Chapter Seventeen


"Rosepelt!" I cried in anguish. My sister lay motionless on top of Amberstar's body. Amberstar seemed to be losing a life. I counted in my head which life this was. A small inward grin hit me; this new life would be Amberstar's last. I flicked my gaze back to my sister and I dashed over to her.

"Rosepelt? Rosepelt? Can you hear me? Oh please say you can hear me, that you're going to get up and everything will be fine?" I moaned. She wasn't moving at all. I was afraid that she would die today, but I didn't think she would die this way. I pushed my face into her fur.

"Rosepelt…Rest safely in StarClan. You shouldn't have died today, that should have been me dying, not you. You were innocent, you never hurt anyone, yet look how StarClan treated you. You are the reason I came back to FireClan. I came back with the hope of spending time with my beloved sister. I…I…I…never thought….the world…so cruel….you….deserve…no…this…" I cried, words fell out of my mouth in pain. I was dying on the inside. I whimpered and gently took my sister off of Amberstar.

This was real death. The kind of death where you didn't have final words to be remembered by. Nothing but saving your undeserving sister's life.


I could barely hear Leaffeather's voice. Even when I did hear it, the words weren't clear. She was crying I knew that much, aside from that it was a blur. I couldn't even respond if I did understand, my mouth was filled with blood and my jaw seemed broken.

"Lea…..fe….go…..on….destroy….Amb—" I croaked out. Leaffeather licked my ear and whispered something I couldn't hear.

"Jay…flight…bring…ja….." I managed to say. Jayflight came into my sight. He was blurry, but he was there.

"Yes Rosepelt? I'm here," Jayflight said quietly.

"I….lo…ve….yo…u," I murmured quietly. He looked at me with an understanding glance.

"I love you too. Our chances of being together are gone now. If only I had told you how I felt earlier. Then maybe, just maybe, this wouldn't break my heart as much. I love you Rosepelt, I'll meet you in StarClan. I hope your journey is fast and easy. Goodbye my sweet Rosepelt," Jayflight finished softly. I looked up at him weakly. His tongue rasped over my ear, as the world started to fade. The fading was slow and agonizing, I was dying inside. Then again, I was dying on the outside too. I shut my eyes and let the world fade. Finally, the world was black and I saw the stars.


Rosepelt was now gone. Really gone. My beloved sister was dead. Jayflight and some others prepared to sit vigil.

"Rosepelt, I will be sitting vigil for you, but first I must finish what I started," I whispered. I whirled around to face Amberstar, but I didn't see her anywhere. Then, I felt the claws in my back.

"Your time ends now, Leaffeather," Amberstar hissed through her teeth. I wailed in pain, but jerked my back trying to throw her off. I did my best and I finally felt her claws come loose. I spun and pinned her down. I bent my head down for the death bite to the throat, but I was thrown off before I could. Her claws dug into my soft belly and I screeched in pain. My claws scraped the ground trying to injure her, but it didn't work. I was pinned down and had no chance of saving myself. Finally, she was off of me. I let out a battle cry and pinned her down again. I dug my claws into without even caring. I ripped her fur apart and relished her screams of pain. Wait? Why was I enjoying killing her? Why was I feeling happiness course through me as I tried to rip her to shreds. I knew why. I was Brackenfrost's sister, we both were bloodthirsty, but with him it showed through more with him. Yet, I was still just as vicious. I had many flaws.

As I ripped through her fur, Amberstar screamed in pain, I decided to put her out of her misery. I dashed my head down and bit her throat hard. I broke the important veins in her neck and snapped her neck. She was dead. My leader was dead; I shivered on the outside, but smiled on the inside. I was free of my second worst nightmare. I still couldn't believe that my once faithful leader had turned so crazy and evil. Brackenfrost did it to her.

All of a sudden, I remembered something. I was now the leader of FireClan. My clan had watched me kill Amberstar, but they saw how she attacked me first.

"Grasswhisker, I will go to the Moonpool in two sun rises," I announced to my medicine cat.

"Yes, Leaffea—I mean Leafstar," the light tabby tom replied. I couldn't believe it. I was a leader now. In the worst possible way, I became a leader.

AN: Okay, so one more chapter, I think it will sort of be an epilogue. It will be placed two moons after Leafstar's trip to the Moonpool. Also, I noticed Leaffeather was turning into a Mary-Sue kinda, so I fixed that with the whole "bloodthirsty killer who lost her sister and enjoyed killing her leader" thing. I don't know whether this story will have a happy ending or a depressing ending. Anyway, see ya soon!

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