Vicis Flies Tergiversatio

(Time Flies Backwards)

Chapter 9

One Horcrux Left To Go … Is This The End?

Both Severus and Harry left the dorms, at the same time, confusing every Death Eater greatly. They knew Evans knew Snape was a Death Eater, why on earth would he go anywhere with him? Had he decided to join The Dark Lord. It didn't seem likely, but they all knew what fear could do to someone. The Dark Lord was extremely powerful, and he got what he wanted, when he wanted. Everyone there was completely stunned, unable to believe what had gone on. They knew it to be true; The Dark Lord was a Mudblood. It disgusted them to no end, and they were no longer proud to wear the Dark Mark on their forearms. How did their parents feel? They weren't sure, and they wished they did know. They would know soon enough, Hogwarts was finishing up soon.

"I actually feel sorry for them," said Severus walking with Harry, with a renewed purpose the likes he had never felt. Not even brewing potions gave him this sense of purpose.

"I would as well, if I didn't know the havoc they would wreak in my future," said Harry in concealed disgust. He had always hated them, but never displayed it. They were people that had repeatedly tried to kill him, for seven years. Who had killed people's parents whom he was close to. Neville Longbottom was one of them, and he could name a lot more.

"How bad is it?" asked Severus warily.

"It was bad, hundreds died," said Harry bluntly. "That was only in the first war, the second was worse."

Severus remained silent at that, not sure what to say.

"That wont happen this time, I'll make sure of it," stated Harry grimly.

Severus silently hoped that Harry was as good as he thought he was. He couldn't live with himself if something did, considering he was going along with it. He wasn't concerned about himself, but Harry and Lily too. Lily loved Harry, it didn't matter to her that he wasn't biologically her 'brother'. Maybe she inwardly sensed he was hers, maybe she felt the need to look after him. She was his mother, maybe her magic sensed that. Either way the red head loved him, she had loved him since day one. He remembered a time where he had been insanely jealous of that. He wasn't anymore though, hadn't been for seven years. Everyone knew if they wanted to harm Harry - they would have needed to go through Lily. To go through Lily, you would need to go through Severus. Severus would never have stood back and let Lily be hurt. Nobody at Hogwarts wanted to mess with Severus; he had known more curses and spells than any seventh year student.

Lily had proved herself quite the fiery hell cat - a staunch defender of those she loved and the weak. Harry was far from weak, especially now, with what he knew. He had stupidly thought Harry didn't know much, only what he had learned at Hogwarts. What a joke, his friend was in actuality a twenty six year old man, with two Hogwarts Graduations under his belt.

"Hold on," said Harry as they finally reached the gates of Hogwarts and passed them.

Severus took a hold of Harry's hand, and with a deep breath both of them were gone. They shouldn't be leaving Hogwarts without permission, if Dumbledore found out he would probably blow a fuse. It wasn't safe to leave Hogwarts, and he would be disappointed in them. Not that either of them cared, they just don't want to have to put up with Dumbledore nosing in their business. Harry had managed so far without getting caught, so perhaps things would be alright.

"Well that's a surprise," mused Harry, staring at number twelve Grimmauld Place.

"What?" asked Severus confused.

"It's not under the Fidelus Charm," shrugged Harry, flicking his wand he realized it wasn't completely undefended. There were charms and spells on the building, it didn't take Harry much time or effort to tear them down.

With a simple 'Alohamora,' he was in, "Maybe you should have asked Black," said Severus as he too had his wand out in front of him. Warily walking down the hall of Grimmauld Place, it was very clean and orderly.

Then Harry heard the most annoying voice he had ever had the misfortune of hearing. One he was very familiar one, his eyes zoned in on a portrait he almost expected to be there. It wasn't which meant that Black's mother was still alive and as annoying as ever.

"Oh shite," groaned Harry, before using a spell to find Bellatrix hoping she was there despite only being a cousin. He was surprised to see that she was indeed there, so he followed the light towards her, finally hearing the argument that was happening.

"I cannot believe you let our son join that half blood!" screeched Mrs. Black.

"Or me!" exclaimed Bellatrix Black. So she had obviously just informed them that Voldemort was a half blood.

"I think you will find, my dear, you also wanted him to join," said Mr. Black.

"ORION! You better do something about this! Our son is tainted! TAINTED!" shrieked Mrs. Black.

Harry moved to reveal himself, shrugging Severus off when he tried to stop him. The Black's were steeped in Black magic, no pun intended. They could seriously damage Harry if they wanted to. Growling low in his throat, Severus also went forward, just in case he needed to defend both of them.

"I can help you there," suggested Harry.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Orion his wand already in his hand "How did you get in here?" he finished growling at Harry.

"That's not important, I can ensure your sons arm is free of Voldemort, of his taint," said Harry hiding his amusement. He had never heard the dark mark referred to as 'taint' before.

"How can you do that?" asked Mrs. Black, to Harry's surprise she wasn't shouting or sneering.

"He's a Mudblood what can he do?" sneered Bellatrix.

"I'll have you know my biological parents are both magical thank you very much," said Harry emotionlessly.

"How can you help our son?" asked Orion grimly.

"I need Bellatrix's help," admitted Harry bitterly. He couldn't believe he was asking her for help, he never in his wildest dreams believed it would happen. Part of Harry expected this to be an absurd nightmare. Then again he felt as though the past nine years was a dream.

"My help?" gaped Bellatrix shocked. Warming up to Harry slightly since he wasn't a Mudblood. Everyone knew he had been adopted by the Evan's, what she hadn't expected was him to be a pureblood. A wrong assumption to make but Harry wasn't about to correct her thoughts.

"I need the cup he gave you," said Harry grimly.

Bellatrix gape just got bigger, how the hell did he know about it? Nobody else did. She had kept it secret, and she had been alone when she was given it. With the task of keeping it safe, which she had done. She had completely forgotten about that, in her current disgust for the Mudblood. Not that she would say that to his face, he was powerful and she wasn't stupid or insane…yet.

"Well?" sneered Severus sharply.

"She will help you," said Orion. "Or be wiped from the family line."

Harry's eyes widened, he hadn't expected that, neither had Bellatrix apparently.

"I have one request to ask of you," said Harry simply, changing the future as he was, might leave his godfather without the Black fortune. He felt extremely guilty about it, but at least he wouldn't end up in Azkaban. That was one consolation in his mind, but he rather hoped the father would take pity.

"What is that?" asked Mrs. Black her eyes narrowing in on Harry in suspicion.

"To allow Sirius back into the family," said Harry, "I know he disappointed you by being a Gryffindor. Family should mean more than houses; all it means is your son is very courageous and headstrong. Headstrong is a family trait isn't it? He's not so different from you all. Not wanting to be a follower of Voldemort turned out to be a good thing right? Or both your sons would be servants to Voldemort."

"I'll think about it, that's all I can offer you," said Orion reluctantly.

"That's all I can ask, thank you, we really must get going," said Harry speaking to Bellatrix grimly.

"It's not like I have a choice," sighed Bellatrix, she didn't want to be disowned. Her parents would kill her for that. Considering her sister had already been disowned as it was.

"No you don't," said Orion "Now go."

"I wish to enter my vault," said Bellatrix with Severus and Harry right behind her.

"Very well Miss Black," said Gridrick. Yelling quickly in Gobblegook they were quickly escorted to the vault. Passing a very familiar dragon, it was a shame the dragon would never see daylight. Since he didn't need to break out on its back, he smiled sadly remembering how it was all Hermione's idea. He missed them something terribly, but he wouldn't trade this for anything. Seeing his grandparents, his mother father, godfather everyone alive and whole. Unaffected by the war, and they would remain that way if he had anything to say about it.

"Now what?" asked Bellatrix, once the vault was open.

"Now we destroy it," said Harry, grabbing the Horcrux, glad to have none of the events that happened before happen this time. No betraying goblin, or rather devious he had done what Harry had asked him to do. It had taught Harry to be more cautious and smart when dealing with people. Which was probably why the hat had put him in Slytherin this time round, without even waiting on his opinion.

"What is it?" asked Bellatrix suspiciously.

"Something dangerous, we have to get out of here to destroy it," said Harry.

"Thanks for the help," said Harry once they were back outside Gringotts.

"I didn't do it for you," sneered Bellatrix.

Harry cocked his head to the side, "Does that mean you wouldn't have helped us? Truthfully?"

Bellatrix screwed up her face before answering very reluctantly, "Anything to get rid of that…lying conniving Mudblood."

"You might think a road to killing people is the best thing, but think of this Bellatrix, Voldemort is powerful and he's only a half blood. Dumbledore is even more powerful, whether you like it or not - he's extremely powerful. I'm only a half blood, and I'm about to prove how powerful I am. Look at Crabbe and Goyle; they are thick, stupid, and are almost squibs that is what inbreeding does. Every family needs new blood every now and again. Look at Sev with the prince family line, his mum isn't very powerful, yet he's extremely powerful. Being a pureblood doesn't mean squat." stated Harry firmly, but before Bellatrix could reply. Harry had grabbed Severus and apparated them to the Forest of Dean.

"You think I'm powerful?" asked Severus surprised, feeling very smug that Harry thought so for some reason.

Harry snorted "I know you are, if we were to duel Severus…I have a feeling I'd either loose or win by the skin of my teeth." just remembering how powerful Severus was when he was seventeen made him shiver. He had been holding back then too, not wanting to hurt him. He had been an idiot not to realize something was wrong then. Or better yet when the sword turned out to be a fake in Bellatrix's vault. He wasn't just powerful but extremely smart, creating his own spells, potions. He had never appreciated it before, but he did now and that's what mattered. Severus wouldn't die this time, he wouldn't allow it. Severus deserved a better life than the one he had lived before. If it cost him his life it was a small price to pay for the happiness of everyone he loved.

"Yet you say you could take out the Dark Lord?" asked Severus in complete denial at what Harry was saying.

"Severus with what you knew, you could finish Voldemort off, and stop calling him the Dark Lord he doesn't deserve that title." grimaced Harry, that name was a sign of respect in his book and he didn't like it.

Severus remained stubbornly quiet.

"Stand back," said Harry putting the cup down on the floor. One more, he only had to get one more before he could finish Voldemort for good.

Severus cautiously took a few steps back, wondering what was going to happen. He had barely heard of the word Horcrux, he knew next to nothing about them. Just like everyone else really, nobody knew anything about Horcrux's. That was only because there wasn't much information on them to be had these days.

Without hesitation Harry drove the sword of Gryffindor deeply into the cup. Stepping back as the cup began shrieking and smoking. Voldemort's visage appeared screaming and cursing in agony. Harry knew Voldemort didn't know the Horcrux's were being destroyed. It was because he hadn't before; he had been surprised to say the least when Harry mentioned them. Especially telling him they had all been destroyed.

Harry looked back at Severus and smirked at him, he had his hands firmly planted over his ears. Harry was used to the shrieking, he had destroyed them twice now. Removing them nonchalantly, he sneered at Harry as if to say so what. He could do that without Harry being offended. Harry always, since he knew him, seemed to be greatly amused by his sneers. Of course at the beginning he had been very annoyed with that. Now he was kind of grateful, someone knew him well enough not to get offended by them. Lily didn't laugh or become amused by them, it was just Harry apparently. Lily took everything that came with being best friends with Severus sneers and all.

"Ready to go back now?" asked Harry innocently as though he wasn't planning on killing Voldemort. Using a spell to get rid of the now destroyed Huffelpuff cup.

"Unless you plan on taking in your surroundings I don't see why not," said Severus sarcastically.

Harry merely laughed; he wasn't sure if Severus had been sarcastic by this time in the original time line or if it had been earlier. Sarcasm was for most part a defence mechanism Severus had picked up. He wouldn't need it this time though.

"Let's go then," said Harry grabbing a hold of Severus he apparated them both back to Hogwarts.

"What next?" asked Severus as they walked through the gates of Hogwarts.

"I'm not sure, Nagini needs taken care off, for most part he takes it everywhere with him. He only took her to Hogwarts because he needed to protect her. I think some part of him suspected his Horcrux's weren't safe. I doubt he takes her with him everywhere here…or does he?" asked Harry staring at Severus plainly.

"No, I only see it when we are called," sighed Severus.

"So I'll need to go there?" groaned Harry, he really didn't want to do that. Last time he had barely gotten away with his life. His eyes began twinkling when he thought about using Dobby to gain access to the place. There wasn't a place secure enough to stop House elves getting in - they had different magic from wizards.

"What are you thinking?" asked Severus seeing the twinkle in his eyes.

"I've figured out a way," said Harry.

"Care to share?" asked Severus sarcasm deep in his voice. He didn't like being left out.

"I'm going to use Dobby to get in there," said Harry smugly.

"You mean us don't you?" asked Severus in warning.

"No I actually meant me, just to kill the snake and leave." said Harry.

"Why not kill him there?" asked Severus confused.

"He'll be furious, he'll know it's me and he will probably come after me. For the fear to go away, I'll need to do it publicly. I don't relish the thought of doing it that way, trust me." grimaced Harry. "I just have to do what I have to do."

"What about killing him then telling the ministry?" asked Severus.

"Then I might be arrested, I went to him and its not self defence that way Sev," said Harry. He wasn't the boy who lived anymore, he wasn't held in high esteem with the public. He might end up in Azkaban, something he hoped didn't happen but it could. Harry didn't want it to happen, so all he could do was make it look like self defence.

Severus closed his eyes and grimaced, he hadn't thought about it that way. He guessed Harry did have a good point, a sigh left his lips.

"So when are we going?" asked Severus eventually as they entered Hogwarts.

"Tomorrow," decided Harry eventually. "Tonight I'm going to spend some time with my sister - just in case anything does happen." he didn't have to worry about a will. He already had one written out; the Ministry wouldn't get a penny of his money. He had claimed them, the vaults so they were his. If the Ministry got involved before Harry (who wasn't born yet) got them, he wouldn't get the chance of getting them. Not that little Harry would need them, he would have both parents, and the entire Potter fortune when he turned seventeen.

Severus simply nodded; he needed time to think as well at everything he had learned. It had yet to properly sink in, when it did the panic and worry would probably set in too. Harry was actually going to go out there and kill The Dark Lord. He had just gotten used to the fact that Harry was Lily and James' son. That he was from the future, talk about information overload. Now he would have to get used to the fact that Harry might not make it. He couldn't believe anyone could take on The Dark Lord and live. It seemed too surreal, after all the Dark Lord was powerful…extremely so.

There we go! will harry survive? or will his passing create a whole new world? will severus wait for little harry to grow up only to realize he would never be his Harry evans? will severus have to tell lily exactly who harry really was? or will harry survive and create a whole new legend? is pettigrew already a death eater? will he be arrested along with everyone else? will he try and kill harry? putting posion into his drink? R&R PLEASE!