sos154: Ummmm…..yeah…this couple is really strange and would never happen. But hey, that's why it's a FANFIC isn't it? But if you're wondering what kind of person and in what situation would one think of this? Well I am a very odd person and it was about 4 in the morning. My friend and I were watching Spirit and we were over tired and there were many Vincents and one with a mustache…don't ask.


She started walking down the elongated white bricked path. It was a long way to get to a school. What was it called again? Latidge? Watidge? Latwid? Zwei couldn't remember and it started to make her head hurt.

She reached up and touched her newly dyed hair. She couldn't believe Vincent had wanted to dye it. It's not that she had a problem with it, because this was Vincent, and he never did anything that wouldn't benefit her.

Also, Zwei couldn't stand the new medicine Vincent had her take. It wasn't like her old ones he used to give her. These ones didn't make her feel happy or light as air and she didn't like that. One would usually stop taking them if they didn't like it right? But Vincent told her to take the capsules no matter what happened.

But what if she ran out? What if there was some circumstance that made her not be able to take them? What would happen then? Would Vincent hate her? Would he never speak to her again? What would she do then? Oh no! Would her other side be able to conquer her? Would Vincent rather have her around?

Zwei stopped walking down the pristine path. Was she just thinking? Are there thoughts running through her head? What is wrong with me? There are actually thoughts in my mind? Independent ones? Wait, what does independent mean? She crouched down, squeezing her head as though some answer may come out of it.

As Zwei was going mentally insane, a tall figure dressed in a white suit walked towards her form the building.

"Excuse me, young lady?" said white suited man. Zwei took a break from her panic attack and glanced up with a quizzical look on her face. "Ahem, well, I was wondering how someone such as yourself got in here? Surely you're not a student, so what are you doing wondering about a place where you should not be?"

Zwei, still not sure that she was capable of any actual thoughts, just lifted the piece of paper in her hand that she had shown the guards. The suited man took it, confusion shown on his face. Slowly his face showed his understanding of the situation.

"Ah, sorry about that, come with me Miss…" he glance down at the paper "…Miss Zwei?"

"A-alright…" Zwei, still recovering from her mental break down, stood up straight and started following the white suited man. As they walked towards the front entrance to the school building the tall man said "My name is Mr. Franklin, I'm the principal here at Latowidge. Welcome to your new school!" And with that last sentence he flung open the doors and revealed a humongous courtyard filled with students bustling about.

"I-I'm going to be staying here?" Zwei said, not believe the sight before her eyes. "Why yes, yes you are!" Mr. Franklin exclaimed with a smile on his face. This one is a creepy one, Zwei made sure to make a mental note of that.

(Later that day in Mr. Franklin's office)

"Well, Zwei Francis, you are officially enrolled here!" said Principal Franklin while standing up and shaking Zwei's hand. "Now, I have asked one of your fellow classmates to show you around. She will be in the room next to your room in the girls' dormitory. Here, while we wait, put on your uniform. You can use the bathroom over there" After Zwei finished changing, there was a timid knock on the door. "Ah! That must be the lovely young maiden now!" Mr. Franklin stood up, went across the dull room, and opened the door.

Zwei walked out of the bathroom, still looking at her uniform she had put on. It's very…white was all she could say about the white suit jacket and the white skirt which came with white shorts to wear underneath. After looking over her new outfit, Zwei looked up to see her new next-dorm-neighbor.

A tall girl, only about two years older than Zwei, was standing in the door way. After introducing herself as Ada did Zwei remember her. Not that Zwei had previously met the blonde, but she recognized her from the special training that Vincent had made her go through. She had to memorize many of the students' names and faces before being enrolled at the school. Ada Vessalius: blond hair, green eyes, and age seventeen were the first thoughts in Zwei's head.

"Hello Zwei-chan!" said the too-hyper-for-Zwei's-current-state blonde girl. "Umm…hello." Ada then extended her hand for Zwei to put her's in. But, instead of shaking her hand like Zwei thought she would be doing, Ada pulled her out of the office and into the hallway.

She proceeded to pull Zwei all the way throughout the entire school, showing her everything. Getting close to the end of the tour, Zwei realized how exhausted she was and asked to be shown to her room. But the blonde girl refused to let go of Zwei's hand, saying that there was one more place they needed to go.

At last they had reached their final destination. Ada led the way through the huge set of doors and revealed the largest library Zwei had ever laid eyes on. Though the only other library she'd ever laid eyes on was in the Nightray's main household and that wasn't as large as this one.

Ada finally let go of Zwei's hand, took a few steps forward, and turned around and said with glee "Welcome to my favorite part of the school! Though I don't read much, I still love it in here!" But, Zwei barely heard Ada's statement because she was too busy gaping at the ballroom sized, two-storied library.

A loud bell sounded from the hallway, interrupting both Zwei's and Ada's thoughts. "Oh, that's the lunch bell!" Ada said while running towards the door, "Zwei, would you like to have lunch with me?" Zwei realized that Ada was talking to her and replied "No thanks, I'm not really hungry."

"Alright, Do you know how to get back to your room from here?" Zwei nodded slightly. "Good, I wouldn't want to leave you here stranded." With that, Ada smiled at her, waved and then left for the lunch room.

Zwei didn't know where to start. She had never known that there were this many books, and if she did, then she would have read them all by now. Though she may not look it, but Zwei loved reading. She loved all the stories and adventures people had in them and she had always wanted one of her own.

With so many books, where would one start? While walking around, she decided on the fiction section since history bored her sometimes. Even the fiction section was huge! She couldn't believe her eyes when she found it, dead center of the bottom floor. Excited as can be, Zwei wanted to see how many isles of books there was for her favorite section.

She started off walking fast, then it runed into a jog after about two seconds, and then she started running until she found her face had hit something hard. While recollecting herself Zwei heard a high pitched voice, one that belonged to a guy.

"Excuse me, but you seemed to trip over me. Sorry, but did you not see me there?" said the new voice.

As Zwei lifted up her head, she saw the crouching body that the voice belonged to: a boy who seemed to be only a little taller than her, who had a little longer than should length hair, large glasses, and a smile on his face. The boy was holding his hand out to her, but before she could accept his help another boy came from the nearest isle and pulled the boy up to standing position.

"Leo! She was the one who tripped over you! Don't apologize to her, she should be apologizing to you!" said the other boy. This one had light brown-grayish hair, blue eyes, and was at about ten centimeters taller than the first boy.

"And you! Get up and apologize this instant! You shouldn't be running in a library!" said the blue eyed boy, motion for Zwei to stand up.

"Eliot! Give her a break! She's new! It's not her fault for not know that she shouldn't urn in the library!" said Leo, or at least that's what the other boy had called him about a minute earlier.

"Oh, she is?" said Eliot, "How was I supposed to know?"

"She's in our class. Mr. Vlandercie kept telling us this for the past week." Leo said matter-of-factly.

While the two boys were arguing, Zwei managed to stand up of her own accord and brush some dirt off her new skirt. She started to quietly walk away from the arguing duo, but failed when the taller of the two called out to her.

"Hey, where do you think you're going? New or not, you should still apologize!" Eliot yelled while trying not to be too loud, they were still in a library after all.

"Oh," Zwei started and walked back over to them, "sorry about tripping over you."

"It's alright," Leo began and then leaned in to whisper "I'm sorry about Eliot's behavior, he hasn't had his daily nap and warm glass of milk" and then winked. This made Zwei giggle and she tried to cover this up so Eliot wouldn't get mad again.

"Leo…what did you say to her?" Eliot questioned him, getting angrier by the second.

"Oh nothing really, just something about that rude behavior of yours." Leo replied and walked off towards the library exit.

Zwei watched this and thought to herself, This is going to be an interesting time here.