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Birthday Wishes

Chapter 1

Two days to go. Does he even remember? He must do, its Riddick he remembers everything.

Jack was sitting on the bed in her room aboard the ship her and Riddick called home for the last 9 years. He had meant to drop her off n Hellion Prime with the Holy man but after a bit of digging he found out that the Holy man wasn't so Holy after all and Riddick had to kill him. There was no way he could have left Jack with him not when he found out that the Holy mans sons were actually pleasure slaves that he had been training up to sell and the pilgrimage to Mecca was just a cover story to keep the community trusting him. Jack smiled thinking back to how Riddick had killed him to keep her safe; surely that must mean he cared a little bit for her back then and that must have grown by now? She just wasn't certain what Riddick thought of her - did he think of her as a little sister or something else; something closer to how she felt for him.

Jack flopped back onto the bed sprawling on it as she thought of the years she had spent with Riddick. At first she had just hero worshipped him; she tried to copy his every move. She had dressed like him, talked like him and even shaved her head like he did. He had started training her to fight like him the first week they left Hellion Prime. She had thought it was so she could defend herself when he dropped her where ever he planned on leaving her but it never happened, he had kept her with him the whole time. She had got good at fighting and had helped in more than one sticky situation when Mercs were on their necks. Jack frowned when she thought back to her 16th birthday; by that age her feelings towards Riddick had changed it was no longer Hero worship it was love with a healthy side order of lust.

She smiled, who wouldn't lust after Riddick; all those muscles and the silver eyes that looked right into your soul! She knew that he knew how to please a woman too; she had followed him once to a brothel and watched him with a whore. She had been 17 then and dying for Riddick to touch her. She had thought that if she knew what he liked then she could copy it and seduce him. What had actually happened was she had gotten so jealous that she had bleached all his clothes from the crisp black he preferred to a faded grey – heck if he had been into white she would have dyed them pink just to get even. Riddick of course had no idea why he had a set of grey clothes and just put it down to Jacks time of the month and avoided her until he could buy himself a new wardrobe. That had infuriated him so much that ,after a night of hot dreams about him doing to her what he had done to the whore, she had thrown herself at him after giving him a few beers to loosen him up! That was when he had issued the deadline.

Jack covered her eyes with her arm when she remembered what he had said. She had crawled into his lap. He had put his arms round her like he always did, she had taken advantage of that and leaned forward to brush her lips against his. She didn't get that far. Before she could make contact he had stood up and dumped her on the floor. He had stared down at her and asked "what the fuck are you doing Jack?" She had gotten to her feet and tried to step close to him when he grabbed her arms and backed her into a wall. He had held her very still and she thought that he was about to kiss her as he had leaned in towards her. Riddick had other plans though and slowly scented her neck before growling. The growl reverberated through her hitting her low down in the stomach, her breathing increased, her heart raced and she had gotten even more turned on. She had got as far as breathlessly whispering the first syllable of his name before he growled again then said " I may be bad Jack but I don't fuck kids, The whores have to be twenty one Jack before I'll touch them. I may not have many morals when it comes to breaking rules but that's one rule I ain't breaking. Your my little sister Jack I cant do that to you hell we are a fucked up family as it is without that getting in the way" As soon as he finished speaking he stepped away so quickly she had fallen to the ground again and before she could right herself or say anything he had gone.

Over the next few weeks she had tried to argue, she had the computer draw up lists of the legal age to have sex on various planets but he had just deleted them and threatened her that if she spoke another word about it again he would hand her over to the Mercs himself; the way he said it she knew he meant it. She had finally given up and just let time pass and hoped that he didn't get rid of her before she was 21 or find someone else before then.

She rolled over onto her stomach and dug under the bed for her hand-held computer. She had 2 days before her 21st birthday and she was going to do everything she could to make Richard B. Riddick give her the birthday present that she wanted – him! Trouble was she had no experience of seducing a man; any time they had stopped on a planet for any length of time Riddick had scared off any boys who had hung around her. She had managed one kiss on a small mining planet with a guy she had known a week before Riddick had kicked down the door of the room she was in and dragged her out saying that Mercs were on their way – to this day she didn't know if he had told her the truth about the Mercs.

She accessed the files she had downloaded and began to flip through them, "How to get your man," "100 things that will turn a Man wild," the list went on in the same general theme but no matter what she read she couldn't help thinking that they wouldn't work on Riddick. They all seemed to need a more civilised man; now if she could find one that was aimed at making a wanted convict who had saved you from monsters and then raised you for the last 9 years change his view from brother to lover then she may be in with a chance. Most of the articles she had assumed that you were strangers and that there was no trust between you and that was the one thing that her and Riddick had was trust. There was nothing like fighting together to keep your ass out of a triple max slam to give you trust!

OK maybe Plan B would be better; they were due to stop over on a planet tomorrow to resupply the consumables and do a little ships maintenance. Riddick usually planned it for the 2 weeks around her birthday to give her some shore leave and they could celebrate in style. So she was going to have to shop; she suppressed a shudder. She needed to change his way of thinking about her, make him realise she was a girl – no a woman so she needed to dress like a woman. Jack hadn't worn a dress since she was 10 but now may be the time to start. She quickly came up with a list of items she needed and shut down her hand-held with a smile. Riddick wasn't going to know what had hit him. With that she dimmed the lights and fell asleep unaware that an hour later Riddick stood in her room looking down on her as she slept. He left without waking her, after he had looked through her most recent files on her hand held and said only one word as he left with a backwards glance "Beautiful."