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White was woken up early the next morning to Pyro growling and spitting small flames at a crowd of screaming trainers. Apparently, one of the braver boys in the small crowd that had gathered around to see the rare fire type had reached out and tried to grab him, and almost got burned for it. Recalling the angry pokemon as the guy was running out the door, the boy managed to quiet the remaining trainers just to spend forty minutes being swarmed by their questions of where he got him and what he wanted to trade for him.

Explaining that he didn't really know where Pyro came from and that he refused to trade him away, the boy finally managed to get away from them all. Remembering to return the blanket and pillow to the new clerks behind the store counter, he headed to the cafeteria to find Cheren shaking his head and Bel yawning around a cup of coffee at a table near the entrance. Grabbing a couple of cranberry and banana nut muffins, he joined them. "Morning Bel, morning Cheren."

"Good morning. I see you managed to attract a decent sized crowd."

"Yeah. Pyro got mad at someone, and everyone else wouldn't leave me alone asking about him."

"Who's Pyro?" White, after checking to see if anyone was watching him, pulled Pyro's pokeball out of his pocket to show the blonde. "Oh, is that the little guy that your mother saved?"

"Yeah." Seeing the fire type's interest in his banana nut muffins, White managed to get one to him unseen by releasing him under the table, then called him back after he was done eating. Due to what happened this morning, the small legendary was perfectly happy to stay in his pokeball for a while, and wasn't quite as annoyed with the boy anymore. "Have Oshawott and Snivy eaten yet?" Both pokemon were currently eyeing the cranberry muffins.


"Oh, no, I knew I was forgetting something!"

"Here, they love these." The pair released their pokemon on the chairs beside them, but let them scamper over to White; they grew up with the boy after all, and since they wouldn't be with him anymore both trainers figured they'd let them say goodbye. White let them cuddle in his lap while they ate, than hugged them before reluctantly giving them back to Cheren and Bel. Trying to lighten up a bit, the brunette turned to Bel and asked, "Do you have any plans, now that your dad let you out of your house?" The blonde, who had gotten a little choked up too, brightened up at the question.

"Yeah! Cheren said that I could challenge all the gyms and become Champion with him since Dad won't let me go anywhere alone."

"Kinda like those twin gym leaders in Hoenn?"

"Exactly. I could easily become Champion by myself, but I figured that it would be more of a challenge if we went for it together as a team, not to mention that it would help make Bel's father see that she can handle herself."

White could tell that Cheren was quite excited about the whole thing, as his voice didn't have as much of a deadpan tone to it as it normally did. Cheren, Black, and White had grown up together in Nuvema Town, and the black haired boy had always sounded either disinterested, slightly irritated, or really irritated. It's really nice to see some positive emotion from him. White smiled a little at the thought. "I'm sure you'll both be the best Champions we've ever had."

"I really hope so." Bel had finished her coffee, and was back to her normal level of peppiness. Seeing that it was almost seven, she and Cheren got up to leave. "Well, we better get going before Black wakes up. See you later, White."

"Bye. Have a save trip, and please take good care of them."

"Don't worry, we will." Cheren turned and gave a small nod in acknowledgement before leaving, and Bel waved and followed after.

Black wandered down to the cafeteria a good hour later. After grabbing a cup of coffee and three breakfast sausages, she completely passed the table White was at and sat down in the corner by the window. White got up and followed her after her morning grouchiness had subsided a bit. "Where's Cheren?"

"He and Bel left an hour ago. They're teaming up and taking on the league together."

"WHAT? He wouldn't let me team up with him! What's so great about her anyway?"

"I-I don't know."

"Just shut up and tell me where the first gym is."

"It's in the next town."

"Good. We'll show them who's better."


"Of course! I can't impress Cheren by myself if he's on a team."

"But I don't— "

"Quit whining and be a man! Champions can't be sissies." Finishing her breakfast, she stood up and left, leaving White to clean up after her and rush to catch up.

This time, instead of being at the town limits, she was standing in a crowd of people. White was sure he'd seen the blue and white outfits of the people up on the rise before, but for the moment, he couldn't quite remember where. The speaker's robe flowed in the slight breeze, but White didn't notice as he was too caught up in every word the man said; the words were spellbinding, and half of what he was saying about how pokemon and people needed to be equals was what he mostly believed in the first place. He wasn't so sure about the releasing them thing, though. Black, on the other hand, was just standing there because the crowd was in her way, and wished that that Ghetsis guy would just shut up and quit spouting nonsense already.

She finally got her wish two minutes later, as Ghetsis and his body guards packed up and left, causing the disbelieving crowd to disperse soon after. Noticing the look on White's face, she snapped at him. "Don't you listen to that crap. We can't be the strongest if we don't catch good pokemon!"

White flinched back. "S-sorry."

"You don't have to listen to her, you know." The voice came from a tall, green haired man standing behind Black that looked almost three years older than they were with a Purrloin timidly poking his head out of the low collar of his shirt. Bristling up, the girl turned and glared, then began verbally thrashing him as well. "Just who do you think you are, cutting into a private conversation like that! Don't you have any manners? Besides, he doesn't have to listen to you either!"

"True. But, if you two were truly having a private conversation, wouldn't you be in a private place instead of out in the open?"

Black's glare got worse at the smirk on his face. "So, you want to be a smartass? Fine then, let's see how tough you are after I wipe the floor with you in a pokemon battle!"

Shooting a concerned glance down at his Purrloin, who really didn't like the idea and ducked back into his shirt, he sighed and whispered "Sorry, but we can't refuse," as he pulled him out and set him down on the floor, petting him.

Tepig, who had been released the second the words were out of his trainer's mouth, shot a small glare at his trainer before turning back to the reluctant dark type, who was doing his best not to hide behind his trainer or run away. [Don't worry, I don't hit hard for reluctant fighters.]

Glancing at the fire type with a raised eyebrow, the feline asked, […You can do that?]

[I don't know, but that hasn't stopped me before.]

The small cat relaxed a little. [Thank you.]

Black, tapping her foot throughout the whole exchange, cut off Tepig's response. "Quit fooling around already, and use tackle."

"Purrloin, use scratch." The small pig faithfully did so, knocking the small cat backwards with a little less force than he normally would have. As he backed away, the kitten weakly swiped almost halfheartedly at his front left leg mid crouch, doing only a slight bit of damage. "Again, Tepig!"

"Growl." Tepig charged again, but slowed down a bit when Purrloin (who hadn't really gotten the chance to fully stand back up yet) cutely growled at him, causing his tackle to do even less damage. Despite that, the purple feline didn't get back up after being sent flying backwards; whether it was due to the damage or if he just gave up was still up for interpretation.

Snatching the offered prize money from the man's hand, Black recalled her pokemon and waltzed off in a stuck up manner. White was about to follow, but paused when he noticed the man close to tears as he cradled the cat in his arms. "It's okay, there's a pokemon center right over there."

"…Pokemon center?"

"Yeah, they heal your pokemon, and have a shop where you can buy potions and pokeballs too."

The man shot him an angry look. "I don't like trapping them in pokeballs."

"I…never thought of it like that. I just use them to keep them safe." Even though the young man's expression got even more annoyed, he nervously continued anyway, hoping that the man was more like Cheren than Black (Cheren wouldn't yell if you gave a good argument when you really ticked him off) "Whewhen they're in pokeballs, w-wild pokemon can't at-attack them, and, and they d-don't get hurt if you or them f-fall, and, it makes it easy for big-bigger pokemon to, to get he-healed." Flinching at the end, he was confused when the yelling he was expecting didn't come.

Opening one eye, White was surprised to find a thoughtful look on his face. He was even more surprised when, after noticing how scared he was, the green haired man smiled at him a little and gently patted his head, mumbling something he didn't quite catch.


"Nevermind. You don't have to be afraid. I never thought of pokeballs your way, either." Then, looking down at Pyro, he said, somewhat confused, "He seems to actually like you a little."

White's answer was cut off by Black stomping into view and glaring at him. "WHITE! We're LEAVING!"

"I-I have to go. M-Maybe I'll see you later-?"

"N. N Harmonia."

"B-Bye, N." Giving him a small smile, he hurried after the fuming brunette. After the terrified boy was around the corner, N was startled by a small voice from his arms. [I think I like him; he seems kinda nice.]

"…So you were just pretending. That's good." Looking back up at the corner, he continued, "He did. Even that woman's Tepig thinks so."

[Yeah, I noticed he liked him more than her. I hope that human's just timid; I don't think he deserves to be beat.]

"Me either. Want to give the Pokemon Center a try?"

[A little. And, maybe, I'll give my pokeball a try, too.]

"You sure?"

[Yeah. I think I can trust what he said; he didn't seem to be lying, at least.]

"He didn't. Let's give it a try then." The two headed toward the red roof, hoping that the Center was just as good as the brunette boy said it was.

As for why Tepig took it easy on Purrloin and not Oshawott, Oshawott, while reluctant, agreed to battle anyway. Purrloin never did, and wasn't even really trying during the battle anyway.

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