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Running. Marlena was holding her heels so she could run barefoot. We made good time by taking many dark allies. To lose August, who we hadn't even seen since the hotel, Marlena and I ventured on an awry twisty roads. After about a strait half hour of running we both collapsed in one of the allies. I was positive we'd lost August. I hope he was angry. Not just angry but pissed. I had Marlena, now who won August

I could picture August now. I saw him having one of his fits of rage. I felt for the poor people who had to be around him, hell, I was in their shoes once. I thought up a vivid image in my mind. He was smashing empty bottles on the table in his train car. They were adding shards of glass to the already littered floor. He'd obviously been drinking. That could have been his third or fourth bottle. I saw him pace around the room his face in his hands. He'd known what we were doing in that hotel, he knew. Then I felt his anger and it seared through me. It made me jump back into reality.

Okay, no more imagination for me. What was going on inside August's mind? God only knows. How would I feel if Marlena left me after years of marriage for some other man? Vengeful, merciless, bitter, all of that. As much as I told my self I was saving Marlena, August was still a man. A man with love for her, but also a raging temper. I was killing him by taking Marlena away and I knew it. She was the only sure thing for him and now his world was empty. I couldn't have left Marlena with him. I couldn't know she was suffering. Jesus these conflicting emotions we rough.

Marlena looked me. The moonlight flooded her features making them glow. God she was beautiful. She made me happy, even in this grimy ally. I had to find her some suitable shelter. Under those blue eyes were dark circles. We'd been through a lot these last few days. What was I going to do? August would find us, if he didn't I'd still be worried he would. I don't think he would give up simply because we ran. He was determined. Well, Marlena was with me, we would make it. We were in love and that's all that mattered. I couldn't keep a thought from invading my head. When us being together stop being enough for Marlena?

"What's wrong? You look more worried than usual." She added a little laugh to try to cheer me up. I half-heartedly laughed back for her benefit but she didn't buy it. "Come on Jacob. We'll be fine." She kissed my cheek and laid her head on my chest.

"We'll be fine," I repeated as if it would make it true.

I looked up at the moon. Marlena reminded me of the moon, strong but beautiful. Even though it was mid summer, circus season, the night air was chilly. Marlena was shivering a little in my arms. I wrapped myself around her tighter. I'm not sure when I feel asleep but when I woke next I was being tied by Blackie and Marlena was nowhere to be found.

"Marlena! MARLENA!" I called in desperation.

August gazed down at me.

"Hold still Jacob, you won't be seeing her ever again. Actually you won't see much of anything ever again."

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