Sorry for disapearing of the face of the earth. Life caught up with me in the nasty way it likes to. But my writing style changed a ton while I disapeared, and I have a whole bunch of ideas for this fic, so I decided to rewrite it. Tell me what you think!

A young blond woman sprinted through the building. Sweat dripped down her face, smudging her makeup and stinging a small cut on her lip. Her clothes were dusty and clung to her in an unflattering way, and the jerking movement of her frantic running was not helping, and was in fact making a large hole in the knee of her pants even bigger than before. A crash echoed behind her, and the girl risked a look back, hoping that the crash was merely a bloodthirsty beastie, because you could run away from bloodthirsty beasties.

She came to a flight of stairs, her worn boots skidding to a stop as she struggled to keep herself from hurtling headfirst down the shiny linoleum steps. She paused for only a moment, glancing behind her where the ceiling seemed to be snowing, and the floor was shaking in a slightly terrifying way.

Down on the ground floor a sale had been going on, for, thank the gods, awnings.

A soldier does not hesitate.

Jenny listened to the voice in her head, and took a flying leap of faith. The faith was in her time lord ability to survive things like jumping down flights of stairs.

The young time lord laughed as she flew through the air, throwing her arms out like featherless wings. Adrenaline sent her shooting threw the roof on a natural high. Nothing could defeat her!

Except, perhaps, for the shiny tiles rushing up to meet her.

The young time lord miscalculated, and instead of lightly bouncing off one of the awnings, she went too far to the side. Throwing out her hands, she managed to snag the very edge. "GODAMMIT!" she shrieked as a crack seemed to echo out of her hand, sending shots of pain through her whole arm like bolts of lightning. Breaking her hand was a small price to pay for the slowing of her fall, and she managed to duck into a roll and land with only a few bruises.

Crashes echoed throughout the enormous building, and Jenny pulled herself up and stumbled through the automatic doors.

"We are happy to open for you," the doors said cheerily. "We hope you've had a good time at the Closhings Memorial Mall."

"Thanks," muttered Jenny as she recovered from her fall and sprinted off. Behind her, the once grand building collapsed into rubble. A shame. She had really liked this planet, and now would have to leave. And all she had gotten was a stupid handshake with some politician and some broken fingers.

A camera swiveled to look at her, and Jenny turned towards it, grinning maniacally and waving, giving whoever was watching a full shot of her. She loved how when she went places her reputation preceded her, and how people gave her funny looks as she walked, pony tail flipping, hand waving, asking everybody she met if they had seen a funny man in a blue box.

It had been five years since the Doctor had left her on Messaline, and Jenny left soon after she had regenerated, unable to stay in the place that had caused her birth. It hurt too much. The people dying, her father's tears, the Seven Day War. As long as she was running, everything was alright, and somewhere, deep down, she harbored a hope that someday, the Doctor would say, "what the heck are these stories about a blond girl bopping about the galaxy, knocking down buildings and resisting arrest?" and check them out. But so far, that hadn't happened.

Jenny stopped waving and strutted away from the security camera. Suddenly, her shoulders slumped and she rubbed her eyes. How long had it been since she had last slept? Forty-eight hours, at least. But that meeting she had blown up was discussing better ways of human trafficking, and Jenny knew that was wrong.

A soldier always protects the weaker man.

Sleep would be amazing. Jenny had to pause for a moment and order herself to not collapse where she was standing, if only for the simple reason that the alien creature that inhabited this planet was starting to swarm the area, and would be looking for a blond girl wearing camo and carrying a large gun across her back.

The edge of the city beckoned; a green doorway beyond two buildings. Jenny slipped into the alleyway, and walked towards the forest.

It turned out to be a park, in the middle of the city, a random oasis of flora and fauna that thrived despite the pollution and bug like creatures constantly building taller and taller buildings.

Jenny soon found a narrow cobblestone path that led underneath broad leafed trees, with ferns and flowers on either side. The light shone down greenish, giving the whole place an unearthly look. Small animals skittered just out of sight, and stone statues of the bug creatures were frozen forever, doing menial tasks like holding pitchers of water. Stone benches, carved with signs of temporary love, stood at uneven intervals, facing leaping brooks and other areas of scenery. Somebody obviously cared deeply about this place.

Jenny chose a bench, tucked out of sight, and pulled the shoulder strap of her gun off, setting the weapon on the bench next to her. Sleeping was a bad idea, but a bit of a rest wouldn't hurt anything, as long as she didn't…

The time lord woke up, angry at herself for falling asleep.

A soldier never closes his eyes while in danger, except to blink.

Another rule broken. Dad would be proud.

Jenny stood up and stretched. She had to admit, the sleep had done her good, and she hadn't gotten caught, which was a plus. She reached for her gun-

Which was not there. "Crap," Jenny muttered, turning in a circle, looking around. The scenery had completely changed. Instead of the tame chaos of the park, she was in a wood that was not tame, and was merely chaos. Ferns reached up to her knees, bathing her in a pleasant, earthy scent. There was a suspicious lacking of the bench she had been laying on, but the imprint of her slender body in the ferns gave the impression that she had been laying there for a while.

A soldier always knows where he is.

Jenny shook her head, trying to get the Rules to stop bouncing around. They could be extremely controlling sometimes, and if she wanted to do something the rules said not to do, then it took much willpower. But this rule, about knowing where she was, sounded like a good thing to follow.

Without her gun, and soaked to the bone by the dew that had settled on her in the middle of the night, Jenny felt very small. The trees soared up, scraping the sky around her and dwarfing her small five foot two frame. Picking a random direction, Jenny started walking.

There was a rustling in the ferns near her, and Jenny jumped, hand twitching towards her always-present-except-for-right-now gun. Not being afraid of danger (she would only regenerate); Jenny stalked towards the rustling, like a cat stalking its prey.

A small animal with a big fluffy tail jumped out of the ferns. Jenny jumped back, and then watched as the small animal scampered up a tree. Once it felt that it was sufficiently high enough so that Jenny wouldn't be able to eat it, it started chattering loudly.

Jenny took a few steps closer, cocking her head to the side and studying the animal. Some would say she looked remarkably like her father. "Are you sentient?" she asked the squirrel.

The squirrel chattered some more and spiraled its way to the top of the tree, disappearing into the greenery. Jenny shrugged and continued walking, feeling a bit more confident about this world. As she walked she looked back on her memories, trying to figure out what had happened. The slave traders, the bombs blowing before they should, the building collapsing, the park, the statues… and then sleep. Had there been anything else?

Perhaps one of the statues was something? Jenny, for the life of her, couldn't remember anything out of the ordinary. Although, had one of the statues been crying?

All thought of statues stalking around her as she slept was pushed to the side in the face of this new thing: a road. It was a dirt road, with little weeds growing on the sides and ruts where wagon wheels always wore away at the dirt. It was dry, because the sun beat down hard. As she stepped into the road, Jenny noted that the temperature increased by about ten degrees.

Something sparkled in the dirt, and Jenny bent down to reach it. She grit her teeth in pain as she remembered her broken hand, and used her left hand to pick it up. It turned out to merely be a piece of unimportant greenish glass, glittering like a jewel. Jenny admired it for a few moments, wondering how people could cast aside something beautiful like this for a yellow rock, before looking at her hand. The appendage was swollen and had all colors of the rainbow swirling about against the paleness of her skin. It wasn't pretty. Jenny knew some basic first aid, but she had no bandages, and didn't look forward to the prospect of setting the bone herself. Assuming that the road had been created by sentients, and that the sentients had a place to live, Jenny started to follow it, walking in the smooth

The sun shone down on her merrily, and Jenny found her bad mood dissipating. She had gotten a good night's sleep, had blown up group of the worst slave traders (wouldn't be able to collect the bounty, but that would be getting too picky) and she was alive, albeit a bit broken. Being alive was definitely good.

There was a crashing noise somewhere far off in the woods. Jenny stopped walking, and peered into the gloom curiously. The crashing seemed to be getting closer. It sounded almost like running…

"GET DOWN!" shouted a blond man, grabbing her and pulling her into the ditch on the other side of the road. A few arrows whizzed overhead, like irritating flies.

"Shh," whispered the blond, putting a finger to his lips, seemingly ignorant of the fact that they were kneeling in inch deep ditch water. Slowly, he lifted his head above the level of the ditch, looking around. At his waist, Jenny noted a long sword, and the thought of a weapon so close made her hearts rate increase.

A soldier is always armed.

Jenny pushed down the feeling of her life being dictated by rules programmed in her head, and peeked over the side of the ditch. All she saw was the empty road, but the blond man was getting anxious. "Where is he?" he muttered to himself.

"Who?" Jenny asked. "And where am I?"

The man glanced at her in surprise, like he had forgotten about her, and then horror dawned on his face. "Vivian?"

"Who?" Jenny asked, raising an eyebrow, and once again looking like her father.

The man shook his head. "Sorry, you look like someone I used to know. You're in the glorious kingdom of Camelot. Well, this ditch isn't very glorious, but if I can find my idiot serving- GET DOWN!"

Both people ducked, and several more arrows zoomed overhead, along with a flash of bright light. The man frowned, stood up, unsheathing his sword with a fluid movement.

A raven-haired man stood in the center of a circle of unconscious thugs. He grinned. "There was a freak tornado."

"That just happened to knock out everyone but you?" the blond asked skeptically.

The other man shrugged. "I don't know anything about freak weather phenomenon."

"Right," the blond said, eyeing his companion suspiciously. "Well, Merlin, go get the horses."

"Who's that?" the second man, Merlin, asked, looking at Jenny. Jenny smiled at him.

"I'm Jenny Smith. Um, neither of you two would have, by any chance, seen a man in a blue box around here, would you?" Blank stares answered her. "Never mind," she muttered. "You'd have known if you saw him."

"So you're Merlin, and you are…?" she asked, turning to the blond.

"King Arthur," Arthur told her, putting his sword away in a metallic scrape.

Jenny cocked her head to the side. "King Arthur and Merlin? Does that mean you're the Once and Future King, and you're the wizard?"

"No," Arthur said coldly. "Merlin is not practitioner of magic. Magic is illegal in Camelot."

"But he just knocked out all those muggers with some sort of spell," Jenny responded, gesturing to the bandits lying on the ground, twitching slightly. "Of course, it could have been something else. A grenade or a strong leaf blower or something." She studied Merlin, looking for a leaf blower.

"What happened to your hand?" Merlin asked, looking shiftily at Arthur and changing the subject.

"I blew up some slave traders, jumped down a flight of stairs, and caught myself on an awning," Jenny said. "You wouldn't happen to know anyone who knows how to heal stuff, would you?"