Black lush hair hanging over fragile shoulders, eyes attached to the elder pages ever so tightly. Nothing could take her beautiful brown marbles off the pages; not even the heavy winds swooshing past her.

Each step taken forward would lead to a step back. Cedric couldn't get himself to ask the beautiful oriental girl. Rejection was a huge fear for the young Hufflepuff. His breathing getting heavier as his pumping hearts pace grew faster.

"Are you looking for something?" A sweet voice piped up.

Cedric was absolutely breathless, couldn't get a simple word out.

"Cedric, are you looking for something?" Cho repeated still keeping her eyes glued to the page.

"Um…uh." His eyes were going wide and about to pop out. "Cho, I was wondering if you had an extra copy of The world of Quidditch?" He lied.

"An extra copy?" She asked as she closed her book, hair still covering her gorgeous profile. "You went through all that trouble to ask me for an extra copy of a book?"

"Yes!" He said quickly.

"Not something else?" She asked.

Cedric looked down at his feet trying to hide that a heavy blush that was approaching.

"Yes, I will go to the Yule Ball with you." Cho got up and handed him the book. "Just please return it when you are finished." She smiled leaving him stranded in a shock.


"Maybe next time you should talk about the girls you fancy a little quieter." She called from a far.