Hey it's G.T. with another update for Naruto Rise of the Ryukage and the Omnigan. I need to confess, on this there is nothing stopping me except me. I've been working on this the past few years, and after the next chapter, this fic will be completed. It's been over three years since I completed a fic, and well, I'm nervous about completing my third. This is not the final chapter, but the next chapter will be. I'm just nervous about being closer to having a third story marked complete.

I don't own Naruto, if I did, Karin wouldn't have forgiven Sasuke for stabbing her to get to Danzo, or abandoning her to the Leaf.

"Talking" Everyone

"Thinking" Everyone

"Talking" Tailed beasts, and summons

"Thinking" Tailed beasts, and summons

Phase 3: Construction, Population, and discussions

"WOOD STYLE – ROW HOUSES JUTSU!" A voice called as at least three to four rows of houses each similar yet different sprang up from the ground causing a large dust cloud.

When the cloud dissipated Kakashi and Asuma were helping Tenzo stand.

"Wow Tenzo that had to have used a lot of chakra." Kakashi spoke up impressed with his former teammate's chakra levels.

"Yes, at least four more rows of houses and we can count the West residential area completed, and then after the South district is complete, we can start the business district." Tazuna stated before they felt a huge earthquake.

"What was that?!" Asuma asked.

"Oh Naruto is having the Iwa nin and some of Danzo's ROOT operatives, use Earth style ninjutsu to create underground tunnels as well as a few hidden bunkers for civilian evacuations in case of an invasion." The old man answered.

Before anything else could be said a hole formed allowing some Iwa nin to come out lead by Kitsuchi. Of course said Iwa nin looked relaxed before he turned seeing the three Konoha nin. With them in sight he began to walk over to him as his fellow Iwa shinobi looked on.

"Kakashi Hatake and Asuma Sarutobi." The Jounin spoke.

"Kitsuchi the son of the Sandaime Tsuchikage." Asuma commented as his body tensed.

"So Hatake, how does it feel knowing the Leaf got rid of your own sensei's son, and he is gaining an alliance with the village that suffered many losses against his own father?" Kitsuchi asked.

"Bittersweet, especially since I didn't even train him much when he was one of the Genin assigned to me." Kakashi replied.

"Really? So his skill can only be credited to Danzo Shimura the Darkness of Shinobi, Itachi Uchiha who killed his clan, and Jiraiya of the Sennin?" Kitsuchi asked.

"Can we get to the full point of why you're here Kitsuchi?" Asuma asked wanting to spare Kakashi and to know why the Iwa Jounin was there.

"Well Naruto asked all those capable of Earth-style, minus the ANBU you two are helping to not only dig escape tunnels and create underground bunkers, but to have at least one hidden tunnel entrance in each district allowing evacuations to go easily and quickly." He replied before narrowing his eyes at Kakashi. "Which is why I ask why is Kakashi here instead of helping us and the available ROOT nin, since he has full mastery of four out of the five elements." Kitsuchi asked.

"I was in ANBU once, so I know full well how long my colleague here can use his Wood-Style, before he needs to rest." Kakashi replied calmly.

"I see, but everyone knows you're capable of using the dog summon clan, can't they aid in digging like the Inuzuka clan?" Kitsuchi asked?

"We'd have to ask them first." Kakashi replied before using the Summoning Jutsu to call Pakkun and his pals.

"What's up Kakashi, need us to fight or track?" Pakkun asked.

"No, but are you willing to help dig a tunnel system for a hidden village under construction?" Kakashi asked.

"Depends who's in charge?" Pakkun asked.

"Naruto is building the village, and will be leading it." Kakashi replied.

"Ah so we're helping in creating Ryugakure huh?" The pug asked.

"How did you know the name?" Asuma asked.

"The boy's become a dual contract holder for the Toads, and the first summoner for the Dragons, of course word will travel about some of his plans especially since the dogs are close to the Toads and Slugs." Pakkun replied.

"Well Pakkun, if you and your friends are helping I'll take you to Naruto to find out where you can help since we've just finished the residential tunnels." Kitsuchi spoke gaining the attention of all the summon hounds.

"An Iwa nin?!" One of the others asked.

"Don't be too surprised, Naruto's got the support of all the Great Hidden Villages, there are even a couple mist nin here besides the jinchuriki, plus a bunch of Kumo nin." The son of the Tsuchikage replied.

"Maybe this village plan of his might be the best for the entire continent." Pakkun said as he and his friends walked with Kitsuchi.

{With Naruto near the center of the village}

Naruto was coordinating Shadow clones helping with the construction of the South and West Residential districts as the carpenters Tazuna brought with him from Wave, alone with more Iwa nin constructed wood and stone homes.

"NARUTO!" A voice called from a distance as he saw Kitsuchi with Kakashi's summon dogs.

"PAKKUN!" Naruto shouted as he picked up and hugged the summon pug.

"Good to see you too kid, Kakashi called us to back-up Kitsuchi, and the other nin working on the tunnels." Pakkun said as he patted Naruto with one of his paws.

"Oh really? Well Kitsuchi has a diagram of the places where tunnels have yet to be dug, so he can easily guide you to the future locations of the business and market districts so you may begin and give a head start for the rest of the groups." Naruto told them.

"That sounds like a decent idea Naruto." Kitsuchi said.

"Wait Kitsuchi, spread the word to all shinobi, kunoichi, and carpenters that after the final tunnels are done we will stop for today allowing all the ninja's to rest and recover chakra." Naruto told the big nosed Iwa nin.

"Alright, specially since that Wood Style user looks really fatigued." Kitsuchi replied.

With that the Stone nin went with the summon hounds to continue the work. As they left one of the carpenters came over.

"You sure it's a smart move to stop when the tunnels and bunkers are made?" The man asked.

"Yeah we've all pitched in and done a ton of work that would take regular people days if not a couple weeks. All we need to do is finish the districts, set up a protective wall, and set up the irrigation and plumbing." Naruto replied.

"Are you sure Itachi, Kisame, and those ROOT nin can appeal to the civilian villages around?" The man asked.

"Yes, especially since it would help keep them out of the crossfire of any shinobi wars, as well as grant them protection from bandits, plus it's a village that would grant missing-nin a chance to stop running from hunter-nin." Naruto replied.

"How do you know those rogue nin wouldn't try anything?" The carpenter countered.

"They would be warned ahead that most of the world's jinchuriki are living here with near total control over our partners' chakra." Naruto began. "Only the most idiotic and suicidal missing-nin would try and act up." He commented. "Plus they will know ahead of time that to gain citizenship they will have to be on probation with a seal granting them at least genin level chakra and reducing control to an academy student for a few months. If they try anything the seal will have allow me to kill them if they go out of line during that time." He finished.

"I see at least it would further raise the ninja ranks besides the ROOT, the jinchuriki, and the Leaf nin moving here." The man replied.

"Plus the elemental daimyo's prepared a map adding the entire area around Ryugakure so our borders take up a decent amount of land at least twice the size the lands of Waterfall, Grass, Rain and Sound." Naruto replied.

Which means to cross all three borders quickly after this all Leaf, Stone, and Cloud nin would first have to come to Ryugakure in order to get through legally." The man began.

"Or else those villages would be in trouble and cause a diplomatic and international incident." Naruto finished for him.

With that the carpenter and Naruto walked away from one another as Naruto was walking though no one noticed red chakra leaking out of him and forming into a silhouette hidden behind some of the completed.

"Once Naru-kun decided to loosen my seal a bit he actually allowed me to slip out enough chakra to come out for a while." The figure began their thoughts. "Now I just need to have a talk with Anko, Yugito, and that blonde friend of hers." They finished as they stepped into the light revealing Kurama, the nine-tailed fox's human form.

Slowly one by one she managed to guide all three women to one hidden spot in the growing village.

"Hey what are you two doing here? Shouldn't you be helping work on the village houses?" Anko asked.

"Well we've done pretty much all the clan homes that will probably be expanded on in the future." Yugito replied.

"Same with my residential area, afterwards while walking I felt something guiding me to here." Samui replied.

"Same here." Anko and Yugito commented.

"Kitten that feeling I know what it was, it was Kurama's chakra!" Matatabi chimed in.

"Really, and who is Kurama?" Yugito asked.

"My nine-tailed big sis sealed in Naruto, apparently his seal is loose enough for her to be in one area while he's in another." The fire cat replied.

"Really so where is she?" The jinchuriki asked her partner.

"Right above us." Matatabi replied.

"I was wondering when you would learn I was here Yugito. It's nice to finally meet you and Anko, but can I get the name of your blonde friend?" Kurama asked

"Name's Samui, now who are you and how do you know Yugito and Anko?" She asked.

"Oh my dear stoic blonde, I know a lot of things from what Naruto has seen and heard since the day he was born." Kurama replied her red slitted eyes and fanged smirk setting off alarms in Anko's mind.

"NINE-TAILS HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF NARUTO?!" The snake mistress shouted before a tail wrapped around her mouth.

"Will you relax?! My name is Kurama, Naruto personally loosed his seal enough to where I could come out in human form while keeping most of my chakra in him to keep him alive." She explained before glaring at Anko. "Also a little fyi I was in your village since its founding after that fight between Hashirama and Madara when I was sealed in Mito Uzumaki, and after Mito I was sealed in Kushina Uzumaki." The tailed beast added making Anko's eyes widen.

"Yes Anko I know you and Kurenai Yuhi looked up to Kushina, she perished when a masked man claiming to be Madara Uchiha ripped me from Kushina after baiting Minato away with Naruto, and using that damned Sharingan to control me." Kurama said as she released Anko.

"So it really was an Uchiha that attacked the village?" Anko asked remembering Yagura's words.

"Best part is he also caused the war in Mist, which solidified Naruto's desire to end him since he's part of Akatsuki." Kurama replied.

"So why did you bait us here Kurama?" Yugito asked.

"Simple you know how each tailed beast has a unique ability we pass to our hosts?" She asked as they nodded. "My ability is to sense and read emotions from those around me. At first I could only do it with negative emotions, but Naruto helped me evolve that ability." She added.

"And what does that have to do with us?" Anko asked.

"Cause you three and myself all love Naruto." Kurama replied.

The female tailed beast's statement caused all three to look at each other and then to the tailed beast in human form.

"And what makes you think at least Yugito and Anko love him?" Samui asked.

"Well, I could sense Anko started out with respect and admiration from the treatment they both had in the Leaf which developed into love, and well even the Leaf's former rookie 11 could figure it out when they learned Yugito nearly choked Naruto to death because she was worried about him after leaving to the dragon summons without telling anyone." Kurama replied making Yugito blush and look away embarrassed about what she did.

"The question now, Samui, is what got you to fall for him?" Kurama asked.

"Well to start off with he gained respect, when he took down Akatsuki members and saved Yugito, I also saw when he stood up for her against those civilians back in Kumo. Plus everything Yugito told me in regards to how he respects women." She trailed off blushing.

"Ah I get it you think he's cool and would actually be a decent guy and wouldn't just date you for your sexy looks and big bust huh?" Anko said with a smirk.

"Well Samui has always been sensitive about perverts leering at her." Yugito said remembering that most of the men in Kumo are pervs that think with the wrong head.

"Oh trust me once she really gets to know him, she'll love him for a lot more reasons." Kurama said with a smirk.

"Oh like what?" Anko asked.

"You mean you never knew that even without being jinchurikis Uzumakis had immense chakra that rivaled the kage, as well as unrivaled stamina?" Kurama asked.

At that the three turned a shade of red rivaling Hinata when they realized what she was referring to.

"At least you're seeing a bonus to being with Naruto." Kurama said with a smirk.

"Wait that's a bonus? Then what's the benefit?" Samui asked.

"Try a gentleman who would treat you like a goddess, someone who would listen to everything, and try to help with every problem. Basically you get together with Naruto, and you get a man that will want you and only you, the only condition is we share him." Kurama replied.

"I'm okay with that condition." Anko commented.

"Jinchurikis need a ton of love to counter the hate we get from civilians and other shinobi, so I'm in." Yugito added.

With that all three women turned to look at Samui.

"I'm cool with it as long as he loves us equally." She replied with a shrug.

"Oh trust me he will." Kurama said with a smile.

{A few days later}

{With Itachi}

The elder brother of the last Uchiha brothers was wandering the country side aiming to meet near the site of Ryugakure to rendezvous with Kisame and the ROOT ANBU sent to convince the civilians in many surrounding areas to join Ryugakure. His results were practically a small platoon of civilians of all ages and professions, and as he approached the rendezvous point he saw that the emotionless ROOTs and the tactlessly over-impulsive Kisame did not disappoint him.

"Seems we all gained a sizable group of civilians that want protection to live without being attacked by bandits." Sai commented.

"Yeah, but mine has missing nin in the bunch from a bunch of villages, I mean how many would be dumb enough to say no to having a stable home, a possibly clean rep sheet, and all of it supported by the five kage?" Kisame asked.

"Those with a suicide wish when the one giving the invitation was Kirigakure's Monster of the Mist, and the Tailless Tailed Beast." Itachi and Sai said in sync.

And so ends the second to last chapter of my story Naruto Rise of the Ryukage and the Omnigan. I want to apologize for not being much romance, and for Samui not appearing till now, however, I did plan on doing a sequel fic to this so there will be more. In the meantime the next chapter will have a time skip to when the village is completed and the civilians and missing nin meet their new home. I intend to do some work on my other stories, but I will complete this story, I just won't guarantee when. I'm just really nervous about nearing the end of this story after so long. Please no flames, just positive feedback and constructive criticism.

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