Fooled: Day and Night Mutual Slavery

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: the following is fanfiction centered on slavery. In real life slavery is unmoral and should not be attempted, duplicated, or emulated. It is stupid and illegal to try to replicate the situation in this fic. Do NOT try this.

Notice: in case you haven't noticed… this is fanfiction. Made by fans. Fan-Fiction. FAN FICTION. Noy made this. It is NOT intended to be accurate or useable in nerd arguments. Don't be stupid and make your own fanfic off this and think it's accurate. Read the manga, watch the anime, and don't rely on this… please.

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You have been warned…


Prologue: Because Noy likes back stories…

It was 23 days after the failed union of Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo. For 388 days the two have known each other, and they have grown close. Things haven't changed much since that eventful day; Ukyo was forgiven, Shampoo was Shampoo, and the Kunos were still a problem. Things haven't changed much… on the surface that is.

Nabiki Tendo started a plan. A plan she has been planning for 22 days now. In the event of the wedding, it was she who caused it to be ruined. Now she had a new feeling that she never felt in a long, long time… guilt.

By ruining a marriage that would help everyone, Nabiki destroyed the chance for her sister to be happy. Oh, Akane never said it, (except that reversal jewel mishap, but… you know) but everyone could tell that Akane loved Ranma. You could see it in the jealousy, the calling for him when in danger, and the fact that she hit him so much. Yes, she was in love, and so was he. However, they couldn't do so due to the attention both had at gaining affections from high powered, devoted teenagers of both sexes. Until that was taken care of, the wedding had to be postponed. Even Genma and her father agreed to this rule by Nodoka. However, as Nabiki saw everything go back to normal the next day, she felt that she had to do something to help them out. Yet, at the same time, she wanted to screw with them some more. All day she thought about it, until she got an idea.

A while ago she got a set of rings from Shampoo in a… negotiation, when Nabiki was Ranma's Fiancée. These were magical rings that Nabiki had to look up so she could sell them at the right price. Unfortunately, it took until the day of the wedding to find out what they did. Now, if this was a year ago, Nabiki would have thought it was a joke that the rings she got from Shampoo were magical. However, with the arrival of a pigtailed girl and a martial artist panda, Nabiki didn't discount things anymore. It would bring in a ton of yen, especially to someone who was a werewolf. However, she had to put that on hold when the wedding came. When everything cleared, she realized she had to make amends somehow, yet, she liked messing with the fighting couple. That's when it hit her like a ton of cinderblocks. The rings, (if used correctly by the right people) can bind lovers together magically. On top of that, it could possibly rewrite Ranma's Jusenkyo curse trigger to that of a werewolf's. That way, things can be made easier around the Dojo, and it can be a way of giving Ranma a 'cure'.

The only thing was how to do it. Ranma didn't trust her period, and Akane was still upset about the whole wedding thing. A situation needed to present itself.

As the days went by Nabiki thought and thought, until she decided to prank them into it. It had to be good, something worth laughing about and selling pictures of. Something crazy, no, more than that, the plan had to be…Nerima insane. Looking at the rings and their binding qualities made Nabiki realize that it was going to change Ranma and Akane's lives, so why not help with that, diabolically?

It was simple… ok, not simple at all. Nabiki would wait until Kodachi, Shampoo, or someone else made something that affected memory, it wouldn't be long since they were running out of things. If nothing happens soon, then she would order that special mind erasing shampoo to clear their short term memory. While they were out, have them put the rings on each others' fingers, write a contact of their marriage, and tell them they got married.

It was foolproof!

But, that wasn't enough. Sure, helpful in a way, but not insane enough. Then one day, she saw an article on sex slavery problems around the world. That was it!

Inspired, she wrote a slavery contract that she would say that they came up with. But, who would own who? Akane owning Ranma wouldn't work, Ranma would never agree to that. Neither would Akane willingly give up her freedom. They didn't trust each other enough. That stumped Nabiki. She couldn't figure out how to do it so that they would believe her.

Then she remembered the rings. The magically bonding rings.

Nabiki found out who was to be the master.


It was 19 days after the failed wedding when Nabiki was caught red handed writing the contract. Nodoka walked in on Nabiki trying to fake the contract that would fool Ranma and Akane into slavery. Seeing her shocked the middle Tendo enough that Nodoka snatched it to read it over. She was not pleased.

"Nabiki." Nodoka said coldly.

"I can explain! I can! Really! It… uh… was a joke?" Nabiki chuckled nervously.

"You tried to trick my son to be a slave to someone?"

"Uh…" Nabiki thought fast, originally, she was going to have them be slaves to Kasumi, or someone they won't attack, but she couldn't do that now, she needed to say someone else… or some-ones else. "Yes. To Akane. And Akane would be a slave to Ranma." 'There! That'll work… wait, she's confused, think fast!" "They would rotate who's the master/mistress each day. And… uh, they would be married as well! They would think so at least!"

Nodoka looked thoughtful "I see…"

Nabiki fidgeted nervously.

Nodoka put a hand to her lips, then reached into… somewhere… and pulled out a seal.

"W-What's that?" Nabiki asked, failing to sound calm.

Nodoka stamped the unfinished papers and signed her name. "I agree to this. Have Kasumi sign it as well, that would be enough witnesses to be believable."

"You… you agree?"

"Yes… I realized that nothing would change if we let things be… if you can think they are married and… own each other; then things can move forward. Just, when you're finished, give me a copy."

After saying that, Nodoka left the room, leaving a stunned Nabiki.


She got Kasumi to sign it on that 23rd day on two copies and gave one to Nodoka without her sister reading it. She couldn't believe the opportunity would come. Earlier in the day, the two "victims" were attacked by Kodachi with Parlays powder and a special ingredient. They were delivered to Doctor Tofu, who said that the worst that would come would be short term memory loss, about 13 hours of blankness. 13 hours for Nabiki's plan to work. After the two were carried in, Nodoka said she had some errands to run, although, Nabiki could tell the woman was excited for some reason.

Nabiki positioned Ranma and Akane on Akane's bed. Then she carefully used Ranma's fingers to put a magical ring on Akane's ring finger. At the same time, she used Akane's fingers to put the other ring on Ranma's ring finger. There was a flash of light when it was done.

Nabiki smiled to herself that the deed was done. "There we go, lined up just right."

Kasumi walked in unexpectedly "Nabiki, what are you doing?"

Feeling confident, Nabiki spilled. "Just having some fun sis. Nothing harmful."

"You shouldn't tamper with their memories."

"Oh relax, it'll be fun!"

Nabiki left and brought in the final piece.

"Nabiki! What's that?"

"Nothing really…"

Kasumi didn't buy that and read it over. Shocked, she dropped it, letting it flutter to the ground.



"How can you make me sign something, so… so…"

"Relax, it's not legal, just enough to fool two memory loss, not that bright martial artists. They would laugh if you brought this to anyone in the legal system."

"Still, to trick your sister, and a guest…"

"Oh, it'll be fine. This way they can move on in their relationship. Believe me, this will help them."

"I still don't like it."

"You don't have too… just let them do this. It's good for them."

"I don't know…"

"Well, just keep quiet… this is my good deed for this year."

"Nabiki…" Kasumi scolded.

"They should be up in 7… 6… 5… 4…"

"This is wrong. Thisiswrong. This-is-wrong!"

On cue, the two teens awoke.

Ranma screwed it up by awaking one 100th of a second before Akane. She frowns at the silver medal every day.

"Ahww… my head… mmm… soft… wait, soft?" Ranma's eyes shot open.

"Nooo… I want to sleep in, Kasumi…" Akane mumbled.

Ranma slowly turned to see Akane in bed. Then he saw himself… in a bed. That's when he realized… he's in a bed. Which he doesn't have. That means…

"Uh, oh." Ranma concluded.

At that Akane catapulted up. "Ranma? I had a weird dream that I… RANMA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?"

Nabiki scowled inwardly. 'This isn't how it's supposed to go! Damn you Ranma! Ok… adjust.' "Relax you two… Kasumi and I put you guys here, after all, with all the excitement, you might as well be here."

"What are you talking about, Nabiki?" Akane asked, eyes narrowing.

"Hey, it's your fault, and it's not like we damaged the merchandise."

"What did you buy, Akane?" Ranma asked. "It was probably something stupid."

"Well yeah, it was." Nabiki smiled

"Hey! I don't remember buying anything!"

"It's because of the short term memory loss that you two suffered. I'll bet you forgot that Ranma proposed."

"I did what?" was right before "HE DID WHAT!"

"Yeah, it was great. Good for eating popcorn to. See, Kasumi… that is why we need a video camera!"

"W-W-what did I say?" Akane asked nervously.

"Ha hahahaha! You rejected him, it was so funny!" Nabiki laughed.

"WHAT?" they said at the same time.

"Oh, it gets better. Apparently, Akane rejected it because it wasn't good enough, so she counter-offered!" Nabiki laughed, more genuine this time.

"Wait… counter offer?" Ranma asked but not Akane, she was in shock.

"Yes, apparently, you offered this." Nabiki showed them a piece of paper… just another worthless piece of paper that will screw over more lives than Nabiki thought possible… and this, is that story. A story of-

"WHAT?" Akane and Ranma exclaimed as they read the contract.

-Day and Night Mutual Slavery.


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