Hey everyone, how are you? Now I know what some of you may be thinking: "Scarecrow, why are you putting out a new story, when you already have one you should be working on?" A valid point true believers. To the fans of my Naruto in Hell story, worry not, the next chapter is in production. The reason I'm posting this story is simple; I had the idea, I liked it, and I ran with it. I'm sure that has happened to some of my fellow authors, right? Plus, I needed something different, so I didn't get burnt out on Naruto. I love that story, and would never think of not finishing it, but sometimes it's nice to work on something else for a while. That said, this story is different from my Naruto story. This one doesn't have quite as much intense action (yet...). It's also meant to have more comedy in it the Naruto. There is action, as anyone who is familiar with the two series in question should know, so don't worry. The action in this chapter is not as much as I would like, but it is only the first chapter. I have to set up the story, and establish the fundamentals. I hope you enjoy it, as I'd really like for this story to do well. So, without further delay, let's dig into:

-Dealing With Youkai Academy- Chapter 1: Dealing with a Vampire

A boy sat in an average looking school bus, watching the country side fly by. He had a frail looking body, with long skinny arms and legs. His hair was an odd shade of pinkish purple. His eyes were a pale blue, and they were constantly flickering back and fourth, as though waiting for something to jump out at him.

The boy, Crona, sighed and looked down at his new cloths. The place he was going had a dress code, so he had been provided with his own uniform. The outfit made him fell uncomfortable, he missed his old cloths, and he wasn't sure how to deal with that. Looking back up, he thought back to where he was going, and how he was lucky to be going anywhere at all.

He had done terrible things for Lady Medusa. Things he would likely never live down. But things had changed. He had remembered who his real friends were. He broke free of his mother's control, and turned on her. Turing one of the biggest battles between Shibusen and Lady Medusa's forces, Crona had helped turn the tide when he saved his friends from death, and drove his sword through his mothers heart. That hadn't killed her, but it had bought enough time for Shibusen to finish her off. He had hoped that, for his actions, he would be able to go back with them and return to his friends. That wasn't exactly what happened. Most of them didn't trust him, and really, why should they? The last time they had, he had ended up betraying them. Only one person had stood by his side, had vouched for him: Maka Albarn. His first, and now, only true friend. She had stood up for him.

And it was because of her trust that he was here right now. He still remembered his last meeting with Lord Death, the one that would ultimately decide his fate….


"hmmm, well Crona, you've left me in a very precarious position" Lord death said, looking down at the nervous form of Crona. Behind him, were Maka, Black*Star, and Kid, as well as their partners Soul, Tsubaki, Patty & Liz. Also there were the Death Scythes, the remaining ones anyway, Stein, and finally Sid. "While you did help us end a great threat to the world at large, if it wasn't for your actions, it's possible Medusa wouldn't have grown so strong in the first place". Maka has told me that you were forcibly coerced into Medusa's schemes, but that alone cannot erase all the damage" he said, his voice not the cheerful one he normally used, instead using his deep "serious voice". Maka frowned, she'd done all she could to convince Lord Death that Crona was forced to do a lot of what he'd done. She knew a lot of her friends were still mad at Crona, but she hoped she had at least convinced Lord Death of his innocence.

After a long moment of silence, Lord Death heaved a heavy sigh "Very well, I have made my decision" he said, getting everyone in the room's attention. Lord Death cleared his throat "After going over everything I know personally, as well as the testimonies of several other" he said, glancing over at the peanut gallery "I have decided to give Crona, meister of the demon blade Ragnarok," Lord Death paused, the room waited on baited breath, leaning forward to hear the verdict "a second chance" he finished, his voice reverting back to his usual goofy self.

Crona, Maka, and some of the others heaved a sigh of relief. Maka broke away from the rest of the group to hug her long lost friend. "Crona, isn't this great, you get to stay!" she said, squeezing Crona tighter, much to Crona's embarrassment and Soul's annoyance. Ragnorak even popped out of Crona's back and hugged his meister's head in joy.

"I get to live!" he cried happily, making the others in the room laugh at his expense.

But Lord Death's seemed to become serious again when he heard Maka "Unfortunately, that's not entirely accurate" he said, making everyone freeze.

"Wh-What to do you mean Lord Death?" Maka asked hesitantly. Crona was scared too, but he wasn't about to voice it, lest he draw the god's anger.

"While I am willing to allow Crona to live, and even forgive him to an extent, I cannot allow him to return to Shibusen just yet." he explained waving one of his oversized hands about. "He hasn't earned that level of trust back just yet. As such, I'm afraid I'll have to send him someplace else." he said with finality.

Tsubaki stepped forward "Your sending him away? Where?" she asked. While she and Crona weren't close, she was at the very least concerned for his well being.

"There is a place called Youkai Academy" Lord Death explained "located in an alternate dimension. I have been meaning to send someone there to watch over it for a while. While I don't think it will be a direct target of the Keshin, we can't rule it out. So, as a probationary student, Crona will be sent there. He will be able to get the education he needs, while also making sure that things stay safe at the school." he explained, his tone booking no argument.

Crona sighed, he would get to live, but he was also being sent away from the only true friends he had. Deciding to speak up, he took a step forward "Uh si-sir?" he asked in a shaky voice, trying to get the large God's attention.

"Yes? What is it my boy?" Death asked, his voice aloof and goofy once more, freaking Crona out just a bit.

"Wi-Will I ever get to come back?" he asked hopefully. This question made everyone stop and look at Death.

Death rubbed his chin, his eyes squinted in a classic 'thinking pose'. "I suppose" he started looking down at Crona "that if you prove yourself truly trustworthy then I will allow you to return to Shibusen." he said, making Crona give a sigh of relief. "But don't think it will be easy!" Death snapped at Crona, making the nervous boy jump "You've got a lot of work a head of you before that can happen"

Crona just nodded determinedly. To get back to his friends, and earn back the trust he had thrown away, he would do anything.

(Flashback Over)

Crona's shoulders slumped, that had been then. It had seemed so easy at the time. It wasn't until two days later, when he was on the bus to leave that Lord Death felt the need to mention that the school he would be attending was one exclusively for monsters. It had taken the physical might of Spirit, Stein, and Lord Death to force him back on the bus after that. Monsters! How on earth was he supposed to deal with that?

The biggest blow came right after that though, one that made the idea of going to a school for monsters all the harder. Lord Death informed him that a seal had been placed on him, and by extension Ragnorak, that would monitor them and their powers. Crona was not to go about picking fights and using his powers extensively. He was only allowed to use his powers if he was in immediate danger. The only other reason would be if Crona was using his powers in defense of another, something Crona himself didn't think would be happening. After all, who would he help in a school full of terrifying monsters? If Lord Death felt them using their powers, and there wasn't a good reason for it, Crona would be in big trouble.

The bus driver looked over his shoulder at Crona. He had seen a lot of kids in his time, but none of them were like this kid. Frankly, the aura the kid was putting off was really starting to bum him out, something he hadn't believed possible.

Deciding to make conversation, he addressed the boy "So, you are the student enrolling at Youkai Academy?" he asked.

Crona almost jumped out of his seat at being addressed so suddenly. The creepy bus driver was talking to him… how was he supposed to deal with creepy bus drivers? He could hear Ragnorak grumbling inside of him, complaining about 'stupid bus drivers asking obvious questions'. "Yes" Crona responded hesitantly. Glancing out the window, he noted that they were heading toward a tunnel in the side of a mountain.

The driver just nodded "In that case, you may want to prepare yourself" he said, grinning around his cigar.

"Why?" Crona asked, knowing he wasn't going to like the answer.

"Youkai Academy is a veeerrrrry horrifying school!" he said, his glowing eyes illuminated by the embers of his lit cigar.

"WHAT?" Crona yelled, eyes wide with terror as he scooted to the back of the bus. "A horrifying school? Oh no, that sounds awful! How am I supposed to deal with that?" he yelled to the sky

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

Not long after that, the bus came to a stop. Crona stepped off the bus with his eyes shut, afraid of what horrible things he might see. Slowly opening one eye, he closed it again. He had been right, this place was way to scary. Right before him was what looked like a set out of a horror movie. Spooky grounds, a scary looking tree, even a kinda creepy (but only to Crona) scarecrow.

Crona turned around and tried to scramble back on the bus, only to get a foot in the face from the driver. "Th-There's no way a place this scary can be a school!"

"Sorry kid, them's the breaks" the Drive said, finally getting Crona out of the door and driving off. Crona stood there for a long while, clutching his bag to his chest. Even when Ragnarok started yelling from inside him to get the lead out he didn't move. Finally, after about ten minutes of standing like a statue, Ragnarok finally convinced Crona to move, or he wouldn't be getting any sleep for a year. And Crona didn't want that, he'd get bags under his eyes, and he didn't know how to deal with that. So, with slow, shaky steps, Crona made his way down the road toward the immensely creepy Youkai Academy.

Of course, things were never easy for Crona. The boy hadn't taken more then ten steps before he heard a sound behind him.

"Oh no! Coming through!" a distinctly female voice yelled. Crona turned toward the sound, just in time for a girl on a bike to slam into him going full throttle.

Rubbing his head with one hand, Crona went to steady himself with the other. Only for his hand to come in contact with something soft and squishy. On reflex, he squeezed said object, getting a slight moan from the other person as a result. Sitting up fully, Crona caught sight of what had hit him: a girl. And a cute one at that.

Her hair was even pinker then his was, and her eyes were a shining green. She wore the typical school jacket over a white blouse, as well as the school's brand of oddly short skirts; both of which did nothing to hide her figure. On her neck was a black choker from which hung a silver cross with a red gem embedded in the center.

Crona quickly took his hand off her and just stared at her. At Shibusen there was no shortage of attractive girls walking around, but he'd never gotten this close to any of them before.

The girl didn't seem to notice his reaction, instead rubbing her head. "I'm sorry" she said, looking at him. "I got dizzy from my anemia" she explained. Crona just nodded his head at the girl. When she looked him in the eye, he blushed, he wasn't used to talking to strangers, let alone cute girls. How was he supposed to deal with this?

"Oh no, your hurt!" she said, getting his attention. From where she was looking, Crona guest he must have gotten a cut on his face. Thanks to Ragnarok though, he didn't even bleed. The girl had taken out a handkerchief, when she suddenly swayed again. "The scent of… blood" she said, her eyes half lidded. Now the girl was really starting to weird Crona out. Were all girls this weird?

Suddenly, the girl collapsed against his chest. "I lose control when I smell that scent" she said. Outside, Crona was only slightly unnerved, a blush on his cheeks as he tried not to put his hands anywhere inappropriate and whatnot. Inside though, he was freaking out. A girl was lying on him! For a boy who had experienced almost no positive physical contact from anyone, let alone a cute girl, Crona was seriously flustered. Ragnarok seemed to be handling it much better though, as he kept muttering about cute girls, and how he would love to reach out and grab her- Crona stopped that line of thought right there. He was no pervert! And he was sure the girl wasn't leaning on him for anything like that either…

Suddenly the girl leaned forward, her lips inches from Crona's own. Okay, maybe she was after that. Crona had never been in this position before. Was he supposed to kiss her now?

"I…. I'm sorry but…." she said, inching closer toward him. Crona's mind at this point was nearing critical mass "It's just cuz" she whispered setting herself up in a kneeling position before him.

And then she went to bite him "I'm a Vampire" she said as her teeth went to break flesh, ready to suck his blood.

Or rather, that's what she tried to do. As soon as her fangs touched black blood, Ragnarok was already hardening it to the point where it wouldn't bleed. When he felt the girl trying to actively suck out the blood, Ragnarok hardened the blood around her mouth to the point where it was almost impossible.

This of course, came as a great surprise to the young vampire, who had never before been unable to draw blood when she wanted. Drawing back from Crona, her teeth made a slight popping noise as they came out of the now solid section of black blood. As soon as she was gone, Ragnarok allowed the blood to flow normally again, though none of it exited the already healing bite marks.

Moka, for that was the young vampire's name, was about to ask what had happened just now, when something happened. Some of Crona's black blood had remained on her teeth even after she bit him. It wasn't much, hardly more then a single lick, but it was enough to get a taste all the same. As the boy's dark life blood landed on her taste buds, Moka froze. Her eyes widened. Her pupils shrunk to the size of pinpricks, before growing to encompass nearly her whole eye. Her body seized up as she felt warm and tingly all over, before she suddenly slumped. She blushed as the warm wonderful feeling of the boy's blood settled in her stomach. She couldn't help but giggle, even as the boy in front of her started to wig out. If Moka didn't know better, she'd swear she just had sex (No, really, read the manga or watch the anime. Doesn't that look on her face seem to indicate something? Maybe I'm just being perverse here, but it sure seems like it too me).

Finally coming back to earth, Moka focused on Crona, who was flipping out with a hand to his neck. "You just tried to suck my blood! You're a vampire? A vampire who wants to suck my blood? Oh I really don't know how to deal with all this!" he cried, much to Moka's worry.

Moka waved her hands in a placating manner "Im sorry, I'm Moka Akashiya" she introduced herself to Crona, who was just starting to calm down. "And although I look like this, I'm really a Vampire" she stated, once more bringing up her species.

Crona just looked at her nervously. "A vampire? Like bloodsucking monsters that hate crosses and garlic vampires? he asked. He'd known he was going to have to encounter a monster sooner or later, but he hadn't expected this. He had expected the monsters to be outright creepy and scary, not…. pretty.

Moka just nodded, "Yes" she said, blushing thinking about the taste of Crona's blood. She decided it would be best not to bring up the amazing reaction it provoked in her.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

It wasn't long after the encounter that the two were walking down the road together. Moka was providing most of the conversation, with Crona choosing to be his usual quite self. He had almost spoken up, to ask her about the whole 'blood sucking' thing, when his train of thought had been rudely interrupted by Ragnarok, who made the comment "She's really hot Crona! If she wants to suck on something so bad why don't you-" Crona had quickly stomped Ragnarok out of his thoughts. Why did his partner have to be so… so…

"So, um…. " Moka spoke up again, trying once more to start up a conversation with the quite boy next to her. She had been doing this ever since they started walking. He seemed so shy and quite that most of her attempts failed when he only gave nonverbal responses. The only real bit of information she'd gotten out of him was his name; Crona. Deciding to brave a question she had been fearful of asking she spoke up one more time "So, do you really hate our kind…. vampires, I mean?" she asked worried that this potential friendship had died before it ever really began.

Crona heard the subtle desperation in her voice, and decided he'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Who was he to judge if she drank blood. Until Maka had turned him over to the good side, he regularly ate human souls. "No" he said, making the nervous Moka look up at him. "I wouldn't say that! I mean, Vampires are pretty unique." he said, not quite sure how to make conversation with the vampiric girl.

But Moka seemed happy "That's wonderful!" She said, her face lighting up, and instantly Crona knew he'd made the right decision. "Then if you're okay with me, will you please be my friend?" She asked. Before Crona could answer she continued "I was feeling so lonely since I don't know anyone here." she said, and that was something Crona could relate too. "I'm glad I met you Crona. When the entrance ceremony is over, let's try and talk some more" she said, as the entrance to the school came into view.

Crona just nodded his head, "Besides" she added, just as they walked past the main gate "you're pretty unique yourself. I can tell from your blood" she finished, blushing as she said it. Crona didn't know what to say to that. He wasn't really a monster, not in the sense that most of the students here were. If he had to have a monster label, he supposed he could call himself a failed Keshin. That was what his mother had always hoped he would become. He'd gotten close, but he'd never made the final leap to full on God of Insanity.

And so, Crona just continued onward in silence to the entrance ceremony, still pondering his own existence, while Moka chatted happily away.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

Crona sat nervously in his chair as he waited for class to begin. He had chose a desk in the far corner of the room. Being close to 'Mr. Corner' giving him a small bit of comfort. Comfort that was offset somewhat by Ragnarok near constant whining. The little demon wanted to come out and show himself, but Crona knew that it would be best to avoid such a thing for now. Ragnarok knew it too, he just liked making himself a pain in the ass.

He looked up as his teacher, one Shizuka Nekonome walked into the room. She looked almost completely human. Well, except for those two cat ears on her head, and the tail that poked out from the top of her skirt. She seemed to have a happy bubbly personality that reminded Crona a lot of that magical cat girl that stayed at Maka and Soul's apartment.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to Youkai Academy!" she started happily. "I am your home room teacher, Shizuka Nekonome" she introduced. herself with a grin. "I think you all already know this but this is a school built for the sake of Monsters to attend!" She said, giving the class a cute wink.

Crona just nodded inwardly. Yep, this was a school for monsters, and he was stuck right in the middle of it.

"Our current problem" she went on "Is that earth has already come under the control of the humans. In order for us monsters to continue to survive, we have no choice but to continue to peacefully coexist with the humans." she said, waving a pointer at a chalkboard with sick figures of humans on it with vigor. "At this academy, you will be studying "How to Coexist with Humans"!" she said, making the purpose sound very dramatic, almost like the words themselves were in bold. "So for that reason, as a school rule, you will all live your lives at this academy in Human Form!" there it was again Crona thought.

"Do you understand?" she asked the class "It's a matter of being able to disguise yourself well as a human! This is the foundation of coexistence. You are never to allow any of your fellow students to know your 'true form', understand!" she finished, looking at the faces of all the students as she said it.

Crona understood, and frankly, he was relieved. He didn't have a form to reveal, and that alone might be misinterpreted as him being human. Though, he supposed if it came down to it, a simple display of his powers would shoot that theory to bits.

"Hey teacher" a snobby voice from the middle of the class spoke up "why don't we just eat those pathetic humans? Or, if they're good looking girls, molest them?" he asked. Crona froze at that. This guy wanted to do what to regular humans? Crona felt his fists clench.

But the teacher just continued on like she hadn't even heard him "Incidentally, here at Youkai Academy, the teachers and students are all monsters, there are no genuine humans here! Since this Academy is within a secret sacred world, to those humans who come to know of our existence, we will bring them death!…or something like that…." she trailed off, unsure.

Suddenly, the door to the class slid open, attracting most of the attention in the room. "Excuse me" the person said, clearly out of breath "Sorry I'm late, after the entrance ceremony, I kinda got lost in the school…." she trailed off embarrassed to have gotten lost on the first day.

Luckily, sensei didn't seem to mind "Oh, that's fine, just take a seat" she said.

"Ok" the girl said, fully stepping into the classroom. Crona saw, with some degree of pleasure, that it was Moka. Apparently, all the other guys were pleased too, as nearly everyone stood up as she approached.

Soon comments like 'she's so hot' and 'I hope she sits by me' filled the room. Crona's voice seemed so small when he spoke up "hey Moka" he uttered, sure it would be too soft to hear.

But apparently not, as Moka's head snapped in his direction. Blinking twice Moka looked at him "Crona?" she asked. Crona nodded his head, and that was all the perky girl needed to throw herself on and wrap her arms around his neck. "It's Crona! I can't believe we're in the same class!" she said with joy. She was the only one however. Crona was filled with nervousness, unsure how to deal with this sort of thing. The rest of the class was outraged. Who the hell was that guy who got Moka's attention? What did he have that they didn't?

From his seat, the boy who had suggested eating and molesting humans, licked his lips at the sight of Moka.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

Crona walked through the halls in a daze. Moka was clinging to his arm, chatting about everything she saw. She somehow felt the need to fill up the silence he left by talking twice as much. She talked about the school's architecture, the various students, the classes, everything. Crona honestly wondered if he was in some sort of dream. This girl, Moka, was being really nice to him, and even wanted to be his friend it seemed. Maybe this monster school thing wouldn't be so tough to deal with after all.

Although…. glancing around, he could tell not everybody was as happy as Moka was. Most of the boys he saw went through three different emotions upon seeing the two of them: Wonder at seeing the radiant Moka. Confusion as to who he was and what he was doing with her. And finally anger that he was the one with the girl on his arm and not them. Crona didn't get what the big deal was. Moka was just his friend, one he'd known less then a day, so what were they getting all worked up for. His worry only increased as he felt the killing intent from the boys start to rise and focus on him more and more.

He was broken from his train of thought as someone stepped out of the crowds to block Moka and his path. "Hmm, such a pretty one" he said, looking at them, and Crona was pretty sure he wasn't talking about him. At least he hopped not. He wasn't sure how he'd deal with that type of attention.

As the boy moved close, Crona realized that it was the boy from class earlier. The one who wanted to do…. unpleasant things in general. "You are called Moka Akashiya are you not!" the taller boy asked giving Moka a wink "I am your classmate Saizou Komiya! Salutations!"

"Saizou" was a very tall boy. He had blond hair, which was slicked back yet still managed to look disheveled. In fact, disheveled seemed to be this guy's main attitude toward his appearance. His tie was loosely done, his jacket was rumbled and his shirt was untucked and looked like it had been slept in. The only other defining feature about him was the piercing in his lip, as well as the ones in his ear.

The guy gave off an aura that reeked of trouble, and everyone in the hall took a step back from him as he past. As he took a step closer to Moka, he suddenly lashed out and grabbed Crona by the front of his jacket and lifted him into the air. Crona flailed his arms about, not sure what to do. He could easily kill this guy now, but he wasn't sure if he should. He wasn't really in any danger was he?

"By the way, why is a beautiful lady like yourself associating with a guy like this?" Saizou asked, casting a brief glance at Crona. Moka seemed unsure of what to do or say to that, and Crona was busy trying to figure out a way to get back down.

The crowd of students murmured and pointed at Saizou, and from what Crona could hear from the crowd his reputation was anything but pleasant.

"It's Saizou! That guy is Saizou Komiya!" one student said to their buddy.

Another boy, one with a squashed looking nose whispered to his neighbor "He seems like he's probably one of those ill mannered suspicious rogue monsters" well that seemed about right in Crona experience "He sounds like quite a ladies man from all the human women he's molested" was that what constituted a ladies man around here? Crona hardly noticed Saizou had thrown him to the floor when he heard the last comment "They say he caused too many problems out there in the human society and was forced into this Academy against his will. Great, why would they put such an individual in a school?

Saizou just kept leering at Moka, ignoring all the comments "Wouldn't someone like me be far superior to that sort of scummy guy?" he asked getting uncomfortably close to Moka's face "Why don't we go off somewhere just the two of us and have some fun?" Moka didn't look like she particularly like that idea. In fact she looked like she'd rather be anywhere but in front of this boy. Crona felt the aura of the boy get heavier as he leaned toward Moka "Well?" he asked, running his tongue over his lips "Why don't we go out for a bit?" he asked again. Crona could hear Ragnorak muttering about smug douche bags, and frankly, he agreed.

Crona stood up, unsure of what he was going to do, when Moka suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled him away. "I'm sorry!" she called over her shoulder "I'm having fun with Crona now!" she said, before speeding off around a corner.

Saizou glowered at the ground. He clenched his fist as he thought of Moka. "I never allow a nice woman like you to escape me…." he muttered.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

After Moka had stopped dragging him, she and Crona took a breather behind some stairs. "That was surprising wasn't it? I got a little scared" Moka said embarrassed, breaking the silence. "Are you okay Crona?" she asked looking at him.

He nodded. It wasn't like he'd been hurt or anything, despite the larger boys intentions. Their was something he wanted to ask though, even though he was afraid of the answer he might get "Moka…." he started off unsure of how to best phrase the question "Why are you so friendly to someone like me?" He asked the girl, who no doubt could be friends with anyone she wanted "Even though I'm just some boring worthless guy…" he stopped, going to far. He didn't like to think of himself as worthless, but years with his mother had ingrained the idea into his head. He'd gotten better, through his time with Maka and her friends, but it was still there; lurking in the back of his mind.

"Don's say that!" Moka said startling him out of his thoughts. "To me you're not mediocre or worthless or anything Crona!" she said, surprising Crona. It seemed Moka didn't think he was a loser after all. "Besides…" Moka continued blushing "you're the first person I've ever had that I could call a friend" she said. Crona's eyes widened. He was her first friend? Inside, Crona could hear Ragnorak agree with his thoughts. Well, if he was her first friend, then he would be the best friend he could be.

Of course, anther reason Moka liked Crona was one she would never actually tell him. She also like Crona for his blood. Even though it had only been a taste, what she'd gotten was a thousand times better then any from a transfusion packs. Just the thought of it made her blush.

Seeing Crona stare at her, Moka's blush grew "Oh, I'm so embarrassed" she said, giving him a good natured push back. Of course, even with most of her power sealed, her strength was still enough to shove Crona into a wall with enough force to crack it. "Let's have some fun, and check out the rest of the Academy!" she said running off. Crona blinked as he watch Moka skip off. Pushing himself away from the wall, he rubbed his arm, once again thankful for his black blood.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

The rest of the day was spent in fun exploration, as the two new friends explored the entire school grounds. 'this is nice' Crona thought, for once at peace. Ragnorak of course was bored as Hell, and never stopped reminding Crona of this fact, but other then that it was nice.

"Look Crona, this is the dorm we'll be staying in!" Moka said excitedly. Crona had a somewhat different reaction to the dorms. They were big and creepy, and frankly Crona didn't think he'd ever be able to live in something that looked so run down. This was where he had to stay, for possibly years!

"So cool" Moka said with hearts in her eyes "Such a building full of dignity and character. Crona had to wonder if they were looking at the same building. If Moka really wanted character, she should see some of the building in Death City.

Thinking of the town where his friends were really seemed to drive home the point that Crona wouldn't be seeing them again for a long time. He had no idea when or even if Lord Death would ever allow him to return. It was quite possible he'd spend the rest of his days banished in exile to this horrible place.

Moka seemed to pick up on Crona's depressing aura, but misinterpreted it to him not liking the buildings. "Oh, you don't like them Crona? Even though you're a monster" she said, turning to face him. She got a thoughtful look on her face "Say, speaking of which, what kind of monster are you anyway Crona?"

Now there was a question that stopped Crona dead in his tracks. What was he supposed to tell his new friend? He didn't want to lie to her, but the truth wasn't exactly the sort of thing he wanted to get out either. He could tell her his mother was a witch, and let her draw her own conclusions, but if there ever came a point where he had to show his abilities, that would only lead to more questions! Oh, why hadn't Lord Death told how to deal with questions like these!

Luck was apparently on Crona's side however, as Moka suddenly spoke up "Wait! Letting your true form out is against the rules isn't it!" she said, unaware that Crona was saying a silent thank you to whoever had made that rule. "Sorry, I didn't mean to ask that question" she said with an embarrassed giggle.

"That's okay" Crona said, a slight smile on his face. "But, Moka" he said, getting her attention as the two of them kept walking along "I can't really see you as anything except a normal human." he said, confusion in his voice. "Are you really a vampire" he asked, having difficulty matching up his preconceived notion of what a vampire looked like, with the pretty pink haired girl before him.

Moka stopped and looked at him with a smile on her face. "Of course" she said, "Right now I look pretty human but…" she gestured to the Rosary on her chest "You see, if I take this Rosary on my chest off, I become the real thing. An evil and super scary Vampire" she said, making an attempt at a scary face. It wasn't that scary, but it was enough for Crona, who didn't like things that were even a little bit scary.

Crona took the time to examine the Rosary. It didn't look like much to him "How can something so stupid looking do anything useful?" came Ragnorak's usual cheery compliment. Though Crona had to agree. After having seen some impressive looking seals in his time at Death Academy, on both sides of the war, this one didn't look like it could hold a door closed, let alone a vampire.

"Rosaries have the effect of sealing off a vampire's power" Moka continued, despite her audiences lack of awe "Since in my original form, I was hated and caused conflict, I put this Rosary on myself so I'd keep my vampire powers sealed."

Crona just nodded. Even if she didn't look like it, Moka wasn't really a human at all. She was so different from him…. no matter how gentle she seemed, there was something lurking beneath the surface. Okay, so maybe not quite so different after all, he thought, thinking of Ragnorak.

Moka took a step toward him "But even if our power is sealed, we do still end up craving blood" she said, putting her arms around him. Crona went white; that wasn't something he was prepared to deal with again.

Moka knew she shouldn't, but being so close to him; close enough to smell his strange blood, was driving her wild. She just had to have a sip. Just one and she would be satisfied. Closing her eyes, she went to bite him and take a drink of that sweat elixir. Only to find nothing but air! Opening her eyes, she was surprised to find Crona running away from her!

"Sorry Moka, but I have to go find my room!" Crona called back. It was a lame lie he knew, but what else could he say. He doubted she'd take no for an answer if he'd stayed there.

Moka flustered. It shouldn't have been that big a deal, but for some reason she found herself annoyed that she had lost her chance at Crona's delicious blood. "Crona come back!" she yelled after her rapidly retreating friend "I just want to suck your blood!" Strangely, that didn't seem to encourage Crona to return at all.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

Crona walked to school the next morning, already trying to mentally prepare himself for anything terrifying he might have to deal with. He just hoped Moka didn't try to bite him again.

His thoughts of Moka were interrupted when a voice called out to him "Wait up lover boy", right before Saizou stepped out from behind a tree and grabbed Crona by his tie. Crona frowned, why did this guy keep grabbing him? Then he gulped, Saizou had a look in his eye that spelled pain for Crona if he wasn't careful.

"It looks like you had a lot of fun with Moka Akashiya yesterday" he stated, swinging Crona around and slamming him into a wall. Inside, Ragnorak raged, demanding that Crona put this bastard in his place, and Crona was finding it hard to resist. Even if he didn't like fighting, years of being a honed killing machine didn't vanish overnight. If Saizou kept pushing him, he would have to take action.

"Your true form, what is your true form!" Saizou barked, applying more pressure to Crona's chest.

Crona didn't know what to tell him. He was pretty sure Kishin was the wrong answer, but then again, half witch didn't sound much better. He sure as hell wasn't about to say human. Well, Saizou didn't look too bright, maybe he could bluff him?

"My true form?" Crona asked looking down on him. "I don't think you want to know" he said, trying to look tough. He hardened his stare and leveled a fierce glare down at Saizou, allowing only a minutia of his wavelength to filter out.

But it didn't work out quite like he'd hoped. Saizou was one of those "Alpha Male" types. He had to be the big man on campus, and the idea that this scrawny little wimp could be better then him pissed him the fuck off. Thus, why he smashed his fist into the wall next to Crona's head, causing most of the structure to collapse; this also had the effect of attracting pretty much every student who was passing by.

"I don't want to know?" he growled, raising his arm like was about to strike again "Who the fuck do you think you are? Some nobody like you has the balls to talk down to me?" he demanded, his hand growing unnaturally large, his fingers becoming claws as he shifted partially into his monster form. "Don't you dare lie to me punk" he said. He turned and started walking away "Anyway" he called over his shoulder "Don't go near Moka again! If you even talk to her again you're dead boy" he said, his arm shifting back into that of a human.

Crona let out a sigh of relief. That had gone much better then he'd thought it would. He hadn't had to release any of his power at all. Of course, while he celebrated that fact, Ragnorak was busy calling him a wuss for not showing that Saizou whose boss.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

Unfortunately, Crona's day didn't get any better from there. His next conflict came, oddly enough, from Moka of all people. They were sitting at one of the Academy's lunch tables. They were making idle conversation, and it had started out nicely enough. But then, Moka had asked the question: "What was your school before this one like?"

Well, he obviously couldn't tell her the true nature of Death Academy, but he did give her an abridged version. One which made it seem like a perfectly pleasant, perfectly normal school.

"And this place, was it a school for monsters too?" she asked, having never heard of another school for monsters outside of Youkai Academy.

Crona just gave small smile, thinking of his brief time there "No," he answered "in fact, almost everyone there was completely human" he stated. But then he noticed the look on Moka's face. "Moka, is something wrong?" he asked, was it something he'd said?

Moka's face was one of restrained anger "I hate those humans!" she shouted. Crona stepped back, unsure what had brought this on. "I… I actually went to a human school up through middle school. I was so isolated. None of those humans believed in monsters, so I started thinking I was weird. That it was different from everyone. That it'd be better if I wasn't there. That it'd be better if I disappeared." Moka said, her eyes filled with sadness "It was so tough" she said, looking like she was bout to cry. "But" she suddenly seemed to perk up "you said I was alright even though you found out that I'm a vampire" she said, her facing breaking into a heartwarming smile "This has been the first time in my life that I haven't felt alone!" she finished, looking Crona in the eyes.

Crona gulped. What Moka had said really touched him. She had opened herself up to him, told him how much she appreciated him. It was wonderful. But…. she hated humans. What would she do if she knew…..? "Moka" he said, looking down at the ground "What would you say if I told you…. that my very first and best friend is a human?" he said. As he did, he though of Maka, the girl that helped him see the light. She was a wonderful person, and Crona would never forget that. But she was also human. A human he could never stop being friends with. Not for his mother, not for a war, and not for Moka.

Moka eyes widened in shock, not quite sure she had heard Crona right. "Wha-what did you say?" she asked.

"My best friend is a human" he shouted. "They helped me and believed in me when no one else did. If it wasn't for them…. I don't even know if I would be here…" he trailed off, thinking of how Maka's involvement after his surrender had kept Lord Death from killing him on the spot.

He looked up at Moka, and saw the horrified and shocked look on her face. So that was it huh? Crona turned away from her "Moka, that look on your face tells me all I need to know" he told her as he started to walk away "Maybe you and me shouldn't hang out together after all." He didn't want things to be this way. But Moka hated humans, and Crona didn't. And he never would. No matter what, he wouldn't turn on Maka and her friends. Never again.

"Crona" Moka said, taking a step toward him, reaching out, searching her mind for anything to say. But it was too late, Crona took off, leaving her alone. Moka's knees almost gave out beneath her. What had she done?

She kicked a small stone in her path, here eyes filling with tears "No way…. no…. even though I finally made a friend…." the tears rolled down her face. "Even though it was the first time in my life I thought I had a friend…." how could she have been so stupid? So what if Crona had a human friend? Why did that have to matter to her? She had to fix this. She would go and find Crona, and she would say whatever it took to make things right.

Now filled with a new sense of determination, Moka prepared to go find Crona. Only for a vice like grip to lock around her wrist. "Hey, way is it you are alone?" a voice from behind her asked. A voice that was unfortunately all to familiar.

"Saizou!" she exclaimed as Saizou pulled her toward him.

"You shouldn't be lonely Moka Akashiya when you can be with a man like me…." he said lustfully, licking his lips.

Moka tried to break free, but Saizou just pushed her against one of the Academy headstones. She tried to step back, but there was no where to run too. Saizou stepped toward her, taking off his school jacket as he did so "I am serious, your beauty is incomparable to any one of those puny humans I have molested" he told her, almost like he was trying to make it out as some great compliment. "I want you Moka Akashiya! And I won't take no for an answer!" he exclaimed, his voice getting deeper and deeper.

"Sai-Saizou?" Moka asked, as Saizou suddenly hunched over, his aura seeming to grow as his form started to shift.

"I can't stop myself when I feel like this, my body starts to ache when I come to this point. There is no stopping me… I just can't stay in human form anymore" he yelled, as he started to grow in size.

Moka was afraid, no doubt about it. She knew what was about to happen, but with her powers sealed, there was nothing she could really do to stop it. "No… someone help…" she prayed for someone to help her. Not just anytime one. She knew who she wished she had with her. The one person who had made her feel better these last few days then she ever had before "Please… help me….

"I'm going to enjoy this little violation of the school rules" Saizou said with a laugh, even as his hands turned to claws, and his tongue dangled from his mouth like a snake.

Moka fell to her knees, screaming the name of the one person she wanted by her side more then ever "CRONA!"

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

Crona had just been shuffling around, his thoughts everywhere at once. Ragnorak had tried to comfort him, but couldn't think of much to say outside "You don't need that pink haired bimbo anyway" which didn't help Crona as much as he thought it would.

Suddenly, Crona stopped dead in his tracks. He could sense a sudden wavelength in the air. It was exactly the same one he had felt when Saizou had smashed the wall when he released his hand. Croan looked around wearily, not really wanting to deal with the bully right now.


Crona's head whipped in the direction of the noise. That was Moka, and she sounded like she was in trouble. And the sound of her voice was coming from the same direction as Saizou's wavelength!

Crona's hand tightened into a fist as he broke out into a run. Inside him. Ragnorak prepared himself for a fight. Being apart of Crona, he could sense the boy's thoughts and intentions. And all signs pointed to only one thing right now: If Saizou had hurt Moka in anyway, Crona would take great joy in tearing his soul out, Lord Death be damned.

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

Moka was on the ground, Saizou looming over her. Her jacket was ripped, and her eyes were red from crying. Saizou's unnaturally long tongue emerged from his mouth and licked the terrified girls cheeks. Moka flinched away, but Saizou just kept coming closer. "This is it Moka Akashiya. Your finally going to be mine…"


Saizou halted, as he and Moka turned to find a panting Crona standing across from them. Both were feeling something different. Moka was feeling an amazing amount of relief and hope. She also felt a small tingling of fear, that her friend may end up hurt because of her. Saizou on the other hand felt nothing but anger that once again this skinny little punk was getting in the way of him getting it on with his woman.

"Why did you come back!" Saizou roared in fury. "I believe I warned you not to come near Moka ever again…"

Crona flinched at the sight of Saizou. In his monster form, he was even larger then before. His yellow looking skin bulged with gigantic muscles; with spikes protruding at his elbows and shoulders. His hands had wicked looking claws on them. All and all, Crona found Saizou had become really scary looking, and he didn't know how he could deal with that.

"Run Crona, that's Saizou's true form" Moka cried out. Even though she was terrified about what Saizou would no doubt do to her, she was even more worried about what he might do to her friend.

Crona had already figured out that the creature must have been Saizou, what with it having the same wavelength as him, and frankly he wondered if all monsters were like this guy. He wondered, if Moka took off the rosary, would she become like this? For a moment, he actually contemplated running from this behemoth.

But then he saw Moka. She looked frightened, and her cloths were torn. Crona had a pretty good guess what Saizou had been about to do before he had shown up. And with that thought, Crona banished all thoughts of fleeing from his mind. He may be somewhat of a coward, but he wouldn't leave his friend to a monster like Saizou.

Seeing that his prey wouldn't come to him, Saizou decided he would strike the first and final blow. Charging at the smaller boy, Saizou swung his arm around, planning to smash him to bits with one blow.

Crona saw the attack coming. Years of fighting experience had honed his senses to the point where Saizou seemed to be moving underwater. "Are you ready, Ragnorak?" he asked his partner. "Oh hell yeah, let's kick this guy's ass!" the thing that was Ragnorak responded. Normally he might have insulted Croan a little more, but even he realized now was probably not the best time.

Moka watched with horror as Saizou's blow struck, kicking up a cloud of dust in it's wake. Saizou had a different feeling. That blow should have tossed Crona away from him, but for some reason, it felt like he'd punched a wall of steel.

The dust settled, and both Saizou and Moka saw to there amazement that Crona still stood. Not only that, but he hadn't even moved from his spot. He stood there, his left arm raised, and that alone had stopped Saizou's attack cold.

"How could that be possible?" Saizou thought, trying to think of what monster could be durable enough to stop a punch from him. But the only thing Crona had said about his true form was….

"You don't want to know…."

What did he mean by that? What was he?

Crona looked into Saizou's eyes, and the large monster saw a look in them. A look that told of infinite pain and suffering.

With a simple looking shrug, Crona had pushed Saizou's arm away from him. Jumping back, he took a deep breath before addressing Saizou "For what you did to Moka… I cannot forgive you…"

After he said that, his back seemed to explode, a black substance, which Moka realized was Crona's own strange blood, flying into the air. It didn't stay in the air for long though, as it came flying into Crona's hand, taking shape as it did so. The black blood soon became the recognizable shape of a sword. The sword had a thick looking blade on a rather thin handle, with white bandages wrapped around the hilt. The entire thing was solid black. Suddenly, the point where the blade met the hilt split open to reveal a mouth with shark like teeth and a red tongue. Moka was shocked. What was her friend that he was able to make something like that out of his own blood?

"Yes! Free at last, free at last! Don't you ever keep me couped up for so long ever again" At first Moka thought Crona had said that, but his lips hadn't moved. Then she realized that it was the sword that had spoken.

"It's not my fault. I'm supposed to be avoiding fights" Crona answered his sword's rant. "In fact, do you think 'he' will be mad at us for this?" Crona asked the apparently sentient blade in a worried voice.

"Why? He said that we could use our power if we are in danger, or if we are defending someone! And I think defending that pink crybaby counts!" Ragnorak replied logically, which was rather unlike him. But it was enough for Crona.

Moka had no idea what was going on, but she was pretty sure she had just been insulted by a sword.

Saizou wasn't any less confused, but he had way less patience then anyone else here, as well as less brain power. That said, he figured the best thing to do would be to attack before Crona could attack him with that sword.

Seeing Saizou charge at him, Crona raised Ragnorak above his head, while the mouth just grinned a cheshire grin. "Screech Beta" Crona whispered quietly. With his and Ragnorak's wavelengths in synch, there was no way Saizou could win.

The mouth of the sword suddenly opened wide and….


A horrible yell bellowed forth, sending Saizou to his knees. The sound bounced off the gravestones and trees, echoing over and over again. Moka heard it too, but her reaction was slightly different. While apart of her was repelled by the sound, something deep insider of her resonated with it. What the young vampire didn't know, was that the small sip of Crona's black blood she had taken, was still inside of her. It was that blood that resonated at Crona's wavelength, and soon it spread to Moka.

Seeing the large monster fall, Crona charge at him, dragging Ragnorak and carving a trench in the earth. Reaching Saizou, he swung the blade upward, sending a shockwave of energy into his foe and blasting him back. Saizou flew away, a deep cut across his chest, blood leaking profusely. He tried to sit up, to keep on fighting, but already tunnel vision was setting in. He couldn't believe it… defeated in a single blow. And then he knew no more, his head rolling back as unconsciousness claimed him.

Moka watched as Crona sighed and started to walk toward her. The sword in his hands shifted form, becoming what looked like a humanoid like figure that sprouted from Crona's back. It was black and white, and looked almost cartoony. It had large white eyes, with x's in place of pupils. It had spikes protruding from its shoulders, and steel bracers on their wrists. "Crona… what-"

"It's okay Moka, your safe now" Crona said gently, even as the creature on his back rolled its large eyes.

"That's right pinky, we saved your ass, so you'd better be ready to pay up! I demand one hundred pieces of candy right now!" it said, it's voice oddly high.

"Ragnorak, she doesn't need to pay anything, she's my friend. I wanted to help her" Crona tried to reason with his symbiotic partner. Ragonorak's response was to put Crona in a headlock.

"You shut up right now Crona or I swear I will give you a wet willy!" Ragnorak threatened his meister, sticking his finger in his mouth and lowering it toward Crona's ear.

"No, wait, that has your spit all over it! I don't want that in my ear, I don't know how to deal with that!" Crona said becoming panicked.

Moka gawked at the spectacle before her. The boy who less then a minute ago was kicking ass without even trying, was now being threaten with a wet willy by a cartoon growth on his back. Maybe she had hit her head harder then she thought? Finally, she couldn't hold her mirth in any longer, and broke out into a fit of laughter that distracted the two from their banter.

"Hey, hey! What are you laughing at you dumb girl!" Ragnorak asked, infuriated that someone could laugh at him.

Moka didn't answer, but instead doubled over as she saw that the creature attached to Crona was actually trying to look intimidating.

Ragnorak huffed "I don't have to stay here and be treated this way! See if I help you again! Neh!" he said, before sticking his tongue out at her before dissolving back into blood and retreating back into Crona.

Moka finally calmed herself "I hope I didn't upset him" she said worriedly, not meaning any offense to the little thing.

Crona scratched his head, somewhat embarrassed by Ragnorak's behavior. "I wouldn't worry about it too much, he'll come around. You'll just need to buy him some candy from the school store." Crona explained, causing Moka to let out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, Moka straightened up "Crona, I just wanted to say; I'm sorry. It was wrong of me to judge all humans based on the ones I knew as a child. I meant no offense to your friend what so ever." She said in a rush, bowing her head "Can you forgive me?" she asked timidly.

Crona reached out to put his hand on her shoulder, then thought better of it. He still wasn't comfortable touching people like that yet. Instead, he offered a small smile "Of course Moka" he said, earning himself a loud squeal of excitement from the pink haired girl.

"Oh thank you!" She said, jumping forward and enveloping him in a hug. Crona couldn't stop himself from cringing slightly. It wasn't that he found the hug unpleasant, but Moka didn't seem to quite realize the extent of her strength.

Moka also noted Crona's stiffening at her touch, and that made her frown. But soon, that frown faded away as something came to her. It was that sent. The sent she would now always identify as Crona's.

"Crona…" she whispered quietly, slowly, she inched closer and closer to her target.

"Moka…." Crona said uncertainly, his eyes widening as he realized what she might be doing.

"Chuu~~~!" she said trying to bite him.

"Gahhh!" Crona cried out as Moka bite him.

"Hiyah!" Ragnorak yelled, popping out of Crona's back and delivering a solid sucker punch to Moka's nose, forcing her back before she could really get started.

"ow, my nose" Moka said, her hands covering her sore nose. They were also covering the blush that was spreading over her face. Once again, she had only gotten the barest taste of Crona's immaculate blood, but it was still enough to put the girl on cloud nine.

"Ah, Ragnorak, I think you may have hit Moka too hard" Crona said meekly, not sure how he felt about defending someone that had just tried to drink his blood… again.

"I'm sorry Crona, I could't help myself!" Moka tried to explain, taking a step toward Crona, who reflexively took a step back. "Your blood… it's too delicious! Please, you have to let me have just a little more!" Moka begged, hands clasped over her heart, continuing to advance on poor Crona.

"Now, Moka, let's talk about this…" Crona tried, but he could already tell it wouldn't be of any use. With that in mind, it seemed like a good opportunity to beat a hasty retreat. Turning, he broke out into a run, only to look over his shoulder and see Moka following him with stars in her eyes.

"But I wanna suck your blood!" she cried out, starting to pick up speed.

Crona could feel himself start to shake "Oh man, I know we're friends, but having one who wants to drink my blood….? I really don't know how to deal with that!"

-Dealing With Youkai Academy-

On a far away hillside, the bus driver stood smoking his cigar. Unlikely as it seemed, he had seen everything. Blowing a ring of smoke into the air, he looked up into sky, a thoughtful look on his face "So, that boy is the one Lord Death sent. Seems like a weird kid…." he said, though who he was talking to was anyone's guess. "But he may just work out after all…." he said, before he saw Crona put on a burst of speed to escape his cute vampiric pursuer. "I just wonder if he can keep it up. This place is awfully full of perils. I guess we'll just have to wait and see…"

End Chapter 1


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