Fooled: Day and Night Mutual Slavery

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: very controversial stuff here. The sex thing, not slavery of each other.

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You have been warned….


Chapter 14: Blue on red

The sun lowered farther and farther down over the horizon before finally setting. The passage of time did not seem to be especially important to most humans. Sure, animals and other creatures cared, especially if they were nocturnal, but not humans.

Except for Ranma.

But he was too tired to think about it.

The ring on his finger started to glow and something AMAZING suddenly happened.

While it only took three seconds to the outside world and felt instantaneous to Ranma, it was spectacular if you had a high-speed camera. That is, if you could see it past the big glow that surrounded Ranma.

Ranma's body shrank and stretched, being sucked into the ring like a bad movie effect. At the same time, a redhead was being grown and reforming right where the other body had been.

The only things Ranma noticed were that she had a ton of energy and that she couldn't feel herself inside Akane's body anymore.

"What was that?" Ranma muttered as she sat up. "Oh… THAT. Refreshing…"

Akane was still asleep, right under Ranma.

"So… what should I do now?" Ranma thought aloud. "She won't be up for a while…"

With a shrug, the pigtailed girl picked Akane up and paced her in the bed.

*GROWLAWLLOAWL!* went Ranma's stomach.

"Guess I should make dinner then," Ranma decided.

Thus, she left the room for the kitchen.


"Child?" Cologne poked Shampoo with her stick. "Are you awake yet?"

Her great-granddaughter answered by sniffling. "Shampoo awake…"

Cologne sighed. "Then begins the long road to redemption."

Shampoo curled up. "It be too, too bad?"

"I'm afraid so." Cologne sat down next to Shampoo. "Even my vouching for you won't make this pretty."

Shampoo sat up, eyes closed. "What expect?"

Cologne struggled to tell her, but she did. "The law states that you will be executed. Or exiled and then face a bounty on your head."

Shampoo resisted shivering. "That bad, huh?"

"Unfortunately," Cologne answered. "The best I can hope for is mostly dead."

"WHAT?!" Shampoo paled. "Mostly dead! That… THAT! SHAMPOO RATHER DIE!"

"Are you certain of that?!" Cologne got right in her face. "When you are killed your body will be displayed in the hut of shame… headless. Are you SURE you want to die? Are you?!"

Shampoo flinched. "That… bad…"

Cologne agreed. "This… mostly death will be a bit easier than normal for you, I hope… Due to Jusenkyo…"

"No… no… no! NOT THAT!" Shampoo knew where this was going. "NOT CAT! NO! SHAMPOO NO CAN BE FOREVER WHAT BELOVED HATES!"

Cologne hugged Shampoo as she started crying. "There, there. Perhaps we can use this to get Ranma over his fear."

"Why… why great-grandmother tell?" Shampoo asked as she wept.

"To save the rest of our family," Cologne answered. "If it was known that we were hiding your law breaking…"

Shampoo slumped. "Shampoo understand…"

"I'll inform them…" Cologne let go of Shampoo. "Be strong."

The tiny old woman slowly left the room, leaving Shampoo alone with her tears.


Ranma, naked except for an apron, started cooking dinner.

She started out slowly, turning on the stove to boil the water and getting the ingredients out. But as she was cutting the vegetables, Ranma decided to show off and have fun with it, tossing the vegetables in the air and slicing them overdramatically.

Deciding to go bold, Ranma grabbed three spatulas to make the food even faster.

With one in each hand and one between her toes, Ranma started grilling.

Soon, the sounds of clanking metal echoed throughout the house.

"Heh… I'm so awesome," Ranma laughed as she continued to increase the difficulty.

So concentrated was she that she didn't notice a tired Akane walk into the kitchen.

Although hard of seeing due to exhaustion, Akane smiled as her slave made dinner.

The blue-haired girl rubbed her eyes and was finally able to see clearly.

What she saw nearly caused her to drool.

Ranma was now beginning to sweat. Thanks to wearing only an apron and the leg closest to her working on making food, Akane got an eyeful of pussy.

'How did I not notice that she kept it so neat and clean before?' Akane wondered to herself. 'Well, duh, I didn't want to look…'

"Whew, I'm thirsty…" Ranma commented, wiping her forehead.

Akane smiled as she came up with an idea. A sexy idea. Akane came up with a wonderful, sexy idea. "Mare! Come drink the water I have here for you!"

Ranma froze and turned to face Akane. "A-k-k-kane!"

Akane smirked. "Address your mistress with more respect, female horse!"

"Hehehehe…" Ranma put down the spatulas. "Um… of course… *gulp* Mistress…"

Akane raised an eyebrow. "Alright. Well, if you're thirsty, drink this!"

Ranma gagged as Akane pointed between her legs. "EWW! Drink pee?! That's disgusting!"


"Oh, sure, I'M the pervert." Ranma rolled her eyes. "Well, what do you mean?"

"KISS MY LIPS AND DRINK MY JUICE!" Akane enjoyed saying that WAY too much.

Ranma hesitated.


"Um…" Ranma licked her lips. "Oh, alright…"

The redhead got down on her knees in front of Akane and looked up one last time to see the other girl's grin.

While Ranma didn't know what to do, she was as confident as ever.

Ranma steeled herself and dove in.

[A few minutes later] A flowered card showed, narrated by a french Narrator.

"There." Ranma got up. "Happy?"

"Sure…" Akane smiled. "Keep up the good work, mare."

With that the blue-haired girl walked to the dining room, looking for a way to exert her power there as well.


Mousse nervously stood outside the door to the laser eye surgery building.

Dr. Tofu patted him on the back. "Good luck."

"I'm still unsure of this…" Mousse fretted. "How will lasers allow me to see?"

"Too complicated to explain." Tofu shrugged. "But once you do it, you shouldn't need those glasses anymore."

Mousse twirled the glasses in his hand. "I'll do it!"

"That's the spirit." Dr. Tofu smiled.

"FOR YOU, SHAMPOO!" Mousse screamed and ran inside.

Dr. Tofu sweatdropped. "Why do I have a very bad idea about this?

With that, Tofu decided to stay in the area. Just in case.


Ranma brought out the food and put it on the table.

"Excellent work, horse…" Akane smiled. "Come, sit next to me."

The redhead did so, taking a seat next to Akane. Both were nude.

Neither of them would have dreamt of doing that just a few days ago, especially when Ranma was female.

"Thank you for the food!" they yelped fast, but since they were Japanese it was one word.

Before Ranma dug in, Akane wanted to rub it in a little more.

"Horse! Feed your mistress!" Akane ordered. "Sexily…"

Ranma's stomach growled and she groaned. "You're REALLY getting it tomorrow…"

Akane shrugged. "I can't help it."

The redhead sighed and gave in, promising herself to get the blue-haired girl back the next day. "Here you go."

Akane opened up her mouth.


Ranma got more food and brought it to Akane's mouth.


The slave did it again.


And again.


She did it once more.


And again.


The redhead took a moment to gaze at her mistress. Her body was sweaty and shiny, breasts bouncing softly each time she ate.

Ranma licked her lips and continued to feed her mistress.


Ranma's stomach growled again and she gritted her teeth, trying to not think about it.


Being nude right next to Akane had also gotten Ranma horny again.


Ranma wasn't even paying attention to what she was doing. She was just too horny, hungry, and helpless to stop it.


Akane bounced from one knee to the other happily as she closed her eyes, enjoying life.


Neither girl was paying attention to what they were doing, but nothing bad seemed to happen…


… Yet.


Ranma held her stomach with one arm, trying to make the growling stop.


Akane clasped her hands together, beaming with joy.


The redhead bit her lip, her eyes wandering over her mistress's body.


Akane was starting to be satisfied, yet she liked the experience so much…


Both girls stared at the bowl; the chopsticks hit the bottom of it, now empty.

Ranma almost doubled over in pain and frustration. The joy Akane had been feeling wasn't enough to help the redhead bear it well any longer.

The blue-haired girl was suddenly bombarded by Ranma's stomach pain, the sensation that had been blocked out earlier. She had no idea that it was that bad.

With her slave (and thus her) in pain, Akane picked up the redhead and put her in her lap.

Ranma was shocked at that, even more when Akane adjusted her legs to sit cross-legged instead.

"Eat up, my horse. You did well…" Akane said while petting Ranma's head.

The redhead didn't hesitate, becoming a typhoon of red, eating as fast as she could.

"WHOA!" Akane had never seen the girl eat so quickly. "SLOW DOWN!"

Ranma did slow considerably. Not because of the order, but because Akane grabbed her by the breasts to try and hold her back.

The mistress noticed her slave's change in attitude as Ranma became stiff.

"Oh, you like that, don't you?" Akane smirked.

Ranma shivered. "Mmghph."

Akane giggled as her slave tried to keep the food in her mouth. "Oh, I know you do… Maybe if I circle them with my fingers…"

The redhead found it hard not to choke as Akane played with her nipples.

"Yes, good girl…" Akane whispered into the slave's ear. "Swallow, have your mouth clear…"

Ranma was able to, although it was a struggle.

Akane laughed. "Oh, this is just too much fun… I REALLY needed to get laid, didn't I?"

The redhead shrugged.

"This is getting me wet…" Akane mentioned. "And it seems like you are too…"

Ranma blinked in surprise as Akane flipped her around to face her.

"That's how I like my horse…" The blue-haired girl smiled warmly.

With that, Akane kissed her slave, pressing their bodies together.


Which caused them to knock the table over, scattering dishes and utensils on the floor.


Cologne poked Shampoo in the back. "Child, are you awake? I just got off the phone…"

Shampoo turned to face her. "What Shampoo punishment?"

The old woman couldn't bear to look at her kin. Shampoo's face was soaked with tears, her hair was in disarray, her eyes were red from the crying, and her face was sullen with grief.

"It is agreed that you shall be made mostly dead…" Cologne told her. "Specifically, you will be considered dead in the records, but allowed to live here. However, you may never return to the village."

Shampoo's head dropped.

"I am sorry, but it must be done. To be sure you stay…" Cologne started to tear up. "You will be forced to wear a collar. One that will signify your status… and keep you from going home."

Shampoo sniffled. "Why? Shampoo already ban from there…"

"Because… Because it will keep any Amazon from seeing you as anything more than a cat, and forces you not to be cured." Cologne slumped. "Mousse and I… will think you are dead."

Shampoo rubbed her neck. "Shampoo… understand…"

Cologne nodded. "I'll allow you to do it yourself. Goodbye, great-granddaughter…"

The old woman slowly walked out of the room, leaving a magical collar next to Shampoo.


Akane and her slave thrashed around on the floor, causing a mess.

Not that they minded, for they were too busy kissing each other.

The blue-haired girl was on top of the redhead, pressing her into the floor.

Ranma had her arms around her mistress, pulling her down.

Both were holding out, each silently challenging the other to break the kiss first. While Ranma was the better martial artist, Akane was used to holding her breath for long periods of time. It was so she wouldn't drown, but still.

Being taken off guard also worked against the redhead.

Not that Ranma played fair.

The two had their legs intertwined and Ranma used that to her advantage, twisting just so…


Ranma turned the tables and flipped over, now pinning Akane.

Akane's eyes narrowed at that.

So she decided to play dirty as well, being a practitioner of Anything Goes, after all…

The redhead's eyes widened as she felt her mistress's knee press right between her legs.

Momentarily stunned, Ranma was unprepared for Akane to flip them yet again…


Akane flipped her slave over her head, causing Ranma to land on the floor.

Ranma winced as their breasts banged against each other, the redhead being more aroused than her mistress.

This was taking too long for Akane. Her mind raced to find a way to end this quickly.

'But what?!' Akane screamed inside her head. 'What?! Think… THINK! What will shock? Um… UM!'

The blue-haired girl decided to really cheat.

She used her hand to grab Ranma's nose.

The redhead WAS shocked and did the same to Akane.

Now it was a question of who could hold their breath the longest.

The seconds ticked by, each of them determined to win.

Despite being dirty and cheating, Akane realized she couldn't win this competition, and finally gasped for air.

Her slave smirked. "I win…"

Akane growled. "Fine… fine…"

Ranma got up. "Still the best…"

The blue-haired girl smiled. "Well, as part of your reward, you may carry me into the bedroom."

Ranma sweatdropped. "SO getting you back tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah, I know…" Akane rolled her eyes. "Now down on all fours, horse!"


"Ich don't know…" The eye doctor stroked his long, gray, pharaoh-like beard. "Lazer surrrgerry doez not worrk so well on eyez az bad as yourz…"

Mousse balled his fists in anger. "BUT I NEED TO HAVE MY EYES FIXED!"

"Yez, that izz obviouz." The doctor who performed eye surgery nodded. "But, FREEEKING LAZER BEAMZ arre nicht so gut für ze near blindnezzzz."

"Then what should I do?!" Mousse demanded, only a little put off by the old guy's accent.

"Plazzzma!" the eye doctor answered. "Mein newezt inventionz izz rready for ze firzt customerz!"

"WHAT?!" Mousse couldn't believe his ears.

The old guy laughed madly. "JA! JA! ICH BIN AWEZOME!"


Mousse panicked as he was strapped down by metal cuff on his hands and feet.

The eye doctor just laughed some more.

Mousse's cry would be heard throughout the area.


Akane smiled victoriously as she rode her slave into the bedroom.

Ranma rolled her eyes and continued on all fours to the bed.

"Whoa there. Easy, horsey…" Akane smirked.

Her slave sighed.

Akane dismounted and sat on the bed. "You know… I'm thinking it's time for me to take your virginity, slave. As a girl, at least."

"But is that possible? I mean, really, I don't even understand how two girls can do that… unless they just kind of scissor or something." Ranma interlocked her fingers to try to make her point.

Akane rubbed her chin. "Maybe… Would that work?"

Ranma shrugged.

The mistress thought it over and decided, 'Why not?'

With a pat on the bed, she tried to make her slave jump up like a dog.

The redheaded slave didn't, however. Instead, Ranma sat on the bed like a human, really getting tired of being treated like an animal.

"Now… um… spread your legs," Akane ordered, trying to figure things out.

Her slave took a deep breath, lay down, and thought of England.

'That place was rainy all time,' Ranma thought. 'And kept getting invaded by aliens… Why is that? And why is it only on TV?'

"Now… if I put my leg here…" Akane tried to maneuver herself to fit.

*Thwap twack*

"Can you PLEASE stop kicking me?" Ranma rolled her eyes, annoyed.

Akane growled. "I'm TRYING not to!"

Both of the girls felt a shockwave of pleasure run through their bodies.

The blue-haired girl smiled and pushed it again and again.

Ranma gripped the bedsheet as Akane pushed harder and harder.

As they were feeling each other's pleasure as well as their own, they knew that it was working well. VERY well.

But it still wasn't enough for Akane, who wanted to make the redhead climax.

Ranma was close, though. She was biting her lip to hold it off until after her mistress, but she forgot one thing… Akane was in control, and was more used to her sex being stimulated.

"MMMM!" Ranma's eyes widened as her mistress stood up, causing the redhead to be bent and on the bottom fully.

"Good horse. Good mare…" Akane whispered. "Let it go. Submit to me… Be TAMED."

Her slave tried to resist, closing her eyes and turning her head.

The rhythm continued to speed up as Akane looked for an edge.

"Good GIRL," Akane said with a smirk. "Such a good girl. Obey your mistress like the good, obedient, SUBMISSIVE girl you are…"

Ranma tried to deny that in her head, but the pleasure rushing over her was too foreign, too much like a girl, and she couldn't resist.

Their clitorises brushed up against each other, smacking together repeatedly as Akane ground into Ranma.

Sensing that she was about to push her slave over the edge, Akane sealed the deal. "You are MINE, mare… My sexy horse… OBEY your mistress and CLIMAX!"

Ranma couldn't take it anymore and with a scream, orgasmed… as a girl.

Just the shock of it caused Ranma to lose consciousness.

As that wave of Ranma's orgasm hit Akane, it triggered her own.

It was so powerful and Akane was so shocked by it that she fell on top of her slave, her legs not being able to support her weight.

By chance, Akane's face fell right in between Ranma's breasts.

That oddity caused them to go over the edge once more.

Akane fell asleep at that point, her body unable to take the strain any longer.


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