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"Thinking" (flashback)


"Jutsu/Demon, summon, and Inner Sakura talking"

"Demon, summon, Inner Sakura thinking"

Discussions, a teacher, a bloodline, and Journey to Kumo

Yugito Nii was quite shocked at the moment. Naruto had told her that Danzo Shimura, the War hawk of Konoha himself, took Naruto as an apprentice and made him successor to ROOT, but to actually see them being friendly towards one another was something else all together.

"So Naruto" Danzo began and shook Yugito from her thoughts. "Itachi told me you bested the nuke-nin Kakuzu of the Village Hidden in the Waterfall correct?" The old man asked his student.

"Yeah I did why do you ask Danzo-sensei?" Naruto asked while eating his fish.

"Naruto," Itachi began. "Kakuzu is a hard opponent for anyone, and no one has challenged him or even bested him in battle except for Hashirama Senju." The Uchiha continued.

"Wait wasn't that ba-chan's ji-san, and the First Hokage of Konoha?" Naruto asked.

"Yes the man is older than Danzo, Hiruzen, Koharu, and Homura, and even when Hashirama fought Kakuzu, the First had some trouble since the man was powerful even back then." Itachi replied.

"Wow…That guy fought the First Hokage, and lived for years until he died by my hand…That's insane!" Naruto ranted.

"The puzzle for us is how did you defeat him, and the masked monsters that contained his extra hearts at the same time?" Danzo asked.

"Well when I got into the fight, I could somehow see them come at me from every angle, and I could perceive their moves." Naruto began getting Itachi and Danzo more curious. "I even managed to release a burst of chakra pushing them away and destroying all three before a shadow clone ended Kakuzu himself with a Rasengan." Naruto explained surprising all his companions.

This very explanation led Danzo and Itachi to exchange looks before staring at Naruto.

"Naruto, you said you destroyed all three masked monsters correct?" Itachi asked.

"Yeah I did why sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Kid, Kakuzu has four of those things attached to them." Kisame spoke.

"Really? Well he did tell me and Yugito that I cost him a heart and said that after they extracted Kyu and Nibi he was going to take ours as replacements." Naruto said.

"Ah that explains it. Well Naruto next can you please focus some chakra into your eyes?" Itachi asked.

Naruto did as asked, and slowly began focusing chakra into his eyes until his sapphire blue eyes turned a very light shade of purple with six rings around his pupils, and three tomoe on the third ring from his pupils. When his eyes changed however they all gave a gasp never from what happened.

"I've never seen anything like this." Itachi began. "It's as if Naruto here has awakened a fusion of the sharingan, byakugan, and rinnegan." He finished taking them all, even Danzo, by surprise.

"Wow that's really cool Itachi-niisan. I wonder if my eyes have the abilities of the byakugan and the rinnegan. Although, I'm hoping my new bloodline doesn't have all the abilities of the sharingan." Naruto finished surprising them with the last part.

"Naruto, my boy, why did you say that part about the sharingan?" Danzo asked while Itachi knew the answer.

"Danzo-sensei you and Itachi-niisan both know that I prefer learning techniques the right way, through hard work, than the easy way unlike most of Itachi's clan who took them without learning them with hard work." Naruto replied making both his sensei and Yugito smile.

"Well for now it would be best to hide Naru-kun's eyes for a bit so tell him how to turn off the dojutsu." Yugito said causing Itachi to tell Naruto to remove the chakra from his eyes, which turned the blonde's eyes back to their sapphire blue.

When they finished the discussion Gamakichi appeared in a puff of smoke.

"Hey bro." The little toad summon said.

"Hey Kichi how was the trip to see the Raikage?" Naruto asked his tiny friend.

"Well his surprised reaction when I told him ero-sennin didn't send me was pretty funny." Gamakichi began. "However, when he read your message he said that after you met up with Danzo to head straight to Kumo." The little toad finished.

"I see, well I hope the Raikage doesn't mind us going on foot rather than by summon." Naruto said.

"Why can't we travel by summon toad?" Yugito asked.

"Simple reasons for that my dear Yugito-chan." Naruto began. "One I would like to learn what my new bloodline can do, two Sushi-san might pick an unnecessary fight with the toads, and three they prefer being summoned for recon, as messengers, or for combat. They absolutely hate being used for travel." Naruto explained.

"What's this about you having a bloodline bro?" Kichi asked surprised.

It was then Naruto explained to Gamakichi about the unique bloodline he gained, and how unsure they were about its abilities aside from the sharingan's perception and the byakugan's sight.

"Wow Naruto that's unbelievable, but of course now you realize I'll have to tell dad." Kichi finished in a sad tone.

"Tell Bunta that if he keeps it a secret than in three years I'll drink with him till he passes out drunk." Naruto replied with a smirk.

"Will do bro, but dad's gonna pass out from laughing before accepting that challenge." Gamakichi replied with a chuckle before going home.

"Well" Naruto began as he turned to his companions. "Let's get Yugito-chan to Kumo, and on the way figure out what my eyes can do." He finished getting nods from Itachi, Kisame, Danzo, Yugito, and the concealed members of Root.

[Two days later on the way to Kumo]

After two days of traveling on foot to Kumogakure Naruto had learned quite a bit about his "Omnigan." For starters he had learned he can pull off the abilities of the rinnegan's six paths, but doesn't want to try and create the paths yet. He can also pull of the sight and techniques of the byakugan, but he couldn't copy techniques like the sharingan, much to his pleasure. Although as of right now the jinchurikis, Akatsuki members, Danzo, and ROOT were still on the way to Kumo.

"Hey everyone stop for a moment." Naruto said stopping his companions.

"Naru-kun, why are we stopping now when we're a few hours away from Kumo?" Yugito asked.

"Well it would be smart and polite to let the Raikage know we're almost there right?" Naruto asked smiling at his fellow blonde before summoning Gamakichi.

"Hey Naruto what's up?" The little toad asked.

"Kichi, can you let the Raikage know we're almost to Kumo?" Naruto asked his little friend.

"Sure Naruto, but first tell me why you've been summoning so much." Kichi asked.

"Well aside from your dad you're the first toad I summoned, you make great conversation and a great messenger, unlike your brother you don't ask for payment and can be serious when necessary, and you're a great friend.

"Ah I see your reasons Naruto." The toad began. "I'll head to the Raikage, and I'll see you later bro." He finished and left to do as Naruto asked.

After that the group continued on until the walls of Kumo came into view, and, when they arrive at the village, standing at the gates of the village, Gamakichi on his shoulder, was the Raikage of Kumogakure no Sato.

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