Their lives shouldn't have turned out this way.

"There is… there is no…cure… There is no cure… It can't be cured… there is no cure…" She muttered to herself, curled up on her bed, covering her ears, but it didn't stop. It wouldn't stop.

The screaming.

"There is no cure… there is no cure… there is no cure…" And another scream. "There is no cure, there is no cure, there is no cure…"

It didn't have to be this way. It was all her fault. She let herself die, she let Patchouli revive her, she let Kurumi turn her, and then-

Another scream.

"There is no cure. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't stop it. It has to be this way. It has to."

If only she hadn't brought Flandre into this. She could've become the Queen. She could've mourned Remilia's "death," she could've gone on with her life.

Outside, the moon was rising. The moon was rising.

Remilia pushed herself off of her bed and went to the window, leaning her head against it and listening to her sister's screaming. Burning her in the sun might have been easier. Maybe. But Remilia wasn't sure. There was no way to be sure.

Why did it come to this?

Remilia watched the moon rise, and listened to the screaming.

The moon was rising. It was so red, so red…