Prompt 29: Sion, Widdershin

I think I'm gonna reuse Sion and Aegis in future one-shots, mostly because I think they're my best Descenders out of the bunch (if you readers disagree, I'd like to know who you prefer if that's the case.)

Also, why does the RM manga have Kanonno as the MC but the RM2 and 3 manga have a Descender (Roa for RM2 and Aldi/Arti for RM3)?

I don't own anything. There's also one line from the song "Uninstall" by Chiaki Ishikawa in here, so I don't own that either. It belongs to the singer and the publisher of the song.

It was inevitable that they were to face one another. That had been decided from the start.

Widdershin sought to consume everything that was left of Terresia and bring forth the undying world from his own World Seed. A world filled to the brim with mana, and all of its denizens would know eternity. But that didn't mean they would have their freedom.

That was something he couldn't allow.

He wouldn't allow it.

Even still, it didn't keep some doubts from creeping into his mind. The most important being: Was he strong enough?

Mormo had once said that he was strong because he never known true fear.

But was that really true?

Within Gilgulim's cavernous pathways, Sion pondered his own confusion and doubt that he was strong simply because he knew no fear. It seemed that his mindset matched the appearance of the world-devouring entity as a result.

The further he went, the more he noticed that he was feeling different. His body trembled and his heart felt cold.

He was... afraid?

It was surprising to him. Maybe he really had believed that he was strong just because he hadn't known true fear. Now that he noticed, it made him feel weak on the inside. Panic welled up in his throat but he remained silent. He couldn't let everyone down, not now.

But what if he did?

I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid.

He chanted the mantra over and over in his head. Widdershin had appeared before him and Mormo. Red eyes locked onto his own honey colored irises with clear intent. Sion tightened his grip on Chizakura.

I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid...!

It was strange. The more he told himself that, the more even and focused his blows seemed to have become. The whole battle was one surreal dance for him. Flames danced around him as he went in for the killing blow, his scarf fluttering behind him.

Within the reflection of his opponent's sight, Sion's face was a perfect mask, but his eyes held something else.


I have no choice but to pretend I am a warrior who knows no fear.