Chapter II: Falling can be a Miracle.

The day came to early for Eileen, gently fussing under her blankets as the sun barely peeked over her blinds. She ran a single hand through her soft brown hair, taking a moment to absorb the feeling of her new home. She stiffly streached her arms and legs, hearing loud cracks come from her weary joints. Glancing at her bedside she saw her black alarm, its red lettering read 7:34. 'Damn...why do I have to work saturdays?' she thought to herself as she grogily walked out of bed. She noticed somthing however when she looked in the mirror that morning...she looked...taller. Eileen scoffed at the thought, thinking her growth spurt had ended years prior. Taking the thoughts off her mind she stepped into her new shower, quickly discarding the pale green and yellow pajamas she wore. Letting her thoughts drift away in the steamy hot water.

Rigby's eyes suddenly opened as he looked around, a sudden burst of energy had hit him today...after falling asleep early for once in his life. He hoped over and landed on his Blue feathered friend yelling in his ear "Commmme ON! Lets goooo!" Moritcae grumbled under his breath and punched the racoon off earning a soft growl from Rigby. "Oh well too bad for you! I'm gonna go early then!" His friend payed no mind and just kept his face buried in the pillow. Rigby smirked and scampered under his bead yanking his wallet out of an old pair of pants and swiftly leaving the room. He rushed down the stairs and glided out the door, skidding across the dirt and making his way to the coffee shop. Rigby didn't know why he wanted to get there so badly, the strange surge of energy hit him like a ton of bricks. As he neared the coffee shop, its familiar scent seemed to linger in the streets nearby...making his stomach crave one of thier juicy sandwitchs. He stopped seconds from the door and then remembered somthing...'wait...wait a minute...7:30...isn't that...Eileens shift or somthing?'

The cafe was oddly silent that morning, Eileen sat behind the counter absently leaning on her arm, sleep evident in her eyes. She didn't even hear the door open and close, hitting the bell dangling above its frame. Rigby slightly stiffened at the sight of the mole, but noticed she hadn't quite seen him yet. A phased look was plastered in her eyes, and she seemed...tired. He walked up waving his hand in front of her face to no avail. Finally he placed a hand on her shoulder shaking her delicately. Rigby never noticed how small her frame was as he felt her shift so easily under his simple movement, how her red glass's seemed to frame her soft green eyes so fittingly. Rigby imminently pushed these thoughts aside, and spoke. "HEY! Eileeeeen!" She jerked up in suprize, her eyes shooting around the room until she saw him. "Oh...hey Rigby...don't do that." She said huffing. He said no words only looking up at her confused. "So...your usual?" He nodded, and produced Mordicaes wallet placed a few bills on the counter before walking off.

Her eyes remained fixed on the back of his head as he walked away, a blush gently graced her cheeks as she saw his brown eyes shifting around the place, something was different about him...something different in a good way. Eileen thought about him the whole time, robotic-ally making his sandwich and letting her legs follow the path to his table that was etched in her mind. "Uh...Thanks." He whispered as she set the plate down, looking away in discretion. Eileen eyed him mysteriously, first...he came early...then...he's being all like this? Eileen shook her head in suspension and looked back at him, taking slow bites of his food, seemingly deep in thought.

It wasn't to long before he left, Eileen let out a sigh and layed back gently on the cream wall of her workplace. Her mind was foggy...clouded with images of Rigby.

Rigby on the other hand...had a very clear mind. He rushed to the one place where he could achieve understanding, where most of the park would go for their guidance. What is this place? Well Skips place of course...duh

Skips thought it weird to see Rigby quickly coming in the direction of his house, after staying in his mediation sessions for so long he could literally sense anyone that broke about a half a mile around his house...well along with the installed security systems. "Crap...what did he do now" The yeti grumbled to himself as a swift knock came to his door. Skips let the raccoon stumble in, before he quickly sat in front of him. "Skips! I'm lost!" He looked at him. "You lost your brain again?" He shook his head. "You opened up another interdenominational rift?" He shook his head more vigorously. "You blew something up?" Rigby sighed, "Noooo! I'm confused about a girl" Skips looked at him oddly. "That's new." The brown haired troublemaker only scoffed before speaking again. "Come on Skips! You got an answear for everything!" The yeti looked down at the raccoon, his eyes thinking, "Well who is it?" Rigby nervously whispered "Eileen." Skips smiled humorously before he let out a dry laugh. "Its not funny man!" Rigby shouted weakly punching him. "No...your right...ITS HILARIOUS!" He let out a frustrated growl before pacing in front of Skips. "Well...if your confused ask her on a date." Rigby shivered "I can't just do'd be all weird and stuff." The white haired ape rubbed his temple in thought "Then get some other couple to come with ehh Mordicae and that red head." Rigby pondered the thought for a moment and deviously smiled. "Ohhh yea. I'm getting my friend set up tonight! I'm gettin my friend set up tonight!" He then promptly exited, shutting the door behind him and leaving a slightly confused Skips. "Heh...Eileen." He chuckled to himself as he went back to meditating.

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