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Pairing: Ranma/Kagome

Implied Incest!

"Ranma!" Tendou Akane glared darkly, scrunching the wrinkled very old picture within her hands, "Why didn't you tell me?" She asked in a slightly hurt tone, though her fiancee had no real idea what she was even talking about.

"What now?" He rolled his blue eyes, narrowing them at the picture because it was probably just another nude one of him in his girl form taken by Nabiki, "And no, I don't have another fiancee!" He hoped that his father didn't do something stupid again or made yet another false promise...

"It's not that," Akane lowered her voice, loosening her tight grip on the photo, "Your Father gave this to me. Why didn't you tell you had a sister? A twin sister?"

Ranma looked a bit stunned, snatching the photo out of Akane's hands while looking wistfully down at it, "Yeah, I do," He answered quietly, "Her name is Kagome. I even have a little brother named Souta. Both of them live with my Mother at a place called Higure Shrine."

"You never told me..." Akane insisted, "Why not? I had no idea you had any siblings."

'You wouldn't believe even if I did,' Ranma thought grimly, vaguely remembering the promise he had made to Kagome before he had taken away by his father, "There's no way in hell that I'd ever allow Kagome to see my curse. Plus, you know I have to commit Seppuku if my Mother ever found out."

"Oh." Akane furrowed her brows, watching as Ranma gently stroked the girl's face in the photo in a very loving manner, as if...

"Ran-nii, I love you!"

He had never wanted to tell Akane because he believed in something very important.

Inuyasha and Kikyou

Ranma and Kagome

They were soul mates, even if Kagome didn't know it yet... even if it was incest.

Complete? Maybe?