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"Talking" Everyone

"Thinking" Everyone

"Talking" Tailed beasts, and summons

"Thinking" Tailed beasts, and summons

Welcome To Ryugakure no Sato

It has been a few days since the construction of Ryugakure began, and the nin of Iwa and Mist proved a great help in the evacuation tunnels and in helping form the irrigation and plumbing systems for the village. The Stone nin and all others capable of Earth Style including Tenzo formed a mass wall surrounding the village as Naruto himself set seals that would make it roughly ten times stronger than Konoha's. Tenzo was even able to create a gate and Naruto used paint and some seals to create an image of a dragon in the sky with a picture of Gamabunta below that would last years.

Now the civilians from surrounding villages were entering the village with the missing nin Kisame rounded up as well as the ROOT nin and Itachi.

The civilians were in awe from the village itself seeing a massive place built for them within the span of mere days instead of the weeks or months it would normally take. The rogue nin were impressed with the detail and saw all the places were reinforced to withstand a lot of damage in case of a fight, invasion or a war, and were wondering about the plans for the supposed leader.

Soon they were all gathered to the far end of the village in front a large tower with the kanji for Ryu on it and even the children knew they were at the base of their new leader's place of business.

Itachi saw old allies from the Leaf and proceeded to them with Kisame following, and stood by Sasuke.

"Itachi, so you trained and now work for Naruto huh?" The genin asked.

"Yes, though I had always been loyal to the Leaf and the reasons why our clan helped found the village, something the clan itself and you strayed from when you went to Orochimaru." The elder replied.

"Be mindful Itachi, the only reason none of us have attacked you is because we care about Naruto." Asuma said remembering the last time they fought the Uchiha.

Within a moment they all saw a figure in the robes of a kage standing atop the kage mansion's balcony with Han and Roshi behind him. The figure moved to remove his hat and showed the face of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

"Wait a kid? The leader of this village is a kid?" One of the missing-nin asked in disbelief.

That one action caused all the children to look in all while those who were older shared the thoughts of the nin who spoke up.

"Yes I am a kid." Naruto spoke getting everyone's attention.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, exiled Konoha nin, son of the Leaf's Yondaime, and Kushina Uzumaki." Naruto began. "I am the one who had the idea for this village as a second chance for missing-nin, a place for jinchuriki to be accepted, and a peace keeper between three of the five great villages." Naruto announced.

"For many of you civilians and for all the children, jinchuriki are people who have one of the nine-tailed beasts sealed within us. We are treated as monsters by those around us, as weapons by those in power, and accepted in our own villages by very few." Naruto said surprising the civilians.

"Before you are Roshi of the Lava Style, the jinchuriki of the four-tails, Han of the Steam Style jinchuriki of the five-tails, and myself who contains the nine-tails." Naruto began. "We are made into jinchuriki to be weapons, protectors, or heroes against our will, some as children, and some as even infants like I was." Naruto began explaining. "We are given no choice in this, and are often treated as the beasts we contain which is why I tell you all now that all a single jinchuriki wants is acceptance." He continued. "Treat us like regular people, and look at us as such, and you will have not monsters or weapons, but friends who will watch out for you." He told them.

"In addition to the three of us, the village also has Yagura the ex Yondaime Mizukage and current jinchuriki of the three-tails to all of you here from Mist, the man was manipulated under a powerful genjutsu that not even his own tailed beast could escape." He began. "There is also Yugito Nii the two-tails, Utakata the six-tails, and Fu the seven-tails." He continued shocking all the missing-nin in the village.

"YOU MEAN WE HAVE SEVEN OF THE NINE JINCHURIKI IN THIS VILLAGE?!" Asked Koga a missing nin from Suna who fled when he refused to attack the Gaara.

"Yes, Gaara the one tailed jinchuriki is well on his way to becoming an accepted Kazekage of Suna, and Killer Bee the Hachibi is still in Kumo as his brother's left hand man." Naruto told the Rogue Suna nin.

"Alright Namikaze just what makes you think this village would be a peacekeeper between Iwa, Kumo and Konoha?" Spoke a Kumo nin who was eyeing Hinata.

"This village was approved of by all five kage, and multiple daimyo including the five elemental daimyo who gave us a ton of surrounding land, in fact many of the surrounding villages were made apart of Ryugama no Kuni, which means that ninjas coming from any village would have to pass through this territory and have to request passage to the others from us." Naruto said before he disappeared in a flash, reappeared before the man, and killed him in front of everyone.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" Another nin from Kumo asked.

"Any and all Hyuuga here are off limits. The branch clan will have their cage bird seals removed and all Hyuugas would have a new one that protects there bloodline, and will protect the women from being raped." Naruto answered. "Any Kumo nin who even think about raping a single Hyuuga will be executed by me or the clan, but from here on out said executions will be excruciatingly painful because I do not tolerate forced bloodline breeding." He announced. "The Raikage will not allow any nin to bring a Hyuuga to Kumo either unless said Hyuuga is willing to be a part of the village, otherwise it will be a breach of the alliance and friendship between Ryugakure and Kumo, which the Raikage himself would not allow." Naruto continued.

With that Naruto used Hiraishin to head back to the balcony.

"This is a Shinobi Village, I am the Ryukage, my word is law, however, there will be a council to help run the village." Naruto proclaimed. "There will be four civilian representatives one for trading with countries, businesses, education, and finances. The rest of the council will be of Shinobi clans, and ambassadors to other villages such as Kurotsuchi, our liaison to Iwa, and the granddaughter of the Sandaime Tsuchikage." Naruto revealed.

"So these four representatives will be our voice to you Lord Ryukage?" Asked a civilian farmer.

"Yes sir they will, however, there may be a fifth depending on how many civilians can fight and would be a part of a police force alongside shinobi." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Naruto!" Sasuke called making many eyes widen. "Will the police force revolve around one clan like in Konoha?" The Uchiha asked.

"No Sasuke, I am not making the same mistake as the Leaf, our internal police force will have multiple ninja, not just one single clan, and perhaps many civilians as a way of strengthening ties between both sides of the village." Naruto replied.

"Well that's all well and good, but what about all us missing-nin, where do we fit in oh son of Namikaze." Asked a rogue Iwa nin.

"Well as a way of gaining trust from the village, you will all have to wear a seal that would reduce your chakra to at least genin level with academy level control for a while, until you earn enough trust to have your chakra and control increased before the seal is removed completely." Naruto replied.

"I see so you also give us chakra to perform missions as well to earn money and trust for the village." Commented the Iwa nin.

"Exactly at least this way you'll gain trust from us faster than in the other villages." Naruto replied to the Iwa nin.

"Although there is a warning to the rogue nin, if any missing-nin betrays my village they will be publically executed by a shinobi of their former village, the mist rogues could be executed by Yagura, Utakata, or Kisame for example, the Iwa by Kurotsuchi, Han, or Roshi, the Kumo nin by Yugito Nii or Neji Hyuuga, and the Konoha nin well I might let them choose since there are so many here from that village." Naruto warned.


"Years ago when Kumo tried to kidnap Hinata Hyuuga to force breed a Hyuuga clan for Kumo, they tried to steal the secrets of the Byakugan from Hiashi Hyuuga's own corpse to cover up their failed scheme, only for the corpse to be Hizashi Hyuuga, head of the Branch clan, and Neji's father." Naruto told them. "Neji will be an executor for Leaf and Kumo rogues in order to relieve himself of years of hatred for what the Kumo council did behind A's back." Naruto told them making all the other missing nin glance at the boy glaring at the Kumo nins.

The villagers and most missing nin actually agreed with the logic.

"Excuse me Lord Naruto, but what else must we know about our new home?" A civilian woman asked.

"Well if any children want to be ninja, there will be both a civilian and shinobi academy hence the civilian advisor for education, of course this village will have some major differences." Naruto began. "For starters a all the villages have genin do D rank missions to earn income, as well as build teamwork in preparation for harder missions, however, here, the D ranks requested by civilians will be done by the Academy students so they can all build teamwork with one another no matter who they end up on a team with." Naruto explained surprising all the ninja.

"That means once they leave the academy the genin will start doing C ranks with teamwork that would normally take possibly months to build." Kakashi said with a single wide eye.

"Plus the graduation exam would require more than E rank jutsu like the Transformation, Substitution, and clone jutsus." Naruto stated making them all look at him again. "Academy students would need to learn more than the most basic chakra control exercise like Konoha's Leaf Balancing, they would also be required to learn tree or surface walking, as well as an advanced clone jutsu like the Shadow clone or an elemental clone." Naruto explained making the Jounin ranks more impressed with this idea. "Finally they would need to demonstrate a unique jutsu that they learn from someone, or create themselves." Naruto concluded.

"I see, by having academy students take the option of learning an advanced jutsu, or creating one of their own, Naruto ensures they are creating a strong foundation to which they can quickly rise through the ranks." Asuma says in shock causing his cigarette to fall out of his mouth.

"Although I don't get the part about learning advanced things like tree walking while in the academy or learning those chakra draining advanced clones." Kurenai commented.

"That's because you're neither Uzumaki nor a jinchuriki." Itachi spoke up making everyone look at him.

"What do you mean Itachi." Sasuke asked.

"Well you know that despite being able to learn so much despite the academy trying to sabotage him, Naruto and every other jinchuriki are incapable of using jutsu like the basic clones." Itachi spoke.

"Care to explain that Itachi?" Iruka asked.

"Uzumaki have immense chakra rivaling a kage, even without the nine-tails, Naruto would never be able to use the basic clone because back then his reserves would still be at least Chunin to Jounin making it impossible without massive amounts of chakra control training. Even a jinchuriki outside his clan would have trouble due to the tailed beast's chakra expanding the host's reserves by massive margins." The Uchiha explained.

"That means without Shadow Clone Jutsu, Naruto would've never been able to graduate whether or not he was trained by you and Danzo, because as an Uzumaki and a Jinchuriki, his reserves rival kages." Shikamaru spoke up.

"Exactly plus Naruto's plan is more sound due to this being a new village, and will allow our genin to become Chunin easier since all Chunin exams focus on teamwork until the final phase which is always a single battle tournament." Danzo spoke up nearby.

"I will now allow you all to choose your homes, however, you must then bring a document to me stating the home you've chosen, all genin shinobi and Kunoichi within a few days' time will undergo a mental and physical evaluation to determine if they are ready for chunin before a possible promotion. The Chunin will be requested the same to see if they can be bumped up to Jounin rank to help bolster our forces and allow us to accept more A to S rank missions. The Jounin, however, will also be receiving similar evaluations, if they pass they keep their rank, but if they fail they risk demotion to either Chunin or possibly Genin." Naruto announced and explained.

"Before you all go, I do have one more thing to say." He spoke gaining everyones' attention again.

"Welcome to Ryugakure no Sato, your new home." He said with a huge smile.

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