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Once again, White found Black waiting impatiently at the town limits. "Exactly what did you think you were doing!?"

"I-I was just m-making sure that h-his Purloin was okay…"

"And why did that matter, when we were next to a Pokemon Center?"

"H-He didn't k-know what th-they were."

"Seriously? Even Bel knew about them before we started."

"…You don't have to be so mean about it…"

"What did you just say?"


"Good. Now, we're going. And no more being friendly with the enemy, got it?"

"G-Got it."

"Good." With that, the boy followed his friend down the path.

Several hours and disastrous double battle practice later (Black's attacks kept hitting Pyro as well as their opponents, and said wild pokemon kept running away), Black plopped down under a tree. "I'm tired and hungry, and I refuse to take another step."

"D-Do you want to stop for lunch?" The brunette just glared at him. "I-I'll grab the s-sandwiches then…" Pulling said food out of his bag, he handed her one, then called out Pyro and offered him half of his. Giving the turkey-filled bread a sniff, he suddenly chomped down, careful to avoid his human's fingers.

As he was taking the remaining bit of the sandwich out of the boy's hand, Black had likewise called Tepig out of his pokeball and poured the pokefood she'd just brought into a bowl for him. Seeing the way the yellow pig was glancing between his bowl, her sandwich, and Pyro licking the crumbs off his face, the female brunette paused. "Look, eat your own food. They specifically made it for a reason, and I'm not starving myself just because you want to be picky. And White," she added, seeing him about to break off half of his remaining bit "don't you dare give him any of yours. He doesn't belong to you anymore, so no spoiling him, especially if it involves starving yourself in the process; I need you battle ready."

"S-Sorry." Looking away, he hastily finished the rest of his lunch. Pyro looked at the boy, then back to the fire pig. [Does he normally do that?]

[The sharing his food thing? All the time.]

[I really meant the stuttering and letting that female human walk all over him, but that's bugging me to. Most humans I've seen act like her about food, so why is he different?]

[I don't really know. Sometimes it worries me that he might not be getting enough, but he always says he's fine. As for her-I mean, my trainer (I need to get used to calling her that), sadly, yes. She doesn't truly hurt him, but she usually intimidates him into getting her own way.]

The legendary fire type was quick to pick up on the other's point. [Define truly.]

[Well-] Tepig was interrupted by his trainer's yelling. "HEY! YOU! GET BACK HERE WITH MY SANDWICH!"

Turning around, the shiny just caught a glimpse of purple tail darting through a nearby bush. "Tepig! After it!"

Complying more out of genuine curiosity more than anything else, the small pig darted after the blur, Black, White, and Pyro right behind him. Fighting through the underbrush and doing his best not to start a fire, he managed to catch up to the little thing just before it ate the last half of the girl's sandwich. [Hey!]

He got a feminine growl in reply.

Shooting an Ember at it to make it drop the morsel, he was more than slightly surprised when it switched from angry and hissing to whining and pitiful the minute the two humans caught up to them. "Tepig, I asked you to catch it, not hurt it." Mock glaring down at the affronted pokemon, Black walked over to the pathetically cute mess the small kitten had become. "Aww, I'm sorry about that, but," her tone did a complete one-eighty once she'd picked the little thing up, to the shock of both the small kitten and White "you don't steal other people's food. Now, since you've completely ruined my sandwich, you are coming with me in exchange."

Grabbing a pokeball from her belt, she dropped the Purloin and threw a ball at her before the purple kitten could process the fact that her cute act had actually failed her. After several violent twitches, she broke out hissing, and lunged for Black's leg. "Ember."

Tepig's attack knocked the flying furball out of the air, and another ball was thrown before she could stumble to her feet. This time, the ball shook a little less before going completely still. "Wow…Y-You really hate cute things, don't you?"

Black huffed, but didn't snap at him as she recalled Tepig before he reached the sandwich, to the fire pig's dismay. "I don't hate them. Champions just don't have time for that kind of thing. So," she added glancing at him accusingly, "no cuddling or babying your pokemon."

"…O-Okay." Pyro shot an accusing glance at the girl before climbing up White's leg and onto his shoulder, just to tick her off. Smirking at her glare, he refused to let the boy place him on the ground, and proceeded to smirk even more when he gave up and shot her an apologetic stare.

"I truly dislike that thing."

"H-He's not a thing, Black." Glaring at the boy, Black just stormed ahead of him back to the path, forcing him to once again try to catch up. The small fire type was going to keep an eye on that girl, and make sure she didn't step on the boy too much. Since he was going to stay with this human, so help him Arceus, he was going to help him grow a backbone.

Sadly, this determination of his wavered the closer they got to Striaton City. The small legendary remembered his last run in with a large group of humans only too well, and wasn't ready to repeat the experience. When White tried to place him back in his pokeball, however, he still refused, his pride and desire to tick Black off still greater than his dislike of crowds.

Thankfully for the small legendary, Black didn't like crowds either, and glared all but a few more stubborn trainers away. These few were quickly driven off by the girl with icy remarks after White's answer of "No," for trades or "I don't know," for where to find another one.

Adding to her anger, when they reached the gym, someone said that the leader wasn't in at the moment, and to try looking in the trainer's school. "Great. I just got out of that hellhole, andnow I have to go back." After Black stormed off, White followed at a somewhat safe distance (Pyro and the crowd kept him from getting as far away as he would've liked).

Her rage reached its peak once they got to the school and found that they just missed the gym leader, just to die just as quickly once she realized who was there. "Cheren! I knew you'd be here."

The black haired male sighed and reluctantly turned from the blackboard he was studying while White was greeting Bel, who was right next to him. "I figured it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the different status ailments while I was here."

While Black bombarded the boy with questions about his training and attempts to get him to ditch Bel, White turned to said blonde and asked if the gym leader was still in the building.

"Oh, you mean the guy in the waiter outfit? He just left a few minutes ago. We were going to go challenge him after Cheren was done memorizing all the status-thingies."

"Thank you. I should probably look them over too before-"

Black, who wasn't having much luck with Cheren, suddenly cut him off by yanking him back to the entrance. "Well fine! We'll beat the gym leader far faster than you did!"

"Wha-? Bye." White managed to give a quick wave goodbye before they disappeared out the front door.

Bel looked slightly confused, and Cheren just sighed and returned his attention back to the blackboard.

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