Prompt 31: M!Descender, Kyle, some OC children, mention of Kratos.

I saw TOX2's true ending... stabbed me right through the metaphorical heart. And I want to do a little more Tales of the World crossovers, but I don't know what to do and I feel like I'll screw up a few things if I pursue my wacky ideas.

I don't own TotW, it belongs to Namco.

"Sion!" the sunny blonde haired boy that was Kyle Dunamis waved up into the large tree. Sion was perched on a branch, his legs dangling off the edge, scarf billowing in the wind. He didn't make any motion to show that he had heard the other. Kyle pouted and raised his voice, "Sion!"

The Descender paused, then shifted and looked down, "Hm? Sorry, I was distracted."

"The others are getting antsy and it's almost dinner time!"

"Okay. I'll be down in a sec. Tell the little ones to start a pot of water."

Kyle gave him a thumbs up and ran back to where the large house was. Sion watched Rutee and Stahn's child run off, then turned his gaze back to the horizon. The sunset painted the horizon with bold hues of orange, pink, and gold, with the smallest tint of red creeping in. It was always in these moments of twilight that the aching pain of his chest would be a bit sharper.

The townspeople of Ailily had said that it was this time where the spirits of the dearly departed would linger just a little bit longer on the mortal plane; to visit their still living loved ones. Whether or not it was true, he'd never know. His golden eyes lingered just a little bit longer, hopeful to see a purple-clad figure to appear only to be disappointed.

After that incident, he hadn't seen the man in nearly five years.

The ninja leaped and bounded back to the house. He landed softly outside the door and entered it in a easy motion. Two small bodies latched onto him immediately, and he smiled, patting them both on the head.

"Did you do what Kyle told you? Llew, Kelly?

Llew looked up at him with russet eyes sparkling excitedly underneath dirty blonde bangs. Kelly's dark magenta pigtails bounced as she nodded her head with.


"Good. Where are Sherry and Milo?"

"In the kitchen," Llew chimed while lifting his arms up. Getting the message, Sion scooped Llew up and went to the kitchen, Kelly holding the end of his scarf in her tiny hand. In the kitchen, Sherry was running around with her light blue hair flopping about as she held the red-head band out of Milo's reach.

"Give it back!"

"No way!"

Sion cleared his throat and they both froze. At the pointed look, Sherry sheepishly gave the strip of cloth back to Milo. Sion set to work on making dinner for them all, Llew still in his arms and the small children clinging to him. Kyle helped set the table and they all sat down to eat.

Like a family.

For one blissful moment, Sion pretended that the kids' parents were still alive and with them right now.


For clarification purposes.

Llew = Lloyd and Colette's son

Milo = Cless and Mint's son

Sherry = Chester and Arche's daughter

Kelly = Nanally's daughter (dunno who the husband would be)

Sorry it's not as good as it could be. I'm feeling a little out of it.