Fooled: Day and Night Mutual Slavery

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Chapter 13: the calm after the storm

"Oh, one last thing before I go…" Nodoka reminded herself as she left her newly rebuilt home. "You are doing the cooking."

"What?" Ranma protested.

"It's fitting for you to cook today," Nodoka answered sternly. "You are the slave to your wife until sunrise, remember?"

Ranma mumbled about why he agreed to this thing.

"Unless you want Akane to cook…" Nodoka teased.

"I'll do it!" Ranma hushed his mom. "Anything but that!"

"That's better. Do well; it does make her happy. After all, what women desire most is to control their husbands." Nodoka took out her umbrella and left. "Take care!"

Ranma closed and locked the door, not noticing that the rain suddenly stopped.

'I knew women were evil,' Ranma thought to himself. 'Pops was right! And I never thought I'd be thinking that!'


Shampoo woke up, stirring in a familiar clinic.

"Good to see that you're finally awake, Shampoo," Dr. Tofu took note of the purple-haired Amazon.

"What… what happen? Where Shampoo?" Shampoo asked the good doctor.

"You were in a kind of coma. Mousse brought you in." He checked to see that everything was working properly.

"Mousse!" Shampoo narrowed her eyes. "Stupid Mousse touch Shampoo?"

Dr. Tofu sighed. "Yes; yes, he did. He found you frozen like a statue and brought you here."

Shampoo scratched her head. "Why Shampoo frozen?"

"Because of shock, great-granddaughter," Cologne answered, her miniature body on her staff.

"Good to see you here, elder," Dr. Tofu said as he noticed her. "What would shock her enough to do that?"

Cologne sighed in defeat. "She singlehandedly ruined her chances of being with Ranma. Now that they are married, we have no business here."

The doctor looked puzzled. "I wouldn't think that would stop you."

"Normally, no, but the couple are magically bonded with rings forged to keep werecreature populations in check," Cologne sighed. "Shampoo sold them to Nabiki for time with Ranma a while back."

"That's not good," Dr. Tofu stated as he saw that Shampoo was catatonic again.

"It's going to be worse, I'm afraid," Cologne frowned. "Shampoo has failed the village for the last time. If she ever goes back, things won't be pretty."

The doctor nodded. "Will you go back without her, then?"

"I don't know," Cologne answered, ashamed. "I don't want to leave her here by herself, but if I take her back, there's a good chance that she would suffer dire consequences."

At that moment Mousse broke through the door. "Shampoo! Are you better yet, Shampoo?"

Cologne groaned. "No, she isn't. By the looks of things, she won't be for a long time."

"Oh no! Shampoo!" He stumbled to a lamp in the corner. "You're stiff! And your head is hot! Ow! Don't worry, I'll do something!"

Cologne sighed. "If he wasn't such an idiot, I would admire that dedication."

Dr. Tofu stroked his chin. "Perhaps Shampoo can stay with me. She did that before you came."

"It is an option," Cologne agreed. "However, it could torture her greatly with Ranma nearby."

"She has to face this soon," Dr. Tofu pointed out.

"I know, I know. It's my fault. I was too lenient with her." Cologne rubbed her temples. "There is also the chance that she might still kill Akane after this. I don't know if I can take the risk of angering Ranma. I'm getting too old for this."

"Wait, you aren't Shampoo!" Mousse figured it out. "What have you done with Shampoo?" he demanded as he shook the lamp.

"I know someone who does laser eye surgery; would it be best if he has his eyes fixed?" Dr. Tofu asked.

Cologne shrugged. "Probably. If he can see how beautiful the world is, then maybe he would stop chasing my great-granddaughter. It could also distract him if I take Shampoo back."

*Crash* The lamp fell over.

"Don't worry, Shampoo! I'll find you, even in the dark!" Mousse stumbled across the floor.

"… How much is it?" Cologne asked the good doctor.


"That's odd, the storm stopped," Nodoka noticed as she walked down the street towards the Tendo Dojo.

"Oh well," Nodoka folded her umbrella back up.

'It's great that this happened so well,' she thought happily. 'My son is getting along well with his wife, who is in turn making herself a great daughter for me; plus, my home is finished and they will be left alone.'

The sun shone through, making its way westward.

'I even get to keep Ranko!' Nodoka inwardly squealed with delight. 'Sure, it's really my son, but I grew so close to her like only a mother would to a daughter. It's very unique in its odd way. If I time things right, then I can do things with my daughter and Akane that no one else could. Girls' nights out, shopping trips, women-only spas… no one needs to be left out. Sure, Ranma is manly even when pretending to be Ranko, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a manly son, a tomboy daughter and a daughter-in-law that loves me just as much… I'm… so… happy…'

A tear welled up in her eye before being dabbed away by a handkerchief.

'For once… everything works out,' she smiled as she made it to her destination, the route guidance now finished. She would need to thank Kasumi for that gift.


Ranma was exploring his mom's house at the moment.

He noticed how small it was.

'I've been living with the Tendos too long,' he thought as he checked out the rooms. 'They live in a huge home; Mom was barely scraping by before this. It's decorated well, though.'

The dining room was open to the kitchen and there was only one hallway with three doors.

The bathroom was in the middle and the bedroom where Akane dozed was to the right with what appeared to be Nodoka's room on the left.

'Hope Akane's doing alright,' he thought before further examining that room where she slept.

Ranma walked carefully to the closet on the extreme BDSM side, finding many different outfits.

His eyes widened as he recognized a few.

There was a familiar Playboy bunny outfit, a Vegas showgirl's outfit with pink feathers, a Hawaiian dress, a pink dress, another Playboy bunny outfit, a Cat Café uniform, as well as a sailor fuku… and those were just the ones he knew he wore.

He found a pair of harem girl outfits, one slightly smaller than the other, as well as a pair of skintight leather dominatrix outfits of the same sizes.

There were a few maid outfits, a couple of metal bikinis and even western superhero costumes.

'Mom is insane!' Ranma thought as he browsed through them. 'And all of these are for girls! Why is this even here? Wait… there's something masculine…'

A butler-like suit was next to a familiar tuxedo and knight's suit of armor. Looking further down he saw…

'I feel like I'm going to throw up!' Ranma tore his eyes away, not wanting to look further.

That samurai costume would haunt him…

'The other side has to be better,' Ranma thought, curiosity about what strangeness was on the torture side of the room destroyed.

The plush side made Ranma's feet tingle but he brushed it aside and looked through the black-embossed closet door that said 'Ranma'.

Inside were martial arts gis, English-worded t-shirts, male kimonos, dress pants and jeans.

There was a note from Nodoka saying that she didn't know what to get, really.

Ranma rolled his eyes and closed the closet.

The noise of it closing had the effect of waking his wife.

"Ranma?" Akane yawned. "What happened?" she asked, still mostly asleep.

"You passed out from the heat in the bath," Ranma shrugged. "How you feeling?"

She smiled. "Like I'm floating on a cloud."

"That's good…" Ranma relaxed his muscles that were tense from what he'd seen.

"Yeah… hey… where's Auntie?" Akane asked.

"Um… she went back to your house, to, you know… leave us alone…" Ranma replied slowly.

Akane closed her eyes, rubbing her body into the ultra fluffy bed. "Alone… we alone… now… mmm…"

"Yeah… we are," Ranma raised his eyebrow.

"Super sexy slave Ranma… Mistress… Akane… needs… water… in glass… it good… slave… do… thing I said… I think…" Akane slurred her words.

*Thump* Ranma's body hit the floor.


"I'm here!" Nodoka called out as she came into the Tendo home.

"Good to see you, Auntie Nodoka," Kasumi said, smiling. "Dinner is almost done."

"Hey," Nabiki waved, sitting on the sofa, eating ice cream… in a cup!

A fancy bowl cup… thing… made of glass… one… yeah, that.

"Oh dear… where is my husband?" Nodoka asked, concerned.

"They passed out from being drunk all day and night, so Kasumi and I were able to drag them to Daddy's room," Nabiki replied, eating her ice cream.

"It was difficult. I had to turn Mr. Saotome back into a human in order to accomplish it," Kasumi frowned.

Nabiki nodded in agreement. "They're heavier than they look. Although I'm surprised that the panda is not that fat in human mode."

Nodoka blinked twice before letting out a sigh. "You don't like my husband, do you?"

Nabiki scoffed. "Obviously. He attacked you over a cheap medal that wasn't even there."

"He does have his faults…" Nodoka agreed.

"He does complement Father, though," Kasumi inserted.

Nabiki put a finger to her chin. "True… true…"

Nodoka sighed. "If you want to complain about Genma, could you please do it later? I'm trying to get along with him again now that my son is married."

"Good luck with that," Nabiki stated.

"Diner is ready," Kasumi announced.

"So it's just us three, then," Nodoka commented.

"Yeah, it's a girls-only dinner. I wonder if my new brother-in-law will survive tonight," Nabiki wondered.

"Oh, don't worry, nothing will happen," Nodoka reassured them.

"But, Akane's cooking is poisonous," Kasumi worried. "You have them making their own dinner, after all."

"Oh, that is taken care of," Nodoka dismissed the worried look on Kasumi's face. "Ranma's cooking tonight, I assure you."

"Wow, I've never seen you be so blunt about Akane's cooking, sis," Nabiki said as she put sugar in her tea.

"I'm worried about their safety," Kasumi replied. "Ranma has grown on me this past year. I don't want my sister to hurt him."

"He bounces back," Nabiki shrugged, still putting sugar in her tea.

"I hope I can teach her to cook better," Nodoka frowned. "Has she improved at all?"

"Well…" Nabiki thought it over, putting yet more sugar into her tea. "She can make miso soup. That's it."

"The worst part is that she doesn't follow recipes," Kasumi said worryingly.

"Maybe she can improve once she's relaxed a bit," Nodoka suggested. "Cranky girls seem to mellow out after sex."

*Clank* Nabiki's spoon fell to the table.

Her face scrunched up but she ultimately failed to hold back her laughter.

"Nabiki!" Kasumi scolded.

"Wha-haha! Ha ha ha!" Nabiki laughed.

"Kasumi, is sex funny?" Nodoka asked seriously. "It's been so long… I hope it hasn't changed too much."

Nabiki laughed more.

"Nabiki!" Kasumi scolded her sister again. "No, Auntie, Nabiki is just being immature right now."

The laughter stopped. "Oh, me, immature?" Nabiki asked, smirking at Kasumi. "I'm surprised that they would have a sex life, considering how immature Akane's view of sex is."

Kasumi looked around nervously.

"Kasumi?" Nodoka asked. "Akane does know how to do her duties, right?"

Kasumi looked at the floor. "Yes, it… it was hard to… but, yes…"

"Right… so that's why you handed her a mallet just in case Ranma made advances on her that one night…" Nabiki accused.

"Kasumi?" Nodoka asked in horror. "Tell me that's not true!"

Kasumi couldn't make eye contact. "It's true… it wasn't proper for her to have sex before she was married."

Nabiki snorted. "No, you were just afraid Ranma would rape our sister! He's the last guy to do something like that."

"Well, that's not too bad," Nodoka mused.

"Except that meant that they had to stick to a no touching or kissing type of relationship the entire time Ranma was here," Nabiki replied.

Nodoka's eyes widened. "But… but why?"

"Because my older sister is a prude," Nabiki said offhandedly.

"But… but why?" Nodoka asked again.

"I wanted my youngest sister to keep her purity," Kasumi stated, still not looking at anyone.

"Yeah, but at the same time, you kind of made it difficult for them to have a 'sex=good' type of relationship," Nabiki shook her head. "It's more of an 'affection=hit to the head' type. In fact, I'm surprised that Ranma overcame that."

"Sorry I overreacted, but I was scared!" Kasumi shivered. "He's stronger, faster and bigger than her. It was worse since all the boys after her tried to rape her at school every day."

"But… but why?" Nodoka asked yet again, unable to comprehend the information.

"I guess that makes sense," Nabiki admitted. "It did take forcing them together magically for them to get over it, though."

"I still don't like the idea that you fooled them," Kasumi stated nervously.

"It worked out for the better," Nabiki answered back.

"But… but why?" Nodoka couldn't understand it.

"… And you broke Auntie. Great work, Kasumi," Nabiki rolled her eyes.


"Maybe if I kiss him…" Akane said out loud as she proceeded to do just that.

Her naked body on top of his, she tried kissing him awake.

The odd sensation of feeling the kiss twice at the same time awoke the married man… err… slave… both, actually.

Feeling Ranma groan awake brought a smile to Akane's face.

"Feeling better?" she asked, staring down at his face.

"Yeah… I guess… what happened?" Ranma tried to compose himself, which was harder to do upon realization that Akane was kneeling on his chest in the nude.

Akane smirked. "Well, I ordered my big, strong slave to get me a simple glass of water, but it appears that it was too much for him…"

"Hey!" Ranma felt insulted.

"It's true," Akane shrugged. "Luckily for you, that kiss I gave you quenched my thirst. Although now I'm hungry for some Ranma…"

Ranma gulped upon hearing that.

"Hmm… what should I do first…?" Akane thought aloud. "Since I'm in charge today and it's my first time… argg! I don't know!"

Akane gripped her head in frustration. "I don't know much about sex at all. But I want to do it now… And I want it to be… special. Do you know anything, my sexy slave?"

"Um… I know I agreed to this, but… could you please stop that?" Ranma asked, pinned beneath his wife.

Akane brought a finger to her lips. "Maybe… it is kind of generic… do you have a demeaning name that you will answer to? I'm giving you a choice only if you'll give me one tomorrow."

Ranma sighed. 'Might as well get into this as fully as she is. I can hold out longer than her and if I do this right, I can guarantee not eating her cooking every other day! Maybe that's why I agreed to this,' he thought as Akane waited. "I'm guessing that just using our names is out."

"Yeah, that's too boring," Akane answered. "Maybe it doesn't have to be demeaning. Calling you 'cock' or 'dick' doesn't sit too well with me, anyway."

Ranma sweatdropped. "That doesn't sound good at all."

"How about something less mean? Like pet? Or servant?" Akane suggested, trying to sound fair.

"I don't know…"

"I got it! You are my horse! That is perfect," Akane smiled triumphantly.

Ranma rolled his eyes. "Sure, let's go with that. Can't think of anything else."

"Good to hear that, my sexy horse," Akane brought her face down to his. "Now, tell me all you learned about sex from your friends."

Ranma whimpered… internally, that is. He had an image to protect.


"So… you were just protecting her from the outside world," Nodoka figured as she was told in detail why Akane wasn't taught properly on sex ed. That is, after she was shaken out of her stupor.

"Yes, Auntie," Kasumi answered. "After our mother died… I just didn't want to put too much on her."

"That didn't turn out so well," Nabiki noted.

"Yes, but it was done with good heart," Nodoka debated. "Besides, things worked out in the end."

"I still don't like it that you fooled them into this marriage," Kasumi stated.

"Whatever, Kasumi," Nabiki stretched and left. "It's better than how things used to be."

Kasumi sighed in defeat.

"They are happier this way," Nodoka told the concerned Tendo girl. "Saying anything could ruin their marriage together."

Kasumi shed a tear. "Alright, Auntie. But please, this is still wrong… what you both did."

"If that's how you see it…" Nodoka responded.


Ranma groaned as he once again explained it to Akane. "I don't remember it because it was disgusting to me! I had them hitting on my girl side and begging me to sleep with them! Heck,

I don't even think half of it's possible. Not that I remember the details."

Akane groaned in disappointment. "Well, if you can't remember anything and I only know the minimum to reproduce, what do we do?"

If the room could speak, it would be swearing right about now.

Ranma was eyeing the perverted side of the room, hoping for Akane not to figure it out.

"Maybe Auntie left a sex book here," Akane had a hand to her chin. "That stuff looks perverted."



"My mom scares me…"

"You can say that again, my horse," Akane agreed. "Hey, there actually is a book on sex."

Akane flipped through the book, looking for just the right thing.

Ranma continued to grow worried.

"This wouldn't be so difficult if you weren't a virgin," Akane commented as she continued to look for what she wanted.

"Hey! You're actually saying you wanted me to sleep with the other girls?" Ranma yelled.

"No!" Akane shouted. "I'm glad you didn't. I just assumed you did. Sorry for not trusting you. Ooh! If we do it like that, maybe…"

Ranma closed his eyes and calmed himself; he was getting too nervous.

"Alright, I got it… hey, sexy horse… stand up," Akane ordered, grin on her face.

Ranma stood, vowing to outlast Akane in this. 'I'll show her…' Ranma thought.

He wasn't prepared for a weight to be on his back.

Pressing her body against his, Akane was on Ranma's back, leaning towards his ear.

"You are mine… try not to squirm away, my sexy horse…" Akane whispered into Ranma's ear.

With that she started licking his ear lobe.

That got Ranma to shiver.

"Mmm… tastes great… I never would have imagined that ears taste like candy…" Akane teased as she kissed and licked it.

For some reason, Ranma thought that she was lying. Ears shouldn't taste like candy.

Akane moved down his neck, kissing her way down. "Now… remove your shirt… I can't reach you through a silk shirt…"

Ranma struggled to find a way to remove it with Akane on him.

"Come on… you can do it. Unless the great Ranma can't take off a shirt…" Akane teased.

Determined, Ranma managed to remove his shirt without moving Akane.

(Un)Fortunately, that allowed Akane's hardened nipples to press against Ranma's bare back.

Ranma had no choice but to submerge into the Soul of Ice.

That caused the nipples to get harder.

While it felt good, Akane was determined to have Ranma open up and to stop that.

Smirking, she ran her fingers across his back. "Tensing, are we? Maybe I should help you relax."

Breathing down his neck, Akane continued to batter against Ranma's defenses.

Ranma's composure was cracking.

"You're so cold… perhaps I can warm you up?" Akane continued to rub her body against Ranma's, feeling up every muscle.

Ranma's composure cracked further as he struggled to maintain it.

"Enough of your back. Your front is better…" Akane climbed around until she was facing him face to face, still clinging onto him. "Come on, open your eyes and appreciate your mistress. Yes, I own you, horse. All of you…"

Ranma couldn't resist; Akane's naked body clinging all over him was infuriating.

Once he did, Akane smooched up, the couple's lips suctioning together.

Ranma's Soul of Ice shattered, emotions opening up fully as he responded to the kiss.

They were at it for many minutes; it was a contest to see who would gasp for air first, neither one willing to give in.

Ranma's arms, which were until now clenched at his side, wrapped around Akane's waist, passionately embracing her.

One minute passed, then another, and another.

With supernatural martial artists involved, it could take a while.

Finally, thirteen minutes later, Akane gasped for breath, coughing.

Ranma smirked on his win.

"*Cough* Oh yeah! *Cough* Well, *ackk* as your reward… You may suck my breasts," Akane regained her breath before moving up, sticking her bosom in Ranma's face.

Ranma accepted the challenge and rubbed his face into her breasts.

Akane shivered in delight.

The licking commenced, Ranma just going with it, his suppressed lust due to Akane's prior behavior finally unleashed.

Akane bit her lips shut, not wanting to lose the arousal war against Ranma.

However, due to the rings, Ranma felt it as well, knowing he was doing a good job.

Finally, Akane couldn't take it and let out a loud, high pitched moan. "Stop… just stop… I order you…"

Ranma smirked as he stopped; he never loses.

Akane pouted cutely, she was losing… it felt great, but she was losing. However, by using her feet, she felt that Ranma was aroused as well.

Grinning as she saw Ranma flinch, Akane pushed Ranma's pants down with her feet, allowing herself to line up with him, his boxers the only thing separating Ranma's penis from penetrating Akane's rapidly moistening vagina.

"I can hold out longer than you, sexy horse," Akane smirked, confident in her self-control.

Ranma didn't respond, his eyes scrunched closed and lip bitten shut.

Akane pushed him farther, rubbing her vulva over his penis.

Ranma flinched again.

Closing in on her advantage, Akane licked Ranma's chest.

Unable to take it, Ranma got rid of the last remaining fabric between them.

However, Akane was the one that dominated, quickly driving her lower mouth over Ranma's erect member, having her womb filled.

Thrusting commenced, the feeling being doubly felt as the magical rings sent each one's pleasure to the other.

"Akane!" Ranma was going to lose it very soon.

"Fill me with it! Do it!" Akane was far too high sexually to care.

Due to the silent competition, they kept their voices down, each actively suppressing their natural noises.

Finally, Ranma spewed, his sperm shooting into Akane.

This triggered Akane's vaginal muscles, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body and, subsequently, Ranma's. This caused Akane's clitoris to go haywire, making the pleasure of sex loop repeatedly between them.

Eventually, it was too much as the feelings caused them to scream in ecasty.

Exhausted, both fell asleep almost instantly.


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