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The Valley of the End

He was tired, he had used up all his chakra getting past the sound four and keeping up with the abilities of the sharingan, and now we find Naruto exhausted and being held up by Sasuke, the latter ready to plunge an electricity covered arm through his heart. A last ditch effort the blond diverted the elemental blade from his heart to his right lung, it would still be a death blow to any normal being, but our blond hero was anything but normal.

The pain was all he could feel, not the crimson liquid being poured from his punctured lung or the blood rapidly filling his mouth, but this pain brought back memories of his rasengan training with Jiraiya.


Naruto sat concentrating on the small blue orb slowly growing in his charred palm, but alas it wasn't meant to be his chakra sufficiently drained from him with performing the technique so many times he had no more to give so with a sigh he grabbed a fallen leaf and spun it between his dexterous digits slumped against a tree and closed is eyes.

Going over the steps in his head he was so focused on getting more chakra to continue to train, oblivious to the now shriveled and bone dry leaf, he absorbed chakra from the small leaf he was twirling between his fingers. with the small amount of Nature chakra he had absorbed he felt the minute increase in his reserves, like a raindrop upon a puddle he felt the ripple and opened his eyes to see the dead leaf, many people had called him obtuse, or oblivious to his surroundings or the world but his mind had been kept sharp from a young age to avoid any and all unwanted encounters with the civilians and most ninja of Konoha. But those were far from his thoughts and he looked at the once bright green leaf turned dead brown.

He gave the leaf a once over and dropped it to pick up another leaf laying near him, so he began experimenting with the new found idea, it was the direct opposite of the rasengan. Instead of forcing out chakra in a swirling pattern he drew his chakra away from his palm in a circular pattern and he gained the same results from the last leaf, it crumpled between his fingers, once again he felt the drop of chakra from the leaf in his exhausted reserves. A grin spread across his face, training would go so much faster is he didn't have to stop to wait for his chakra to replenish. all around, you could see large brown circles all over the once green clearing, he once tried draining chakra from a tree but he immediately felt it overwhelming him and forced him to vomit up the foreign essence from his body with much coughing following after forcibly ejecting the chakra from his body.

As the bet against Tsunade waged on, he practiced with his absorption powers after each session to perfect the rasengan, he found that not only could he take chakra from the plant life around him but animals and other people as well, he experimented with it whenever he was near large crowds and he could touch a persons hand or sleeved arm unnoticed, He found not only would he steal chakra but he found he would have memories and abilities that weren't his. Each new person or animal he siphoned off of he would feel their emotions and gain traits, when he first noticed the changes in his physical form he couldn't control them, and the more powerful the being he siphoned the more difficult it was to force the traits absorbed to recede.

Memory End

Naruto had never tested his power on another shinobi but this time was as good as any, so with a shaken intake of air he grabbed a firm hold of Sasuke's arm implanted in his chest and began to drain all the chakra he could.

"Sasuke you are the first to see my new ability in action!" were Naruto's words to his newest enemy.

"what are you talking about dead last what tech-" was all he said before he could feel all his chakra begin leave him, he tore his arm from the blonds grip and fell to one knee.

The fist sized hole in Naruto's chest closed up with the intake of fresh chakra to work with, his once blond hair now had thick black streaks and had grown out to similar length to Sasuke's, blue eyes turned purple with the famous three tomoe design of the sharingan, even the curse seal had been absorbed, memories of techniques, the Uchiha massacre from Sasuke's perspective everything that was Sasuke was now firmly copied into Naruto's mind and body. The rush of chakra re-energized the blond/black haired teen, he grinned and kicked Sasuke into the cliff and rendered him into the blissful darkness.

"Sasuke you are coming back to Konoha to face judgment of desertion and treason" so Naruto tied Sasuke's limbs together and prepared to make the long trek back to his village.

By the time Naruto had arrived at the village he had successfully suppressed Sasuke's personality and physical traits so he was back to his blond self and currently very proud of himself for completing his second A-rank mission. But as soon as he had stepped through the gates Sasuke was plucked from his grasp and Tsunade herself gave the blond boy a solid chop to the back of the neck. The only words Naruto could gt out before he succumbed to the blackness was "Why?"

Naruto woke up to fuzzy voices like a radio with terrible reception, and supremely light sensitive eyes. Soon enough everything came into focus and he was simply sitting in a chair in the center of the Konoha council hall and much yelling was going on around him.

"Straight out execution is far to merciful to this stupid little shit, he almost ended the Uchiha line. The little fucker needs to die a slow agonizing Death."

"Why waste time trying to torture the bastard when he can spend all of eternity burning in the pits of the deepest hell, no need to delay him to his long overdue death!"

Those were a excerpt sample to the two sides of the ideas going on, and neither boated well for the blond hero.

Everyone quieted down when the doors swung open to reveal a stone faced Tsunade and Jiraiya, they both took their respective seats and everyone faced Naruto seated in the middle.

Tsunade stood and read off the only thing on the agenda for the meeting "The execution of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto will now be decided."

Naruto's eyes bugged out of his head at hearing both his name combined with the Yondaime's and that he was facing execution what had he done?, so he voiced his concerns.

"Baa-chan what the hell is going on I haven't done anything!"

In record time Tsunade's face went from emotionless to cold fury etched across her face and she hissed out "You will hold your tongue, address me in such a manner again and I will shatter your jaw."

Naruto winced at the anger in her voice, but what is this all about he still couldn't figure out what was going on. "Fine, Hokage-sama what is this all about?" the blond can control himself when he needs to and a threat of a shattered jaw is a good reason for some self control.

Most of the anger had left the features of the Godaime and returned back to emotionless "You have been deemed expendable and you are to be trialed and executed for the crimes of your Bijuu."

Our blond hero's jaw dropped to the ground "But Baa-chan I'm not the Kyuubi ask my friends, I haven't done anything wrong!"

The council erupted into laughter when Tsunade spoke up between the throes of laughter "I haven't laughed that hard in years so I will forgive your insult, but I would never be the grandmother to a demon such as yourself, and you have no friends, it was all a lie to secure your undying loyalty to Konoha, but your uselessness has come to an end. Your execution will correlate with the return of the Yondaime as he retakes the mantle of Hokage, actually I will let him explain."

With those words a bright yellow flash revealed Minato the Yondaime standing next to his wife Kushina and children, Taiki who looked identical to Naruto except for the Kyuubi jinchuuriki markers on his cheeks, and a slightly younger girl named Rie she had shoulder length hair, red like her mother and a soft featured face.

Many whispers and hushed gasps floated amongst the room as people stared upon a supposedly long dead figure and his family.

"Greetings honorable council it is true, I am Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage, I had faked my death along with my wife and son to move into exile as to not trigger the legendary rage of Kyuubi. With the Kyuubi mollified for a few years it enabled the jinchuuriki seal to link my former son and Bijuu, and only when they were finally fully combined could I return to finally slay the Bijuu once and for all."

With all the pieces finally coming into place, his name being read as Namikaze and the Yondaime himself saying he was his former son, Naruto surged from his seat with a scream intent on causing some sort of bodily harm to repay his Father for leaving him stuck with Kyuubi, but he didn't get more then two steps before green light shot from the Shodaime's necklace and bound his arms legs and head from moving

Minato chuckled and seeing Naruto lying on the floor struggling against the chakra bonds "I am glad that necklace even after all this time still keeps demon chakra contained, Your execution will be long and arduous I will personally see to it. I have waited fifteen years in exile waiting for the time where I can return to my people and tomorrow I shall enjoy finally ridding the world of Kyuubi once and for all." and with that he walked up to Naruto as he had maneuvered into a kneeling position. Minato knelt to be eye level with Naruto and said "Enjoy your last hours on earth Kyuubi, and if my son is able to hear me I would like to humbly thank you and apologize for what I will do, but what the hell my first son died when I started the fusion with the demon."

Minato stood straight and grabbed the back of Naruto's head and brought the younger blond's face to his quickly moving knee and a resounding crack from the sudden breaking of a nose and then the grinding noise as he ground his knee into the shattered bone and cartilage. Blood quickly escaped from the broken skin and poured down Naruto's face he didn't make a sound through the entire ordeal resolved to not let them see the pain he felt on the inside, the powerful blow had caused his brain to bruise and swell forcing him into unconsciousness.

The next day in Konoha

The streets were flooded with people, an announcement called for a attendance of the village inhabitants in the open market place, everyone was waiting for what the Hokage had gathered them for. Soon enough an ANBU walked into the square and with a quick cry of "Mokuton" a large stage and gallows was erected and the Hokage marched to the stage.

Gazing over the crowd Tsunade picked up each face and smiled once she saw the entire populace showed up bar the ninja on missions and villagers out on business. She addressed the gathered "People of Konoha today I stand before you as your Hokage, but without you all there would be no Konoha, together we are unstoppable, Fifteen years ago Kyuubi attacked our home and we would not yield, we brought the demon to its knee's today we see the final step in the death of Kyuubi and raise ourselves above all others superior to all!" during her speech there were chants of praise and loyalty "KO-NO-HA!" the crowd screamed getting worked into a frenzy. "Each ninja that fell to the beast will never die, THEY ARE NOT DEAD, THEY LIVE IN US, THEY LIVE IN...KONOHA!" roars of cheers so deafening thinking was made all but impossible with the intrusion of the cheering. "Bring out the Demon!" Tsunade demanded.

Naruto was bound hands behind his back and the Shodaime's necklace secured tightly to his neck to prevent any resistance. He was pelted with food, trash, rocks, anything that the crowd could get a hold of, he made it to the stage and was knelt on the edge before the crowd, Naruto watched the crowd as everybody he knew scream chants of "Konoha" and "Murderer" were some of the loudest.

Tsunade stepped next to Naruto brought the crowd to a dull roar as she continued her speech, "People of Konoha here is the Kyuubi fused with a human into death, Today we shall carve out revenge for each man and woman torn from us, today we finally send it into the depths of the abyss to suffer in an eternity of pain!"

The ANBU lead Naruto over to the rope hanging from the gallows and secured it around his neck fairly tight, with a signal the rope was pulled from the other end and Naruto was yanked into the air and lowered back a standing position and was jerked back into the air and held for half a minute, seconds from passing out they lowered him and undid the noose. Naruto was then dragged to a table near the edge for the crowd to get a good view, his hands were freed and retied above his head. The lack of oxygen and disorientation proved to weaken him so he put up little effort, next a kunai was heated blazing red and agonizingly slowly cut through the skin of his abdomen cauterizing each blood carrying vessel to prevent bleeding out. during this process the amassed crowd was deathly silent wanting to hear the pleas from the demon for it to beg for life only to be denied alas they would wait an eternity, not a sound escaped the lips of Naruto except the sparse groan when the kunai hit a nerve cluster.

After the cutting of his abdomen was complete the executioners slowly removed each organ and loose flesh from the open body cavity, the same red hot kunai was used to prolong his pain and stave of the loss of blood as each organ was cut out. finally once his stomach area was emptied they sprinkled a mixture of salt and sulfur to draw out the screams they craved for. Again not a sound only blood passed his drenched red lips, infuriated Tsunade stepped forth to introduce the final player in this sick display of savagery "I bring forth the long thought dead, the defeater of Kyuubi himself the Yondaime!" and a bright yellow flash erupted next to her and none other then the Yondaime stood with his arms to the sky and the crowd immediately grew to cheers and praise to the once thought fallen Hokage.

Minato stepped next to the bloody table and the masses quieted as he spoke "The Kyuubi so long ago stomped upon our noble people and watched the life leave their eyes, and now I shall watch the life leave it's eyes" with that the ANBU picked up the almost comatose Naruto and knelt him at the feet of the Namikaze. Minato brought one of his famous tri-pronged kunai from his hip pouch and set it to the throat of Naruto, a quick slash and a torrent of rich crimson liquid sprayed out of the wound, Naruto quickly toppled onto his back gasping for air that couldn't pass the blood.

With his last few moments of life our bloodied blond watch the glee in Minato's eyes grow as said man stomped on his chest forcing even more of the life liquid to spray onto the stage.

Soon the streams of blood slowed and lessened in strength before nothing came from the slice except drops, and with the stopping of the flow of blood so did the life of one Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, vessel and tied spirit of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

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