot. No one would grab it from there, it was still magically cloaked. As he looked into the distance, he seen Superman fly at incredible speed across the city. He put his fingers to his ear. "Titans, do not engage, I repeat do not engage!"

He knew the explosion was bound to draw attention. Superboy was first to answer back "You're joking me! He just blew up the entire building, it's in ruins! You're going to let him get away with that!"

Beast Boy was just as furious. "YEAH! Dude, you may have come back as an awesome new hero and whatever, but this guy just ramped his status from thief to demolition man!"

He jumped off the balcony and activated his glider, soaring through the sky. "It's a diversion! He's drawing Superman out to stall Luthor! Whatever Luthor wanted him to do, it's got something to do with the Magic Police. Why would he still be there after destroying it?"

That got Cyborg starting to use his brain. "Luthor's not one to have any kind of attention drawn to him. If he wanted to publicly take out a known police force, it would have to be for something of value. But what could be in the magic police's hands that he would even want?"

Nightwing landed on a roof. "Listen, trust me. He ain't going anywhere. Superman is going to face off with him. If we get in the way, it will just be more collateral damage. KitsuneX is not about to let anything else get destroyed, and I know him to never take a life. Superboy, stand back and check, just in case. Cyborg, keep me updated on their locations, Starfire I need you keeping a close watch on them, if KitsuneX beats Superman, we take him. Raven, I need you giving me updates on the demonic power he uses. If it goes higher than five, we need you giving any nearby pedestrians cover. Beast Boy, KF, need you searching for injured in the police station once X and Superman get out of the way, Donna, help the injured out of any tight spots. Static? Check the sub-sonic frequencies. If Supergirl or Powergirl show up, their going to take the shot before us. It's their town, people. Let them handle it until they can't stand up against X. Only we can if that's the case."

After a few minutes and him hooking to a roof and watching from the tallest building in metro, he got confirmations on all their status updates. He switched his mask's lenses to take out cloud cover and start recording what he was looking at. "Time for X to show his true skill..."

XxX With Luthor XxX

Luthor grinned as he held the Ankh of power in his hands. It shown brilliantly. "Well, I guess this was meant to be. KitsuneX did a fine job. He was quick bringing me it, to be sure, and I am very happy to know he will be facing off against the blue boy scout. Superman may indeed beat him, but I hope for Superman to be hurting from the beating he will be getting."

Unknown to him, the Ankh he held was just a replica made from a clone transformed, and didn't have any kind of power. It was a fake. He was being listened to and everything form the Clone. Unknown to him, this would be the biggest disaster in his plans since he was sent to jail for a year. He stood and walked to the window and began to watch the events unfold... "What a miraculous day..."

XxX With Naruto XxX

Naruto stood in waiting, ready to take on Superman. Now, he knew that by all rumors that Superman wasn't about to fight him straight away. But he wasn't about to let him get away with blowing up a building, especially the magic police building. Naruto knew if it was Gotham and against Batman, Batman would be tearing him apart instantly.

But this was Superman, not Batman. Superman was quick arriving on scene, and stood in front of Naruto. "So, KitsuneX. The Thief who was hired by Luthor that everyone keeps warning me about."

Naruto decided to play it down a bit, snide and jokingly, try to ease the atmosphere and see Superman's reactions. He shrugged playfully. "My reputation proceeds me I see, so what's got your back jack? Not good enough for big boy blue to take me down? I could try taking on the daily planet..."

Superman narrowed his eyes and Naruto seen that he crossed his arms in front of him as well. Naruto shrugged more and relaxed. "Guess my jokes don't phase you. Do they affect anyone? Seriously, all you heroes are WAY to serious sometimes. Learn to kick back and have fun."

Superman frowned hard, his face scrunched up. "Your idea of fun is blowing up a police station and stealing, I don't find that funny."

Naruto sighed and rolled his eyes, tilting his head to the side. "The blowing up thing, really? Jeez, take a look mister perfect vision. Not a single casualty, and THAT was on purpose." he waited and crossed his arms, leaning back in confidence. As Superman looked around he hummed. Not a single dead body, dome structures were downed but held up by random hills of dirt, holding some injured.

Superman looked to Naruto and put his hands to his side. "I suppose you were careful, but that doesn't explain the theatrics. You still blew up a building to get what you wanted, as well as the fact you are a thief. Bad things happen to bad people."

Naruto narrowed his eyes. He pointed to his chest. "This? This X? It means something to me. It explains my life. I was robbed of a good life, even after saving billions in my own world. My childhood? Was nothing short of torture. My job? I was betrayed and used every single step of the way. All I know is bad things happening to me, and I did nothing but good. I finally start taking the good of my life back by force, and I am finally living a free life, and all people want to do is tell me I am wrong? I WAS wronged, that's why I am a thief! I was an orphan, forced to live in a home people stole from just to spite me, stole good food from me, robbed me of a healthy diet, robbed me every single day of my life! I AM AN X! AN X ON THE MARK OF THE UNIVERSE!"

Naruto flew up a few inches. "And I am taking back what was robbed of me... By force. Luthor may have hired me, but it is against my will. The good in me is not dead, I am just no longer naïve. So, tell you what. We fight this shit out, whoever wins, wins. No song and dance, no who has it better or worse, nothing. We fight it out, and get on with our lives. Got it?"

Superman pointed to his own chest. "This S? On my world it means hope. And the hope I have is to protect all from evil, to help the helpless. What you did here was nothing but bad. If you want to make this go down the hard way, then I will oblige you, but don't expect me to let you get away with this."

Naruto suddenly sprouted a second tail, his cape flowing behind him with the fringes making two tailed behind him. "Yeah? I don't expect you to. But don't expect me to go down easy... I can outsmart a speedster, and out-power your double."

Superman flew up fast and sent an uppercut at Naruto, who caught it and flipped up fast, sending a flipping heel kick at Superman's jaw. Superman dodged to the side and twisted, trying to kick Naruto in his side, but kept careful as to not break any bones. Naruto caught the leg with his own and used the momentum to slam his foot into Superman's cheek and sending him flying to the domed roof of the police station, planting him in the wall. Naruto flew up high and looked down. "Time for the show to begin."

Superman was off the roof and upon Naruto with amazing speed, making Naruto do a double take. He cursed as he activated his Sharingan eye. In slow motion, Superman was super-fast compared to slow speed battles like this, but Naruto used his second tail for speed as well, and dodged to the left, spinning around and swinging a back-fist at Superman's head.

Superman caught it and rose a knee up to hit into Naruto's back, but Naruto wasn't about to let that happen. Naruto caught the knee with his other hand and pushed off, flipping up. Superman figured it was a dodge, and rose up with his other fist, but Naruto wasn't backing down. Naruto flipped hard and slammed a heel into Superman's face. Superman didn't notice, but Naruto's third tail on his cape sprang to life, and he suddenly grew faster, the first kick slammed his nose, and a spinning second kick kicked him in the chin and backwards into a skyscraper two blocks away.

Naruto huffed, settling down, keeping to the air. "He ain't a slouch, that's for sure. Flowing with my movements, keeping me on my toes. That's my specialty, but he's gonna need more skill than that to take me on."

Superman came flying out of the skyscraper with a large beam, and THAT got Naruto's attention. Naruto braced himself as Superman swung at him, and he caught the beam, even if it did hurt like a bitch to do so. Superman looked at Naruto on the beam and narrowed his eyes. Naruto chuckled, gripping the beam tightly. "Thanks for the lightning rod!" And with that, he charged his body with lightning and the current traveled fast down the beam and hit Superman hard, making him groan as his body was hit with it.

Superman wasn't expecting this, but he was duly warned by Nightwing about the elemental powers. Superman clutched the beam and grit his teeth before rushing towards another building and slamming the end Naruto was on against the roof. Naruto was off it in time and flew up and off a few feet. "Nice try, but that ain't gonna cut it."

Superman laid the beam down and flew with super-speed behind Naruto. Naruto vanished in a single bright light as soon as the punch almost nailed his back, and was behind Superman. Superman looked back in shock as Naruto grabbed him by the cape and pulled him hard, clothes lining him and making Superman flip in the air a bit.

Superman flipped a few times before stopping and regulating himself, turning and glaring at Naruto. Naruto rubbed his arm, hissing. "Damn, you're made of steel alright. That hurt! Seems blunt force isn't gonna cut it with you."

Superman decided to go with a power of his own. He breathed in deeply and blew out a sleet of ice at Naruto. Naruto took it, just being encased in ice. Superman stopped when Naruto was fully encased. Surprisingly, the shell of ice didn't fall. Reason was, Naruto was still holding it all up, and with a powerful aura of Chakra, blasted the ice off him. "That all you got?" Naruto brushed the ice off his shoulder. "Chilly, but I took on five ice villains at the same time. That was a cold day in hell for THEM, not me. Tell you what... You get one shot, ONE free shot. Take me out now, or we hit it off with me taking the kiddy gloves off."

Superman looked curious. "And why would you give me a free shot to take you down?"

Naruto shrugged. "What can I say, I'm a good guy. Gonna take it or not? Cause as soon as it fails, you're going to be slammed into the concrete under us with nothing but asphalt holding you in a crater."

Superman narrowed his eyes. With blazing speed he went up and grabbed Naruto by the collar and started flying them up with amazing speed. Before long, Superman just grabbed Naruto's arm and started swinging him in the air before throwing him with all his might down back to earth.

Superman broke the sound barrier to catch up and pass him, and when he did, he put a knee out and up, shoving his knee into Naruto's gut. Naruto gawked and went frigid, the force dealing a heavy blow against him. When he went limp, Superman picked him up by the back of the collar and looked at him. "Good enough?"

Naruto coughed hard before his cloak flared up. "Yeah, but this is gonna be better..." Naruto suddenly grappled Superman and pulled hard, slamming a knee into Superman's head before twisting him around and having his tails hammer Superman's back, forcing him down into the rising heel of Naruto's kick into his gut.

Before Superman could recover, Naruto grabbed his arm and threw him at the ground. Superman opened his eyes to see Naruto now having five tails. All of which suddenly started pummeling him downwards as both legs and fists met with his body as well. In a matter of seconds, they crashed into the street, and caused a crater large enough to hit the sidewalks to be created under it's force, but Naruto kept slamming away until Superman and him were in a bigger narrow crater at the center of the first one.

Naruto flew up fast and huffed, breathing a bit heavy. "That ain't gonna cut it, he's like punching a mountain, just crazy and useless... Gonna have to go full power to fight him on equal terms. But that will cause too much trouble."

He suddenly had an idea as Superman rushed up out of the crater and slammed a fist into his gut. Naruto just took it and was limp in Superman's hand. Superman looked at Naruto, still breathing and conscious, but limp. He knew that the punch wasn't knocking him out though. "You finally give up?"

Naruto suddenly grabbed Superman and shoved a Rasengan into the chest of Superman, a wind style one that thrown him into the building behind him. Naruto flew up fast and hard, taking his fight to the sky. When he stopped he looked straight ahead, just waiting.

As anticipated, a minute later, Superman flew up in front of him in the clouds. Naruto huffed and took a deep breath. "It's time for us to take off the kiddy gloves, Supes. Look. I ain't a bad guy. Sure, I steal to have a better life, and trust me many a good people steal because they have no choice. Me? It's all I can do to have a better life, one that I was robbed from in the first place. Believe it or not, my team just wants peace and quiet, a good relaxed lifestyle that wants to have fun and be together. Sure we enjoy a good fight, and yeah we should stay active cause life is short. But that doesn't mean we deserve to be thrown in jail."

Superman was taken back by this. The voice Naruto was using was sincere to him, one that spoke volumes of who he was in heart. Superman sighed. "I see people stealing because they cannot live unless they do so. It's not right how they are treated, but they shouldn't drop to the level the ones hurting them use, they should stay better. Being good is always hard, and being bad is always easy. We shouldn't give up the good side of us just because it's hard."

Naruto started popping his neck. "Yeah? Well, sometimes when your good heart saved billions and they still resent you and try to take away the life you deserve, you need to chose. Either become their puppet, or become the person you were always meant to be. I am not evil, I am just a thief. I steal because I was stolen from, I give myself a better life because others ripped it form my grasp. And that is who I am. No changing me, Supes. But I will say this entire ordeal is me being a hero. Believe me or not, but you will read in the papers how Jump City was saved..."

Naruto suddenly sprouted a sixth tail. "This is it. I will make you a deal. I came up here to lessen collateral damage, understood? Up here, we can't hurt anyone. Up here, it's just you and me. I want to take you on at your strongest. Don't you DARE hold back a single ounce of your strength. I guarantee the second you do you will be defeated."

Superman hummed at this, but narrowed his eyes. "I won't kill you, if that is what you are asking."

Naruto shook his head as the seventh tail presented itself. "I never said kill me. Just don't hold back. Use all your power to knock me out, use it all to beat me in battle and take me to jail. I will use every ounce of my own power to beat you so I can continue my own plans. Understood?"

Superman saw the Eighth tail grow in, and all of them flaring behind Naruto. He narrowed his eyes. He took them high enough to not cause any damage just to fight it out without any restrictions of strength and speed, to use all their powers to fight it out once and for all. And all out battle for the winner, no matter who wins. Superman smiled a bit. He respected Naruto's idea and want of a good fight that didn't cause any damage. "Fine then. I will face you with all my power."

Superman popped his knuckles as Naruto grew his final tail, the Ninth tail. "For what it's worth... You're not so bad. I can see why Nightwing respects you."

Naruto smiled as well as he took a deep breath. "And for what it's worth. You're not so bad a hero yourself. To take out the big guys I always hear about? We need people like you. Now... Time to show you my strongest form."

In a second after saying so, he roared loudly, the Chakra of the Kyuubi cloak flaring and turning brighter, growing around him. The veil turned into a ball of pure red Chakra as Superman looked in awe. For a moment, the energy stopped growing, and the yelling stopped. Superman could only stare in surprise and awe as the form coming from the ball that shrank around it was not that of a human, but of an animal.

The ball of Chakra shrank around the center, dissipating as red furry paws and claws appeared from the ball, and a large head of a fox, nine giant tails flowing behind him. The Fox snarled as it shook, the fur around it shifted as a green hue tinted it slightly, streaks of green glowing fur swirling around it and forming a facial tribal mark, the eyes of the fox going from slits to stars. The change finalized when the green streaked red fox with nine tails howled out a roar, the energy emanating from it causing the sky's clouds to part and darken in fear.

Superman could only look in shock at the form before him. The fox talked, which finally broke him from his stupor. "Now you face against the true form of KitsuneX. The Nine Tailed Fox Sage of a world filled with Ninjutsu. BEHOLD THE KING OF HELL! FOR HE SHALL SHOW MERCY ON ALL MORTALS! LET US SEE WHO SHALL COME OUT ON TOP!"

XxX With Raven XxX

She was captivated in shock. The power being shown before her eyes was immense. The Kyuubi was a fabled beast and a king of a level of hell beside her own father. The power was just as enormous, and to think KitsuneX was holding this demon within him was unimaginable. To control such power, it would be inevitable that the power would soon overtake him.

Which was a surprising thing she found out after sensing that KitsuneX, the Human side, was in total control. What surprised her even more was that the Kyuubi, the embodiment of hatred and anger, didn't show a single vein of hatred here, only excitement and happiness. This was coupled with the good energy it was absorbing from the earth, gladly given, and making it even more powerful.

She was shaking as she landed and sat in shock and awe at the sight before her. "This is unbelievable..."

She had many questions now. How to control such a demon, how to turn their own hatred into something better like happiness, and what did he do in order to do that. She knew that Kyuubi was not the only demon that was going to enter this realm... She knew her father was about to knock on the door here using her as the door itself. She didn't want that... And this gave her hope.

XxX With Naruto and Superman XxX

A giant standing fox was in front of Superman, and Superman finally calmed down and looked determined, ready to fight. "You are a demon, and you say you are for good?"

Naruto scoffed as his fox head twitched to the left. "Do not take me for some evil bearer of demons. I may hold the Kyuubi within me, but my heart is still my own. IN fact, it is one of many heroic deeds that people hated me for. The Kyuubi is a prisoner inside my own body, and others hated me because they thought I was it's reincarnate. They wanted to kill me for holding the demon back from killing them all. If I had died, the Kyuubi would have been unleashed, and destroyed them. Technically? They would have killed me and made the demon they hated come out. They were evil. Not me."

Superman looked in shock at that. To hear something so personal spoken from such a beast in an easy manner was shocking to say the least. His super mind processing it and thinking about the kids who didn't like him for his powers at all, thinking he was some kind of a freak. He understood being who you were and others not liking you for it. He flew up and got into fighting position. "Then I commend you for making the ultimate sacrifice. But I still have to TAKE YOU DOWN!"

Superman flew at sonic speed, a flash of red as he got in close. Kyuubi's form may be big, but it was still fast, as he rose a paw up and at Superman. Superman rose his arms up, cupping his hands, and slammed them against Kyuubi's paw with all his might, the blow causing a shock-wave of power to reverberate the sky itself, the clouds shifting away even more.

Superman's blow caused the paw to lower a bit, and him to get in to the chest. Using the same cupped hands blow he gave the paw, he rammed them up against Kyuubi's chest. This was when his strength wasn't enough, as a force of Chakra expelled between him and the form in front of him, and it flashed the Kyuubi behind him, and a tail slamming into his back.

The force was enough to send him flying, but not with a paw catching him and pulling him back to a rising knee, slamming him into it. Superman grunted from the force and speed he was hit caught an d hit again in a mere second, but gripped the knee he was on as the paw lifted. He flew up with all his might, pulling the knee with him and flipping the Fox form on it's back.

Kyuubi form Naruto was shocked by this but tried to swipe the knee being lifted with his tails, only to have Superman zap them with a concentrated laser eye blast. In a sedong, Superman pulled him and started twisting him around Naruto was kind of surprised by this, and as the speed began to pick up, he was unable to move against the g-forces he was taking.

Superman let go, and with amazing super speed, went down under Naruto and grabbed a tail, pulling it back with all his might and flew at the speed of sound to catch Naruto's fox jaw with a visions uppercut. Knocking a flipping Naruto back wildly.

Naruto caught himself on all fours, gripping the very air as he stalled. He rubbed his jaw and grinned widely. He furrowed his fur as he stood up again. "That hurt, good one. Damn, you got a hook. But it seems my form is a big too much for you."

Superman flew at him again, and this time decided to use some strategy. "The bigger they are the harder they FALL!" He suddenly spun on his heels, spinning right at Naruto. The speed of his spin caused a Tornado to ripple the sky and start tugging at Naruto. Naruto turned around, swishing his tails and taking the wind-stream out with just a swipe before rising a kick up at Superman, who was coming in from above.

Superman created his tornado as a distraction, but seen clearly it was no match for Naruto as the leg came up at him and slammed into him unsuspectingly, causing him to sail upwards at amazing speed. Before he could break the atmosphere, Naruto was on him and slammed a harsh punch at him downwards, forcing Superman to change direction and zip towards the earth.

Superman stopped before exiting the clouds level, and looked up, huffing and holding his chest. He got hit pretty hard. He seen the Fox Form racing towards him, rubbing downward as if it were level ground. He closed his eyes for a second before opening them again, aiming at Naruto with a wide area and powerful red beam of laser vision.

Naruto was stopped in his tracks as the beam hit him squarely, the laser hitting him faster than he could see. He roared in pain as it blasted him back upwards. It caused him to fly up a good thousand feet before stopping. The beam dissipated, but as he opened his eyes, holding his chest tight, he saw Superman rocket a fist into his nose.

Naruto yipped as he flipped backwards, only to have Superman grab his arm and pull him forward, slamming a kick into his gut and sending him rocketing back. As Naruto rocketed back he felt cold as ice was covering him from Superman's ice breath.

Naruto took a deep breath, or what he could from his tightening chest, and roared hard, causing Superman to cover his face, and the ice to shatter. Naruto swung his tails hard at Superman, only for him to slam an elbow between them and slip through. Superman raced toward him again.

Naruto knew he had to use his greatest power, and twisted around front with a harsh elbow into Superman himself, causing him to fly back far. Naruto rose his head skyward and rose his paws into the air. His power being drawn from himself as a black and white energy formed into a ball.

As the ball grew in size, Superman caught himself to look and stare wide eyed at the new power being shown to him. He had a bad feeling in his gut about this. He charged with all his speed and might, but as he got close, the tails rose up and swirled around wildly, slapping him once he got close. He rose up and went for his laser vision, only to be blocked by the very paws holding it in the air.

Superman inhaled deeply before flowing a wild wind at Naruto, but Naruto held fast, the ball growing into a giant ball the size of the globe on the daily planet. Superman could only stare in shock as it grew five times bigger. Nothing he used was working, ice breath speed attacks nothing. Naruto was all over him before he wcould get near, and when he finally got close enough, the power blasted him away itself.

Once the ball was the size of the fox form itself, it suddenly shrunk into a small pebble of a ball. Narutoate it, and growled in disgust. He looked at Superman, who was angled below him a little. "Just a warning. This is aimed at you. If you dodge this, the earth below takes the hit. I can't hold it... BIJUU DAMA!" With a roar of power, he fired a large beam of dark energy at Superman.

Superman was thankful for the warning as he looked behind him from Naruto's angle, and seen Metropolis. He knew he HAD to take this hit. He narrowed his eyes as he pulled upon every ounce of energy for his next attack. With a roaring yell he blated the largest strongest beam of energy form his eyes that could be produced, the beam blasting agauinst the Bijuudama.

Surprisingly, the laser vision was stalling the energy evenly, but the energy from Naruot was not stopping. Superman was growing weaker by the second, his energy zapping with the use of his laser vision, him and his laser vision failing and lowering to the earth.

Naruto seen this and knew it was too much, so he did the ridiculous. He closed his mouth and caught the brunt of the power before raising his head and blasting the rest of the energy upwards. Superman saw the sudden re-direction of the blast. He knew he had to finish this, so he didn't let up, increasing his beams power and concentration against Naruto's chest.

As the final throws of the beam vanished form his mouth, Naruto felt weak. Just then, he got hit by the still firing laser of Superman's vision beam, and roared in pain. Superman poured the heat until he finally felt his powers of flight faulty, and stopped, closing his eyes and huddling up, holding his eyes closed.

Naruto's fox form started steaming in red energy, fading slowly. With the last of his time using the Fox Form, he rushed in and clapped Superman between his paws, hard, the clap itself sounding like a sonic boom reverberating the very air around them.

Naruto's Fox form finally vanished, fading in an orange mist to the sky, all that was left was a cloak of seven tails. Superman was finally free of the claws, but was slumping, falling slowly. He looked up at Naruto, who looked about ready to fall over as well.

Superman smiled a bit. "Guess the verdict is clear... You win..." With that said, he fell unconscious. Before he could fall suddenly, Naruto was on him, catching him by the arm.

Naruto chuckled weakly, rolling his free shoulder. "Yeah, but not without a HELL of a few bruises..." Naruto looked at himself. His costume was ripped, showing off the metal plated and burned dragon-skin cushion, his mask cracked as well. He was glad he added a lair of Lead on it, not just to keep his identity secret against Superboy. It held his mask together as well, which was a surprise.

He slowly lowered himself and Superman on top of the Daily planet, Superman slumping on the roof and knocked out. Naruto just stood up straight, catching his breath. He sighed heavily in grief as he seen two more people flying at him.

Between the final blast and the crushing clap on Superman, the two in front of him arrived in the area. He sighed. "I don't suppose you two are here to take him to recover? I REALLY don't wanna fight you right now..."

The two in front of him were none other than Supergirl and Powergirl. The long haired blond in red and blue with the shield on her chest frowned as she looked at her cousin. "Sorry, but you just took out my Cousin, you're in need of a BEAT down!"

Naruto caught Supergirl as she flung herself at him, grappling him. Naruto groaned in effort to hold her back. "Look, I fought him I won, he knew this! You're a little late to the party, but if you want it to continue, you might need to give me a kiss first, sweet cheeks!" he dropped his arms and wrapped his arms around her. She looked surprised at this before he suddenly wrapped all his tails around her and squeezed.

Powergirl was on them, her white leotard with a hole where the shield with the S should be but wasn't, and her little red cape flying behind her as she slammed a hell into his face. He rolled with it and spun Supergirl in his arms before grabbing her arms, forcing them off him, and throwing her at Powergirl, slamming them both on the roof. He was on them quickly, knowing not to play around now, as he slammed a sudden heel drop kick into Supergirl's side, and rolled down with an elbow into Powergirl's shoulder.

Both groaned but used whatever they had available, a punch for Supergirl, and a knee with Powergirl, slamming into his side and chest, forcing him in the air. As they stood back up, Naruto groaned. He was using efficiency mode, just the cloak, but he knew he needed the power and speed to take the two in front of him on.

As the two flew at him at the same time, he grabbed them both with large claws and pulled them into his arms, clothesline them and making them spin out behind him. He turned and got on all fours on the roof. In a matter of seconds his suit started to rip the dragon-skin off as blood red energy covered his body, the cloak turning into an energy form around him that was solid and swirling, dark green patterns swirling all over him as his sage powers still pumped through his system.

His Seventh tail sinking within him as this form took the last of his seventh tail's power to create the Version 2 Chakra Cloak form. Strength and speed over duration at this point. Supergirl blasted her laser eyes at Naruto, Powergirl flying up a bit to keep him from going into the air. Naruto wrapped his tails in front of him, blocking the breams and holding position as the lasers stung.

As Supergirl stopped, Powergirl dropped down on Naruto, his tails coming back when the beams died down, and Powergirl struck hard, slamming a heel into his back and through the roof. Naruto caught himself on the next floor and twisted, grabbing Powergirl and gripping her face in his hands. He roared as he sprinted with amazing speed out the window, dragging Powergirl along the floor before twisting and tossing her at Supergirl again, who was chasing after them.

Supergirl dodged Powergirl and breathed in, blowing cold breath to trap Naruto. That failed immensely, as Naruto slammed a fierce fist into Supergirl's face, knocking her back into the daily planet alongside Powergirl.

Naruto jumped up into the air and glared, ready for round two. He knew they weren't done. He had to beat them with skill, not power. He didn't have the power to take them both like he did Superman, that was his best blast.

So he decided to turn up the heat, and start using every single move set in his power mode. He inhaled and waited for one to follow him up, his cheeks bulging. It didn't take long for Powergirl to race for him. She threw a fast sucker punch at him, but he twisted around fast, all his tails slamming against her and throwing her back. He seen Supergirl come from above in a blur and just opened his mouth, firing several rapid-fire balls of energy at her.

What surprised him was she deflected half of them before getting hit by the rest, which combined into a single huge explosion. What surprised him more was she came out with only a few scratches on her clothes and a fist raging for his head.

He reached up and caught the punch, only to have her pull him up and start twisting him around. He knew she was going to throw him, and grabbed her legs with his tails right as she pulled extra hard for the throw. He flew back a bit but got caught by his tails on her leg, and forced her to follow him. He stopped and slammed a palm into her head, catching her, and speeding into the roof of another building, cracking the roof a bit.

Naruto sensed power Girl coming in from behind him and dodged to the side just as she was on top of him, making her slam Supergirl with her heel, and both falling through the roof into the building. He jumped back up and waited.

He felt his Sixth tail about to vanish and decided to use what little power he had with it to activate the big move. He put his hands behind his back and created two Tailed Beast Bombs. He didn't bother swallowing them as he shrunk them down.

In moments, Supergirl and power girl came flying out at him and he slammed his Palms together. With a dark chuckle he felt his hands tremble under the power of what was to come. Just as they punched him in the face backwards, both right by each other, he let go of the bombs and flew back. Supergirl and Powergirl could only watch for a single moment before the white light burst forth and exploded behind them, launching them at Naruto.

Naruto stopped and flipped back upright and caught both by the head, slamming them back to back head to head hard and using two tails each to punch them both as hard as he could in the gut and chest against each other, the force reverberating between their bodies form being back to back. Naruto spun rapidly suddenly, holding the girls by the heads and spinning with all his might.

Just as he got to top speed he let go of Supergirl, and threw her right into the street below them, and sent Powergirl speeding at her as well before stopping. He watched as Powergirl slammed against Supergirl making the crater Supergirl made even bigger.

He waited for a minute before starting to float downwards, his five tails still flailing behind him. He came down in Cloak form, the Second Stage cloak dissipating and his suit all broken in some places, his Cape gone, his right boot vanished, his left gauntlet shredded and almost falling off. Even his mask was half broken off and some of his face was visible, but only his left eye and part of his whiskered cheek.

His Fifth tail started to dissipate slowly as he landed by the girls. He sighed. "Damn, a shame really. They don't have Superman's experience..." "But you have all the power to beat them without a single injury... Impressive."

Naruto looked up and glared at the incoming man. Even without knowing who the being before him was, he felt Kyuubi ready to fight or flee under this creature's presence. A man in black and what looked like a half-helmet around the back of his head landed in front of him. "I dare say you've done quite well. Better than I asked of Luthor..."

Naruto glared harder, his Rinnigan eye blaring. "You're a man of great power, as I am told... Darkseid?"

The man before him grinned a bit, his rough rugged wrinkled but muscular features intimidating all around them. "I see you know of me. Good, this will be easy. I have been in search of a warrior of extraordinary talents, one who could match the 'savior of earth' known as Superman. You seem worthy to take under my wing."

Naruto stood firm, unfazed. "Sorry, I'm just a thief, I'm no warrior. I'd rather live a simple life to be honest with you." Naruto had to change his plans now...

Kyuubi was wrestling around in his cage "The bastard wants to turn you into a fucking WEAPON Kit! Just a plaything he can call his prize! Darkseid is a menace to the universe in this dimension, and only wants one thing, complete domination of all life! Don't let him take you to his world, or you will never leave..."

Naruto decided to act casual, crossing his arms and leaning against the building behind him. "I'm gonna have to pass on your offer. The only thing I plan to do right now is stall Luthor."

Darkseid walked around the girls, nodding a bit. "I see, stalling the man who brought you here. I asked him to show me his ability to face Superman. He, in turn, found a way to fight him. But he did not count on what he needed to do to get what he desired."

Naruto eye popped wide open. That subtle clue told him everything. He stood off the building and scoffed. "The asshole. Having me take a relic of magic to beat Superman? For you? That's low. He had me do it by threatening my friends with a bomb."

Darkseid chuckled. "He's clever, I give him that. But you have no option before you but join me. The only other Option is death." He raised an eyebrow as he looked around him, suddenly several people surrounding him.

Naruto seen this too. "Guess the Titan's couldn't stay away anymore. I beat the three who protect this town, now their turn to take me on." He turned to the speedster. "Hey, Speedy, can ya tell Nightwing he needs to reign you guys in a bit? This guy ain't your normal run of the day villain."

Kid Flash scoffed and was ready to start running already. "You kidding me? Like we can stay back when Darkseid is here!"

Superboy decided to act first, and blasted a beam of Heat Vision right at Darkseid. Darkseid caught the blast with his hand and blocked it. "Pitiful weaklings. You don't hold a candle to the ones lying before you now, you cloned sidekick."

Starfire raced at him as Kid Flash and Static flanked him, Kid Flash creating a mini-tornado as he tried for momentum, Static grabbing the Concrete around Darkseid and flying it at Kid Flash with his Electric prowess.

As The slabs slung-shot around KF, they hit Darkseid head on, only to shatter and create a bit of a smokescreen, in which Starfire came in and slammed a heavy kick into Darkseid, who caught it with his hand and deflected it.

Cyborg joined Superboy in blasting him with a beam of his own, Donna going up and flipping for a heavy drop kick. As She slammed her foot down, she got hit by Starfire, who was caught and swung like a bat at her, throwing both girls to the side. Kid Flash caught them as Static supercharged Cyborgs Cannon.

The Cannon fired heavier and made Darkseid groan a bit, making him pout his hand over it, whilst Superboy jumped head-first into Darkseid. Just as Superboy was about to ram into him, he activated his Jacket, a metal coating appearing as he slammed into Darkseid, making him skid back a bit.

Darkseid grabbed Superboy and tossed him up in the air, firing his own Eye beams, a dark red zig-zag beam that was twirling around before finally hitting Superboy and blasting him into the building beside him.

Darkseid didn't get much of a break as suddenly Donna slammed a heavy hammer into the back of his knee, making him crouch into a rising shield. Donna slammed the side of the shield into Darkseid's face before bringing the Hammer down again on his head, making him kneel.

Starfire was above them and started firing rapid-fire Star-bolts from her gauntlets. Darkseid raised up and covered his face from it, but was surprised to find himself slammed into by a metal-helmet on a green Rhino, forcing him up and into the ground, skidding across the street.

Naruto whistled a bit, looking impressed. "Guess I didn't figure you guys to get so good and have new stuff. Is that Rhino riding armor?"

Beast Boy changed from Rhino to Raptor and started gnawing on Darkseid's arm, his elongated toe-claws sinking into his body from the enchanted metal wrapped on them. Naruto was surprised the armor changed with him. "Damn, ok. That's new."

Raven appeared above him and had several cars floating. Suddenly they shredded into small pellets clouding the street. Naruto was most impressed. Darkseid grabbed Beast Boy and flung him across the street, where Cyborg caught him and was also now hurling down the street with the force the raptor impacted him.

Raven brought the rain, as each metal ball slammed into Darkseid, some sinking into his body before pushing him on the ground. Before Darkseid could get up, Donna was on him again, slamming the Hammer into his jaw and making him face the sky where Starfire suddenly dropped from, a large energy bolt in her hands and shoving it into Darkseid's face and into the ground, blowing up around him.

Kid Flash raced around and lifted Darkseid with an enlarging Tornado, making him levitate. Darkseid growled and was about to fire his Omega beams once more when Superboy jumped from the building and landed on Darkseid's head, sinking him back into the ground with an earth quaking under his forceful stomping power.

The Titans were around Darkseid, about ready to finish him off when Darkseid grabbed Kid Flash and slammed him against a pole, making the young speedster cry in pain before slamming him like a club against Static. Static hit the ground hard as kid Flash broke his leg on the road, skidding along it.

Starfire fired at Darkseid again, rising into the air, but the Omega beams hit her as Darkseid stopped playing around. Donna tried to go for Darkseid's head again, but he caught her hammer and slammed it against her head, taking her shield and tossing it at her, making it hit her square and sending her flying through the street making a large skidding crater.

Superboy tried to fire his heat vision whilst Cyborg and Beast Boy came in, Cyborg riding a T-rex with large metal claws striking at Darkseid. Darkseid caught the claws and pulled the arm down, slamming his fist into the wrist and breaking it, making the T-rex roar in pain. Cyborg came down and a tried to help Superboy with suppressive fire, only to have Darkseid jump up at Beast boy and grab him by the head. Darkseid pulled him down and slammed the giant dinosaur into Superboy and Cyborg, punching the T-rex out, making him change back into Beats boy, the three all knocked out.

Naruto decided it was time to stop this insanity and his fifth tail vanished. Raven gasped as she seen Naruto activate his cloak version 2 form and watched as he got ready for a fight. Naruto suddenly roared and tackled Darkseid before sending a red Rasengan deep into his Chest and a gushing water from the ground sending him into the sky.

As Darkseid rose he climbed to meet Raven. "When he comes down to kill me... Wrap us in your strongest field. I'll finish him. Understand me?" Raven nodded in horror as he started making the Bombs in his hands again.

Darkseid grabbed him by the arms with super-speed as he trapped Naruto on the ground. Naruto stopped making the bombs and stayed still, his form returning to the normal cloak. Darkseid glared as his eyes glowed red, ready to fire. "You will join me now, or I will end you here. You choose."

Naruto chuckled lightly. "You know, I was asked this twice. To join or die... I said no before and came out alive. I don't believe in third times the charm. What is going to happen is I am going to blow you the fuck up and hope you never get back to this world."

Naruto suddenly changed back into his other form, only a Single tail sustaining the Version 2 Cloak as two giant bombs hit both sides of Darkseid, exploding within a new dome of energy containing them. As the Explosions died down, Raven let the field down to see Naruto with only a single tail normal cloak grabbing Darkseid by the neck, who was beaten and broken, both arms broken, a leg twisted the wrong way, and his head all askew from the blast damaging his armor to scrap.

Naruto created a huge Rasengan that sparked with the voice of a thousand birds made from electricity, and send it into Darkseid's chest, and made him fly into the sky from the force exploding against him. The sky darkened as a large building was in the sky.

It was the very building that Naruto and his team robbed awhile ago, the one that was a Nuke in disguise, and it shown the nuclear bombs in the underside of it. Only the ones who could use Enhanced vision, from goggles or superpowers, could see that Darkseid was smashed into the building and a thousand version 2 cloak naruto Clones were holding onto it.

It only took a matter of seconds before the Clones launched the thing into space from all their combined might, and made it disappear into the sky. After it vanished totally to most people, the mushroom cloud of an explosive nuclear detonation shook the earth and sky with amazing force, the explosion thundering out it's awakening as it blew up.

After the explosion calmed to just smoke in the clouds, Naruto finally let down his cloak, now just standing in his uniform. He fell to his knees, weakened from his fight this morning, every bone feeling the need to break form just a twitch of movement.

Naruto seen someone's feet come in front of him and he looked up to see Nightwing, holding his Eskrima sticks in hand. He chuckled weakly. "Guess you finally beat me now, huh Nightwing?"

Nightwing looked around to see Superboy, beast Boy and Cyborg beaten and knocked out, Kid Flash leaning against a building with a broken leg, Donna was knocked out with her shiled sticking her into the street. Only Raven, Static who was up and flying again, and Starfire who finally flew out of the building, holding her stomach, were able to continue.

He hummed a bit before looking to Naruto. "Maybe we have... But you've been known to have tricks up your sleeve..."

Naruto chuckled weakly still and groaned as he stood back up, holding himself up holding his knees. "True, I usually do. But I got nothing but skill and a weak body. Against Starfire, that's nothing. Raven? She's still at full power, and Static's still got a Charge going. Not to mention you. Get my gift ok?"

Nightwing nodded. He put his Eskrima back in his holsters and turned. "Guys, get our wounded. Static, can you carry KF and Beast boy? Raven, need you to help with Superman, Supergirl, and Powergirl. Starfire, take Cyborg and Donna. I'll grab Superboy. We need to head out."

Starfire looked in shock at Nightwing's choice. "But KitsuneX is right there, weak, we can finally catch him and put him in jail for all this!"

Nightwing looked at her. "That building? Was the one he robbed right? It was a nuclear bomb. He just saved Jump City, and used it to send Darkseid flying back through space, saving Metropolis. I think he's earned a 24 hour head-start."

Raven looked into the sky. She didn't sense Darkseid at all near Earth. She looked to Static, who looked at her. He shrugged. "I say we follow orders. Besides... Ain't like we can't try again. X ain't going to pull that big fox out on us, he always played fair."

Starfire looked to X and glared at him. He shrugged and put his arms up, as if asking to be cuffed. She looked to Nightwing who just looked at her evenly. She sighed and looked to Naruto. "X, thank you for saving Jump City and stopping Darkseid. But this is not over. We will finally stop you and your thieving days will come to their end soon. 24 hours to get out of town and escape, or I will find you."

Naruto nodded and stood tall. "Thanks Cutey. Sorry about all this. I didn't want any of this to happen. Hope no one else got hurt... And tell the rest of your team this when they wake up. All of you against me? I think you all would be able to beat me. You all are so much stronger, and I am happy to be driving you all to a greater ability to save people from true evil. But I'm not the good guy, so leave me out of this saving stuff from now on, ok?"

With that, he vanished in a blinding light. The Titans grabbed their comrades and fallen Heroes and started off to the hospital.

XxX With Luthor XxX

Luthor was sitting at his desk, watching outside the window. The Ankh he held disappeared not long after the building he made blew up, a fake he found out. He had to admit, X was smart, and not only outsmarted him, but out-muscled all the Kryptonians in the city, even Darkseid was no match.

Luthor sighed. "Using him is a volatile choice. Even if he could help me, he will hurt any chance of my success before doing so. I will have to cross him off the list of people to contact when I need something done. He's too volatile and unpredictable."

Lex had to admit, however, KitsuneX brought him many ideas on how to beat Superman. He recorded their fight, and was analyzing the data now. "Soon, I'll finally defeat the boy scout and his inhuman attributes with Human ingenuity."

XxX Twelve hours later XxX

Naruto was in a new suit, looking over the City, sitting on a roof as he enjoyed the last minutes in metropolis he would be able to stand before needing to leave. He also needed to keep his strength up, considering he was still super weak.

He looked up as a blue clad blonde girl flew in front of him from above. "Hey there, Beautiful. Come to take me on again?"

Supergirl had her arms crossed, but was smiling. "Not really. I feel like it would do nothing but make more of a mess in the city anyway. I figured I would come and say goodbye. You stopped Lex from obtaining the Ankh, which you stole for him in the first place, and saved the city from Darkseid. You even saved Jump City from a giant nuke, so I would say you saved the day in more ways than one, and did so by beating us, the ones who were supposed to be saving the city in the first place. I guess I am here to say... Thank you."

Naruto shrugged a bit. "No problem. I tried ot beat you guys without hurting you all too badly. Glad to see you all still up and ready to do your part. How's big boy blue?"

Supergirl came up and sat by Naruto, brushing some of her hair out of the way as the wind flipped it around. "He's fine. He told me to tell you that he respects your strength and conviction to save lives, even if you feel like being a thief all the time. He hopes you change your path to a better one, but understands you are who you are."

Naruto chuckled. "I guess I got his blessing to roam. That's good. Batman ain't one to let me roam if I ever go to Gotham again."

Supergirl giggled. "He's way too serious, I know. But he has his own conviction, and will do anything to help, even if he isn't so nice. Still, I hope you don't have to go back to Gotham. Batman is already trying to bring the League down on you for being so reckless."

Naruto looked to her. "And let me guess, Superman told them otherwise?"

Supergirl smiled more. "Nope, I did. My cousin told them why, but I was the one passionate about keeping you left alone. If you could beat us all, even Darkseid, before finally falling on your knees, then I would have to say the League is no match for you if you ever did want to fight us. I suggested we leave you alone. Thank goodness my Cousin agreed, and brought in Nightwing to tell them about you. You're just a thief, not a major threat."

Naruto had to admit, that threw him for a loop. "You? Help me? You wanted to tear my head off after I beat the boy scout."

Supergirl blushed a bit. "I seen you beat my cousin using a power of extreme destruction, of course I wanted to stop you. But when I found out why this day happened, I had to admire you for all you represent. You aren't good, but you aren't bad. You will help others in need if you must, but you won't just let people walk all over you. In a way, I feel like you are the only one who sees the world like I do."

That made Naruto do a double take. "You see the world as a place to live in with potential to do and have anything you want as long as you stay true to who you are? Really? I thought you'd be all goody goody."

Supergirl smirked playfully. "I'm blonde, not stupid. The world is a big place, the universe even bigger. We as a single planet are insignificant to many other places in the universe as a whole, but we are still alive. I may enjoy going out and wearing what I want when I want, and doing anything I find fun, but I know I have my powers for a reason, and must do my part to help those I care about. I care about everyone."

Naruto hummed at that. "Guess you have a point. I admire that, you are who you are, but you won't let life choose for you. You choose your own path, and you know you must choose good or bad. You chose good, and I see this as a great thing. Believe it or not, I still believe in the good of the world, having peace... But I can't do it anymore. Saving billions and nothing changed for me, I saved my world thrice over, and all I was to them was a weapon. All I am doing now is living my life how I want, and I am taking my life back... I did enough..."

Supergirl looked at him and smiled, hovering a bit closer. "You saved the city, and even my other Cousin, Superboy, from Darkseid. Even if you are a Thief, you are a good person, one who I am starting to like. So, here is part one of your reward." Naruto didn't expect it, but she kissed his cheek, he felt the kiss press against him and blushed a bit.

To be stunned was an understatement, he was pleasantly surprised. He looked to her. "You do realize this mask stays on right?"

Supergirl rolls her eyes and puts a hand up to rub the mask's cheek. "Come on. It's not like I am going to tell. Besides, wouldn't you rather it be a real kiss against the cheek?"

Naruto hummed a bit but sighed. "Truth be told, I'm putting on a tough facade, I can barely move my body here. Taking you all on as well as Darkseid? My body is jell-o. So even if I said no, you can do whatever you want to me here and get away with it."

Supergirl smirked wide. "Really now... So if I wants to tear that mask off to see who you were I could do it?"

Naruto shrugged lightly and weakly. "You could, but it wouldn't be fun for me. It has a lock system, anyone attempting to take it off gets shocked and it locks itself. SO let's take the easy route, ok? Take it off."

Supergirl could hear a tiny click sound and slide the mask up and off, the helmet coming off very easily. As she took it off she could see the whisker marks on his face, and was surprised by that. What surprised her more was when the Helmet came all the way off and she seen Blonde Hair.

She put the Helmet down and seen Naruto, looking deep into his blue eyes. "Wow. Blonde with blue eyes? You and I have more in common than I thought."

Naruto rolled his eyes a bit and smiled. "I knew that from first seeing you on television."

Supergirl sighed a bit. She looked at the Helmet and hummed. "So, Lead coated helmet?"

Naruto groaned. "I didn't want Superman to be cheating, so I figured why not. Know what I mean? Truth be told I'm not even identifiable in this world. No birth certificate, no drivers license, nothing. I basically appeared out of thin air."

Supergirl looked at Naruto curiously. "You say that, but are you sure about that? Maybe you were brainwashed, or kidnapped as a kid. Some people are like that."

Naruto shook his head. "No, It's the truth. I came from a whole different plane of existence, a whole new dimension. I even remember how it happened. You can ask the Titans, they sent some of the people who came with me back there."

Supergirl smiled. "You know, Nightwing talked a bit about you. He said you are super strong and talented, but not exactly evil. He may have hated how you joke around and think everything is a game, but he respects your skills."

Naruto smiled wide and chuckled. "Well, I guess it's true. I was kinda hard on him, joking around making it seem like he wasn't worthy of my time, but in truth I was just having fun. I knew he had some great skill in fighting, and he could hold his own against Meta humans. But he grew in a small amount of time into Nightwing, and I respect that. In fact, I respect him to the point I will never make a joke about his name."

Supergirl smiled and giggled. "I guess you have a point. He has grown extremely fast, and suddenly got back into the hero game in only a year. Seems impossible somewhat, but there is no denying the progress."

Naruto nodded at that, looking up in the sky. "This is nice. Sitting here, relaxing, and just talking. Sometimes I forget how good it is to unwind."

Supergirl looked at him with a puzzled look. "You don't have any downtime as a thief? Really? I figured you'd take time to enjoy your life."

Naruto chuckled nervously a bit. "I work my own team hard. Seeing as they have to face the Titans, who are also growing, and I don't want them to be caught when they try to get something to enjoy their life with. So I don't get much downtime. Though I should try to..."

Supergirl smiled and leaned in, kissing Naruto's cheek. "Those Whiskers are cute. I bet any girl who sees them thinks so."

Naruto chuckled nervously more. "Well, Jinx does to be sure. She likes me a lot... I did promise to give her a chance though."

Supergirl frowned a bit. "So, you are going to be with another girl?"

Naruto looked to her. "Can you look me in the eye and tell me you can keep a relationship as Supergirl? You have any idea how crazy the press is going to try and destroy you and whoever you be with? Besides, I'm just enjoying life. What's it to me if more than one girl wants to be with me, why should I say no to either?"

Supergirl rolled her eyes. "It's the principle of the matter. If a girl is with you, you stay faithful."

Naruto looked at her blankly. "To be Faithful is to be loyal. Who says being loyal to one person means I have to betray another? Why not be Loyal to two people? Or three? Being Loyal is to be honest and giving constant support. Why can I not be honest to more than one person? Or support more than one person? The world says one on one, I say just enjoy life, love who you love, no matter who or how many, and be happy with whoever, whenever, however, where-ever and so on. Can't deal with that? Then might as well deal with me giving Jinx a shot at me."

Supergirl looked at him with a blank stare of her own. But when she thought about it, he had a point. The world says to be loyal to only one, and screw everyone else. But that didn't make any sense at all to her either. She hummed a bit before finally smiling. "Fine, guess I have to share. But I am not about to let her have the first kiss."

Before Naruto could say anything she planted her lips on his and kissed him, making him widen his eyes and stiffen. She smiled in the kiss as she put a hand behind his head, keeping his lips on hers. It was a few seconds, but Naruto just relaxed into it and sunk into the kiss and started pushing weakly back against her.

They finally pulled back and Supergirl smiled, blushing a bit. "Not bad... For my first kiss... Guess you had some practice."

Naruto chuckled a bit. "With girls who would beat me up for saying good morning beautiful to them. They always said I was a bad kisser too. Glad to see it was just their spite."

Supergirl put her hand over his and held his hand in hers. "I know I might have to share you, or you may pick your thief friend over me. But know I admire you, and think you are really cool for being who you are and having so much in common with me. We both see the world in a way no one else does, and we both are good warriors as well as people."

Naruto smiled at that. "Whatever happens, know I will be cheering you on against any enemy coming your way. You're pretty strong, and pretty damn beautiful if I don't say so myself."

Supergirl looked up to the sky. "Kara. My name is Kara."

Naruto smiled a that. He sighed but nodded. "Naruto. But better keep it secret, I am supposed to be a no name no face thief here." After a minute, naruto thought of something. "You ever think a skirt is a bad idea? I mean, don't get me wrong you're costume is great... But anyone under you with good vision can see what kind of panties you are wearing."

Supergirl looked at Naruto in a seductive but puzzled way. "So you're saying you looked?"

Naruto shrugged weakly, smiling playfully. "When it's a beautiful girl like you, how can I not? I do the same to Jinx sometimes, but the same principle applies. It's a skirt, it flaps up, I see under, I notice. Striped lace? Not a bad choice."

Supergirl smiled seductively as she put Naruto's hand on her leg. "Wanna see them again then?"

Naruto blinked a bit before looking at her. "If you're willing to give me another look, but I might have to take them off you if that is the case."

Supergirl blushed but smiled. "You perv! Trying to see a girl's panties and take them off. Already trying to get my virginity are you?"

Naruto looked surprised at that. "You're kidding. A beautiful girl like you and no one has made a pass to get in bed with you? There's more crazy than I thought here."

Supergirl giggled, sliding his hand up to her skirt. "Well, there might have been, but none I considered worthy. You I feel would actually take care of me. Though I don't think it's a good idea to actually go for it, considering Superman might want to tear you limb from limb afterwords."

Naruto looked around. "He even watching? I would think he's keeping an eye on me."

Supergirl shook her head, smiling a little seductively. "Nope, He's off with the league, something about Japan getting hit by a giant monster lizard or something. So it's just me and you, and whatever we feel like doing."

Naruto hummed a bit. He smirked wide and foxily, sliding his hand for himself under her skirt. "Well, here's an idea. I take care of your needs, and after I satisfy you I leave the city. That way I don't have to fight anyone leaving, and you can have something to remember me by."

Supergirl shuddered as he had said all that in a husky voice. She leaned in, whispering huskily and sexy in his ear. "And how would you satisfy me?"

Naruto nipped at her ear, making her gasp. As her attention was unfocused, he slipped his hand into her panties and had them off with super-speed, smirking. "Well, we can test my Silver Tongue in a way other than blabbering on about what to do, and just do it..."

Supergirl hissed in pleasure, a heat enveloping her body like never before. She smirked and grabbed him, taking him over the wall. The roof ledge they were on was on the tallest building, it had a high wall to keep people from coming up here and diving of the edge from the wind. She laid him down and smirked, sliding her hair out of her face. "Let's get that tongue of yours talking to another pair of lips..."

Naruto groaned as he flipped her on her back and sat up on his legs, lifting Supergirl's legs over his shoulders and diving between her legs under her skirt. As he looked up at her, her skirt flying up around her stomach, he smirked. "Brace yourself... You may need to keep that voice of yours in check after I am done with you."


Before Supergirl could do anything, stop him for suddenly rethinking this, or retort in her own husky way, she gasped and arched her back, Naruto's tongue driving between her pussy lips and wiggling inside her, his teeth not felt at all as his lips suckled on her like a vice from a suction cup.

Naruto wasn't one to mess around, but he knew how women enjoyed the foreplay and soft caresses during anything, so as he started rolling his tongue as deep as he could slide it inside the young Kryptonian woman before him, he rubbed her hips and sides under her lifted skirt, sliding his hands over her breasts as he kept sucking on her lower lips.

Supergirl could only gasp and huff, moaning lowly as she rolled her hips up against Naruto's head, her thighs squeezing gently. She knew he was still human, so she had to keep her power in check.

Naruto felt the squeezing and had a smooth idea, by using a Jutsu to make his body as hard as steel, making his skin tougher and his muscles and bones able to withstand a huge amount of force, figuring it out thanks to the hidden rock village. As he used this, he suddenly started to squeeze Supergirl's breasts, rolling his tongue up against her harder, pressing against the inner most depths of her pussy.

Supergirl could only writhe under him, her hands gripping something other than him, the roof crackling under her fingers trying to grip it. Her legs wrapped around Naruto's head, keeping him pressed against her. "Ohhhh, goodness!"

Naruto was smirking on the inside. He knew he had to bring the pressure, so he started pulsing Chakra through his tongue and made his tongue wiggle around inside Supergirl like a vibrator, turning her insides into a sloppy mess. As he continued to grip and squeeze her breasts, rolling them around in his hands, she arched her back even further.

Kara was having trouble thinking, her ability to keep her strength in check failing as the roof cracked, her fingers taking the concrete into rubble in her hands as she gasped and was at a loss of breath, her legs tightening in pleasure around Naruto's head. "Don't Stop, Don't you dare stop you bastard!"

Naruto started tightening his lips around her clit, his tongue stopping him from making a complete trap around it, but he didn't stop sucking on her precious pearl, his hands sliding under her top and starting to tug and roll her nipples between his fingers, using Chakra to jiggle her breasts under his tough, making her writhe under him and gasp, starting to really moan under his attentions.

Kara felt it coming, a huge tugging in her stomach warning her of her impending release. She moaned louder, taking rapid shallow breaths as she looked at Naruto in a husky glazed eye way. "I'm gonna.. gonna.. GONNA! AHHHHHHH!"

Naruto felt it happen, her legs suddenly trying to snap his head into a pancake, her hands letting go of the roof and gripping his hair, tugging him against her. Thank god he knew how to make his body harder to keep her from killing him during this.

Right as she came, her body shaking in pleasure and her mouth wide in a loud moaning release, he started tugging on her nipples, pinching them lightly as he gripped her breasts more, his Chakra tingling against her skin as he pulsed his Chakra through his tongue more, making his tongue vibrate against a small ridge inside her, what he was trying to find from the beginning, and pressed hard against it with his vibrating wiggling tongue, sucking as hard as he could on her clit as he put pressure on her pussy with his jaw, his teeth still safe under his lips and gums but still providing a biting pressure.

Kara felt his energy shooting jolts of electric pleasure through her body, and his tongue suddenly hit something within her that made her eyes pop wide open. Her body shot up off the roof, her eyes glazed and her tongue flailing out of her mouth in a silent scream, her body shaking uncontrollably as gushes of clear liquid burst from her pussy, coating Naruto's face in her special juices.

Naruto kept licking her secret pleasure spot, driving his tongue pulsing with Chakra against it, licking it with rough hard licks as he gripped her breasts to keep her pulled against him, his feet and legs sticking him to the roof so she and him didn't fly off in her sudden sky high orgasm.

As she kept having an orgasm on him, her cum coating his body now, she wiggled in the air, her body shaking with amazing strength, quivering under his tongue. It lasted for a couple minutes before Naruto finally slowed his tongue's vibrations and steadily stopped licking inside her.

As he stopped giving her the greatest orgasm she ever had or may ever have in her life, she started to weakly float back down. Kara soon found herself lying on her back on the roof again, her legs going limp on Naruto's shoulders as her arms flailed beside her in different directions. Naruto pulled away from her pussy, licking his lips as he smiled, gently laying her legs on the ground.

XxX Lemon End XxX

Naruto chuckled as he looked at a panting Supergirl before him, and laid beside her. "Gonna remember me when I leave?"

Kara just dumbly nodded her head, blankly looking at him with glazed eyes. "You are SO going to be doing that again...Oh my goodness, what a rush."

Naruto chuckled and just laid relaxed, letting his hardened skin Jutsu fall. His skin was bruised from the squeezing, but he didn't mind. It was numb and slightly painful, and he had a wicked headache, but he had to admit, it felt good to give a Girl that kind of happiness, and not get hit for it.

Supergirl turned over and put an arm around him, closing her eyes. "You have to leave before sunrise... Don't forget to visit every now and again, ok? Even if it's only as Naruto."

Naruto smiled and put an arm around her. "I'll try. Though you said it. You'll have to share me. Don't forget that."

Kara looked him in the eyes, smirking sexily but tiredly. "Oh, after this I think I don't mind sharing you for awhile. As long as you keep me close."

Naruto chuckled, nodding. "I'll try. Still, I'm only human." With that, the two rested up, just enjoying the afterglow of a wonderful moment.

XxX With Hinata XxX

It's been a year or two since the incident with Catwoman and the Ice Five, and Hinata Hyuuga, the one who went her own way after the incident, was bowing to a man. He bowed back and smiled. "You have completed your training. You have mastered the arts of every Martial Art in the world, and have done so with your own special unique powers. I feel a heart of gold within you, and know you will use these skills well. Even if my other student has taken a break from his training and has done well himself, I feel you will be the only one to use my training to spread peace of my teachings. Before you leave... Tell me, what did you wish to use these teachings to do?"

Hinata rose her head and looked at the man before her, a lean athletic man with with an orange beard. And hair. "I wanted to learn so I may wield the skills to fight the one I love, so that he may find true love... Even if it is not with me, Dragon-Sensei"

Dragon, AKA Richard Dragon, bowed. "Then go forth, and face him, for he will see the love of your skill and understand your wishes. Whatever you do, remember to never stray from the path of good."

Hinata stood and smiled. "Thank you. And I hope Grayson-kun will return for the final teachings you must give him. He has an even stronger heart than I, and an even greater sense of justice. I feel he will be your greatest student, and may surpass you one day."

Richard dragon smiled as he sat Indian style. "I can only hope..." And with that, he watched as Hinata Hyuuga walked off, grabbing her bag as she let her Family Crested jacket fly off in the wind, a sleeveless Gi with the Mark of the Dragon on her chest shown her dedication to the arts Richard taught her.

XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX

Now THAT is an explosively amazing end to the most anticipated moments in this story. I hope you all enjoyed as I brought this moment to you after such a huge build up. If it was not to your liking, I apologize, but this is my best chapter yet in my opinion and I think I gave it a GREAT send-off. Also, Just wait cause we ain't done with Hinata just yet, this is only the beginning...

To those who think I made the Super-team weak, you have to remember Kyuubi's a highly volatile energy source, and can be extremely strong. Combine the power of the Kyuubi and the skill of Naruto and you get a force of nature, not to mention Sage mod was activated throughout, so even though Superman and his cousin's are strong, this is one beast king you DON'T fuck with.