This is a rape story... bad stuff happens.

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An eighteen year old Astrid Haddock cuts her way through the forest behind her home heading for a familiar place, Toothless' cove. While the trio rarely ever visit the cove due to the workload both Hiccup and herself received, Astrid still takes time to head there to enjoy a dip in the pond, as it's the most secluded area with water that isn't freezing. As she comes closer to the cove, she fails to notice she is being stalked by a sexual deviant, Toothless. It's mating season in Berk and for the past four years Toothless has relieved himself through more personal methods, but this year that ends.

The beasts rational mind tells him he should find a dragon, at least they would be the same species, but the urges he has are those he does not want to share with a stranger. Hiccup is out of the question, they're the same gender, and while Toothless knows of some humans and dragons that are like this, Toothless is not one of them. This leaves Astrid, and Toothless wars with himself for a few months deciding the morality of sexual relations with your best friends human wife. In the end Toothless concludes that as Hiccup shares everything with him, he will not mind Toothless sharing one day with Astrid.

As Astrid enters the clearing and removes her clothing, Toothless takes this time to admire her, for a human she is quite attractive, the small but toned frame, small yet perky breast, though as a dragon, Toothless notes the oddity of fixating on lumps of flesh, and chalks it up to his friends preferences rubbing off on him. His inspection ends as Astrid begins swimming and relaxing in the water, and Toothless stealthy moves down into the cove and begins to excrete his pheromones.

Astrid enjoys her swim, cleaning herself and reflecting on recent events, but before too long she swims to shore and wanders towards the rock, where she left her clothing and a soft fur to dry herself with. Before she reaches the rock she notices Toothless' presence, and smiles at the ebony dragon. Wandering over she pats her friend on the head, and the dragon looks at her steadily waiting for the pheromones to kick in. Astrid notes the look in Toothless' eyes, she has seen it in other men, when they think she isn't looking, or when Hiccup isn't around, it's the look of lust. The rational part of Astrids brain, the one that tells her to head to her furs and dress quickly, is being muddled and she is finding it hard to form a conscious thought.

The pheromones now move to prevent her higher cognitive thoughts, at first the villagers were unaware of this during previous mating seasons, but after three years with an unexpected boon in population of both dragons and humans, the elders decided that the pheromones also effected humans, increasing their sex drive.

Toothless, now satisfied with Astrids stupor begins to sniff his mate, taking long deep breaths and gently blowing hot air over Astrids body, eliciting a soft moan from the girl. Goosebumps form on her naked flesh as Toothless inspects her, before with a grunt of satisfaction, he stands in front of her. Gently he begins to lick her, first her inner thigh, then slowly moving closer to her center, each movement earning him another moan. Satisfied with her state of arousal, he gently lifts her in his fore paws, and waddles to the rock where her belongings lie. Astrid, while able to comprehend what is happening, is unsure how to stop it, every thought of moving away, rebelling or simply acting out against this, is squashed before it reaches the appropriate limbs. The dragon gently places her on the fur, before returning to his previous ministration.

A new smell permeates the air and Astid is drawn to it, thoughts of fleeing ripped from her mind by lust, slipping below the dragon to come face to face with his dragon-hood. The beasts pride is nearly a foot long and her rational mind notices a small deformation, like a ring, two inches from the head, and quails at the size of it, while the pheromone affected portion of her mind screams to taste it, to swallow it, and to this she complies.

Timidly she licks the head of the beasts pride, finding the taste acceptable, she beings to run her tongue down the length of Toothless' member. The dragon above lets out it's own trills of pleasure, gently thrusting forward, as Astrid takes the member into her mouth, taking nearly the length of the member before gagging slightly. The taste and smell send her mind reeling demanding more and soon she is bobbing up and down on the sweet meat, the dragon above her continuing his gentle rutting. As she can taste pre, a sticky liquid, salty and slightly sweet, her mind demands that the appendage fill her center, to let her feel it as it stirs her insides.

Toothless also seems to have had his fill of foreplay. He pulls the magnificent pride out of Astrids mouth, before lifting her gently and placing her chest first on the perfectly sized rock, high enough for him to enter without fear of crushing her under his rutting. Toothless uses his tongue to add some lubrication to the already moist center, before he moves his pride closer to Astrid opening, who is moaning softly in anticipation. With a soft grunt, Toothless enters the love hole and slowly hilts himself. Astrid lets out a loud moan, and can feel something enlarge, and as Toothless pulls back can she feel something preventing him from slipping out. Toothless starts out slowly and all thoughts of the strange pressure are ripped from her mind by pleasure.

Fighting instinct for the sake of his partner, Toothless takes his time, gently placing his paws on her hips, and simply enjoying the feeling of being inside Astrid, hearing her soft cries of pleasure and her quickened breath. When she breathlessly asks for the dragon to go faster he obliges, picking up the pace. The cove is soon filled with Astrids lust filled cries and she begins to match Toothless is movements. Astrid cries out as tremors shake her body, Toothless oblivious to Astrid climate continues filling her tight center. The young woman raises her hips higher allowing the dragon to mover quicker and soon she is chanting a mantra of 'more' through guttural moans of pleasure. Toothless changes his pace, slow and deep thrust, pulling back to his knot before slamming his pride back in, and it does not take long for Astrid to cry out for a second time.

Happy that his partner has enjoyed the experience, Toothless abandoned his gentle ways, pulling her away from the rock and placing her on the ground. Astrid holds herself up by placing her hands on the rock for support, while Toothless begins to rut wildly. The pace is frantic and Astrid can hear his ragged breaths and grunts, it isn't long before she too can feel pleasure rush from her core to her head and with a shriek and a roar the couple climate together. Rope after rope of dragon seed fill her and the pressure becomes slightly unbearable, the knot was holding Toothless' pride and creating a seal to prevent the semen from spilling. With a huff the dragon rolls onto its side carefully pulling Astrid along with him, cradling her in his paws while he croons happily.

A half an hour passes and the dragons knot deflates, and Astrid emits a slight whimper as the appendage slips out, she slowly stands and shakes her head, the pheromones finally loosing their affect on her. Astrid makes her way over to her belongings and dresses quickly, turning she finds Toothless looking at her sadly, his head bowed and a slight whimper emanates from the beast. Astrid should be furious, she should want to beat this dragon to a pulp, but she can't bring herself to do that, instead she turns and leaves the cove, ignoring the sorrow filled warble the dragon emits.