The Last Chapter (Epilogue)

A/N: So guys, it's been amazing! I really appreciate all the love I've gotten throughout this story, and hopefully I'll write more Merthur in the future, because I'm going to miss these guys. Thank you all!

The King died on his 77th birthday. "Not bad," Gwaine had whispered to Merlin during the funeral. "Took him bloody long enough. I think he stayed on so long just to keep you off the throne." Thankfully the choir had been singing at that point, because Merlin snorted rather loudly. Luckily, only Gwaine and Morgana heard.

"Of course not," Morgana whispered back. "He stayed on because no one in the afterlife is going to treat him so well as they did here. No one will put up with his big head now."

It took Arthur two days to look anyone other than Merlin in the eye. Though Merlin held Arthur every night to keep the demons at bay, it took him three weeks before he would hold Merlin's hand in public. And it was two months before, on a hunting trip, Arthur kissed Merlin when he shot an arrow into the boar's side. All the knights had cheered.

It took six months for Arthur, stumbling into their chambers, drunk off his ass from a feast of the new year, to drunkenly slur out, "Marry me, Muhlin." And then another two days before the hangover wore off and he was able to get down on one knee and do it properly with candles and a picnic at sunset in the forest.

And it was a year, three months and two days after Uther's death that Merlin and Arthur became husband and husband.

For the best man speeches, Leon stood up, swaying a little, raised his glass and shouted, "FINALLY!" at the top of his lungs. The whole room had cheered. And Gwaine, even more drunk than Leon, had jumped onto the table, and amid small screams of horror (mostly from Percival), Gwaine took a flower out of his pocket and shouted at Gwen, "Marry me, fair maiden!" flung it in her general direction (hitting Morgana), and then promptly toppled off the table. He hadn't actually remembered the proposal in the morning, but he stuck by it and nagged Gwen until she said yes. Gale and Morgana were her bridesmaids.

After their one-year anniversary feast, two tipsy men stumbled their way up to their chamber. Cursing as the door kept turning sideways and was making it very difficult for him to open, Arthur dutifully stood aside, hoping for Merlin to open the door. He did, though not with his hands.

Merlin was instantly sober when he realized what he'd done. But Arthur simply stumbled into their chamber like nothing was the matter.

Arthur turned around, and Merlin, cringing at the expected anger, was instead frozen from shock as Arthur smashed him against the wall.

Fingers were coursing through Merlin's hair and a tongue was sliding across his teeth before he unfroze and kissed back.

Though he froze again a few seconds later when, between frenzied kisses, Arthur had whispered, "I always knew you were something special."

Then, after a few more kisses, he said, "does this mean you can just magic on the lube?"

No one saw them for two days, though after they reappeared, several servants swore they felt the whole castle shaking.