Project Ink 2011

"Project Ink" is a writing competition on the website HexRPG. As far as I can tell, most of this will be original writing pieces as well as one (maybe two) Harry Potter challenges. As the site is PG-13, no story will be above that rating. There will be 15 contestants chosen out of the entire site to compete and I figure that if I'm chosen, I'd like somewhere to showcase what I've written for it. I'm not sure how many rounds there will be or if I'll even make it through all of them, but I guess we'll see! Wish me luck :)


* 500 words maximum
* must include the words (or any variant of):
- Pursuit
- Compatible
- Obstruct
- Gunfire
- Tantalizing

There's a softness about it; a sense of calm and clarity as everything you see becomes more defined. Fingertips slide through the grass as eyes look to the sun, wondering for a moment if this will be your defining moment; becoming a part of the sky in a blaze of heat and glory as you give life through sacrifice. The world around you is loud, it's bright; it's beauty in its richest form. You can see it, smell it… everything around you is so utterly brilliant when before its dullness crushed your senses and seemed to destroy your soul.

It's that moment, that one fleeting moment before the end, when you see everything as it is, without the obstructions of doubt and fear. Such things so easily cloud your mind and tantalize your senses into complete and utter madness. But there will be no more madness; there will be no more fear, no doubt, no tears; only oblivion and ecstasy.

The moment your heart slows you expect gunfire, an explosion of sorts that awakens you to the possibility that this is it, but there is no such brash reality. You expect your chest to tighten and the pain to come from the loss that you and everyone around you has yet to experience, but all you feel is a chill run through your veins. It comforting, in its own way; as much as one would expect cold and finality to be. There will always be a comfort in one's own final decision, as it will be the last ever made. There are no regrets; it's far too late for that even if there were.

As your eyes close and your breathing slows, you remember her name: Aimee. You remember the first time you held her, the first time she smiled at you. Never would you've thought that perfection could come in such a small package, yet there she was. But her perfection could not fix corruption, as desperately as you wished it could. The laughter would turn to tears and the world would blacken around you both and there would be no more perfect moments. She can feel your heart; she is your heart. In time, she would feel its rotten core and she'd know then that you shouldn't have been the one; she'd know that your foolish pursuit of the perfect lie was the thing that destroyed her heart and left her childhood in shambles.

Not everything in life in compatible. Darkness will never make the trees flourish, cold will never allow for survival. There are some decisions in life that need to be made for the greater respect of others and their destinies that have yet to be fulfilled. Selfish is not a word to be used to describe this moment; there is nothing selfish about protecting another. So as your heart beats its last, as your lungs sill in your chest, you drift away with a sense of peace, knowing this was how it should have been.