Chapter I: A new Home

Eileen slowly couched under the coffee shop counter, seeing the bronze glint of her new asset glimmer in the darkness. She let her arms search for it frantically now on her knees...she grunted as her elbow touched the wood and the her fingers grazed the bronze object. She let her small hands pull it out from its trap and stared at it now in the light, gleaming a dusty brown was a long key. She stood her dark brown hair bobbing as the sudden motion moved her side ponytail. She wore the same common attire as all the people working at the cafe, a pale cream colored skirt and shirt with light baby blue necking.

She stuffed the key back into her pockets making sure to put it all the way at the bottem. The small bulb of her tail twitched slightly at her thoughts of her new apartment, she'd been living in the streets since she was nearly 12...and now going on twenty.

She had gotten it relativly cheep using her saved up money to buy a decend sized apartment from a small unit called the Calling Springs. Eileen couldn't wait to tell her best (and only) friend Margaret about her investment, wondering if her bird friend would like to hang out sometimes.

But in the middle of her thoughts a ring came from the front of the shop, as two figures walked in. One was tall looking nearly identicle to Margaret except for his lack of breasts and his bright blue coloration. Then the nearly always accomponied short companion named Rigby, her heartbeat quickened at the sight of him. Ever since she'd seen him her heart was set on the boy...even thought he rejected her feelings for him every time. But Eileen was strong...'mabey in time...' she thought as the two approached, oblivious to her presence. "Come on man! You know you owe me!" Mordicae mocked growling at Rigby, "Its not my fault you can't stop for two seconds without Benson seeing us slacking!"

The blue feathered jay sighed and rubbed his face angrily, "Just do me a solid and shut up." Rigby turned his back and hissed back. "Fine, do me a solid and shut up too." She let out a yip and got their attention, "Uh...uh uh hi you guys! What'll it be?" They huffed and she frowned "I'm guessing...your usual."

Eileen returned quickly with their food, gently placing the tray down and smiling at Rigby, he took no notice. Eileen then saw her red feathered friend enter from the side slightly yawning before seeing the two and waving. She skampered over to Margaret and sighed "Hey...Marg..." She looked down seeing her friend blushing and nervous. "Yea Eileen?" The small mole swallowed before speaking, "Could...could you do me a solid?" The crimsion robin looked down at her friend sympathetically and whispered "Set you up with Rigby?" She nodded, "Consider it done"

Eileen looked back up as her friend walked off to talk with the two, Mordicae beaming as he saw her. She spoke for a short while, just out of her field of hearing and turned around walking back up. "Okay done." She said plainly walking back behind the counter and changing the days menu. "Done? How!" Eileen asked frantically before her avian companion just looked back and gave her a knowing grin, "Oh. You'll see don't worrie! Just meet me at your new place" Eileen's eyes grew wide "How'd you know?" Margaret smiled "I know everything"


Morticae sat next to Margaret in her small red bug, the sound of its old engine sputtering as they drove down a set of apartments. Rigby sat in the back rubbing his sore side after losing yet another game of punchies to Morticae for shotgun. They stopped in front of a small two story home, one door was plain white with the number 677 decorating its front. Next to it another pale white door was placed but with 666 on its front. In the driveway a small moving truck had its reel out, the bright orange exterior had the words Lemon Movers in bright red.

They all got out survaying the roomy looking home, Margaret knocked on the door and some scuffling was heard, along with a few clicks and clanks of locks coming undone as a figure appeared in the door. She had not placed her hair in its usual one sided apparel, now hanging long down her shoulders and part of her back. She wore a dark blue shirt and sweatpants with a moon embroaded on its side. Rubbing sleep from her eyes the girl ajusted her round glass' to clearly see the three. It took Rigby a moment to relized that just who stood before him was Eileen. "Oh...oh hi you guys!" she said sputtering and smiling. "I didn't think you were coming lunch." Margaret smiled and winked at her, "Well...we needed to get here early to get all your stuff unpacked." Eileen sratched her head and shuffled "Yea...yea I still need to get in the big you brought Mordicae and...R..riri rigby." She forced out slightly blushing. Rigby rolled his eyes and whispered into his friends ear, "Why do we have to move her stuff..." Mordicae punched his arm, "Cause you'r doing me a solid by letting me hang out with Margaret." He sighed and looked over at the truck, the Blue jay already walking towards it to help unload.

Rigby looked at the few large things left in the van, a bed, couch, TV, dresser and about four box's. He walked over to a stack of the boxs and wrapped his arm around them to get a grip before someone poked him. He then noticed two small hands pull the largest box from his grasp and pull it up. "H...hhhere Rigby I'll get the big one..." Eileen said as she pulled it above her. Rigby was slightly happy some one helped him, unlike his obsessive stalker friend who was more interested moving his eyes across Margaret. The racoon followed her into the tiny apartment. A few pictures hung from the walls, which were painted a light teal color.

He caught sight of a small fireplace huddled into the corner of the living room they stepped in. Eileen dropped her large box and wiped her forehead survaying the room. Only two other objects sat there, a worn TV on a TV stand, and a bookshelf empty and bare. She looked back to see Rigby looking around her home and smiled, 'I...I hope he'll like me...' she thought before looking at the box's he carried. "Hey Rigby...can you uh put those in the kitchen." He grunted before walking off and Eileen felt her heart return to a normal pace.

Rigby wandered just a few feet from the living room until he entered a white tiled room. The cabinents were dark brown, and the walls glared green. A small refrigerator sat in the corner and a note was taped up on the fridge. He looked around setting the boxs softly before glancing at the note.

-To our Daughter

Eileen you be good, you know we care and love for you but its time you left...we're sorry we know your only 14 but you can handle your own...


taped onto the letter was an envelope with more writting

-PS. Honey here's 10,000 dollars, we hope you can forgive us.

Rigby was no short of baffled by the note and quickly turned away as Eileen walked in, her dark green eyes focused on him. "Hey Rigby...we still gotta unpack." She said softly. He muttered alright before walking out and taking one last glance back...only to catch her eyes.

Rigby noticed now the living room had a pale brown sofa in it, and a light mahogony coffee table gracing its center. He saw Mordicae flex his back and let out a groan as it popped. "Hey Rigs..." He grunted as Margaret walked in with some plastic bags. Her eyes shifted from the two and she spoke "Hey guys...its about twelve you guys hungry?" She asked being met with silence. "Ye...yea sure Margaret" Moritcae said looking at her happily.

Rigby sat on the couch and saw his blue friend sit with him, but his mind was elsewhere. 'since...she was twelve...dang.' he thought as Eileen came in her hair now back in its single ponytail. "Hey...uh do you guys want...uh pancakes?" Rigby immidietly jumped up "DO I!" Eileen couldn't hold in the giggle that urped out of her as he jumped up and ran off into the kitchen.

*After Lunch*

Rigby sighed contently and spoke...Eileen slightly looked up at him "Sweeeet sweets! Eileen makes good pancakes!" He said happily...and Eileen blushed bright the first real compliment he'd ever given her. "Well Rigby we gotta go, Skips is gonna flip if we shoot him up on the cart cleaning." Rigby sighed "Awwwwwwww" Before stumbling out, but as he reached the door Morticae and Margaret past him he said just loud enough for Eileen to hear. "Thanks...for y'know...the pancakes." A simple compliment and took her breath away.

*Later that Night.*

Eileen softly shuffled under her dark green bedsheets, her brown hair messily spilling across the white mattress as she moved. Her eyes caught the moon through the small almost unnoticable skylight in her room, remembering how her parents had left her the note...the money. She'd made that money last...only using about 1,230 or so dollars just for basic neccesitys such as food, and water. She shifted again and let her petite hand cover her heart, letting its soft thumping lul her. "I love you Rigby..." She murmured before drifting to sleep under her hearts own spell.

Meanwhile only about a mile away at the park, Rigby shuffled uneasily under his small white blanket. Shooting up suddenly he whiped some sweat from his forehead and silently looked over at his sleeping friend. Taking carefull steps he went downstairs avoiding anything that made noise, and out the door. Walking through the eeriely peacefull night he looked up at the moon, remembering how his entire opinion of the pretty brunette mole changed in under twelve seconds. He sighed and remembered his brother, Dan. His friend Morticae...and for some reson Eileen...who gave him that strange and warm sensation in his gut whenever he thought about her.

End Chapter I

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