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First off just a good sized rant about some things that bug me in stories have read during my time here cause I need to let out some steam.

1. Whenever Naruto or anyone for that matter introduces themselves why must they always specify that they hate rapists? Like if they doesn't will people automatically assume he/she goes out in their spare time to find a young lady and rape her or that he/she is indifferent like "Meh I could watch or not, could go either way for me." Going alongside the rapist intro does he have to tell them he hates perverts, do people go around introducing themselves like "Oh hey My name is Peter I hate rapists and perverts! how are you?" It never happens and every time I read a story that includes this cliche and repeated element I die a little inside...

2. Stories where naruto suffers severe abuse or neglect and he ends up still loving Konoha for some absurd reason like that one old man he sees on the park bench is really nice "I love you random citizen!". Children are terrifying little goblins even without the mental instability that follows the abuse or neglect and yet Naruto feels the irrational need to prove he is better. If someone is like "dude so my entire family and friends verbally abuse me and sometimes beat me senseless what should i do?" and your friend is like "Oh bro you just need to let them continue on and prove you are above them by taking their shit, that will show them!" NO! just no that doesn't happen, you leave, escape, flee, anything but stick around and if you think otherwise...You should never give advice to anyone who has been abused either physically or mentally.

3. Advanced intellect/strength for a toddler/prepubescent. Now this one isn't really that detracting from a story but sometimes when a four year old is giving either life changing advice or a six year old is kicking the shit out of an adult melee style you need to stop and think for a second. First look up how a four year old acts regardless if their mental capacity was doubled for the added in chakra it is still absurd to think about. Second google how tall the average six year old is and how much even the strongest child could lift and double/triple/quadruple the strength for the whole "chakra" bonus, it still would be tiny compared to the weight and strength of an adult. To me age is important, the human/ninja body should still develop like a regular person that's why I upped the ages in my story because a 12 year old making world altering decisions grinds my gears. The reason I say it doesn't detract is cause when I do read these kind of stories I mentally substitute the ages for something higher.

God I feel so much better finally letting out four years of face palms every time I read those things happening. I don't know if anyone else feels like that or has noticed these repeating features but I sure did.

Rant Done.

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Holy mother of all crumb munchers, year and a half without updating. You don't know how painful and gut wrenching it is to see the "favorited" or "is following you" emails coming but I haven't updated in so long. This chapter has been sitting on my hard drive for a very long time but I could never flesh it out properly, the dialogue was stiff, the emotion from the characters was wooden, everything about it was just so bland. I couldn't put into words what I felt but it was just...blah. Anyways I have been rewriting this over and over again hopefully getting a semblance of what it should be, maybe im just not cut out for trying to mix drama and action with the character personality types I created.

Any ways I hope that not everyone lost faith in this story cause I love writing and i have been going over the story in my head so many times looking for the perfect scenario so I hope it is a duesie.

Without further delay Chapter 25!

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"Rei slow down!" Kiyomi shouted after the sobbing blond. "What happened while you two were away?" she followed up after the young woman stopped. Looking around there were no buildings or audience to the girls emotions so she created a small bench to rest on.

The Namikaze girl wiped her eyes ruefully trying to stop the tears from streaming down her face. "One of my Hiraishin markers went off in Konoha so I took Naruto with me to get it and leave, it turns out my mom had activated one by accident. We learned why all of this happened to Naruto, why Mom and Dad did the sealing. They sold Naruto to a god for their abilities to stop the war." The blackened raccoon eyes from her makeup smearing told more occurred.

"Why are you crying then sweetie, what else happened?" The demoness wrapped an arm around Rei's shoulders.

"Naruto is such a jerk, Mom said she never stopped loving him even now but he just got angry. He made her cry and I got mad, and told him to stop then he exploded and said he didn't care about me!"

Sighing Kiyomi rubbed circles on the young lady's back to soothe her tears. "Rei you have to take Naruto with a grain of salt, he is very impulsive but he has proven he cares for you by stopping the wedding and letting you continue to use his youkai. He didn't mean what he said, I will talk with him and we will clear this all up for you." Kissing the girls head. "Now clean yourself up your mascara is running." Kiyomi wiped a black tear trail from the girls cheek.

The blonde wrapped her arms around the crimson eyed woman in a hug. "Thank you Kiyomi." Releasing the hug Kiyomi left to find her abrasive other half.

Back with Naruto in his plush bed.

The demon had dozed off shortly after Kiyomi left thinking on what he learned from Kushina. "Why would he give them instructions to kill me before the merger was complete, it makes no sense." His mind ran in circles looking for some sort of reason beyond insanity.

Minutes after his blissful slumber began he was awoken by a kick to his bed. Killer instincts were full swing when his body sprung from the bedding and skillful maneuvering had his body positioned behind the offender with his arms wrapped around a delicate neck and wings sprouted to hold the body still. Quickly his vision registered deep red hair that he has only seen on his partner. Letting the hold go and his wings to vanish he fell back into the bed with an arm covering his eyes. "Ugh you shouldn't wake me like that."

Kiyomi rolled her eyes. "You should go find Rei now and apologize for being an ass."

The arm raised and his eyes narrowed. "What for I didn't do anything wrong." He let the arm drop.

"You made Rei cry, so obviously you did something wrong."

Naruto snorted. "Right or wrong is perspective, all I did was tell the truth."

Sarcastically Kiyomi urged him to talk. "Such a sarcastic bastard, what was this truth that you needed to make your sister cry?"

Naruto was starting to get annoyed with the tone. "She told me Kushina was my mother, like she still meant something to me. I was mad so I told her in no uncertain terms she was not my mother."

"I think there is more then what you are telling me."

Naruto grumbled a bit as he shifted on the bed. "I told her I didn't care about Kushina or any other mortal, she took it the wrong way."

Kiyomi closed her eyes and sighed. "How was she supposed to take it Naruto, you need to think before saying these things. You're the demon with thousands of years of knowledge how can you act immaturely?"

Naruto kept silent already knowing he should of been more tactful. The quietness held for a few more seconds before Kiyomi spoke. "So what are you going to do about this?"

Sitting up Naruto rubbed his brow both in preparation for a headache to form any moment. "I can talk with her and get this to blow over, I will think of something."

Kiyomi knew this was probably the worst solution. "Why can't you just tell her you're sorry and you love her, that would be the easiest way."

"You already know I can't do that"

Slipping her slender arms around his neck she hugged him close to herself. "I cannot make you do anything Naruto but you should try, not for me but for yourself."

Accepting the embrace he pulled her flush to himself. "I...I love you Kiyomi."

Quick kisses and pecks were exchanged before Naruto pushed himself to his feet and made for the exit. Closing the mighty doors of his large home his wings materialized from black haze and he took flight tracking the small pendant Rei wore.

Rei sat next to a park pond slowly rubbing off the small amount of makeup she wore, red lips faded to a light pink and rosy red cheeks lost some of the colour. Watching her reflection she reached out touching the surface causing image to ripple, she felt a small gust and when the crystal water stilled she saw her brother...no, she saw Naruto standing behind. Instantly the soft look solidified into a stern gaze. "What do you want Naruto?"

Already anticipating the cold shoulder Naruto held a neutral expression. "I came here to talk about what I said earlier. After seeing Kushina and hearing their selfish reasoning for what they did to me, it wasn't just the sealing...What they did to me and you pushing what I never had or wanted anymore. I shouldn't of said what I did at the time."

"Shouldn't of said it...not a sorry or explanation it just slipped out!" Heat started entering the previously cold voice of this Namikaze girl.

Already Naruto could tell this was going south quick so he tried to wrap this up before it could boil over on him. "I shouldn't of let my anger get the better of me but I did and I'm sorry that I said it.."

Now the heat from her voice must of entered Rei's blood as pale cheeks were flush and she formed a scowl. "Sorry for it being true or sorry that I heard it?"

"A little of both I suppose."

"What you said to our mom and me really hurt. We can Hiraishin back to Konoha talk to her and explain the whole situation."

There that was again, she just couldn't let it be that he would never accept the woman as a mother especially not now that he was an immortal demon after they brutally murdered him. "Please don't refer to her as my mother I already said she is not and will never be that to me."

"Naruto she loves you, she never meant to do any harm to you. You just need to let her explain I'm sure you can forgive her."

Tiring of this topic. "She put everyone else above a small helpless child, as far as I can tell that is the furthest thing from love. A normal person shouldn't...No wouldn't do that to their own child if they had even a shred of moral in their soul. I can never accept her as anything other than someone who aided in killing me when I was mortal."

"Naruto you just have to trust her, it was for the best if they hadn't done that then we have may never existed all together!"

Naruto was getting talked down to by a woman and it was hitting the pride he had to have gotten from being a demon. Jaw clinched and narrowed eyes Naruto snatched Rei from her seat taking off into the air. Naruto's wings pumped faster and faster gaining speed and altitude. Rei barely had a chance to squeak as the rush of wind and shift in gravity held her breathless for a few seconds. Finally Naruto's climb seemed to end as he reached a hair over 4 kilometers above ground. Lifting Rei up to eye level Naruto spoke in an even tone. "This was my experience as a mortal with those I trusted"

Feeling the bite of the thin cold air her retort was stolen as Naruto released his firm grasp. The first handful seconds of the fall were almost calm as the whipping winds silenced all other sounds she watched Naruto's frame get smaller and smaller before she broke through the clouds and her body rotated to see the earth below. The rushing air and adrenaline made her breath short, heart beat faster, and pupils dilated as panic set in. Terrified screams tore from her throat, her body tumbled helplessly through the atmosphere. Finally needing to breath her screams stop and Rei tried to focus on surviving. Closing her eyes she called on the brilliant ocean blue youkai of her pendant. Immediately the jewel responded providing a burst of the energy needed required.

Catching up to the tumbling girl Naruto's youkai exploded from the pendant and his dive came to halt with his mighty wings flaring out. Already he had turned and lazily flew off, he was going to need to find somewhere else to sleep as Kiyomi would not let him once seeing the situation turn out with Rei. Banking hard to the left Naruto just dodged the barreling form of the Namikaze. Leveling out they hovered as both sets of wings holding them aloft, simply staring each other down. The demon broke the silence first. "This isn't something you want to do Rei."

Snarling she bit back. "No this is exactly what I want, if you wont apologize on your own I will make you sorry!" Bursting into action she darted for a straight punch. Turning right he watched the slender blue coloured fist enter through the space his head did moments ago. Slapping the fist upwards Naruto jammed his elbow into her gut sending her back.

Resuming a lazy float Naruto crossed his mighty arms as he watched the girl recover. Rei resumed her charge each punch and kick missing their intended target by insignificant margins or stopped by the solid muscle of the demon. Each strike punctuated by the pumping of large wings generating the force behind each blow. Rei threw an arcing haymaker which Naruto held his forearm to block, to his surprise the blue fist phased through his arm and the true hidden fist sailed beneath the raised arm striking him solidly in the jaw.

Head spinning Naruto's body spun before he gained his bearings, wings catching air he stopped his descent. His eyes narrowed at the crooked smirk across the fiery blue visage, the sharp elliptical shape took hold of his pupils.

Rei grinned at her success in the heavy hit she could teach him a lesson yet, she didn't know what lesson she was trying to enforce but damn did it feel good. Readying for another bout she prepared to close the gap but she was too late, Naruto's chakra exploding propelling him forward generating a sonic boom. She did not have time to put up a block as he slammed into her sending them both higher into the sky.

His strikes were solid and perfect as each succeeded in driving the air from her body. There was no defense against his onslaught that only battered and bruised her body while the youkai did its best to protect and heal. A final uppercut sent Rei's body into a slow arc before the youkai finally dissipated and her unconscious body began its free fall.

Naruto watched with miniscule regret as her battered form fell further. Catching up to the limp form he wrapped his arms under her arms and knees before landing softly on the ground. Already Kiyomi had raced to meet them after feeling the release of the youkai. "Naruto what happened?!"

"Take her." He never met her eyes and handed the young lady over before lifting off the ground and creating a sonic boom as he flew faster and further from his home in Iwa. With a final thunderclap he vanished leaving only the dispersing clouds to show he had been in the skies.

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