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That May was unbearably humid. I spent most of my time alone studying in my dormitory. When I had to be out, Violet made sure her bony body was crushed to mine at all times. I accepted it because she was being less of a complete hag. She didn't even try to get me to fuck her anymore, even though we were technically a couple again. Unfortunately, I found out the answer to this little mystery a few days before the beginning of the O.W.L examinations.

Violet had been late meeting me for our study session after my runes class. So I decided to go through the Charms classrooms to look for her. I found her, alright. My 'girlfriend' was wrapped up tight in Flint's arms. I expected to feel rage and jealousy. Instead I felt apathetic. Nothing fazed me. Losing Albus to that troll was more than any kind of loss I could imagine. Flint could have Violet and her woes. I had my own issues to deal with. So, I left without saying a damn word to either of them. And when Violet came prancing into the library like a cat who had stolen all the cream, I merely bid a hello and got down to reviewing our History of Magic notes.

More than anything I hated seeing Albus in the corridors. The few times we made eye contact all I saw was hurt and distrust in his stare. He wasn't even angry anymore. He just hated me-, plain and simple. And honestly, that hurt more than anger.

"Come on, Scorpius! We're going to be late," chided Farah Dolohov.

I followed her down to dungeon seven in order to take an O.W.L practice exam. It was a hazy, wet day filled with drizzling rains that never seemed to dissipate. Violet of course was too young for the tests, so she agreed to meet me later that night to help me cram for my first exam that Monday. In my hand I had a letter I had received at breakfast from my Mother. I was more nervous about what the letter would contain rather than my pretests. Before I entered the dungeon, I ripped open the envelope's seal and quickly scanned the parchment:


I pray you are studying hard for your examinations. Your father and I expect nothing but Outstandings from you. This summer you will spend half your holiday with your grandparents in Switzerland at their manor. The other half you will spend as an intern in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Your father spent quite a few Galleons to get you into that spot so don't screw it up.

Good luck, darling,

- Astoria Mae Greengrass Malfoy.

It felt as though several lead balls had just dropped onto my skull. A bloody internship with the law department? They had to be kidding…I couldn't imagine myself spending a whole month shut up with all those stuffy old wizards. I shoved the paper furiously into my pocket and stomped into the dungeon chamber. A few people glared at me for making such a ruckus, but I didn't exactly care. I marched to my assigned spot and slumped into the chair. Plus, a whole month with Charlotte and Gregor Greengrass? Gods, it would be the summer hols from hell. They were the oldest, most vile people I knew. Everything was blood to them, even after all these years. I didn't even like seeing them on Christmas.

"Everyone, please take our your standard quill and ink. No Self-Answering, Self-Checking or other assorted quills are permitted," said an old spindly witch with an overbite. I assumed she was sent from the Ministry's testing faculty.

People glared at one another, as though daring someone to pull out Self-Correcting ink like an idiot. I tapped my quill tip impatiently against the desk. I had too many things on my mind for something like a pretest to seem important. Not only was my heart still in two, but now I had to suffer all summer? At least it meant seeing less of Violet…

"How did your exam run go, love?" she asked in her syrupy voice as soon as we met up the next day after class.

"Real brilliant…look, I have to go talk to Professor Turner…"

Violet looked saddened for a moment, but then she suddenly brightened right back up, as if she had just realized something amazing. "Okay. Catch up with you later?"

"Uh, sure…"

"See you!" she pecked my cheek and ran off.

I stared after her in confusion. Not for long, however. I did have to talk to Turner. I made my way up the lonely staircase. Albus seemed happy…he was always with his friends. I had noticed a boy with him a lot, one of the blond Scamander twins. I knew one of them had to fancy Al. It would be good for him to date someone unattached without a family sent direct from the Netherworld. I couldn't help but sigh. Sometimes, I couldn't help but to nearly sob. I had to do what was better for Albus. Not for me.

"Professor?" I asked upon entering his empty classroom.

"Malfoy, we just departed. What's the matter?" His eyes scanned my face. "You look more somber than I have ever seen,"

"Well…I needed to come clean about something. I know who attacked Albus Potter."

Turner looked shocked. I guess it was a little weird. I had never said his name to someone else before. Not Potter. The Potters were a group of holier than thou blood traitors and Mudbloods, according to my grandparents. Al was the boy who had stolen my soul.

"You…you do?"

"Robert Flint…as well as Martin Higgs and Nicholas Bradford. Although, they didn't do nearly as much damage as Flint."

"But Robert was found injured as well, not remembering a single thing…" I watched as Turner slowly put the pieces together. "The other boys must have removed his memory. How did you discover this, Malfoy?"

I looked away then back again, knowing full well I had just signed my own death sentence. When word got out I was the one who turned them all in, I wouldn't have a friend left in the school.

"I overheard them. Plus, Violet Nott informed me Flint had told her he planned the entire thing. Al-, Potter knows Flint did it." I rubbed the back of my neck, trying not to look like the tattle tale I was. "He's just covering it up to avoid more attacks."

Turner, instead of accusing me of lying, or even involvement, stood up and shook my hand. "It takes courage to turn in enemies, but even more so for turning in your friends. Thank you Scorpius. Albus's parents can rest knowing the truth."

I nodded. "Can I go now?"

"Of course. Although, the Headmistress may want to see you tonight."

"Right…" I mumbled and left the classroom.

My heart never felt heavier. I would be alone forever….I was sure Violet would leave me now that I had kind of ratted her out too. I had to find someplace to think…the Astronomy Tower was off limits, for obvious reasons. So instead I headed to North Tower, home to the Divination classrooms. I sprinted up the staircases, pushing past students whose names I could not recall. I barely heard their outbursts of irritation as I forced my way towards the tower. I found an empty room far enough from Trelawny's office. I managed to force the door shut. There were a few old desks to sit on, so I looked around for one less broken. Choking noises came from my throat as I fought not to buckle under the stress I always carried.

I loved Muggle stories. One of my favorite things to read were old books about Greek mythology. Ancient anecdotes made up by Muggles to explain the world around them. I loved learning about all the gods and goddesses, as well as the Titans. One of them, Atlas, came to mind. His eternal punishment from the god Zeus was to hold the entire weight of the world on his shoulders to prevent the earth and sky from colliding. I knew my petty problems certainly could not be compared to the weight of the planet, but I sure felt Atlas's pain. He deserved it…and so did I.

Before I could start to really have a pity party, I heard the door handle shake like someone was trying to get into the room. When Albus of all people entered, I nearly fell to the floor. I wiped my face and stood up.

"What the fuck do you want?

I couldn't believe how spiteful I sounded. I had thrown myself off, so of course Albus looked confused.


I made sure I still looked positively hateful when I faced him. "How did you even know I was here?"

Albus's pretty, shapely face twisted itself in sarcastic cruelty.

"I'm stalking you, you buffoon. Oh Scorpius your just so bloody sexy I can't live without you! Insert swoon here, you maggot." He glared over at me.

I felt my eyes widen. I guessed that I deserved such hatred. I looked down, but Albus walked towards me a little. The anger left as soon as it came.

"I'm not interesting enough to stalk."

He nodded. "True. I found you because I had something to say,"

I sat back down and sighed. "Go ahead,"

"Er…well. You just cut me off. You had no right to do that…especially after what happened."

"That's true."

It was true. I had cut him off only to make it easy on my mind. Another mistake. I was paying for each and every one.

"I cared about you. You left to chase after some princess who you don't even really like,"

I winced. "I know, Al."

Albus bit into his lip and started playing with his soft, long hair. It was getting really wild looking. I loved it. I could remember how silky it felt wrapped around my fingers.

"Why were you so…upset?"

Slowly, I remembered my mother's letter, not to mention what I had told Turner. The overwhelming stress balloon puffed up in my chest like a growth. I curled against the window solemnly.

"I'm not sure…I'm not sure about anything anymore, to be honest. I thought I knew exactly what my life was going to be like."

Albus slowly approached me as if I were a caged animal. "I never knew what my life would be like. I don't think anyone is really supposed to know something like that."

"I thought I had some kind of plan, made just for me. I've fucked it all up." I told the window. My breath made small clouds of fog on the glass.

"Watch the language," Albus quipped, smiling afterward.

I couldn't help but grin at him. "How familiar,"

"I want to forgive you. But I will never forget that."

My heart twitched. Oh gods, if he could only grant me forgiveness…I had to have it. "I know. I am so sorry Al."

I opened my arms out to the boy. It was a stupid thing to do. How could he embrace me after all I had done…or rather, not done. But when he actually fell against my chest, and I could feel his heart beat up beside mine, I nearly melted. Albus made everything rotten seem sweet. Even me. He didn't know he had that kind of power-, but I did.

"You are such an arse," He said softly into my neck. I loved how his body squirmed up to mine whenever I laughed.

"Story of my life."

"How do you feel about me, Scor?"

Merlin…how did I feel? I wasn't sure if the world had enough words. Part of me wanted to recite fucking poems and spew Shakespeare. But I knew that would only ruin the soft moment we were in. A feeling crept up inside me. I could tell instantly what it was and I knew I was certain on how to answer Albus. I pulled his small, slender frame tight to me before kissing down his jawbone. I pushed his hair out of the way, (smelling it of course), and yanked his collar back so I could place my lips to his shoulder. Albus whimpered when I kissed him there. It was so cute…so innocent. I started to unbutton his shirt, something I had wanted to do for months. Albus was more precious than I had ever imagined. I stroked his sides while kissing all over his pale chest. I could hear his heart beat faster and faster…his thigh was digging against my crotch. I thought I would never get to hold Albus again…

"I expected words…" He finally whispered. He squeezed my thigh, too, which only made my cock twitch.

I laughed and licked around his right nipple, sucking and biting it until the small nub reddened. "I'm not good with words."

I couldn't help but notice his trouser bulge. But there would be time for that. I spent a few more minutes teasing poor Al's nipple before I finally started to take off his pants. I left them at his thighs and squeezed his crotch so hard he whimpered again. Albus pushed himself against me. I wondered if he knew what a little sultry thing he was? Probably not. I had visions of what our first time would be like, and this was never on the list of scenarios. But I could deal with it.

"You want more already?" I was surprised how needy I sounded.

Albus sounded the same when he managed to finally speak. "I need more, Scorpius."

"Show me what you need, love…" I dug my teeth deep into Al's pulse point.

Albus made a soft grunting sound before literally clawing my belt off and throwing it across the room. He sat up in my lap and tugged my stiff prick out of my underwear. I gasped as cold air hit the tender, hard flesh. It felt insane to have him touching me…while sitting completely naked in my lap. My cock ached…it wanted to feel Al's tight arse slide over it again and again.

"I think you know what I want," He whispered shyly into my ear. I felt him shift his weight over my cock.

I didn't want to enter him so raw without any kind of preparation. So when he wasn't looking I licked at my finger before grabbing his soft, perfect arse. I could have spent hours just worshiping it using only my tongue. But I knew how much first times lacked in the fun department. I didn't want to tease Albus into insanity. I pulled his cheeks apart and wiggled my spit slicked finger into his tight little virgin hole. And it was tight. I had never done much of this before…and never, of course, with a bloke. But I knew what tight felt like, so just feeling inside Albus drew a pretty nice mental picture for my anxious, stiff cock. I was so into rubbing and touching the tight muscles along his hole, I yelped when the boy bit my neck roughly.

"Gods, do you have fangs or what…?"

"Sorry…that hurt." he whimpered into the bitemark.

I wriggled my finger in him on purpose. "I like when you bite me…"


I smirked at that and started to fuck his hole a little using my finger. I heard Albus hiss in pain, which clearly said spit wasn't cutting it. I managed to get my wand out of my trouser pocket near my knee. I muttered the spell Violet had taught me, and a thin layer of clear liquid coated my fingers. I pushed two back into Albus, who gasped in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. He was whining and wiggling. I wondered what it felt like? I had certainly never done it to myself…I started to imagine Albus with his fingers inside me and nearly came at the mere idea. One fantasy coming to life was enough at that moment.

"It hurts…" Albus said softly. He started to claw my lap like a baby kitten.

"I know…but you feel so tight, Al, I can't wait to fill your arse."

Albus turned so dark red I had to laugh. I finally removed my fingers and heard him sigh in relief. I went to place my cock by his arse, but he grabbed me. Albus rubbed his palm down my cock, feeling the head and stroking slowly down to my balls. I squeezed the boy's hips, hoping he would know that I was in ecstasy having him explore me. When he cupped my sack and started to rub me in his hands, I knew it was then or never. Unless Albus enjoyed being covered in my cum…which wasn't a bad idea either.

I took his hands away and put the boy's slender arms around my shoulders. I prodded his open, dripping hole with my cock. Gods I could feel the heat of his tender arse just begging me to rip him to pieces.

I licked Albus's earlobe and whispered, "This is how I feel."

I buried my cock so deep inside him, I was scared I had hurt him. His face took on a look of shock mingled with pain. But Albus never told me to stop. I started to bounce him in my lap, letting him feel every inch of me stab through him again and again. I felt his nails start to grate into my back, which only turned me on beyond belief. I started to moan under my breath once Al broke my skin beneath his fingers. Blood dripped down into the crease of my arse. He tore into my neck with his sharp teeth and began to mercilessly suck on the tender skin. Everything he did only made me thrust harder, fuck him faster. I would make Albus mine from the inside out. I sat back a little, making eye contact with him for the first time since I had entered his sweet little hole.

His eyes were so beautiful. Emerald green and completely hazed over in lust and love…I could see the love inside him. I could even feel it. I started to thrust deeper, but slower. Each time I went in as far as I could to make him moan nice and low in my lap. He clawed and grabbed my thighs to steady himself. We never broke eye contact. I realized I wasn't fucking him anymore. I was making love to Albus. I couldn't take it, I came before he did. It felt amazing to bury inside him and release so much that it dripped down the boy's thigh. I moved fast inside Albus again so he could finally feel as good as I did.

He came all over my stomach. I yanked him tight to me so he could feel the sticky, sweet mess he made. I held Albus close, kissing his ear and whispering nonsense into his hair. Sex had never been like that for me before…I felt unsteady. Maybe it was the power of actually being with someone I truly loved. I did love Al. I wasn't sure if I should tell him…he would want to hear it after all.

"Violet cheats on you," Albus blurted into my chest.

I mentally sighed. Or not. "I know that."

I never stopped rocking my Albus. "You do? Why don't you leave her?"

"I don't know,"

"You are very indecisive, my little door mat." he said with a smile settling on his face.

I could only smile back and cradle the boy I loved tight against my chest.