She sat there waiting for him to enter the room. He told her that he would be there and she never questioned him. As far as she knows, he's never lied to her, not once, and he does his best to treat her well.

He knew that she would definitely be waiting for him. She loved him, right? She had loved him for some time now, they both knew this. That's the reason why she does what he wants all the time. Even the strangest requests would be granted. Whether it was big like joining some sort of cult or if it was as little as getting him something to drink when he asks her so politely.

She would always be there for him, always by his side. He knew this for she was wrapped around his finger, practically his slave to command. She never realized that she was being used, never thought it was just a game to him, that he didn't actually care about her. Even if she could just watch him live his life from the side lines she thought everything would be alright. She thought that she would be content with this love she had for him.

Sometimes though, she wanted it to be returned, wanted to know what it felt like to be loved back and to be cared for. Most of the time though, she always thought she would never be loved back. He always wanted to be with that girl, someone in which she hated. He always had that girl with him and when she would ask to go with him, he would deny her.

Was he looking out for her? He always said it would be dangerous for her to be with him, was this true? Did he think she couldn't handle herself? Was his life more dangerous than it seemed to be?

She sat there, still in deep thought, when he walked into the room. As he walked over to the chair opposite her, he cleared his throat.

Finally, she looked up, the one she loved sitting across from her, and sat up in her chair. "Thank you for waiting," he smiled a twisted and gentle smile at her, "I had some…things to take care of."

She replied "I didn't wait long" and smiled a sweet smile back.

"Let me get straight to the point, I have a problem. Someone from Latowidge academy has been attempting to research things about my background, my brother, and I. Since this is a bad thing, considering who the person is, I would like you to do something about it." He gave her another smile, one just like before but with a little more of a wicked feeling to it.

She felt slight chill go up her spine, "What is it? I'll do anything for you." "Yes, I know. Here is what I need you to do…"

She didn't know it, but many of her questions would soon be answered.