A/N: In case you can't tell, I like Abby about as much as Mary does and when Lizzie feels this way, crack!fic is sure to follow, although I will say that this one will have a meaningful twist to the ending. Enjoy.


Mary's brow furrowed in irritation as she heard the saucy clatter of low heels striding across the rooftop. She didn't need to look up from her perusal of the dead body to know that those heels belonged to Abby, Marshal's new squeeze and currently the most festering thorn in Mary's side. Well, the most festering if you discounted the corpse at her feet, who had formerly been the business partner of one of her witnesses.

"Hi guys," Abby called towards them. "I brought you all coffee."

Mary glanced quickly over at Marshal to gauge his reaction to Abby's intrusion, only to find him smiling at the twit with a beatific expression on his face.

"Aw hell, you finally got in her pants last night, didn't you?" she asked him.

"Can't I just be happy to see her?" he asked. "After all, it's chilly and she comes bearing coffee."

"I bring you coffee too," Mary pointed out.

"Yes, but she doesn't expect to be reimbursed."

Mary rolled her eyes and scowled at him.

"And she tips the barista," he told her with a smirk.

Mary just scowled harder, now directing her menacing expression towards Abby. She watched as the younger cop stepped over some exposed ductwork and suddenly an amusing scenario sprang into Mary's head. Mentally she pictured Abby tripping over the low silver obstacle and the moment of imbalance causing her to spill the steaming hot coffee on herself. A slow smile started to spread across Mary's face as she imagined Abby, shocked by the burn of the hot liquid, yelping as she stumbled across the roof towards the low wall at the edge and then tumbling over it with a shrill scream.

"Earth to Mary," Marshal's voice intruded on her little fantasy and she looked up to see both Abby and him looking at her quizzically. "Abby asked you if you wanted any coffee," he told her.

"Oh, absolutely," Mary said as she reached out for a cup, her morning much improved by her little fantasy.

Marshal shook his head in confusion at her change in demeanor. "You seem to suddenly be in a much better mood."

"Coffee in the morning makes me think lovely thoughts," Mary told him with a sly grin.