The next few days were somewhat awkward. He was not quite sure how to behave, and neither it appeared was she. Once they were in a bedroom with the door closed, it was fine, they fell together, but out in the world, interacting with others...

Sheldon covered up his new found confusion about where his hands should be by delving back into his experiment. Not into the game, but into LibreOffice.

Penny hovered, careful to unhook the wires every five minutes as per his request. Both of them avoided touching the other directly as much as possible.

It wasn't that they were trying to hide the new part of their relationship. The problem was that when Penny touched Sheldon, he now seemed to forget what he was doing and where he was. When he touched her back, she didn't care who was watching. The power of their attraction could be unnerving for their friends to witness, they thought. Best to let it burn behind closed doors for the time being.

It was no secret either, for when Penny announced she was going back to bed, she usually went into Sheldon's room, and he almost always followed her closely behind, unless he was winning at klingon boggle. He in return, had written up a declaration of involvement and notice of female sleepovers as per the room-mate agreement and presented it to Leonard the first time he saw him.

Leonard was surprised, but more interested in the tale of the game. He volunteered for the next game experiment, but was vetoed by Priya, who declared that no boyfriend of hers was going to be rescuing Princess Peach or accompanying Lara Croft.

Bernadette voiced similar objections, and so Raj was chosen. He made quite a dashing figure alongside Puss in Boots, they all agreed, though he still couldn't talk in front of Princess Fiona.

Ultimately, the wires were put away. The speed with which Sheldon could mind-write his data was negated by having to have someone present to bring him out of the program, and he had no interest in marketing the discovery as a gaming system. He did however, secure international patents on it.

As for Pennyix and Sheldonus, their brood grew weekly, and the village flourished with the vegetables and fruits that the now very tanned Zachus was able to produce under Amyix's adoring gaze.