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The Laws of Nature

He moved as one who knew the forest, who knew where to find all its secrets, who knew it's danger but keep on going despite of it. He ran with the forests creatures, for he was one of them. The moon and stars above him, watched over him.

Any human who saw would be in awe of him, envy him, and fearful, for he was what they once were, and could no longer be or remember.


Suddenly he slid to a stop kicking up dirt, around him the wolves and his companion stopped as well, whining and watching attentively as he sniffed the air and his ears twitched. One of the wolves nudged his hand when he did not move; he gave a low rumble from his throat.

Above from the treetops several hoots and other chatters echoed, he responded, giving hoots and chatter of his own, he then sniffed the air again, and then he ran.

He came upon the den that was his resting place for two days, the wolves having left him to go on a hunt, the only one that remain as his company was his companion who bounced eagerly to their den. He watched his companion disappear into the den, before following in, pausing when he saw his companion tumbling around with two bear cubs.

He looked around and found the mother watching not far, he went over and crouched beside her, the mother turned her head to him and bump her nose against his. He nuzzled her under her jaw before moving and curling up against her warm body, watching his companion play with the cubs.

The mother and her two cubs stayed the night, and left early morning, he and his companion left the den soon after.

He paused just outside the mouth of their den, he gave a soft sigh of bliss at the feel of the power that run from the tip of his toes to the end of his hair, it stirred his soul, making him feel happy, safe, loved.

Mother was in a good mood.

A demanding bark from his companion pulled him from his trance.

"Alright, I'm coming. How does fish sound for breakfast?" he said as he and his companion slipped into the forest.

Today was his last day, he did not want to leave, but knew he had to.

"It doesn't mean it's easy" he said to his companion who laid it's head on his lap.

His companion wagged its tail, and licked his finger tips.

"You're no help" he chuckled, as he turned his head to the sunset, tonight he had one last thing to do.

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