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Insane training and some PDA

Matthew was running down the hallway, making sure the ball never strayed too far from his feet, while also trying not to run over any people he came across. Johan and his brilliant ideas, pfft. He still had no idea why he agreed to that. Oh, wait, yes he did. It was kinda pathetic if he thought about it. Seriously, just because he was promised more morning showers with Johan, seeing that water trail down his hair, his well defined chest, his abs and…


Focus, Matt, focus! Now's not the time to fantasize about what you'll do to him when you two are alone! Just make it to the end of the crowded hallway without knocking anyone or anything over and-


Matthew immediately jumped up, taking the ball with him as he saw Johan slide pass him. The moment he landed on the floor again he continued his pace, trying to get past Johan. Just five more meters until he reached the end of the hall, he can do this! Johan wasn't about to let him pass, though. He moved his feet, trying to take the ball from Matthew. Matt was ready for it this time. He countered by making a quick turn, spinning past him and making it towards the end. Four meters, three, two…

"Argh!" He yelled as he fell backwards. He would have made quite the nasty smack too, but Johan prevented him from hitting the floor. He wrapped his hands around Matthews torso, flashing him a victorious grin, while Matthew replied by giving him a glare.

"What the hell, man? You're not supposed to tackle from behind, that's just low!" He spat, eyes still burning with rage. Johan kept on smiling as he answered him. "Now, now, Matt. You promised to leave the hate at the training grounds, remember? And I can tackle you from any side I please, as long as I aim for the ball instead of your ankles."

"First of all, I'm raging, not hating. Second, we're still at the training grounds, so even if I was hating I'd be fully entitled to do so. And third, if you didn't aim for my ankles, why did I fall?"

"Because you're my darling boyfriend, you're supposed to fall for me 24/7." He said, planting a small kiss on his cheek and pulling him tighter to his chest, causing Matt to let out a sigh. Stupid Johan and his stupid, sappy, unbelievably adorable ways of showing his affection.

"You're impossible."

"I'm just making sure you're prepared for anything. I want our match to go as smooth as possible."

"If you say so, Johan. Maybe you should stop calling your attacks too, while you're at it," he said with a smile, putting his hands on Johan's arms.

"Got caught in the moment. It won't happen during the match."


"Yup. But back to business. Seeing as how you failed to reach the end of the hallway…"

"Don't even go there, Johan. You cheated!"

"Did I? Frank, you saw me tackle him, right? Was that cheating?" Johan asked, directing his attention to one of the other trainers. Frank let out an apologetic smile, addressing Matthew. "Hate to say it, Matt, but Johnny is right. He clearly aimed for the ball, and he got it too. I saw you trip over your own feet because of the speed you were running with." Matthew rolled his eyes at that.

"Urgh. Fine. Two out of three, then. I'll make it this time." Another grin escaped Johan as he got up, pulling Matthew with him.

"You've been saying that for the past two weeks. Let's see if you can back it up this time."

Trash Talking and Mind Reading

"Okay Matt, with feeling this time."

"Johan, you know I can't do this outside of hockeyseason."

"Just pretend then."

"I can't. It needs to come naturally, I can't just force it."

"Would it help if I start?"

"You… you'd really utter that kind of language against me?"

"Well, I… No! I mean…"

Oh, who was he kidding. Like he'd ever be able to trash talk against his darling Matt, even if it was to prepare him for the harsh words that would be said during the heat of the match. Especially after he looked at him with those… sad… Is he sad? He can't be sad! But he is! Holy Cruyff, he made him sad. He had promised him on their first date that he'd never make him sad, dammit. He has to be the worst person alive on the planet right now. He reached out his hands and grabbed Matt by his shoulders, pulling him close towards his chest.

"I'm sorry, Matt, I really am. But you know how I get when I play a match, and I want to make sure you won't just stand there being all shell shocked and what not."

"Me and shell shocked? Are we talking about the same guy? Don't tell me you forgot how I get when I play a match," Matt said as he removed himself from Johan, flashing him a cheeky grin. Johan was dumbstruck. Had he been acting all this time?

"Eh? You're not sad?"

"Of course not, you idiot. I just wanted to mess with you for trying to force me into it. Like I said before, trash talking has to come naturally," he said with a wink. Johan still didn't seem to be able to wrap his head around it. How the hell did he not see that? He always saw through anything, dammit! Was he losing his touch? Crap, he'd better not lose his ability to read people, he needs it for poker nights!

"Don't worry, Johan, you haven't lost your touch."

"How did you…" he asked in surprise. Great, he was losing his touch while Matthew seemed to have gained the ability to read his mind.

"Just like how I'm easy to read for you, you're easy to read for me. I know you'd never make me sad on purpose, so if I would be sad for some reason you'd be thrown off guard, leaving yourself open for some mind games, haha."

"You are such a sneaky bastard."

"Yup, so you'd better watch yourself instead of worrying about me so much," he said with a wink. Johan smiled back as he pulled him in another hug. Their match couldn't some soon enough.

More Biased Football History with Matt and Gil

Matthew was sitting next to Gilbert, petting the little bird that had settled itself between his hands. Gilbert was taking another chug from his bottle, offering Matthew a sip too, which he declined. He didn't drink during training. Gilbert shrugged as he finished the bottle, putting it next to him as he continued to watch the show. Johan was arguing about football again, but it wasn't with Antonio. This time he was arguing with Ludwig of all people. Gilbert couldn't help but laugh a little. Matthew didn't get it.


"Yeah, Blondie?"

"I know Johan and Ludwig are sworn enemies on the football field and all, but how come he never harasses you about it? And don't give me that 'Because I'm awesome' crap."

"What crap? It's all true."

"Gilbert." Matthew said, glaring at Gilbert.

"Matthew." Gilbert replied with his trademark grin. Matthew let out a sigh. Those Europeans and their insanity when it comes to football.

"Just answer me."

"Okay, but only because you asked so nicely. Johan probably told you about 1974, right? The WC was held in West Germany that year. It was the first time he made it to the World Cup final, and West Germany was his opponent to boot. Luddy already won his first title in 1954 and Johnny wasn't about to let him win his second. And even though the war had ended for almost thirty years, there was still some tension left, and that was perfectly understandable. Johan probably saw it as a chance for a little extra payback. And they started off great, let me tell you. The game hadn't even been going for a minute when the Dutch scored the first goal. But the Germans refused to lose on their home turf, and evened the score twenty minutes later. The final and winning goal was also made by the German squad, two minutes before half time. The Dutch tried to get even during the second half, but they missed too many chances. And in the end Germany won its second title, in their own home."

"Wow. So they became rivals after that match, huh? And the reason he doesn't see you as a rival is because you didn't take his first title from him?"

"In a way, yes. If only the Wall had fallen sooner, then I could have participated in that match and called him a rival too."

"You two are together now, why don't you just join in anyway?"

"I wasn't there when it began, and it's against the code to just jump in an existing rivalry. Gotta keep things fair, you dig?"

"I dig."

"Good boy. It's a shame, though. I would have loved to have a worthy rival, too."

"Europe is like football Valhalla, can't you just be rivals with one of the other teams?"

"I could. But they wouldn't be as fun to beat as Johnny and his team." He let out another laugh as he seemed to reminisce about something, before turning his attention to Matthew again. "You must have noticed by now that Johan is a completely different person when he's on the field. Brash, overconfident, and arrogant as fuck. Combine that with the fact that he's a master of trash talking and actually has the skills to back it all up make him such a perfect character to win against. Trust me, nothings makes you feel quite as good as putting a loudmouth like that in his place."

"That sounds strangely familiar. Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself?" Matthew said with a little grin.

"Well, we are cousins you know," he replied, grinning back. "But ask him yourself later on if you don't believe me. Lord knows how much the guy loves talking about his own exploits."

"Once again, strangely familiar. Wanna help me break the two up before they start killing each other?"

"I suppose." He said, getting up and walking towards his brother and cousin, with Matthew following close behind. And just like last time the two of them grabbed their respective sibling/lover by the ear and dragged them away, ignoring the protests that were now coming out of their mouths.

"Ouch! Bruder! Let me go this instant! I'm not a little kid!"

"Could have fooled me, with all that ruckus you were making."

"Argh! Matt! What the hell, man? Is this really necessary?"

"As long as it helps me to get you out of arguments, then yes. Most definitely."

Relaxing and Reminiscing

Johan was sitting between Matthews legs, his back pressed against Matt's chest while the latter was playing with his hair. They had just gotten out of the shower and were now watching some sort of late night comedy show, from what Matthew could gather. Johan was laughing every other minute or so, so his guess was probably not far off. He really needed to learn some Dutch. Johan always translated for him in between jokes, but even then he didn't get half of the stuff. Dutch humor is so weird.

The commercials were on right now, and Johan immediately grabbed the remote and switched channels. Matthew couldn't help but laugh. He remembered the first time Johan did that.

"You don't have to switch channels during the commercial breaks, you know. I don't mind seeing them."

"I don't mind it either, normally. But it's after 11 PM, and you don't wanna see what comes up then. Trust me."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"It's just that… eh…"


"Oh, fuck it. You're old enough and you were pretty much raised by that lech anyway. I doubt you'll be traumatized." He said before switching back the channels.

"What on earth are you talking about? What could possibly be on right now that you-ohmyGodisshedoingwhatIthinks he'sdoing?" A girl, probably no older than 18 by the looks of it, was on screen. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that she was pretty much naked except for a tiny, see-through thong that she was wearing. And if that wasn't bad enough, she was sprawled on a huge bed, looking at the camera with this 'come hither' look, talking in a seductive voice. And even though he didn't speak a word of Dutch, judging by how she acted and the telephone number that appeared next to her as she entertained herself he understood immediately what was going on.

"Seriously, Johan? Phonesex commercials?" He asked. He had wanted to glare at him and smack him upside the head, but for some reason he couldn't keep his eyes off of the TV.

"Beats having to watch the shopping channel until the regular programming starts again at 6 AM." Johan answered, trying not to laugh as he saw the state Matt was in.

"Point taken." He said, eyes still glued to the screen. Johan switched channels again, causing Matt to let out a sound of disapproval. Johan had pounced on him them, pushing him towards the floor. A smirk escaped him as he felt Matthew growing a little problem. "Don't tell me you'd rather spend the night calling one of those girls instead of having some fun with me."

"O-of course not! I wouldn't understand a damn thing they would say anyway!" He sputtered, trying to will his blush away. Another smirk escaped Johan as he leaned closer and captured Matthews lips in a soft kiss. When he broke away after a while he smiled against his lips. "Guess it's time for me to teach you some basics then, schatje."

"That's awfully kind of you, Johan. Teaching me Dutch so I have a chance with the girls on TV," he replied, smirking back.

"I'm nice like that. I'll even let you practice on me for free so you won't embarrass yourself with them later."

"Dutch is really hard to learn, so I'll be needing lots and lots of practice. You sure you don't mind?"

"Not at all, take all the time you need."

And taking his time he did. The rest of that night was spent with the two of them getting intimate, and Matthew learning some words and phrases that he forgot the next day. Partly because Dutch is just that hard to learn, and partly because if he 'forgot' the Dutch he learned last time he could always ask Johan for another session. A new session did sound good, actually. Maybe he should ask for one now? He bit his lower lip, reaching out a hand to continue playing with Johan's hair. Nah, he'll ask tomorrow, they already spent the entire day on the field. And he did get to shower with him. Yeah, he'll ask tomorrow.

It seemed the show had ended, seeing as Johan was switching channels again. Eventually he stopped when he hit Comedy Central. Seinfeld was on at the moment, and a smile graced his lips when he heard Jerry start one of his stand up routines. Thank God the Dutch subbed everything. His mind wandered off to that one time when he was in Germany and saw Die Hard with a German dub. Bruce Willis should not sound like that, dammit. He shuddered a bit as he shook his head, trying to forget it again.

"You okay, Matt? I felt you shudder. Want me to turn the heating on?"

"No, I'm, good. Thanks. I just remembered the time I was In Germany for business and got stuck with the German dub on everything."

"Aww, you poor thing! No need to worry about that when you're with me, though." He said, squeezing Matt's hands. Matt squeezed back, letting his chin rest on Johan's head. "I know. But it still bothers me that we've been together for so long and I still don't know a word of Dutch."

"I'm to blame for that. I automatically switch to English when you're around, it's a force of habit from my old merchant days. I could always make better deals if I negotiated in the language of the other party."

"Is that so? Hmm. So if I asked you for favors in Dutch you'd be more inclined to give in?"

"Maybe. Why? Do you need something from me?"

"I need a lot of you. All of you in fact." Matt leaned closer, nibbling on Johan's earlobe. Johan bit his lip, trying to hold back a moan. He grabbed Matt's hands, planting little kisses on them. "That's quite a lot you're asking for, sir Williams. I think we should discuss further details in my private chambers."

"I'd love to, monsieur van der Meer. I'm sure we can come to an understanding."

A/N: And then they 'negotiated' all night long and Matt learned another few words which he forgot again next day. Sex induced amnesia, it happens :P. So yeah, you had to wait for over a year and this is what you get. My apologies, but I really can't do anything without my plotbunnies, and they just randomly drop by whenever the hell they please :(. *bows head in shame*

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Second: Johan is an arrogant bastard on the football field and will trash talk you into submission :D. So he wants to teach Matt how to trash talk back, but it seems he forgot that Matt is quite the trash talker himself during hockey season.

Third: NedxGer= WW2 all over again. Thankfully only on the football field. The fans from both sides know this as well, and have a lot of fun coming up with ways to tease the other guys. The players themselves are in on it as well. They always make bets with each other to wear the other's national shirt for a specific period of time when they lose. Stuff like that. All in good fun :D. Fun fact: Germany hasn't won a tournament since they got reunited. Heartwarming fact: Even before they got reunited, the home colors for West Germany was a white shirt with black shorts. That's right, Prussia's colors. So they could be together somewhat even when they couldn't be together. I squeed so much when I figured that out.

Fourth: They need some time away from football, so this was just them having fun. And those commercials are real XD. So if you ever visit Netherlands and it's after 11 PM and you're watching TV you have to be careful! Unless you actually want to make use of those services.

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