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The Laws of Nature

"Ooooooh Ronaaaallllld!"

A dark reptilian eye opened, and glared at the smiling Elf.

"How many times have I told you not to break into my den?" Ron growled.

"Ummm, this makes two hundred I think" Jimmy answered.

Ron groaned before rolling over and going back to sleep, until a light weight draped over him.

"He's missing" Jimmy whispered in his ear, causing said ear to twitch, "I need you to find him"

"I'm sure he's fine Jimmy, you worry too much" Ron answered, eyes still close.

"Ron, he was attacked and hurt"

Ron snapped open and Jimmy yelped when he was suddenly thrown off as Ron suddenly sat up.

"Repeat that?"

Jimmy looked up from the where he landed on the floor into dark eyes.

"He was attacked in the NCIS garage, I don't know what it was, but I think it's the thing that's been attacking the Pamus"

"Why the hell didn't you tell me sooner!?" Ron snarled as he flung back the covers and got out of bed.

Jimmy said nothing as he scrambled to his feet and followed his friend out the bedroom, bumping into the broad back when Ron stopped suddenly.



"Why are they're NCIS Agents in my apartment?"

"Uhhh, yeah about that...they know"


"Yep…well they knew I'm an Elf, and Tim's well…you know, but they don't know what you are!"

Ron rolled his eyes before looking back at the Agents and Ducky who were looking at him curiously, the FBI Agent wasn't sure if it was because he was in his boxers or because they knew he wasn't human.

"I'm a Dragon"

"…You're a giant lizard?" Tony finally asked, jumping when Ron growl and bared his inhuman fangs, blinking when Jimmy smacked Ron upside the head as he squeezed by.

"You can terrorize Tony later Ron" Jimmy scowled.


"We need to find Tim"

Ron rubbed the spot where he was hit, "Can I put some clothes on first?"

Jimmy paused, eyes moving up and down the body before him then back at the Dragon's face.

"Why?" Jimmy then asked, a gleam in his eyes.

Ron smirked before going to get dressed.

"Jimmy probably got Ron looking for me by now" Tim thought as he arrived at his safe house, Jethro in tow.

At the thought of the Dragon and friend, Tim quickly set to work on strengthen the wards and charms, because if anyone could find him, it was Ron Sacks, of the Sun Dragon Clan. One of the oldest breeds of Dragons, the very first of four creature created by the Mother.

"That should do it" Tim said, as he finished the last charm.

Jethro whimpered.

"Yeah, I don't think it'll work either, but it's worth a shot; now let's get to the real work"

Tim and Jethro headed down to his basement, Tim carrying the large black bag he got before coming here over his shoulder with a snap of his finger a fireplace flared to life, lighting up the dark place. Green eyes took in the place he had hadn't been to in over two hundred years.

The walls were made of stones, the dark corners covered in webs, there were soft squeaking of rats, but Tim knew they weren't going to be a bother. On the walls were selves full of jars that had plants, herbs, and various animal parts. On the far left was a large book case that took up half the wall, the shelves loaded with ancient books of all languages. In the middle of the room was a large sliver cauldron, underneath it were firewood waiting to be used. To the right of the cauldron was a wooden examining table.

In front of the fire place were varies of animals skinned rugs, laid out on the floor. To the right in the corner was a door that Tim still wasn't sure what was behind, or where it led to.

Tim pushed back the memories that came with looking at the room, especially the fireplace, and made his way over to the table with a grunt he place the heavy bag on it, and opened it.

"Ducky is never to find out about this" Tim told Jethro as he stared at the body of Petty Officer Jake.

"A sock, really?"

"What? It was all we could get on short noticed!" Jimmy protested.

Ron sighed, before tossing the clothing into the sliver pot.

"How does this work?" Ziva asked from her spot on the sofa.

All of the humans had watched as Ron, after dressing, went into his kitchen and came back with a large sliver pot. He placed into on the floor, then went over to his cabinet, opened it and took out several jars, each containing varies types of plants.

After tossing the plants inside, he turned to Jimmy, asking for something of Tim's.

"It's a Tracking Spell, what it does is it uses an item of a person to find them, but with this particular spell you have to have not only a strong magical core, but an even stronger contention to the Earth" Jimmy explained, watching as Ron mumbled an incantation.

"And you are not strong enough?" Ziva asked, out of curiosity and not to be rude or spiteful.

"He is" Ron answered, "Elves, especially Wood Elves which Jimmy is, are known for having strong magic, and even stronger connection to the Earth, since they are descended from the first Elves created by the Mother"

"But Tim has learned to block me" Jimmy continued on.

"I see"

Suddenly all of the humans jumped back when Ron opened his mouth and stream of fire, fire! Shot out and hit the pot.

"What?" Ron asked, when he stopped and realized the humans were staring wide-eyed, and jaw-dropped at him, even Gibbs.

"N-Nothing" Tony shuttered.

"Amazing" Ducky said, breathlessly.

Ron smirked before looking at back at the pot that was now bubbling, he looked inside and everyone waited.

"The core has been ripped out, so the markings shouldn't have shown when they did. Yet they did anyway. So that means either the ritual wasn't done right, or they were interrupted." Tim theorized, after his examination of the body.

"I'm going with the first one, only because all the other bodies have been reported the same as Jake and—"

Tim trialed off, and his eyes narrowed when he felt a familiar spark trying to push through his wards and charms.

"Ron" he said, as he summoned up his magic and pushed the presences away, grumbling about "stubborn lizard" when the presences pushed back.

With a growl that wasn't human, Tim summoned more of his magic and shoved Ron's presences away from his safe house.

Ron cursed, both at the sharp pain in his head and the fact that he lost the connection.


The Dragon lifted his head when he felt familiar warm hands on him, and looked into Jimmy's concerned eyes.

"He kicked my ass" Ron informed.

"But did you find him?"

"Sorry" he said, looking over at Gibbs when the Agent cursed.

"It was worth a shot" Jimmy sighed, frowning when he saw Ron rubbing his temples. "Here" he then said, before pressing his forehead against the other.

Ron sighed softly in relief when he felt his headache go away.

"Better?" Jimmy asked.

"Better" Ron said, ignoring the curious gazes of the humans.

"Good, now on to plan Z!"

"….We have a plan Z?"

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